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Cynthia started the Business Beyond Borders podcast to unlock the secrets of making your small business an international success. Dearin & Associates is an international business consulting company that helps clients to access opportunities in fast-growing international markets.We are passionate about helping our clients expand internationally, because we recognise that there’s never been a better time to “go global”. International trade is at an all-time high and goods, services and information can move around the globe more rapidly than ever before.We know that companies that do business internationally have a bigger global impact, innovate more, make more money and are better places to work. We also believe that the world is a better place when people everywhere have access to the best products and services available.Our special focus is to speed up and de-risk the international expansion process for micro-to-medium sized companies and to help them get their products and services to the world.

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In this episode, I have a second conversation with Tom Griffith, Co-founder of Emma and Tom’s, which makes all-natural juices and other healthy drinks. In our previous conversation we spoke about Emma and Tom’s genesis story and Tom’s experience with growing an international brand. This time around, we got into further detail about running an international business with a focus on Enterprise Resource Planning and how to effectively manage the resources within a company to scale internationally.Tune in to find out:• About Enterprise Resource Planning• How to use ERP to manage resources within your company more effectively• Why data is the new oil• How to ensure that the priorities within the business are in order… and more!As usual, the conversation was highly informative and an absolute pleasure to record… remember to share it with a friend who needs inspiration this week. Please Enjoy! You can connect with Tom on LinkedIn or find out more at

Sep 14

16 min 12 sec

In this episode of Business Beyond Borders, my guest is Kathryn Read, an international sales and marketing consultant with more than 20 years’ experience developing niche products in emerging markets.Kathryn helps small and medium companies to break through international barriers and she joins me today from Austria.Join us to find out:• How Austria handled the pandemic• The current relationship between Europe and the UK post Brexit• The importance of research when working internationally• How not to choose an international market• How to build an international network when you can’t travelThe importance of research is highlighted here, and Kathryn explains what can go wrong when you make snap judgements when it comes to choosing a new international market.When you make ad-hoc decisions in the world of international business it becomes very easy to lose focus which then leads to frustration, wasted resources and disappointment. All this can be avoided by doing the research and building a network of people that align with your vision.I had a great time recording this, and if you are interested in taking your company global, I have no doubt that you will get a huge amount of value from tuning in.Please enjoy!You can connect with Kathyrn on LinkedIn or find out more at can also download a copy of How to Decide Which International Market to Enter here:

Aug 3

28 min 52 sec

In this episode I am joined by Tatiana Miron as we discuss how to go about choosing the right market to launch your company and why having the right data is so important in that process.Based out of Marseilles, France, Tatiana is not only one of our Senior Advisors here at Dearin & Associates, she is also the founder of Prime Target, a firm that provides advisory, business intelligence services and solutions for international development.Join us to find out:• The importance of doing your research before tackling a new market• The current relationship between France and the UK post Brexit• How companies and SMEs should use data to select a new international market• Why going by ‘gut-feel’ can be detrimental to your international growth• How to go about market selection and market segmentationMany companies enter a new market with little to no research, and as we highlight in this episode, jumping in without the right information can cause huge problems for an international venture before it even gets off the ground. The importance of research cannot be understated, as the entire market entry strategy will be based on assumptions as opposed to quality data, and that is a recipe for disaster.Taking your business global is certainly a massive opportunity that is available to most, and if you want to take that jump, join us to find out what kind of data you should be seeking when it comes to market selection, and how to go about finding it. You can also check out the sample market report here. Please enjoy!

Jun 23

21 min 15 sec

In this episode I am joined by my friend David McCredie OBE, CEO of the Australia British Chamber of Commerce. David is an experienced and thoughtful leader of people and business. He interacts regularly with a wide range of businesses providing him with a unique insight into government, large corporate entities and SME’s. His ability to gain cut through and give insights into the opportunities for businesses to perform better, to grow and to reach the right markets has made him a key asset to many of the companies that he has worked with.Join us to find out:• What has been happening in the UK over the last 18 months in relation to international trade and relations• How the Australia British Chamber of Commerce helps companies expand their reach into the UK• How the UK is working towards bouncing back from the pandemic• The future of trading between the EU and the UK• The bi-lateral trade relationship between Australia and China• How Brexit has affected the way that the UK and Australia interactHaving led the Chamber for over a decade, David has witnessed many changes and considerable growth in this space during this time, including stock of investments between the UK and Australia going up by more than 100 billion dollars.We focus on the relationships between some of the largest economies in the world… and all things considered, it is looking positive despite all the chaos over the last 18 months.This is an eye-opening episode for anyone looking to understand the current relationships between the EU, the UK, Australia and China.Please enjoy!

Jun 10

25 min 32 sec

In this episode I chat to Zach Person who works closely with the team here at Dearin & Associates and is an expert when it comes to sales and business strategy. Zach is on the ground in Chicago and we explore the US market, why foreign companies often struggle to get traction there and what you can do to break ground in what is often considered the “holy grail” for businesses around the world.Join us to find out:• What is happening in the United States right now• How B2B sales work in the US, compared to elsewhere in the world• The differences between each region and what you can do to branch out• Why copy and pasting your strategy is just not going to work when expanding within the United States markets• The top mistakes that companies make when entering the USAlthough there are some key similarities across the US, there are some fundamental differences between each region, and Zach breaks down what you will need to do to adapt and succeed from a marketing and sales perspective.The US has enormous potential for many international companies, but only for those that do it right. If the United States is on your list of countries you want to expand to, then this episode will highlight what you need to know to get started on the right foot.Please enjoy!

May 31

26 min 13 sec

In this episode I speak with Jason Hood, Founder of BourkeHood and his colleague Eva Dobrzabska, Head of Operations about research and development grants and how COVID-19 has sparked a wave of innovation across the globe.While the global economy has been hit with this pandemic, governments around the world are finding ways to support and encourage growth through tax incentives and government grants.Tune in to find out:• What exactly are Research and Development Grants,• Which industries can claim these incentives,• How Research and Development Incentives work and who can access them,• How Research and Development Schemes apply in the context of international expansion,• The preparation you can do to make sure that your business is eligible for a Research and Development Grant in the future.Both Jason and Eva have a wealth of knowledge, and they highlight that although most business owners think these incentives are only available in the Tech and Science space, this is a common misconception.If taking your business to the next level is dependent on some form of research or development, then this episode is for you.Please enjoy!

