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Beyond the Bottomline: Leadership can come in many colours and leadership styles even more so - positive inspiring leadership which goes beyond the bottomline can have distinct advantages to both leader and employees. Human growth leadership, something to emulate! Corine Hines, Director of Visibly Different is my guest today, talking to us about being a positive and inspiring leader and making a difference personally and collectively. We will be discussing: Different styles of leadership and the advantages to both leader and employees when there is a more positivie and inspirational style of leadership which encourages human growth. How leaders can develop more sustainable habits and transform the work environment to match this. The challenges for leaders when trying to transform to a different environment or way of thinking/working and how they can inspire their teams and employees to move forward to a more positive and holistic mindset. What strategies can be put in place to help the whole workforce develop and gorw, creating sustainable behaviour change and so improve the overal wellbeing of everyone . For managers aiming to become leaders, what they can do to take the first steps along this path and become ready to step up into a higher role. More about Corine: Corine Hines has spent the last ten years standing shoulder to shoulder with a variety of leaders as they surprise themselves with the impact they can really have – in their work, with their teams, at home, and beyond. They often want a more sustainable business, a more self-sufficient team, and more productive daily habits, but they don’t expect their family’s gratitude for how much they do actually change. Corine is an EMCC Senior Practitioner coach and Team Coach and an accredited Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coach.  She is serious about her subject, but feel her clients learn best when challenged by curiosity, experiments, and a dose of laughter. You can find Corine here: Profile Website

Dec 1

39 min 52 sec

Inspired Women: Taboo topics still exist - like menopause, let along menopause in the workplace. It affects men as well as women, (corporate productivity too) and can start much earlier than you may think. Learn more!! Pat Duckworth (Multi Award Winner Menopause – Workplace Menopause Expert – International Speaker and Trainer – #1 Bestselling Author) is here to speak to us about the impact of Menopause in the Workplace, how we can manage it and what companies and leaders/managers can do to improve the vision and support given. We will be discussing: New developments on menopause over the last few years. The effect menopause has on productivity for both men and women and the positive impact for employers when they address this and take supportive action. How workplaces are helping support menopause. Incresing global awareness on this issue and which countries are more advanced at this – guess what the UK is the leader! What we can do ourselves to improve our menopause experience. More about Pat: Pat Duckworth is a Women’s Wellbeing Strategist, Author and International Public Speaker. After over 30 years working in the public and voluntary sector at a Senior Management Level, Pat discovered her entrepreneurial mojo and retrained as a therapist and coach. She specialises in menopause and advises employers who are committed to supporting people in the workplace at this transitional stage of life. Pat has published five books including the Award-winning ‘Hot Women, Cool Solutions: How to control menopause symptoms using mind/body techniques.’ Her latest book, ‘Menopause: Mind the Gap – the value of supporting women’s health in the workplace’ was published in January 2021 and has been highly acclaimed. Pat is a sought-after speaker who has made presentations in many countries including USA, India, Denmark, Spain and The Netherlands. She makes the subject of menopause accessible and provides practical advice for women leading busy, modern lives. How to connect with Pat: The weekly Hot Women Rock Radio Show: Empowering Women Leaders at Menopause For information about menopause and how to manage the symptoms Free first chapter of Menopause; Mind the Gap Join the Smarter Menopause Facebook Group

Nov 25

32 min 20 sec

Beyond the Bottomline: How managers can be more proactively positive in their management of their teams and so encourage a better working environment, keeping high performance and productivity but alleviating some of the stress and pressure that is so often associated with this. Matthieu Le Cann, COO and Co-Founder of TVTY is my guest today, talking about Corporate Wellebing and proactively positive leadership and management. We will be discussing: What positive management styles are and the advantages seen in the workplace by embracing these. How managers can be more proactively positive in their management of teams. Some of the key actions that can be taken to encourage a better working environment, keeping high performance and productivity but alleviating some of the stress and pressure that is often present with this. How an awareness of holistic success can be interesting and beneficial to corporate success, and the benefits there can be to both corporate and employees if there is more focus on this. More about Matt: Co-Founder, COO @TVTY.  CEO Holimetrix. Founder MLC Advisory. More than 15 years of experience in the media. Expertise focused on innovation, technology as well as business and organizational development. Matt says “I am keen to go beyond what I know to find the good answer to each company, client and human being!” You can find Matt here: Website: TVTY LinkedIn: Twitter:

