Transitional Justice Institute: Public Lectures and Events

By Ulster University

A podcast series from the Transitional Justice Institute (TJI) at Ulster University in Northern Ireland, sharing our public lectures and events from key scholars and practitioners. The TJI is a world-leading research institute investigating themes of conflict, transitional justice, human rights, gender and international law. Learn more about our research, public events, taught postgraduate programmes (LLM Human Rights Law and Transitional Justice; LLM Gender, Conflict and Human Rights) and our PhD community at

  1. 1.
    The Grip of Sexual Violence in Conflict: Feminist Interventions in International Law, Professor Karen Engle
  2. 2.
    TJI LLM Information Webinar about our LLMs in transitional justice, human rights, gender, conflict
  3. 3.
    Onur Bakiner, Truth Commission Impact: Insights from Recent Scholarship
  4. 4.
    Book Launch and Roundtable: Women's Rights in Armed Conflict under International Law
  5. 5.
    Male Survivors of Wartime Sexual Violence: Perspectives from Northern Uganda, Dr Philipp Schulz
  6. 6.
    Ireland and the United Nations Security Council: What can be Achieved for Peace and Security?
  7. 7.
    Deliberating Constitutional Futures: TJI Report Launch
  8. 8.
    Children and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, by Professor Diane Marie Amann

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