May 11

28 min 13 sec

In this episode I catch up with Ram Gorlamandala, Founder and CEO at Tat Capital, which facilitates trade and investment between Australia, New Zealand and India through capital raising, M&A and international business development. Ram founded Tat Capital in 2013 with a vision to help companies in Australia and the Indian sub-continent to engage in cross-border trade and investment, and to power growth with purpose.Tune in to find out:• Current trends that are shaping Australia’s relationship with India• What’s going on in the political space at the moment• What the key opportunities are for Aussie companies wanting to go to the region• What Australian companies need to do (and avoid) to be successful in India… and lots more!Speaking to Ram was a real treat and I hope you get a buzz from this episode… remember to share it with a friend who needs inspiration this week!

Feb 9

29 min 20 sec

It’s Cynthia Dearin here. Welcome to the Business Beyond Borders podcast and to our special series on COVID-19, how it’s affecting industries and businesses around the world and what it means for you. As part of our special series on COVID-19, I’m talking to Rick Roache, Managing Director of Ebury, Australia about foreign exchange and why it’s so important, especially right now.Tune in to find out: • How COVID-19 is affecting currency markets• The big mistakes that companies make when it comes to FX• The right time for a company with international plans to think about FX… … and lots more! If COVID-19 has created challenges or opportunities for your company, check out the Crisis Support Package, which I’ve put together for businesses looking to make the most out of this very challenging time. And if you enjoyed the show, remember to share it with a friend!

May 2020

18 min 39 sec

I hope you’re surviving the madness, wherever you are in the world today. This week, to keep you powering through lockdown, I wanted to bring you something a little lighter and more inspirational than what you’ll get on mainstream channelsIn this episode, I’m talking to Tom Griffith, Co-founder of Emma and Tom, which makes all-natural juices and other healthy drinks. After a high-flying career as a CFO in London and Melbourne, Tom turned his back on the corporate world and started a juice company with his childhood friend, Emma Welsh. 16 years later, Emma and Tom is an international brand, sold in Jordan, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.Tune in to find out:• How the company started on the ski slopes of Aspen • What to do when you have 8,000 bottles of juice and no customers• The strategies that Tom and Emma use to launch into new international markets• Tom’s tips for building great partnerships… and lots more!Speaking to Tom was a real treat and I hope you get a buzz from this episode… remember to share it with a friend who needs inspiration this week! If COVID-19 has created challenges or opportunities for your company, check out the Crisis Support Package, which I’ve put together for businesses looking to make the most out of this very challenging time.

Apr 2020

24 min 49 sec

Market selection is a critical phase when it comes to international expansion.Get it wrong, and you can tank your whole business… get it right and you can catapult it to new heights.In Part Two of this episode around choosing the right market, we delve a little deeper into the market selection process, outlining what to consider before making the decision, and the questions you should be asking to assess the risk and increase your chances of success.Tune in to find out:• How to implement systems that will allow you to expand with ease• The questions to ask before entering a new international market• The market-entry strategy that will best suit your business• Which trends and data to consider moving forwardAnd if you enjoyed the show, remember to subscribe so you don’t miss another episode and share it with a friend!

Apr 2020

17 min 49 sec

Welcome to our special series on COVID-19, how it’s affecting industries and businesses around the world, and what it means for you. In this episode, I chat to Steve Hui, Founder and Chief Executive of I Fly Flat, about how the global pandemic is changing the way we do international travel. Tune in to find out: • How COVID-19 has affected airlines and travellers around the world • What the long-term impact of decreased air travel is likely to be • How business leaders can make the most of a period in which they can’t travel • What to do with all those spare frequent flyer points If COVID-19 has created challenges or opportunities for your company, check out the Crisis Support Package, which I’ve put together for businesses looking to make the most out of this very challenging time. And if you enjoyed the show, remember to share it with a friend!

Apr 2020

15 min 59 sec

Welcome to our special series on COVID-19, how it’s affecting industries and businesses around the world, and what it means for you. In this episode, I chat to Callan Anderson from Hong Kong Corporate Services Group, about how the global pandemic is affecting business in Hong Kong. Tune in to find out: • Why Hong Kong’s infection rate is so low • How the crisis is affecting business in Hong Kong • Callan’s advice for companies doing business in Hong Kong If COVID-19 has created challenges or opportunities for your company, check out the Crisis Support Package, which I’ve put together for businesses looking to make the most out of this very challenging time. And if you enjoyed the show, remember to share it with a friend!

Apr 2020

11 min 58 sec

This is the first in a series of special episodes on COVID-19, keeping you updated on how the pandemic is affecting industries and businesses around the world, and what it means for you. In this episode I talk to global supply chain expert, Tim Gray. Tim’s firm, Prophit Systems works with business leaders in Australia and Asia to solve complex supply chain process problems. Today we’re exploring how COVID-19 is affecting global supply chains and how to mitigate supply chain risks. Tune in to find out: • What the slowdown in China’s manufacturing sector means for global supply chains • Which sectors will be hardest hit be shortages of goods and materials • How COVID-19 is accelerating China’s move away from low value manufacturing • What kind of opportunities global supply chain disruptions will create • How retailers dealing with a surge in demand can mitigate their riskTo find out more about how Tim and his team can help you navigate global supply chains, visit the Prophit Systems website.I really enjoyed this conversation with Tim, and I hope you do too. If you know someone who would benefit from this interview, please share this episode with them.