Nov 23

22 min 1 sec

Inspired Women: The wealth gap between men and women - is it narrowing or widening? How women's financial empowerment help their life, job and wellbeing... Today’s guest is Patricia Allen, a Wealth Advisor, Authority on Financial Education and Empowerment for Women, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, award-winning author, and global speaker who specializes in helping women with personal finance and wealth management. We will be discussing: The wealth gap and if it is narrowing or widening. How women entrepreneurs can become more financially empowered. The benefits to corporate when women are financially empowered and how they can help this happen. The importance of financial management and freement in wellbeing and holistic success. Some main points to know and watch to help us manage our financial independence. More about Patricia: Patricia Allen, CRPC® is a Wealth Advisor, Authority on Financial Education and Empowerment for Women, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, award-winning author, and global speaker who specializes in helping women navigate the complex world of personal finance and wealth management. She is the creator of the Life By Your Design Blueprint, the 5 step system to help women grow, protect and preserve their assets and income so they can live a life of abundance with freedom of choice, while having their hearts and minds free from worry of the what-ifs of life. As a professional woman working in a male-dominated field for over 25 years, Patricia has recognized that a woman’s style of communication and ways of learning are different than most men. She provides an environment that supports women’s natural style of communicating. Patricia believes her whole life has been a Ph.D. program preparing her for supporting women to transform their money fears to become wealth-building powerhouses. She is unique in the field of wealth management combining purpose-driven mindset coaching and the practical aspects of money management to empower women to step into a deeper level of their power to transform the way they think about money and building wealth. When women take control of their finances, they take control of their destiny. If women really understood their true power, we would live in a different world. You can find Patricia here: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook:

Nov 18

38 min

Beyond the Bottomline: People seem to be struggling more and more these days with mental wellbeing both in and out of the workplace, including stress, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout. We need to manage these better and take positive action to improve and strengthen our outlook... Today’s guest is Hannah Stainer of Psykhe Coaching talking about how to look after our mental wellbeing, staying positive and managing issues that can contribute to stress, anxiety, overwhelm or burnout. We will be discussing: The struggles we have with managing our mental wellbeing and why they seem to be increasing these days. The differences between stress, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout and how we can recognise the sysmptoms. The potential causes of these and how they can be interlinked but then triggered but a relatively unlinked event. Positive actions we can take to strengthen our wellbeing and create or improve a more positive outlook. Managing workplace challenges and reactions to complex situations we may encounter. How our environment – food, sleep, fitness, exercise, interactions and interests – can have an impact on our mental wellbeing and how we can make these beneficial! More about Hannah: Hannah Stainer is a Wellbeing Coach, Youth Coach, a qualified Teacher and Speaker. She’s the creator and host of the Psykhe Mental Wellbeing Podcast. Hannah has a Postgraduate Diploma in Special and Inclusive Educational Needs (specialising in Dyslexia and Autism), a Diploma in Life Coaching, a Level 3 Yoga Instructor qualification, a Masters Degree in Psychology and is a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society. Hannah has experience of living with depression and anxiety, imposter syndrome, people-pleasing and an awful relationship with herself. She realised one day she wasn’t really ok and set out to change her life, to be ok. Now she’s sharing what she’s learnt with others. Hannah is a keen Mental Health advocate and holds several voluntary roles including as a Time to Change Champion, a Rethink Mental Illness Peer Mentor, a Cruse Bereavement Support Volunteer and a Samaritans Listening Volunteer. You can find Hannah here: Website – Facebook –  @psykhecoaching Instagram – @psykhecoaching Twitter –  @psykhecoaching

