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this podcast is always to give simple messages of hope and encouragement.

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Suddenly, there was a whoosh of air as a large pair of wings flew within inches of my head. A huge owl startled me when he landed on a limb not ten feet away. We sat at eye level, but his back was to me. Then, as only an owl can do, he rotated his head until he looked straight into my eyes. For a long second we stared at each other. We both blinked, and then he said “Who” and flew away. Listen to this podcast to hear the answer to the question of "Who" I am.

Nov 29

3 min 34 sec

I love Thanksgiving. Families spend time together and there’s always plenty of turkey, dressing and gravy. Thanksgiving comes at the best time of the year. I love the falling leaves, the cool days, the cold nights and the smell of smoke from someone’s fireplace. I love Thanksgiving for many reasons, but most of all I love the fact that grateful people are giving thanks to our good and gracious God. Listen ti this podcast to hear the rest of the devotion.

Nov 22

2 min 57 sec

In this era of social Christianity, we have surrendered our ability to impact the world. Instead of the church influencing the world, the world has infiltrated the church. Once we bore the marks of Christ and had a preservative effect on the world. Now we have turned our eyes from Jesus and the marks we bear are the footprints of the world. Because like salt that has lost its saltiness we are fit only to be walked on. Listen to this podcast to hear more.

Nov 15

4 min 53 sec

There is a story in the Bible of David defeating the Amalekites in battle. After the battle, some of the men who fought did not want to share the spoils with the ones who guarded the supplies. In 1 Samuel 30:24, David makes it clear that he considered the ones who served in support to be just as important as the ones who served in battle. Now, not all veterans served on the battlefield. Not all veterans served in foreign lands. But all served. Every soldier on the battle field needs an army of support personnel behind him. It does not matter where they served, our veterans all served faithfully. They are all genuine heroes. Listen to this podcast to hear the rest of the story.

Nov 7

3 min 47 sec

From a human point of view I want you to know that Jesus was killed on the cross because He was guilty of committing a horrendous crime. It was a crime that mankind cannot tolerate. You can do almost anything and be forgiven, but not this. We do not forgive people for this crime. What was this horrendous crime? Jesus was guilty because He did not fit in. He stood out from the crowd. He did not do what they thought He should. He was guilty of being different, so they killed Him.

Oct 31

4 min 34 sec

There is no such thing as a perfect pastor but that does not matter. God demands that a congregation should love and respect their pastor. They must treat him with the honor and dignity that is due to the pastoral office. In this podcast i give advise on how a church should treat their pastor.

Oct 24

3 min 39 sec

My front yard is covered with leaves. This is not unusual. It was covered with leaves this time last year and the year before. As long there have been trees, in March the leaves begin to appear and in October they begin to fall. This is truth. It is truth because it is true. You can say that it is not true and that the leaves will not fall in October, but that would not be truth it would be a lie.

Oct 17

3 min 33 sec

My friend is Jehovah Shalom, the God of the universe, the Creator of all things, the Lover of my soul and my Prince of Peace. Some people would call what I am doing, “Prayer” but I call it listening to my Friend. Sometimes when I sit listening to Him I drift off to sleep. However, He does not mind that I go to sleep, no more than I mind when my grand-baby goes to sleep in my arms. You see it’s easy to fall asleep when you know the Peace that is beyond your understanding. What a friend we have in Jesus.

Oct 10

3 min 52 sec

Many people picture Noah’s ark as being a small boat crammed with animals. That is wrong. The ark was a huge barge like boat. It was designed to survive the most terrifying storm in history. It had no means of propulsion nor did it have a rudder. It was powered and guided by the Creator of the universe. The most amazing fact of all is that when the rain came the Ark was not crowded; it was only about one third full. Listen to this podcast to hear more about Noah's Ark.

Oct 3

3 min 24 sec

It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I believe that to be true. I also believe that quietness is in the ear of the listener and peace is in the heart of the believer. If you choose to rejoice in the Lord and be joyful in God then He will envelope you in salvation and wrap you in righteousness. Peacefulness and a quiet soul are fruits of a righteous heart. Peace and quiet is not found in a location but in the heart of a person who will be still and know that He is God.

Sep 26

3 min 24 sec

Many people are praying for America. Most are praying that God will fix our fractured country, that He will save our nation. I don’t like being the bearer of bad news but God is not going to save America. The truth is God is not in the nation saving business. Jesus died on the cross not to save nations but to save people. So is there any hope for our nation? Listen to this podcast and hear what Christians must do now.

Sep 19

3 min 32 sec

Proverbs 15:14 says; “A wise person is hungry for knowledge, while a fool feeds on trash.” I am a physical diabetic today because for years I ate trash and junk food without moderation. Most of us today are spiritual diabetics because of the un-moderated trash that we have put into our heads, hearts and spirits. God says we need to develop a healthy hunger for righteous knowledge.