Apr 2020

21 min 16 sec

One key area that many business owners struggle with when it comes to expanding internationally is successfully choose the right market. On this episode of Business Beyond Borders, Maher interviews Cynthia as she speaks about the market selection process and highlights the common mistakes that companies make when looking to enter a new international market.This is Part One of a two-part interview, so keep an eye out for the next episode where we delve a little deeper into the market selection process, outlining what to consider before making the decision, and the questions you should be asking to assess the risk and increase your chances of success.

Apr 2020

24 min 53 sec

Over the last decade, digital marketing has had a profound impact on the way companies promote themselves and sell to their clients, both at home and in global markets. In this episode I caught up with Andrew Raso, founder of Online Marketing Gurus, one of Australia’s fastest growing digital marketing agencies.Andrew and his friend Mehrdad set up the company in 2012, not long after they left university. By 2019 they had 500 clients and almost $20 million in revenue and Andrew decided to start looking for growth opportunities offshore.Andrew was kind enough to share the experiences he’s had in the international space and some of the lessons he’s learned.Join me to find out:•Why OMG chose the US and Singapore as its initial international markets•How digital marketing varies from country to country•Which digital marketing channels generate the best results in international markets•Why it’s crucial to test an international market before jumping in I had fun recording this conversation with Andrew, and I hope you get great value from it. If you know someone who would benefit from this interview, please share the episode with them.

Jan 2020

23 min 39 sec

In this episode, I chat to Bryan Santos, an investment banker with a difference. He helps businesses grow - at home and abroad, by taking a holistic approach to solving the challenges faced by individual companies.Bryan and his team at the National Diversified Funding Corporation specialise in mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances and capital raising, but they don’t use a cookie-cutter approach.Bryan has also developed his own program for small companies looking to grow. It’s called Grow by Acquisition and you can find it here. Tune in to find out:• How a company can grow internationally with very little funding of its own,• Why understanding the gaps in your business is key to creating successful solutions for growth,• Key criteria for sourcing funding for your company,• How smaller companies can leverage funding for growth...• and so much moreI really enjoyed this conversation with Bryan, and I hope you do too. If you know someone who would benefit from this interview, please share this episode with them.

Jan 2020

27 min 6 sec

Everybody’s talking about the Libra, a new cryptocurrency proposed by Facebook, which advocates claim could transform the businesses and the lives of billions of people around the world. So … what’s it all about?I caught up with Heath Behncke, the Founder and Managing Director of HolonGlobal Investments, and the Executive Chair of the Libra Association, to get his thoughts on why we need Libra, what it could mean for companies doing business internationally and whether the currency will become a reality, given the challenges it has faced in recent months. Tune in to find out:• Why Facebook decided to launch the Libra• How the Libra is different to other crypto currencies • How the Libra could transform the shape of global business, especially for SMEs• When Libra is likely to launch, given the controversy around it in 2019.I really enjoyed this conversation with Heath, and I hope you do too. If you know someone who would benefit from this interview, please share this episode with them.

Jan 2020

41 min 25 sec

In Episode 43, I talk to Alan Oppenheim, CEO of Ego Pharmaceuticals, an Australian company that exists to improve people’s lives through the science of healthy skin and sells its products around the world including the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the UK.Ego has won numerous awards for it performance in the export space and it is one of Australia’s great international success stories.Join Alan and I as we talk about:• How Ego began on a kitchen table in Victoria, Australia • Why Alan’s father, Gerald Oppenheim took the company global• What to look for when choosing a new market to enter• How to choose an international distributor for your product…… and much more.This is an episode with loads of value for anyone working with physical products, especially in the consumer space. Alan is generous with his insights and very easy to listen to.I hope you enjoy our conversation - it was a pleasure to record.

Dec 2019

28 min 24 sec

For many companies looking to scale internationally, funding the expansion is one of the biggest challenges they face.Without a strong track record, it can be hard to convince banks and financial institutions to back an international venture and in lots of places, finance is just downright hard to come by, especially if you’re small.In Episode ?? of Business Beyond Borders, I talk to Les Szekely, a professional venture capitalist and angel investor, who focuses on start-ups, especially those with plans to take on the world.Les and I talk about finding investment for your international expansion, so if that’s you, join us to find out:• Which kinds of companies have the most potential to scale internationally• The ‘right time’ for a company to scale internationally• What investors look for• The formula for the perfect pitch• Key mistakes that founders making as they look for investmentI really enjoyed talking to Les, he had lots of great insights and practical tips for companies looking for investors. Don’t miss this episode!

Nov 2019

44 min 21 sec

It looks as though Brexit is nearly upon us … and there are still loads of unanswered questions and lots of uncertainty.I checked in with our London-based Senior Advisor, Michael Barron, to get his take on what’s likely to happen next and what it will mean for the UK and for companies looking to do business in Britain.

Oct 2019

15 min 45 sec

What do you do when you uncover fraud at your workplace? Do you speak up, or brush it under the carpet and hope it will go away?That was the question that faced Sylvain Mansotte, the day he uncovered one of Australia’s largest-ever corporate frauds.Sylvain didn’t hide what he knew and went on to found Whispli, a platform that enables anonymous trusted conversations. A few years on and Whispli is in markets around the world, especially in places where there is whistleblowing legislation.Join me to find out:• The catalyst behind Sylvain’s decision to set up Whispli• How Whispli won international clients within six months of opening• Sylvain’s thoughts on the best time to take a company global• The challenges Whsipli faced as it went to new countries• How being a ‘Fraussie’ has influenced Sylvain’s approach to international business.I really enjoyed recording this episode with Sylvan and I hope you enjoy it too!

Oct 2019

30 min 44 sec

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that the US and China are locked in a bitter trade battle.Over the past year, the world’s two largest economies have imposed tariffs on billions of dollars worth of one another’s goods.US President Donald Trump has long accused China of unfair trading practices and intellectual property theft.In China, there is a perception that the US is trying to curb its rise.Negotiations are continuing but have proven difficult, and the two sides remain far apart on issues including how to roll back tariffs and enforce a deal.So what does it mean for Australia? Is this a crisis or an opportunity? Follow the link in the comments to read my latest thoughts on the conflict.