Nov 16

45 min 9 sec

Inspired Women: What women are doing to support climate changes and the importance of their role. How we can help climate change with simple steps. Learning life lessons from the great explorers. We are lucky to have Felicity Aston MBE back on the show today giving us updates on climate change and the evolution she has seen over the last 20+ years, and baby steps we can take to help. Also Felicity will be giving us some valuable tips about what we can learn from the great explorers to help us in life. We will be discussing: The evolution of climate change over the last 20+ years and predictions for the future. The need for raising more awareness and emphasizing the need for and capability of women to be part of the global climate solution The life of an explorer and managing the challenges, and the difference between those and a ‘normal’ life. The life lessons we can learn from the great explorers. Absolutely fascinating interview!! More about Felicity: British Polar Explorer Felicity Aston is a climate scientist turned Expedition Leader, author and speaker. In January 2012 she became the first and only woman in the world to ski across Antarctica alone. The 1084-mile, 59-day journey also made her the first person in the world to do so alone and purely by muscle power without the aid of kites or machines. ‘Outside Magazine’ – the most popular adventure sport magazine in the US – named her a 2012 Adventurer of the Year. In 2009 she led the 38-day, 600-mile Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition, the largest and most international women’s team ever to ski to the South Pole. Felicity has led several other notable expeditions including the Women’s Euro-Arabian North Pole Expedition 2018, the first British women’s crossing of Greenland, a 450-mile winter crossing of Lake Baikal in Siberia and an adventurous expedition in Iceland for young people with a brain injury. She was also part of the first, ever, all-female team to complete the Polar Challenge, a 350-mile endurance race to the magnetic north pole and has completed the notorious Marathon Des Sables, a 150-mile foot race across the Sahara. Trained as a Physicist and Meteorologist, Felicity’s first polar experience was as a scientist with the British Antarctic Survey. Based for three years on a remote research station on the Antarctic Peninsula, her job was to monitor climate and ozone. You can find Felicity online here… Website: Twitter: The B.I.G. North Pole Expedition 2022: Author of Call of the White, Alone in Antarctica, Chasing Winter and Life Lessons From Explorers

Nov 11

37 min 12 sec

Beyond the Bottomline: From professional footballer in US and other countries to VP of a software/tech company in the healthcare industry in Finland... Dealing with pressure, perfomance and moving forwards with apositive mindset. It is a great pleasure to be speaking to Lawrence Smith today and hearing about the changes of culture (USA to Finland is already quite a jump) and from pro athlete to VP in tech… Particularly interesting is the management of pressure, (both mental and physical), performance, productivity and positivity and the similarities and differences in these in sport and in business and workplaces. We will be discussing: The challenges of managing pressure and the importance of staying productive and positive. The tactics used as an athlete that can transfer to the workplace. Digitizing healthcare, from adult and elderly, to mental health, to child and youth care – and how digitizing the inclusion of workplace wellness as a key benefit. The vision of people and organisations, private sector, public sector and their interest in wellbeing and wellness nowadays. Solutions to workplace issues – from better physical health to stress reduction, more engagement, team spirit and office culture and creativity… let’s not forget fun too! The strength of the Nordic countries in the good aspects of work, health, positivity, care of our fellow beings and true quality of life. More about Lawrence: Lawrence Smith: USA Manager for Oy Raisoft Ltd, VP of Smart|Break. Originally from Charleston SC, and moved to Finland to follow my dream of playing professional soccer. After a long career , I have found a new passion by providing a cloud based wellness solution for offices large and small. The key is to build movement variety into the normal workday through smart activity breaks. Website: Twitter: LinkedIn:

Nov 9

29 min 58 sec

Inspired Women: The challenges and successes of women in the boardroom and the route to getting a place there... Different types of board positions available and suitability to certain backgrounds or experience. Beth Budd Bandler is talking to us today about the challenges and successes of women in the boardroom and the route to getting a place there. From her extensive experience working in what are considered ‘traditionally male’ industries like aerospace, diamond mining as well as luxury retail working for international corporations, she has in depth knowledge of the many aspects needed to succeed in the corporate world and help guide business, and support the workforce, in the right direction at the top. We will be discussing: Why boardrooms still tend to be male-dominated. Different types of board positions available and suitability to certain backgrounds or experience. Women’s view, vision and actions on boardroom issues and any differences to men’s. Routes for women to gain a seat on the board. More about Beth: Beth Budd Bandler is an Independent Corporate Director at Magellan Aerospace Corporation – Member of Governance and Nominating Committee: Chair of Environmental and Health & Safety Committee. Instrumental in updating governance policies and processes. Previously she was Corporate Director and Corporate Secretary for BeaconEye Inc, and Hawker Siddeley Canada Inc. Earlier in her career Beth was Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Harry Winston Diamond Corporation. In the Arts: Beth is Director, Chair of Nominating and Governance Committee, member of Finance Committee for the Hamilton Fringe Festival. She is also a Producer of Canadian Plays. LinkedIn:

Nov 4

46 min 4 sec

Beyond the Bottomline: Having the confidence and thought management focus to transition to where we want to be - and be happy positive and successful... Rachel Smets is today’s guest talking about how to transition successfully from corporate to something we love – the self confidence, the thought management process and the reality! We will be discussing: Self confidence and stopping comparisons with others. Using our thoughts positively to create our reality – using this to grow our confidence and make better choices. Using this new confidence and thought management focus for what we love and to help our transition. How to be sure that we can achieve an overall better lifestyle (including our wellness and wellbeing) and still achieve the success we are looking for. More about Rachel: Clarity coach, 2xTEDx speaker, YouTuber, author and online course creator. Rachel helps unfulfilled mid-career corporates confidently plan their 9-5 escape and turn their passion into income so they can have more freedom and live life on their terms. Life is short, start living! Get in touch with Rachel: ➤YouTube ➤FB GROUP: ➤ WEBSITE: ➤ LINKEDIN:

Nov 2

25 min 8 sec

Inspired Women: Equality, diversity and acceptance start in the cradle and what better way to understand this than by illustration and example - it makes it fun too! Today’s guest is Stephanie Green, a wonderfully talented artist, activist and entrepreneur. We will be discussing: The evolution of women in STEM and inspiring the next generation. The progress being created regarding gender equality starting with children’s educational resources and illustrations such as maths and science tools. The taboo topics of women’s periods and the menopause and how this needs to, and can be, taken into account intelligently and productively in education, life and the workplace. The different vision men and women can sometimes have on these issues just because we think and communicate differently. More about Steph: Stephanie Green – Artist, Activist, Entrepreneur and Businesswoman, Stephanie Green is passionate about building lasting gender equality. At 21 she became the country’s youngest councillor in her home town of Taunton. By 25 she was Circulation Director at an international publishing house. Following her love of graphic design she opened her own successful studio in 2010. In 2016 she founded Dauntless Daughters to create bold, diverse illustrations, stories, games, goods and services that empower girls and young women. For children seeing is believing so it is critical to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) success to provide diverse learning resources, story books and images staring female and minority characters. When my children were born we began our Waldorf journey. Then came Waldorf Family – Stephanie says:  "As my two strong, clever girls grew, I found myself drawing and creating pieces for them, nurturing their relationship with nature. Waldorf Family was created in October 2018 to share these products to friends and family. From these cottage industry roots Waldorf Family has grown expeditiously to sell a range of products, globally. I still work from my home studio, but Waldorf Family now has manufacturing, fulfilment and warehousing in Herefordshire and Berkshire, England. I am inspired by nature: if I could help children in the built environment connect to nature and help those who do not find a good fit in the educational system find wonder in learning then I will be doing what I was put here to do. I believe we are all here to serve, our society, our purpose: it is our job to dig deep and discover what lights our fire: for me that is drawing and painting. This creative process led me firmly to create for children. I still remember a painting I had when I was about 6 or 7 in all the corners it had so many details I remember starring for hours at this whole other world not really sure if it was a real world – existing in that flat paper space. Last year I was in the Musée de l'Orangerie in the ground of the Louvre in the immersive space of Monet's Water Lilies, reduced to tears, in the energy held in that space. His quest to heal the pain of the war for the people of France. Art has a magic, an energy that can touch our hearts. I want to make pictures that children love. Images of children playing, sunny days and butterflies. I want my art to stick in their hearts to make a space that reminds them to go outside a play. If we forget nature we are lost.

Oct 28

35 min 44 sec

Beyond the Bottomline: The realities of working in high pressure sectors like investment banking. The challenges of performing well, achieving goals and managing pressure and how corporate wellness programs can help. My guest today is Scott Robinson of Deutsche Bank and YogiBanker! We are going to be talking about the challenges of performing well, achieving goals and managing pressure and how corporate wellness programs can help with this. We will be discussing: The realities of working in high pressure, high stress sectors like investment banking. How we can better manage these types of working environments and what we can do to manage better – i.e. less stress, more positive, relaxed lifestyle. The origin of YogiBanker and the reaction of finance professionals to this type of initiative. The support and involvement of corporate in the creation of wellness programs and the benefits they offer. Creating holistic success (and not just material or professional success) as our vision of a better future and happier life. More about Scott: Scott Robinson is a finance professional, qualified mindfulness meditation and yoga teacher, Corporate Wellbeing Advocate, and specialises in offering yoga & mediation services to finance professionals under the brand of ‘Yogibanker’. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Scott’s background is in the financial sector in the City of London and helps to runs the employee-led mindfulness and yoga sessions at Deutsche Bank in the UK, one of the largest financial groups in the world. Scott also teaches yoga at Ten Health & Fitness, one of London’s leading boutique health and fitness providers. One of Scott’s proudest achievements has been running Yoga for Beginners courses at Deutsche Bank, bringing yoga to many who had no prior experience of the practice, and seeing their lives transformed through yoga. Scott’s yoga practice is based on a style of dynamic vinyasa flow, whilst at the same time emphasising steadiness and good space in each yoga class. At the other end of the spectrum, Scott also offers classes in yin yoga, providing students the opportunity to find a different, more quiet side to their yoga practice. With his mindfulness meditation practice, Scott brings a calm-abiding approach to each session, allowing students to experience stillness through mindfulness of breathing. You can find Scott’s group classes here: Or to work privately with him: Social media: IG: @yogibanker Facebook: @yogibanker2 Twitter: @yogibanker1 To receive Scott’s newsletter (and receive his free guide, ‘5 Things You Need to Start Your Yoga Practice’) Http://

