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Today I’m going to share more patterns you can knit or crochet with your advent calendar yarn! For the show notes, go to https://fairytaleyarnco.com/podcast27 Now, most of these patterns are for the advent calendars that have 20-gram minis of fingering weight yarn. Some are for using a full hank and one or more minis. I’m also focusing on patterns that do NOT use the entire set. I will have a few that will, but most don’t so if you don’t like huge projects, I have lots of ideas for you! I do have another episode where I talk about projects that use an entire advent calendar and you can find that at Fairy tale yarn co. com/podcast14 And you can find links to everything I talk about and all these patterns in the show notes at FairyTaleYarnCo.com/podcast27. I have 35 patterns for you today! To make it easier to see all the patterns on 1 page, I’ve created a bundle in my Ravelry favorites. I’ll have that linked on the show notes also.

Oct 2019

36 min 29 sec

Ever wonder what the difference between different kinds of stitch markers in knitting and crochet? Not sure what to do with that progress keeper? Well, this is the episode for you! I'll explain them all so you know exactly which you want to use and when!

Mar 2019

22 min 25 sec

I had a chance to talk with Barb from Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival and we had a fabulous chat! This is one of my favorite events each year and I hope to see you there. Until then you can listen in to our chat!

Feb 2019

1 hr 6 min

Listen to hear about other handmade products you don't want to miss out on!

Feb 2019

14 min 29 sec

I have a very special yarn base to share with you today! It's, Excalibur! My largest hank and perfect for shawls! You don't want to miss this episode!

Jan 2019

21 min 46 sec

We all want to improve our health, both mental and physical. Fiber arts can do just that. Listen to hear more and to hear about a fun challenge for February 2019.

Jan 2019

12 min 9 sec

Do you need help with making your gauge swatch not lie?  Listen now for my tips! Here's the blog that gave me the tip for tracking what needle size you used.

Dec 2018

24 min 3 sec

In today's episode, I talk with Lea-Ann from Knitting Today.  Here are all the places you can find and follow her. Facebook Page Facebook Group YouTube Website Seed Stitcher Tool

Nov 2018

46 min 36 sec

Southern Exposure Shawl (This is the old picture, my current project is missing.  I know it's here somewhere)   Green and Grey Scarf Striped Socks Next Weaving Project  

Nov 2018

15 min 2 sec

Kathy's Kreations 141 E Main St, Ligonier, PA 15658 (724) 238-9320 Website Current newsletter FB IG Unwound Yarn Shop 413 Jay St, La Crosse, WI 54601 (608) 519-3722 Website FB IG  

Oct 2018

11 min 21 sec

  Click below to download your checklist. Ep 15 Knitting or Crochet Bag Checklist

Oct 2018

13 min 19 sec

Here is a link the bundle of patterns I talked about.   [elementor-template id="5278"]   Adventurer Wrap Ambah's Email list Ambah's Ravelry Group ADVENTurous Wrap Wrap Flower Power Southern Exposure Degreenify Toasted Marshmallow Shawl Through the Clouds Shawl Shoshana Shawl Crovontuli Fading Lines So Faded Gelato   I hope you enjoy and are inspired by these patterns.  You can get your villain themed advent calendar in the button below. [elementor-template id="5278"]  

Oct 2018

12 min 53 sec

I’m so excited to share this with you! On Friday, Oct 12th I’m introducing my first ever Advent Calendar! YAY! So I wanted to talk to you today about how it all works, the theme, how I’ve been inspired for the colors. Next episode I’ll talk to you about patterns that are great for advent calendars. The theme is Villains! The colors tie together and will be in an order that will fade. 11 are tie-dyed, 11 are speckle dyed, 2 are a mix. How this works Place your pre-order that open from Friday, Oct 12th until Oct 20th If you want to be the first to know about it, join my email list. The entire calendar will ship together to you and be to your house before Dec 1. Each day will have a package that you open. Advent calendar will include 24 minis and 1 full hank of yarn. Colors will be set-up in order to fade if that’s how you’d like to work your project or projects. Here's the link to the video that talks about Ching Shih, the pirate I mentioned. Join my email list in the link below.