Oct 2019

6 min 22 sec

Brexit is getting weirder by the day … so what are the causes and what is the likely impact on businesses selling to Britain, or using the UK as using as a springboard to Europe?Join my colleague, Gary Garner and I as we chat about the latest Brexit developments, the Northern Ireland backstop, what sorts of opportunities Brexit is likely to generate … and what it might mean for your business.

Oct 2019

22 min 28 sec

How would it be if you could jump online, find a business partner and launch a global business - just like that! …..Well, that’s what my guest today did. Wayne Richard is the Director of Global Operations at Bean Ninjas, a company that provides Xero bookkeeping, financial reporting, and training for digital entrepreneurs and online businesses.He spent most of his career as a corporate accountant and worked at Hewlett Packard. But when he found out that he and his wife were expecting triplets, Wayne quite the corporate world and became a freelance accountant… and then something little wild happened. We’ll talk about that today.Today, Wayne is on a mission to lead his distributed team to create time,location & financial freedom for coaches, consultants, and owners of e-commerce businesses.Tune it to find out:• How Wayne struck an international partnership without meeting his business partner in person.• How bean ninjas grew from two solopreneurs working in different countries to a global firm.• How Bean Ninjas acquired its global clients.• The key levers that companies need to pull to grow globally.• How Bean Ninjas has built and empowered its global team.

Sep 2019

29 min 9 sec

After 14 consecutive weeks of civil unrest, Hong Kong is in a state of turmoil - if you believe the mainstream media.But what’s it actually like on the ground? And what do the ongoing protests mean for international businesses operating in Hong Kong, or considering opening there?In Episode 36 of Business Beyond Borders, I talk to our Associate, Callan Anderson, Executive Director at Hong Kong Corporate Services Group. Callan helps foreign companies to enter Hong Kong, China and other markets in Asia and we chat about how the situation in Hong Kong is affecting day-to-day life and local and foreign businesses.Join us to get a local perspective on what’s really happening in Hong Kong this week!

Sep 2019

15 min 13 sec

Your business is successful at home, so is there really any reason to consider going global? Why expose yourself to all that risk? In this episode, I highlight three global trends that are reshaping the global business landscape, and why there’s never been a better time to look to internationally for growth opportunities.Tune in to find out:• Why even micro-business are playing in global markets.• How global value chains have created international opportunities. • Why Earth’s 3-4 billion new consumers pose a threat, as well as an opportunity.Got a question about the episode? Connect with Cynthia on LinkedIn to get the answer.

Sep 2019

8 min 11 sec

For most companies ‘going global’, geopolitics is just background noise - it doesn’t affect how international business plays out day-to-day.But occasionally, big things happen on the international stage and companies have to take notice.In this episode, I talk to Gary Garner, our Senior China Advisor at Dearin about how to decide which geopolitical events to pay attention to and what the ongoing civil unrest in Hong Kong means for companies operating there.

Aug 2019

11 min 5 sec

In this episode of Business Beyond Borders I chat to Dai Williams, Chief Growth Officer at SiteMinder.Siteminder started as a two-person operation working out of a rental home on Sydney’s northern beaches. Just over a decade later it employs more than 800 people and services more than 35,000 hotels around the world. Today, SiteMinder generates more than AU$100 million in annual recurring revenue and is considered one of the 20 greatest pioneering technology companies to come out of Australia and New Zealand. Dai is responsible for SiteMinder’s entry into new markets, and the growth and diversification of the disruptive Software-as-a-Service model that has made SiteMinder a technology pioneer. Tune in to find out:• How to know when to ‘go global’• The best way for software companies to choose an international market• Why knowing the size of your Total Addressable Market is key to international scale-up success• Strategies that Siteminder has used to overcome cross-cultural challenges in global markets• Why a defined go-to-market strategy and processes is central to understanding how your international expansion is trackingDai has loads of great insights and practical tips for founders of software companies ‘going global’, so you’ll definitely want to be taking notes on this episode.If you’d like to learn more about SiteMinder's journey of growth, visit

Aug 2019

42 min 36 sec

Lee Hackett is CEO of BluprintX, a company which helps CMOs, CROs and CEOs of mid-to-large-sized businesses to grow revenue by using data and technology. Lee set up the firm in the UK 2013 and has expanded its footprint to four countries.Before Bluprint X, Lee played a leading role in creating and scaling seven startups in four continents over the last decade. Several of these startups became market leaders within 1-3 years, and were sold to FTSE 200 organisations and global companies.But Lee hasn’t always been an entrepreneur and before he got into business, he was a professional footballer with Wigan Athletic FC, in the UK.In this episode, Lee and I are chat about Brexit, his transition from football to business, the creation of BluprintX and how Lee took it global.Tune in to find out:Why every company needs to think about ‘going global’How Lee made the transition from athlete to entrepreneurWhat football taught Lee about leading a companyTop tips on dealing with the distraction created by global growthHow to build a culture that enables a company to be globally sustainableLee’s favourite books include, Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio.You can find it at

Jul 2019

29 min

Today, we’re doing something a little different. I’m talking to my colleague, Zach Selch, the Global Sales Mentor. Zach is the VP Global Sales for a high tech medical company and has spent his career solving international sales challenges that CEOs can’t fix.He’s passionate about driving incremental improvement across every inch of the sales process and every nut and bolt in the sales organization. Zach is the person that companies have called in, time and again, when they have tried to grow a market or their international division and simply haven’t been able to get off the ground. Over the past almost 30 years, Zach has built up the international sales of several companies, from start-ups to publicly traded companies, four times growing sales by more than 1000%, three times bringing in the single largest purchase order in a product’s history; adding hundreds of millions of dollars to the value of mid-market companies by increasing their international footprint. Zach has sold in more than 135 countries and lived in six. He is an ex-paratrooper, a father of 3 and boxes, he smokes brisket and runs a soup kitchen when he isn’t on the road. Zach was in Germany when the wall went down, in Jordan when peace with Israel was signed, has had breakfast with the Dalai Lama, and has been in the right place for a surprising number of right times.In this episode, Zach and I trade ideas on the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of international business expansion and there’s loads of practical advice and “how-to” tips for founders and CEOs looking to scale up overseas. Tune in to find out:•Why there’s no better way to raise the value of your company than by expanding your global footprint•The biggest mistakes that companies make as they try to ‘go global’•Why getting on a plane can be a smart way to sound out a new international market•How to trial your product at an international trade show … without getting an exhibition booth•The most important questions to ask your potential distributor, and •How to create a sales process that works almost everywhereAnd if you’re keen to attend Zach’s upcoming Global Sales course this North American fall, you can check it out at