Oct 26

28 min 46 sec

Inspired Women: Elaine Slatter - The development of women's entrepreneurship, the qualities and strengths needed for successful leadership - and how women leadership communities help you thrive. It is always a great pleasure to talk to Elaine Slatter and hear her wisdom, experience and expertise on corporate leadership as well as entrepreneurship – particularly relating to women and how they can thrive. Today not only will be be talking about women’s entrepreneurial skills but also about creating women’s leadership communities and how incredibly supportive and successful they can be. We will be discussing: What is happening with women’s entrepreneurship at the moment, and any changes over the last few years. The strengths and qualities needed to become a successful women entrepreneur and how they compare with those needed for leadership.. Creating and participating in women’s leadership communities. What they do, how they can help and the great fun they can be (as well as helping increase success). The different vision and culture of different countries and how we need to adapt to take these into account in our business. More about Elaine: Never one to take the easy path, Elaine Slatter left the UK at 19 to pursue adventure in Canada.  Not satisfied with staying in the admin pool and with a burning desire for a career, she started taking university courses on a part-time basis while at the same time raising two children. A graduate of McMaster University in Hamilton and Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario, Elaine has an extensive corporate resume spanning over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing, retail and distribution sectors.   This experience includes product launches, branding, trade show execution, IT projects, website development, e-commerce websites, international customer service set up and bonded warehouse experience.  Elaine was CEO of the Canadian operations for a US manufacturer.  In this capacity, she was responsible for sales, finance, customer service, marketing, warehousing operations and the bottom line. Life can throw unexpected curves. Elaine was the reluctant owner of retail business after the death of her husband.  During a three year period Elaine managed to run this business and package it for sale, while still continuing to work in an executive position for a global welding manufacturer. After leaving the corporate sector, Elaine became the founder and CEO of XL Consulting Group.  This consultancy is a small business advisory, specializing in entrepreneurial startups and businesses that are not experiencing their full potential. Clients can engage XL Consulting to improve their business strategies, plan for growth or business loans or execute marketing optimization in both the traditional and social channels.  Branding and website development are key pillars we use to help small businesses grow their market presence. Some of Elaine’s other links: Website: Meetup community. Fabulous Fempreneurship Podcast:

Oct 21

42 min 5 sec

Beyond the Bottomline: Alice Beveridge - Developing Holistic Leaders Developing holistic leaders, and positive psychology and how this can be applied practically. Approaches to build resilience and signature strengths. Alice Beveridge of Tree of Knowledge is my guest today. We are talking about developing holistic leaders, and particularly about positive psychology and how this can be applied practically. Also about approaches to build resilience and signature strengths; and what action we can take for personal motivation and improved mindset to enjoy a better environment around us in the workplace. We also explore how the corporate world has different visions on wellbeing and how to implement this. We will be discussing: The application of positive psychology and what it means practically. What wellbeing focussed approaches can help build resilience and signature strengths. The benefits of physical wellness and benefits of incorporating this into the workplace including increasing mental positivity as well as reducing physical problems. How the environment around us in the workplace can have an impact and how to change it for the better. How holistic goals can be implemented and enjoyed. More about Alice: ‘Hilarious and Engaging’ ‘Simply Fantastic’ ‘She has a contagious Energy’ Alice is a truly unique speaker. Psychologist, teacher, director and keeper of chickens she brings a wealth of knowledge, personal experience and energy to everything she delivers. Alice is an expert in all things leadership, wellbeing and Mindset. As a positive psychologist she challenges the way people sees themselves. She has a true passion for helping people realise that they are in control of their lives and by introducing people to a range of positive psychology theories and interventions, through fun and laughter, Alice helps them ignite their spark. To find out more about Alice and how she can support your business visit

