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An ongoing conversation fueled by powerful questions that seek to return people to their true hearts.

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Josh and Chris sit down to introduce the world to the driving passion behind Restoration ID and talk a little about how it came to be.

Apr 28

25 min 45 sec

On today's episode, we sit down and have a live authentic coaching session around mistakes too big to fix and how to process that. Chris takes the hot seat to talk about how a few minutes of distraction led to the death of his dog this last week and asks Josh to help him process the guilt and grief of that while talking about the larger struggle of processing guilt and grief of all the mistakes and missteps of life.

May 16

46 min 20 sec

This week we sit down with Joey Register, a very good friend, and farmer from the backwoods of Louisiana. Joey and his brother Craig have been farming and working cattle pretty much their entire lives and own and operate the land we hold our Daring Greatly retreats on. Joey's perspective on the pace of life and how to slow down to soul speed is insightful and much needed in the rat-race pace of modern life.

Jun 10

47 min 39 sec

In this episode, we spend some time unpacking the concept of authentic community and the foundational role it plays in the deepest longings of our souls. Grab a cup of coffee and joins us as we have one of those real conversations that stem from authentic community.

Jul 7

51 min 7 sec

This week Josh and I talk about the mental, emotional, and spiritual toll of isolation and separation, particualrly how it relates to the times we are living in. Don't miss the last half where we get to chat about the way out of the darkness!

Aug 30

57 min 25 sec