Jun 2019

47 min 50 sec

In this episode of the Business Beyond Borders podcast, I caught up with Vanessa Garrard who has been ranked in Australia’s Top 30 Female Entrepreneur list every year since 2010.Vanessa’s entrepreneurial journey started by selling lollies and sweets at the ripe old age of 12 to now establishing Adventure Operations, a group consisting of 17 companies providing consumer products to retailers all over the globe.Currently, 1 in 2 Australians own a product that Vanessa’s company has produced and her group continues to expand its global footprint with offices in Australia, China and the US.Her experience has led her to share her journey to inspire other women in business to scale up, build confidence and think bigger. As a result of her passion for business, she has also received countless awards and is internationally recognised for her entrepreneurial achievements. Tune in to my interview with Vanessa to hear her share:• Her experience as a woman in business • The things to look out for when ‘going global’• The importance of having a solid network to bounce ideas off• Why you should consider international expansionVanessa also speaks about the importance of understanding the market you are entering, the need for innovation and what it takes to succeed when ‘going global’.A truly inspiring story and an episode I would highly recommend you take the time to tune in to!Expand Your Vision on May 23, 2019 Registration Page -

May 2019

36 min 19 sec

This week Cynthia Interviews Angus Raine, leading real estate commentator and fourth generation member of the family that created the Raine & Horne Group. After starting his career outside the company Angus came back, joined the family business and has been instrumental in expanding the company’s vision and taking it overseas.At 135 years old, Raine & Horne is one of the oldest privately-held companies in the Southern Hemisphere, and now has over 12 offices throughout Australia, Malaysia, The UAE, India, Fiji and Vietnam.Tune in and find out:• Why being part of a family-held company is an advantage in Asian markets• Why having the right team is key to ‘going global’Raine & Horne’s strategies for choosing new international markets• How Raine & Horne maintains its culture across international offices.• How Angus uses his ‘brains trust’ to solve tough challenges. Angus shares his thoughts on what it takes to make it when going global with your business, with an emphasis on the importance of building and nurturing relationships, and the need for developing a solid team when bringing your vision to life.

Apr 2019

24 min 38 sec

It’s all too easy to get carried away with new ideas and menial tasks when building your international business. We see it all the time with our clients. In the second part of a series dedicated to Time Excellence, Cynthia talks about the three things you need to do to get the most out of your time, improve your productivity and start getting results:1. Prioritise2. Delegate3. OrganiseWith clear direction on how to implement these steps, this episode is full of useful hints and tips dedicated to giving you the time to focus on what’s most important when going global.

Mar 2019

8 min 51 sec

In this week’s episode of Business Beyond Borders, Cynthia talks about Time Excellence, an area that many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with as they start to take on international expansion.Having the skill to use time to your advantage and maximise your productivity is key to running a successful international business.In the first of a number of episodes around Time Excellence and utilising this precious resource, Cynthia introduces 3 simple yet effective hacks that will allow you to make the most of your time and accelerate your results.Check out this episode if you want to:• Learn how to invest your time effectively• Accelerate your results when going international• Reclaim more time during your days• Increase the time you have to focus on what’s importantSo if you really want to take back control of your time, have a listen then get out there and make it happen!

Mar 2019

7 min 32 sec

In this episode of the Business Beyond Borders podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Hughes, Founder of Digital Leadership Associates.In a previous life, Tim was a corporate star who was responsible for adding $100 million value to Oracle. Seeing the potential of talking to customers and building relationships through social media, he wrote his first book, Social Selling as a practical handbook to implementing social media into marketing and sales strategy. Soon after, he left the fast track to launch his own business, which he took international within two years. Tune in to my interview with Tim to find out:•How Tim made the switch from employee to entrepreneur•How sales and marketing has evolved in the digital age•How social media can increase your inbound leads for next to nothing•Why you need to build authority to succeed in your industryTim is a master at creating inbound leads and if you are serious about increasing your online presence, connecting with new customers through social media and improving your sales and marketing strategy, this episode is for you.If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow, practical guide to implementing social media in your business, check out Tim’s best-selling books Social Selling and Smarketing. If you’re considering social media as a way to reach more people or want to find out more about Digital Leadership Associates, visit’S FAVOURITE BOOKS:Stop Selling, Start Leading - Deb CalvertThe Perfect Close - James MuirBe More Pirate - Sam Conniff Allende

Feb 2019

44 min 39 sec

It’s that time of year where people get excited about making resolutions and have high hopes for the year to come. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t realise their dreams, because they set their goals and go on with business as usual, without taking the steps to make them a reality.In the first episode of 2019, Cynthia speaks about goal-setting, why people get it so wrong and what you can do to achieve your goals this year.Tune in to this episode to learn how you can:• Get clear on what you really want and way before you set a goal to achieve• Get excited about the mastering goal-setting and doing the essentials until you’re great at them• Work on your goals consistentlyWith plenty of hot tips to get you started with a bang, you will want to listen to this episode if you are serious about achieving your goals.