Oct 2018

10 min 48 sec

Here are the projects I talked about in the podcast Ixchel     Zweig Bracken Cardigan   London B.Ridge Socks   Spencer   Southern Exposure   Where We Meet Shawl   Solaris   Faya   Orbit the Dragon

Sep 2018

11 min 1 sec

The first time you use them, use them with something like the decreases on a hat Cast on all on 1 needle and then move your stitches. Use wooden needles when you are starting to learn dpn’s Work with 5 needles, not 4 Use small stitch markers When starting with dpn, start your round in the middle of the needle So if you have 40 stitches total, and you’re of course working with 5 needles, you’ll have 5 stitches on needle 1, 10 on needles 2-4, and 5 on needle 5, when you go to join you’ll knit the stitches from needle 1 to needle 5, joining it, but since it’s not where needles meet, you’ll get less of a gap. When you come to the end of a needle, snug up the first few stitches on the new one. Rotate your stitches are you work around. So when you get to the end of a needle instead directly moving to the next one, knit at least 1 or 2 stitches onto the needle you just filled Watch when starting a new needle how you are holding it in relation to your live stitches. Keep the new stitches as close to the old ones as possible. Most of all take your time! Where you can come and see me this month (Sept 2018) Endless Mountain Fiber Festival Sept 8-9 Knit Locally  Sept 15 Trunk show and Knitting with Hand Dyed Yarn Class) Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival Sept 28th Knitting with Hand Dyed Yarn Class Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival  Show- Sept 29-30  

Sep 2018

10 min 55 sec

My Fall Shows Endless Mountain Fiber Festival Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival Little York Fiber Festival Indie Knit & Spin    

Aug 2018

13 min 49 sec

Hand Painted Yarn You can see the large sections of color in these colorways.   Tie Dyed Yarn                                   My Mistake Colorway Gremlins  

Aug 2018

13 min 51 sec

Original fiber content Washability How it’s going to be worn or used. Where is it going to be worn? Durability Special Considerations Steeking Felting/Fulling Colorwork Allergies

Aug 2018

9 min 12 sec

First Sock Shawl Weaving

Aug 2018

9 min 26 sec

Show Notes from Episode 4 My current and upcoming trunk shows Kathy's Kreations   Aug 3rd-12th 3 Kittens Needle Arts    Aug 13th-27th You can be sure you don't miss out on any of my trunk show by following this link and becoming a Fairy Tale Knits Yarnie! If you want to make sure you don't miss out on any episodes of my podcast, sign up for this email list and you'll be notified about every episode. Thanks so much for listening!  I'd love if you shared this with all your yarnie friends and I'll talk to you next week.

Aug 2018

4 min 54 sec

Hello and Welcome!  Here are the show notes for Episode 1. Here's everywhere you can follow me: Facebook Instagram Yarnie Email list Podcast Email List (to get notified whenever a new episode comes out) Books I talked about Eragon Harry Potter Wheel of Time Lord of the Rings Knitting Elizabeth Zimmerman Videos Hope you enjoyed the show and thanks for listening! Subscribe on iTunes I'd love for you to leave a review on iTunes!

Jul 2018

10 min 24 sec

Here are some pictures of Mermaid's Hair Fingering [caption id="attachment_4806" align="alignnone" width="300"] Mermaid's Hair Fingering[/caption] Here are some pictures of Mermaid's Hair DK [caption id="attachment_4808" align="alignnone" width="300"] Mermaid's Hair DK[/caption] Here are the patterns I talked about Knitting Fingering weight: Lollypop Vest by Lynette Meek Mesa Sweater Wrap by Rosemary Hill DK weight: Funicular Vest by Stitch Party Coastal Breezes by Michelle Stead of Crafty Flutterby Creations Crochet Fingering Weight: Aquamarine Vest by Mary Dickerson Suavest Dragon by Michelle Stead of Crafty Flutterby Creations DK Weight: Simple Vest by Copper Llama Studio Joni Topper by Ashleigh Kiser   If you want to be one of the first to have this yarn, ask your local yarn shop to carry Fairy Tale Knits yarn! I’d also love to hear what shops you’d most want to see Fairy Tale Knits yarn in! Subscribe on iTunes I'd love for you to leave a review on iTunes!

Jul 2018

11 min 35 sec

Tips for Beginning Knitters Circular Needles can be used for flat knitting Short projects are good for learning new things Hats make great swatches when you use the same type of needle Check your work and count your stitches often the faster you find your mistakes the better YouTube is your friend, you can learn a lot there and if one video doesn’t help look for another one.  When that fails, reach out to your LYS for a class, they are worth the cost. Keep your stitches moving along your needle when you don’t keep the stitches you are working on moving up, you can get uneven stitches. Practice knitting without looking Learn to read your knitting Learn to fix mistakes without ripping everything out Paid patterns are often worth the price Like with other things, you get what you pay for with yarn. If you can’t get a ball winder and a swift, get a swift first.  Don’t use a mixer to wind your yarn!   Subscribe on iTunes I'd love for you to leave a review on iTunes!

Jul 2018

11 min 8 sec