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Chris Looney stopped by Two Rivers Treads to share stories of his adventures thru-hiking and running on the Appalachian Trail, and how creativity has enabled him to find adventures this year even when races are cancelled. From running a marathon in his backyard (literally!) to creating his own 100mi trail run, this quieter time has created space to try something new.

Aug 29

57 min

Mark and Sarah are back to talk through how COVID-19 has affected Two Rivers Treads and race schedules. Mark also debunks some myths about how COVID-19 spreads, specifically for running groups, and give some tips on how to boost your immune system. The show wraps up with listener questions about the right pace for a new runner and how long it takes to build a marathon base.

Jul 12

54 min

Mark and Sarah sit down with Mikala as she shares about the gear, nutrition, and attitude that got her through pulling a sled over 135 miles of Minnesota in January.

Feb 23

40 min

Betsy Hartley joins Mark Cucuzzella and Sarah Hodder to talk about her story of managing Type 2 diabetes by losing 220 Lbs, getting off of insulin and other medications, and running. We talk about glucose monitoring technology, finding low-carb race fuel, and the amazing support found in the trail running community.

Feb 3

47 min

Dr. Mark opens with comments on the RED-S Syndrome which is getting press time with the Nike controversy involving Mary Cain, known as "the fastest girl in America" until being abusively pressured to lose weight. Then, we continue interviewing Thunder Squad store ambassadors. This month's guests are Chris Price and Jake Hall. Chris is an Air Force veteran, rock climbing guide, and small business owner who has pushed his nephew with disabilities through marathons. Jake is a local runner who records and posts the Run for Your Life podcast, who also runs marathons as a push team with his son. Learn about how their paths crossed and their adventures.

Nov 2019

41 min

September was a crazy month! We're getting back in the swing of things and sharing our adventures - Dr. Mark's travels around the globe sharing his medical expertise, another amazing Freedom's Run event, and Sarah's PR at the 2019 Grindstone 100 miler. We also talk about the direction performance-enhancing shoes is taking the sport of running in light of the recently set (albeit, unofficial) marathon world record time and the (very official) women's marathon record time. Then we get a chance to chat it up with local Thunder Squad TRT ambassador Casey Fisher about his recent finishes on the No Business 100, Freedom's Run, Miner's Lady, and some DNFs along the way. It was super helpful to hear his take on post-ultra recovery too.

Oct 2019

58 min

Zach Chupa is no stranger to pushing the limits on speed and endurance, yet he's had to learn the hard way how to leverage a balance of running, rest, and community to fight depression.

Aug 2019

52 min

Jessica Wiant is expecting her fourth son any day now and tells us how being an active mom is part of setting an example for her kids of having a healthy lifestyle. She shares encouragement for parents who feel they are too busy to exercise and how running builds a base of fitness that opens the way to other family adventures. Also, we talk about finding the best shoe size (it may be larger than you think!)

Jun 2019

33 min

Meet "Barefoot Kent": Husband, father, Deadhead, vegetarian, runner. Learn about his running adventures that find him dropping 70 pounds, pushing his son, Ben who is developmentally disabled, and finding the joy in running naturally.

May 2019

46 min

Dr. Mark shares some race highlights after completing his 25th Boston Marathon and then gives a recap of his trip to New Zealand where he helped at a coaching and sports nutrition conference with long-time friend Dr. Keith Livingston. He may be the longest documented survivor with advanced Glioblastoma Multiforme. He's survived through this for 12 yrs and 3 brain surgeries now. His book “Staring Down the Beast” which describes his unique approach to battling disease. The picture is Dr Keith and 2 other friends and legends in the running space now devoting their lives to the health of children- Olympic Medalists Rod Dixon and Lorraine Moller. Rob also won the epic 1983 NYC marathon and Lorraine took the Boston title in 1984. Both are native NZ and now living in the USA. Rod has shared his kids running program with over ½ million LA youth.

May 2019

32 min

In this episode, we talk with one of our ambassadors, Colin Trower. This is Colin’s second year being one of our “Thunder Squad Ambassadors," and Colin describes how running and revamping his nutrition has dramatically improved his quality of life. We hear about how he left a corporate job in Pennsylvania to travel in a RV for the last three years with his wife and sons as they looked for adventure, ran ultramarathons, and fell in love with Silverton, Colorado. During the Q&A with Dr. Mark, we discuss warm-up exercises to keep you loose and limber (see "A, B, C, D Skips videos in the show notes for examples:

Mar 2019

50 min

In January 2019, Paul ran his fourth HURT 100 miler. We learn all about his wet and muddy adventure out in Hawaii, the difference between a "business mode" and "party mode" mindset in ultra endurance running, and the effects a low-carb diet has had on his running performance. During the Q&A with Dr. Mark, we cover questions about staying in running shape when life gets too busy to rack up the miles, and how to know if you're burning fat when you run.

Mar 2019

55 min

Happy New Year! With a new year come resolutions for health, but how do you build new habits for being healthy that last? Listen to John "Bacon" Carter share his story about changing from being an overweight retiree to being an avid runner (39 races last year!) During the Q&A with Dr. Mark, we cover questions about training for a sub 3-hour marathon, training for a 4:45 marathon, and myths and tips for running during pregnancy.

Jan 2019

58 min

Dr. Mark breaks down the difference between race fuel, everyday food, and junk food. Learn why food marked "healthy" isn't always good for you, and what your body calls "junk food" isn't just candy and soda. During the listener Q&A, Dr. Mark answers questions about running when your legs are different lengths, knee pain, taking care of your feet as you age, and how to stay fit into your 60s and beyond.

Nov 2018

56 min

Two podcast team members share their own running stories in this episode. First, we hear from the podcast “tech guy” Jake Hall about how he runs with his disabled son, Thad, and how they just completed their second Freedom’s Run marathon. Next up, podcast host and store manager Sarah Hodder reflects on her recent finish at the 2018 Grindstone 100, and she gives some insights on ultra running as the defending female champion of the Beast Series. Finally, Dr. Mark fields the listener Q&A on the topics of running before breakfast, avoiding the “active couch potato syndrome,” the benefits of compression gear, and tapering before for the Marine Corps Marathon.

Oct 2018

49 min

Today is exciting as we have a couple of guests with us. Katie Nolan Thompson is with us, who is the co-director of Freedom’s Run. And our other special guest today is ultra-marathoner extraordinaire, Mike Wardian, who is here to talk to us about his most recent record-breaking effort on the C&O Canal! Dr. Mark also gives a recap on his recent experience speaking and being awarded at the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine conference in San Fransisco.

Sep 2018

60 min

We all know the age-old story of training for a race, only to get to the start line either injured or with no push left in the tank. We’re here to talk to Dr. Mark Cucuzzella today about how we can train smart - not stupid! That way we can toe the line of our next race full of energy and pep. Dr. Mark also fields some Q&A topics about monitoring heart rate if you are AFib, handling a torn Meniscus, and the skill and art of running hills.

Aug 2018

57 min

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella introduces the podcast, talks about his new book, and answers questions about running, recovery, and nutrition. Show Notes:

Jul 2018

49 min

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