Jan 2019

10 min 4 sec

In this episode of Business Beyond Borders, Cynthia interviews Lee Featherby, Founder of Powerful Points.From a Perth boy with hopes to join the family business, to starting his own business helping companies share their message effectively, Lee’s story is a perfect example of how you don’t need to know everything to get started or become an international success. With a background in marketing and management, Lee understood that getting your message across effectively is a necessity when sharing your product/service with the world.Now, through the use of creative presentations and training, Powerful Points helps their clients, the likes of McDonalds and The Commonwealth Bank, do just that.Tune in to this interview to find out:• How Lee found himself starting his own business • The story behind Powerful Points• Tips to penetrate a new international market• The importance of recognising cultural differences• Why you need to develop and nurture relationshipsEntrepreneurship and international business is not for everyone, but if you are looking to be inspired to pursue your dreams, considering international expansion or want an insight into what it takes to make an international business successful, this episode is for you.If you are looking to get heard and want results, or just want to find out more about Powerful Points visit:

Dec 2018

57 min 56 sec

In this episode of Business Beyond Borders, Cynthia interviews Chris Jankulovski, Founder of Remote Staff™.Established in 2007 after a visit to the Philippines, Remote Staff™ provides offshore recruiting solutions to a variety of SME’s and has expanded to a team of 70 in-house staff. The company has placed 8000+ professionals and helped support the growth of more than 2000 businesses all over the world.Chris’ story is truly inspiring. He struggled with dyslexia throughout his childhood and didn’t learn to read until he was 24. He has survived cancer and multiple major surgeries, and deals with a hereditary condition which makes him prone to recurring tumours. None of this has stopped him.Realising how short life is, Chris saw no other option but to make every second count and relentlessly chases his dreams, showing no signs of slowing down.Tune in to this interview to find out:•How Chris overcame extreme adversity to become a highly successful entrepreneur•The story and journey behind Remote Staff™•How to overcome challenges of taking a company global•The importance of recognising cultural differences•Why you need to develop and nurture relationships•How to approach international expansionEntrepreneurship and international business is not for everyone, but if you are looking to be inspired to pursue your dreams, considering international expansion or want an insight into what it takes to make an international business successful, this episode is for you.If you are looking for cost effective staffing solutions for your business or just want to find out more about Remote Staff™ visit

Nov 2018

1 hr 12 min

In this episode of the Business Beyond Borders podcast, I interview Justin Dry, Founder of Vinomofo.Justin is an entrepreneur, business owner, mentor, public speaker, and co-founder and joint CEO of Vinomofo, one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies. Launched in April 2011 from a garage in Adelaide, Vinomofo has expanded quickly and profitably to a run rate of more than $50m revenue, 500,000 plus members, and a team of over 100 employees.Tune in to my interview with Justin to find out: • The story and journey behind Vinomofo • The importance of making short term sacrifices for long term gains • How to have fun while building your international business • How seeking advice can save you when times get tough • Why you should never give up on your visionThis was one of the funniest and most entertaining episodes I’ve ever recorded. Justin has loads of great stories and he isn’t afraid to share the struggles and challenges he’s had along the way, as well as the successes. That kind of candour is a rarity in the business world and it makes for great conversation - and I hope great listening for you. We spoke for more than an hour, but I suspect we could have gone on for much longer …. Especially if we’d had a bottle of great Vinomofo wine at hand.Justin’s episode will be an inspiration for lots of people, but especially those of you who are just starting out and wondering whether they can really make it in business and on the international scene. I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I had recording it.

Oct 2018

1 hr 21 min

In the last of this four-part series, Cynthia Dearin reveals the checklist that she provides small to midsize businesses when looking to take their business overseas and how it has helped business owners and entrepreneurs avoid costly and fatal mistakes.The checklist covers every aspect of the expansion process and Cynthia discusses the key points that all businesses should consider before diving in head first into a new market. Cynthia also explains why she has committed herself to helping businesses amplify their impact by expanding internationally.

Sep 2018

18 min 31 sec

In this episode, Cynthia clarifies why undertaking market research and collecting data before going global is so important for small to mid-sized businesses. Cynthia gives you the questions you need to ask yourself when looking to go overseas with your product or service and how they help you set yourself up for success. Cynthia also shares her tips for avoiding analysis paralysis and what kind of research to conduct in order to get the answers you need so you don’t have to learn through trial and error.

Sep 2018

11 min 7 sec

Eric interviews Cynthia as she points out some of the common mistakes that people make when taking their business overseas and how to avoid them.Cynthia highlights the importance of having self-awareness around the current success of a business in their domestic market, understanding a business’s core-competencies and the need to set S.M.A.R.T goals when venturing into new markets.

Sep 2018

12 min 43 sec

In this episode, Dearin & Associates Managing Director, Cynthia Dearin talks about why going global is now a viable option for many small to mid-sized businesses.Cynthia shines a light on Dearin & Associates signature program, The International Business Accelerator and how it helps serious business owners and entrepreneurs develop a customized strategy, build confidence and create momentum when taking their business international.

Sep 2018

9 min 59 sec

In this episode of the Business Beyond Borders podcast, I interview Corinne Bot, Founder, CEO & Chief Disruptor of Polyglot Group, a leading global boutique consultancy dedicated to helping businesses expand globally and optimise their growth journey. Polyglot Group was born 23 years ago, when Corinne realised that creating her own business was one way to have the career she wanted while raising a family. Today the company has a global network of expert partners and an international team spanning 9 time zones. Polyglot Group provide comprehensive solutions in business setup, HR consulting and outsourcing, talent acquisition, translation and interpreting and payroll outsourcing.Corinne is a strong advocate for diversity and firmly believes in the necessity for leaders to be active in their community. She is a Trade Adviser for the French Government and a leader of the French community in Australia. With over 20 years of experience in multicultural HR consulting, recruitment as well as business solutions, it is no surprise that Corinne successfully expanded her business to Europe, the United States and Asia. Tune in to my interview with Corinne to find out about:•How she started her career as a hairdresser before becoming an entrepreneur.•How she created Polyglot Group as a new migrant to in AustraliaCorinne’s strategy for taking Polyglot Group international, some of the challenges she encountered, and how she overcame them.•How Polyglot helps clients all around the world to expand globally and addresses the challenge of working with cultural differences from country-to-country.•How she manages Polyglot now that it’s crossing the 100-person mark all over the world.•How Corinne juggled family life and being a business owner, over the years.•How reading books like Le Petit Prince, The Little Prince by Saint-Exupery, The Brave New World from Aldous Huxley, and Helen Keller’s Life, influenced her life. •Corinne’s advice to women entrepreneurs who want to take their business international.I had a fantastic time interviewing Corinne and left our conversation feeling inspired and motivated to continue my own entrepreneurial journey. I loved her focus on building and empowering a team and on leaving a legacy. Her observation that she believes she has been successful in business because she is “not obsessed by it” also challenged and prompted me to think more deeply about my own beliefs and approach to being an entrepreneur.If you’re a small business thinking of going global, check out the International Business Accelerator - an end-to-end solution that helps micro-to-medium businesses build and implement an international strategy:

Jul 2018

1 hr 3 min

In this episode of the Business Beyond Borders podcast, I interview Doyle Buehler, Founder and CEO of Dept.Digital.Doyle Buehler, is a best-selling author, global entrepreneur, international speaker & digital business thought leader, specialising in strategic digital branding and marketing. Doyle has built multiple award-winning innovative online, ecommerce startups and digital media businesses around the world.Tune in to my interview with Doyle to find out about:• How he started his career as a pilot and aeronautical engineer before transitioning to an international digital business transformation mentor • How he manages an international business with offices in Australia, Canada and the US• How Dept.Digital helps entrepreneurs accelerate their business, drive demand, build engagement and survive in today's hyper-competitive world• Doyle’s advice to companies thinking of going international and steps that needs to be done first, such as having a viable business structure, and solid international business strategy before taking the next step• Doyle’s international expansion experience, motivations, key lessons, recommended strategies and techniques• His thoughts on handling customers’ cultural differences, and how important it is to learn more about a new market and new business environment • Doyle’s tips on managing different time zones, and prioritising and managing time effectively• A common challenge that most tech companies face - the lack of a strong business model which leads to their failure most of the time. Doyle was a pilot and aeronautical engineer before he became a serial entrepreneur, establishing and running a string of companies. But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Doyle hit a rough patch when his successful and rapidly expanding software company became a casualty of the 2009 global financial crisis. One of his key learnings from that experience was that building an international business requires a solid strategy. Doyle says “once you have a general plan it is not that hard. There are some steps that you have to go through, there are specific ways and methodologies that you can use, but it is a matter of starting small but thinking, is there a possibility here? And in most cases, there is”.Over the years, Doyle has created a lifestyle that many people can only dream of - splitting his time between the US, Canada and Australia … he’s the ultimate digital nomad.This is a great episode for anyone wanting to know how to build a flexible, lifestyle business!If you’re a small business thinking of going global, check out the International Business Accelerator - an end-to-end solution that helps micro-to-medium businesses build and implement an international

Jul 2018

1 hr 4 min

This week on the Business Beyond Borders podcast, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Skander Malcolm, Managing Director and CEO of global foreign exchange company OFX.OFX was born in a garage at Sydney’s northern beaches, and has grown to a global foreign exchange powerhouse, present on several continents around the world. They have a focus on helping small businesses to manage their overseas transfers and streamline their operations.Skander joined OFX in 2017 and is leading the company’s continued global expansion, as it navigates the ever-changing world of fintech.Tune in to my interview with Skander to find out about:• How his experience managing large international teams across more than 80 countries shaped his journey to becoming the CEO of OFX,• The story of how OFX grew from a garage startup from Sydney’s northern beaches to a where it is today as a publicly-listed company,• The value of learning to listen to deal with complexity and develop as a leader,• The customer-centric approach that drives OFX’s corporate strategy and entry into new international markets,• His thoughts on where the foreign exchange industry is moving in the future and vision for growing the company internationally,• The strategies that OFX uses to target and enter new markets, and the challenges they have faced in doing so,• Some of the differences that OFX sees between Australian, North American, European and Asian foreign exchange customers,• His thoughts on what defines a great corporate culture for an international company, and• Skander’s advice to small and medium companies that are thinking of going global.It was great to hear from Skander in his role as the person steering OFX into its next phase of international growth and development. Although he isn’t the Founder of OFX, Skander has the same passion for finance as Matt Gilmore, who created OFX (and was a friend of Skander’s at university), a laser focus on the customer and a highly strategic perspective to boot. I believe that this combination of factors makes him the kind of CEO that companies need as they grow beyond their original incarnation and beyond the original inspiration of the founder, into something much grander. I also really appreciated Skander’s thoughts on maintaining perspective as a way as a way of dealing with tough times - tune in near the end of the show for those.If you’re a small business thinking of going global, check out the International Business Accelerator - an end-to-end solution that helps micro-to-medium businesses build and implement an international

Jun 2018

47 min 11 sec

In this episode of the Business Beyond Borders podcast, I interview Rob Rawson, Founder and CEO of Time Doctor.Rob Rawson is a former medical doctor turned entrepreneur. After starting several successful and failed businesses ventures, he became the founder and CEO of Time Doctor, which offers employee time tracking software for companies with global virtual teams.Tune in to my interview with Rob to find out about:• How he started his career as a medical doctor before transitioning to an entrepreneur, and the experiences that shaped his decision to switch• How he manages an entirely remote team of more than 60 people in 28 countries, and balances that with a young family• How Time Doctor allows companies to build global virtual teams and access the talent they need to grow their business• How Time Doctor uses content marketing and customer referrals to grow its international user base• How Time Doctor focuses on its customers’ core needs to compete in the highly competitive global software-as-a-service (SAAS) market• Rob’s tips for effectively managing a global team and some of the mistakes he sees companies make in doing so• Why Rob thinks entrepreneurs and business owners should aim big, to counter the self-limiting beliefs that we all place on ourselves throughout our lives and careersRob is someone who had the courage to leave a safe career path for what he was really passionate about - being an entrepreneur. His outlook on the world and his “sky’s the limit” approach were refreshing - check it out!P.S. If you’re a small business thinking of going global, check out the International Business Accelerator - an end-to-end solution that helps micro-to-medium businesses build and implement an international strategy:www.internationalbusinessaccelerator.comP.P.S Rob’s team is running the Running Remote conference in Bali on 23-24 June with an all-star lineup of speakers from Buffer, Doist, Flexjobs, Atlassian, GitHub and Transferwise:www.runningremote.comBusiness Beyond Borders subscribers can access a 20% discount on registration using the code cynthiadearin.

