Some Like It Hott

By Harmonic Entertainment

Do you wonder why women don’t know more about menopause, even though it happens (and has been happening for centuries) to every woman on the planet? Why we are left to suffer in silence, not knowing that there are simple solutions to common issues such as hot flashes, weight gain, bloating, hair loss, dryness (everywhere!) and irritability? Well wonder no more, menopause warriors! Our hosts Franca and Sarah Jane interview doctors, hormone gurus, therapists, nutritionists and experts from many backgrounds who are here to shed light on what you and millions of other women are going through, and show you how to journey through menopause with joy, dignity and grace, instead of the unnecessary pain, frustration and loneliness that many of us go through. Come, join us make real changes in women’s health! Let’s open the discussion, and Embrace The Heat!

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