Oct 19

48 min 8 sec

Inspired Women: Ruth Sacks - Women Entrepreneurs in Tech and Finding Investor Funding Boardrooms and the evolution of the number of women on FTSE boards. Women entrepreneurs and founders, changes and trends for them and seeking funding in tech. What are investor expectations. As the Principal Consultant of Boardroom Focus, working on leadership effectiveness initiatives for start-ups, scale-ups as well as more established businesses, Ruth advises women founders of tech start-ups on how to stride forward and build their success. She has delivered a range of leadership and change projects in the UK, Europe and the USA. We are discussing: The progress (or not) of getting more women onto FTSE boards over the last 3 years or so. The changes and trends for women entrepreneurs and women founders over the last few years. Funding and the expectations of investors. The particular challenges for women entrepreneurs in tech seeking funding. The difficulties and how to access funding more easily. More about Ruth: Ruth Sacks is Principal Consultant, Boardroom Focus. Ruth creates and delivers bespoke initiatives for start-ups, scale-ups as well as more established businesses. to encourage leadership effectiveness across the organisation. She works with individuals and teams to strengthen and enhance their skills and competences. Ruth is currently advising women founders of tech start-ups, encouraging them to stride forward and build their success. She has recently designed and facilitated on-line workshops on Dealing with Imposter Syndrome, Managing your career from your Back-Bedroom and Working through Organisational Politics. Ruth has delivered a range of leadership and change projects in the UK, Europe and the USA. Clients have included HSBC, Barclays, Swissport, the NHS, Cadbury Trebor Basset, and The United Nations. She lived and worked in Paris for 14 years and speaks fluent French. Website  LinkedIn Twitter.  @ruth_sacks Podcast/video: Meetings: Camera on or off?

Oct 14

27 min 8 sec

Beyond the Bottomline: Nicolas Taisne - Coporate Wellbeing and motivation Corporate Wellbeing and Motivation as effected by 'practical' philosophy on meaning of life. Public and private sector vision of wellbeing and success. We will be talking about Corporate Wellbeing and Motivation as effected by ‘practical’ philosophy on meaning of life. A lot of what we hear about the philosophy of the meaning of life is idealogy and theory but which is more difficult to be really down to earth practical! Nicolas will be talking about his extensive experience of both public and private sector and the views commonly found on productivity, motivation as well as on wellbeing and quality of life. Including some ideas on what employees can do to positively change their vision to more holistic goals that take in every aspect of their life as part of their vision of success and not just focus on professional targets. More about Nicolas: Nicolas says that “A manager should act as a sports coach and sparring partner: always positive, set ambitious goals, committed, human and resilient” Nicolas has an extensive 23 years of experience in sales and team management in complex environments in the IT sector for private and public clients as Public sector director and VP in IT Consulting and Software Cie. In a sector that is constantly evolving and facing a major manpower shortage, Nicolas develops, experiments and researches the best management methods to attract, motivate and retain talents. LinkedIn: Nicolas Taisne

Oct 12

35 min 40 sec

Inspired Women: Jutta Jerlich - Development as Motivation and Inspiration Development as motivation and inspiration, particularly in tech and engineering. The art of collaboration and co-creation and how it can inspire creative confidence and entrepreneurial thinking. Jutta Jerlich is my guest today on Inspired Women talking to us about development as motivation and inspiration. Jutta works mainly in tech and engineering so we will also be covering the following: Developments in the fields of tech and engineering and whether this has been positive or negative. The main challenges for young engineers when first starting out. If there are additional challenges for women in this field. The art of collaboration and co-creation and how it can inspire creative confidence and entrepreneurial thinking. The vision of holistic success and the impact it has now. A very interesting interview! More about Jutta: Jutta Jerlich – Educator with an e-Learning DNA, teaching & learning expert and innovation consultant with 25 years living and working in 14 cities across 7 countries in 3 continents at the intersection of academia, business and non-profit organizations. Jutta has always been passionate about bringing things to life, she is an expert in creating spaces where creativity flows and people feel safe to allow new ways of thinking. Her students, partners and clients love her creativity and the unconventional ways she approaches challenges. It is her superpower to transform failure into learning because she believes that there is no success or failure but there are answers to questions or results from experiments. She is eager to share how this can also work for you bringing your ideas to life – because your ideas first need that fertile ground in you. Get Jutta’s newsletter here –  And her free upcoming course –