May 2018

51 min 15 sec

This week on the Business Beyond Borders podcast, I interview Joanne Cooper, tech pioneer and Founder and Managing Director of ID Exchange.Jo is the entrepreneurial daughter of Australian IT pioneer Tom Cooper, a prominent figure during the 1980’s PC era. She cut her entrepreneurial teeth during the PC revolution, and at the tender age of 18, she founded her first company, Fox Computers.Jo has worked with big players in the telecommunications space, including international players from Taiwan. In 2015, she founded ID Exchange, an early stage startup that strives towards social privacy innovation and digital ethics.Tune in to my interview with Jo to find out about:• Jo’s views on online privacy in the wake of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal• How she found reputable international partners to build a global-scale product, including their partnership with UK company DigiMe• How her upbringing as the daughter of a tech pioneer shaped her trajectory as an entrepreneur - including joining her father’s company at the age of 15• Her journey as part of Stone & Chalk’s incubator program, and how she pitched her idea to them in the early stages• How she has always sought out mentors to guide her in her career and international journey• How the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe has influenced ID Exchange’s model, to enable consumers to opt-in or out of having their data accessed and used by companies• Jo’s views on the environmental damage that the fintech industry has caused and her mission to address it via consumer-centric solutions• The commodification of “data as the new oil” and the land-grab that is happening with companies trying to get access to individuals’ data• How she researched and assessed the international competitive landscape and incorporated it into the design and development of her product• Jo’s future plans for ID Exchange, including the open of an innovation campus in North-Western SydneyAs you’ll hear, Jo isn’t your stereotypical tech start-up founder and I found her story quite inspiring, for what it teaches about operating on one’s own terms. Jo created ID Exchange as a mature woman, which is quite unusual, and she’s forging ahead, regardless of whether she conforms to expectations or not. Jo has a big picture vision and is committed to combatting a big problem - protecting the sanctity of personal data in an increasingly digital world. This is an episode with a difference … check it out!If you’re a small business thinking of going global, check out the International Business Accelerator - an end-to-end solution that helps micro-to-medium businesses build and implement an international

May 2018

46 min 54 sec

For the episode #12 of Business Beyond Borders, I interviewed Oriana Nasser, Managing Director at Jerusalem Stone Group, a Palestinian company specialising in stone and marble quarrying.Oriana has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from San Francisco State University and was the only women in her graduating class! She also has a post-graduate qualification from the University of Harvard. In 2008, Oriana joined Jerusalem Stone Group, which at the time was a small engineering business run by her husband. Ten years on, the company is a successful international business which employs more than 40 staff and exports to the United States, the Arabian Gulf States and Europe.Tune in to my interview with Oriana to find out about:• Oriana’s journey from being the only women in her graduating class at San Francisco State University to heading a successful international business based in Palestine. • The significant challenges and restrictions that come with running a business in Palestine and how Oriana handles them. • How Jerusalem Stone Group started to export internationally and the challenges that came with that expansion. • The key strategies Oriana uses to find international clients. • Where Oriana finds her inspiration and what keeps her going through hard times.When you consider the challenges that Oriana has faced in operating and growing a company from an occupied territory, the success she has achieved is nothing short of remarkable. I’d like to dedicate this episode of Business Beyond Borders to all the entrepreneurs who feel as though “it’s just too hard” .... and remind you that “it’s all relative”!If you’re a small business thinking of going global, check out the International Business Accelerator - an end-to-end solution that helps micro-to-medium businesses build and implement an international

Apr 2018

44 min 1 sec

This week on the Business Beyond Borders podcast, I interviewed Alicia Navarro - CEO and Co-Founder of London-based Skimlinks.Skimlinks is a content monetization platform, that helps online publishers make money and gain insights from their commerce-related content. Alicia launched her company in 2006 under a different guise - it began as a social decision-making tool, and evolved several times before it became Skimlinks.Tune in to my interview with Alicia to find out:• Her experience moving to London as a penniless entrepreneur to work on her startup idea• How she pivoted her business three times before arriving at the idea of Skimlinks• How her product management background helped her to pitch her business idea countless times and improve it everytime she was rejected• How she managed to raise a seed round in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis• How Skimlinks now facilitates more than $1 billion in sales for its publishing clients every year• How Skimlinks leveraged its existing client based to win new clients and expand into the US• The decision-making process that Alicia used to set up an office in San Francisco and then eventually move it to New York• How Skimlinks’ company culture began organically, and the steps Alicia took to codify and embed it more deeply into the business over timeI’d describe Alicia as a super-smart, super personable, “geek girl” and born serial entrepreneur. She won a university medal in computing, but instead of becoming a corporate gun, she started her own thing …. A number of times.She’s fast-paced, she’s flexible and she’s resilient. When things get tough Alicia takes a different direction, but she never gives up. And she doesn’t see being female as any kind of impediment to her success.I was inspired and humbled to hear Alicia talk about building her company - starting while she was living out of a suitcase in London,and where she has taken Skimlinks from there.There are so many relevant and pithy bits to this interview - it’s essential listening for anyone, male or female who’s on the entrepreneurial journey.If you’re a female entrepreneur thinking of taking the next step and launching your business on the international stage, check out our Girls Going Global campaign. We’re awarding one lucky winner a full scholarship to the International Business Accelerator. Applications close Friday 20 April - get yours in today!

Apr 2018

55 min 10 sec