Oct 8

28 min 56 sec

Beyond the Bottomline: Alexis Costello - Dealing with Emotional and Informational Overload How we can deal with the emotional and informational overload that is so increasingly present in our daily lives - plus some practical exercises that we can use to help reduce stress and pressure. Alexis Costello is a holistic health practitioner and specialised kinesiologist who as well as showing us some practical exercises that we can use to help reduce stress and pressure will also be exploring the topic of how we can deal with the emotional and informational overload that is so increasingly present in our daily lives. We will be talking about what we can do to practically change these issues to give us a better – and happier, more positive, lifestyle both in our personal and out professional lives. We are also going to dip into the fascinating world of epigenetics and how we can use this to improve our and our children’s lifestyles. Click here for the upcoming Epigenetics Course Alexis talked about in the interview. More about Alexis: Alexis Costello has been a Holistic Health Practitioner for more than 20 years and has served on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Specialized Kinesiology (IASK) as well as national associations. She has been a Touch for Health Instructor since 2007 and is now an Instructor Trainer and Assessor for the International Kinesiology College (IKC). Alexis is one of the few Stress Indicator Point System (SIPS) Instructors of levels 1-8, BAP (Body Alignment Protocol), and VIP (Virus Immune Program) certified by Ian Stubbings and travels around the world teaching this modality, training new instructors, and serving as the Chief Operations Officer for SIPS International. Alexis is constantly growing and developing her professional experience and knowledge. Alexis Costello uses Neural Organizational Technique (N.O.T), Brain Formatting, K for Kids Playshops and other techniques. In her practice Alexis employs Bach Flower essences, herbology, aromatherapy and massage. She is also the editor and publisher of the KinesioGeek Magazine. You can find all its issues online on and it’s absolutely free. The GEMS program currently consists of four classes and is intended for practising kinesiologists and muscle response testors who have taken Touch for Health 1-4 and who want to keep on learning and grow in helping people and become better practitioners. This GEMS Flow is based on the information from the Touch for Health synthesis and allows a practitioner to easily move between modalities and include all the knowledge they have, while the Business, Nutrition and Elementals classes are available to anyone using muscle response testing and wishing to level up as a practitioner. Proud KinesioGeek: Read the magazine: Holistic Freedom: A KinesioGeek Workbook

Oct 5

51 min 2 sec

Inspired Women: Women's Entrepreneurship, Our Wellbeing and The Other Half Gender Equality Chiara Condi is joining me today to talk about women’s entrepreneurship, our wellbeing and also about her excellent new podcast ‘The Other Half’ where she interviews male leaders about gender equality. We will talk about the changes and progress in women’s entrepreneurship. also the importance of wellbeing, how it is viewed, and the different aspects that we can more easily incorporate into our life. Chiara will also tell us about the reaction she is getting from the male leaders she has interviewed about gener equality, their ideas and their plans for improving this. Very interesting topics!! More about Chiara: Chiara Condi is an activist, speaker and expert raising awareness about gender equality and diversity. She consults corporations on their diversity goals based on her extensive experience in the subject. She inspires awareness to change. Chiara has launched a podcast, The Other Half which interviews male leaders and CEOs around the world on the subject of gender equality in their personal and professional lives. Chiara is a regular voice in the media and she is an internationally renowned speaker on the topics of gender equality, the future of work and building a more inclusive world for women. In 2017 she was awarded the Woman of Influence Prize (Business and Hope) for the year in France for her work on the subject. Chiara is the founder of Led By HER, a nonprofit that works on women’s entrepreneurship, innovation and women’s rights. In partnership with business schools and corporations, the organization delivers an entrepreneurship program to help women who have suffered from violence rebuild their lives through entrepreneurship. With a community of over 250 volunteers the organization offers courses, individual mentoring, and hackathon events co-organized with the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Led By HER recently launched FoundHERLab, a digital platform coded by Capgemini, to mobilize companies worldwide around women’s entrepreneurship by offering pro-bono skill based volunteering to women entrepreneurs locally. Prior to founding Led By HER Chiara worked at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to maximize the gender impact of the Bank’s investments. She graduated from Harvard and has a masters from Sciences Po/LSE. Here is an inspiring article by Chiara that you might like to read –  The School of Resilience: The Art of Rising and Falling Instagram @chiara_condi Website: Podcast:

Oct 2

42 min 37 sec

Beyond the Bottomline:  Working in high pressure sectors, the additional challenges faced and how to elevate performance while reducing stress, hassle - and time! My guest today is James Bargeron – we will be discussing what it is like to work in high pressure sectors, the additional challenges faced and how to elevate performance while reducing stress, hassle – and time! We will also be talking about improved wellbeing in these circumstances and how to make your success more holistic, achieve a better lifestyle – and have more fun! We will be discussing: What it’s like to work in high pressure sectors High performance with less hassle and more focus on holistic success. How to more easily integrate wellbeing into our professional lives and enjoy a better lifestyle while still achieving the success we are looking for. More about James: James Bargeron is a performance specialist, focusing on entrepreneurs and professionals looking to elevate all areas of their professional and personal lives. Or more simply to live into their potential. He has a wealth of experience in the arena of high performance, having spent almost three decades in London and Houston, Texas, working with a rich and diverse blend of cultures, negotiating large global shipping contracts with many of the world’s leading oil companies and traders. An international speaker, having spoken in the US and across the UK, his style is direct and thought-provoking, that inspires people with actionable steps, to see how they get more out themselves and life. Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook:

Sep 28

31 min 42 sec

Inspired Women: The current state of affairs, development and change in the world of climate, energy and women's leadership over the last few years and what we can do to support progress and change. We are launching Season 2 of Inspired Women with the wonderful Joan Michelson, such a dynamic presence in the world of climate, energy and women’s leadership and equality. Not only does she throw the light on these issues on her podcast Electric Ladies but also writing for Forbes, Huffington Post and various other media as well as being an international speaker at important events… Joan will be telling us about the current state of affairs, development and change in these sectors over the last few years and what we can do to support progress and change in these areas. Also we will talk about the COP26 coming up in Glasgow. We will be discussing: The advances for women in the world of sustainability and energy. Climate, energy and corporate responsibility. How women are leading changes in these fields. COP26 in Glasgow, the possibilities and probabilities… More about Joan: Joan Bryna Michelson, MBA is Host of the acclaimed podcast Electric Ladies (formerly Green Connections Radio), where she interviews remarkable women leaders and innovators in energy, climate and sustainability across all industries from batteries to fashion, including about careers. She is a journalist who writes for Forbes and selected other media on these issues, a coach, and frequent public speaker. She previously spent many years as a communications and marketing leader with Fortune 100 companies, including Chrysler, American Express and Deloitte. Website: Electric Ladies Podcast On Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, iHeartRadio – anywhere you get podcasts Follow Joan’s articles in Forbes and connect with her on LinkedIn

Sep 26

33 min 52 sec

Beyond the Bottomline: "Big goals often seem - and frankly, are - impossible in the short term. But with small, methodical steps, almost anything is attainable" ~ Dorie Clark It is a great pleasure to launch the 2nd season of Beyond the Bottomline with Dorie Clark – and to talk about today’s launch of her wonderful new book – The Long Game! One of the best business books I have ever read… Dorie shares her expertise about how to be a long term thinker in a short term world, the strategies, the benefits and the results! We will be discussing: The advantages and drawbacks of setting goals too close in the future. How setting Long Game goals can improve our current daily life (including reducing stress and pressure). How this can change our performance and productivity as well as enjoyment of life. How to choose what to aim for, how to know if it is right for us, and how to know when to start. Optimising for interesting! Practical tools for succeeding, making this simpler and easier to manage well. A very interesting, fun interview with some excellent tips and practical solutions! Dorie is always fun to talk to and full of helpful advice. Don’t miss today’s!! More about Dorie: Dorie Clark helps individuals and companies get their best ideas heard in a crowded, noisy world. She has been named one of the Top 50 business thinkers in the world by Thinkers50, and was honored as the #1 Communication Coach in the world at the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Awards. She is a keynote speaker and teaches for Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and Columbia Business School. She is the author of The Long Game, Entrepreneurial You, which was named one of Forbes’ Top 5 Business Books of the Year, as well as Reinventing You and Stand Out, which was named the #1 Leadership Book of the Year by Inc. magazine. A former presidential campaign spokeswoman, Clark has been described by the New York Times as an “expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives.” She is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, and consults and speaks for clients such as Google, Yale University, and the World Bank. She is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, a producer of a multiple Grammy-winning jazz album, and a Broadway investor. You can download her free Long Game self-assessment workbook and learn more at

Sep 26

34 min 19 sec