Sep 12

3 min 11 sec

We are sending the children out of the room and telling them to be quiet because we are trying to worship, but Jesus is saying, “Hey leave them alone”! Do you want to know what worship in heaven is like? Then watch the little children. They crawl all over Jesus. They laugh, they giggle and Jesus tickles them so they will laugh some more. When they get tired, they sit in his lap and cuddle with Him. Come to Jesus and worship Him as a little child. listen to this podcast to hear more.

Sep 5

3 min 5 sec

It is a truth that the only thing that is unchangeable is God and His Kingdom. For that reason He has told us that we should, “not be conformed to this world, but be transformed “changed” by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” (Romans 12:1–2) How do you handle change? in this podcast i talk about the inevitability of change and how we should view it.

Aug 29

3 min 49 sec

God has a promise for those who follow Jesus. It is a promise of salvation and eternal life. The road we travel when we follow Jesus is often intimidating and toilsome. Many people start out after Jesus but fall away when His teaching demands they take up their cross and follow Him. Those who go back from following after Jesus will never experience the promises of God, but for the ones who persist there is a crown laid up in Glory. Listen to this podcast to hear more.

Aug 22

3 min 20 sec

In 2 Tim.1, Paul teaches Timothy that faith in Jesus was a faith worth having. Faith in Jesus is faith with a heritage. Each generation is given the Gospel and the responsibility to advance the Kingdom of God. Paul was willing to suffer anything for Jesus because of his Faith. Now you and I must decide what we are willing to sacrifice so that the next generation will inherit a Godly Heritage. Please listen to this podcast to hear more about a faith worth having.

Aug 16

3 min 31 sec

I love to watch hummingbirds. These little miracles of flight are always entertaining. As I sit and watch, I think about what it is that draws them to my feeder. The feeder is not especially pretty so that is not why they come. It is in a good location, it hangs next to a red rose bush. But I don’t think they come for the view. The content of the feeder is very colorful, but that is not why they come either. They don’t come to my feeder to entertain me, they come for sustenance. They don’t care that the water is colorful; they only want the nutrients that give them strength. Here is where they find the nutritional fuel to build nest and raise families. When the baby birds begin to fly, the parents will bring them to the feeder, where they know they will find sustenance. How does this relate to your walk with Jesus? listen to this podcast to learn more.

Aug 8

2 min 59 sec

My five time great grandfather, Robert Huff, was a wealthy man who owned property in several Georgia counties. He ran a general store which also served as a post office and a small bank. Well respected in the community he held several positions in the county government. When he died at the age of 54 in 1842, he was survived by 10 children and was buried in the family cemetery on a hill overlooking his spacious home in the Glade District of Oglethorpe County, Georgia. listen to this podcast to hear the rest of the story.

Aug 2

3 min 37 sec

My daddy is going to kill me! Sixteen years old and he has only had his driver’s license for a month. Driving his daddy’s truck he looks down to change the radio station and does not see the car in front of him slowing down to make a turn. Thankfully no one is hurt, but two vehicles are damaged. What happens next? Listen to this podcast to hear the rest of the story.

Jul 25

3 min 2 sec

A character from an eighties television show was known for this catch phrase, “I love it when a plan comes together.” I believe he may have stolen that saying from the Apostle Paul. You see, Paul had a plan to preach the Gospel in Rome. However it was not really his plan, it was God’s plan. Paul made this trip to Rome, as a prisoner of Rome. On the way he was shipwrecked, snake bit and almost killed by Roman soldiers. However Paul’s faith never wavered because God had assured him that he would stand before Caesar. Paul was sure that his plans would come together, because he trusted in God’s plans. please listen to this podcast to hear the rest of the story.

Jul 19

3 min 43 sec

Here in America we are concerned for our nation. We hope and pray that God will turn us from our sins and return us to our former righteousness. However, we make the mistake of reminiscing with rose colored glasses. You see the good old days were not that good and this country has never been righteous. Understand this, God is not going to save America because God does not save nations, He saves people. Please listen to this podcast and be challenged to take the gospel into your neighborhood.

Jul 12

4 min 6 sec

“Come and see.” This is a challenge to see in Jesus the Answer to all questions, the Object of all desires, and the fulfilled Promise of all time. Indeed the invitation is to come and see in Jesus the Final Treasure that is worth any sacrifice we have to make.

Jun 27

3 min 13 sec

This time we live in is strange and terrifying. This world has a need for great men who will stand up for righteousness and the Kingdom of God. These men will not come from the entertainment or sports venues. Nor will they come from the pulpit or political world. The Holy Spirit is looking for ordinary men who will sink to their knees in prayer and stand on their feet to do battle with the enemy.

Jun 20

3 min 22 sec

We have this promise; if God is for us then no one can stand against us. So, I’m absolutely convinced that nothing—nothing living or dead, angelic or demonic, today or tomorrow, high or low, thinkable or unthinkable can defeat us. If Jesus is your Lord, absolutely nothing can come between you and God’s love. Victory is ours because in Christ we are More than a Conqueror.

Jun 13

2 min 41 sec

Years ago I was watching the World Series when the announcer made a profound statement. He said that the championship teams did not get to the top by practicing the doing of great things. These teams were great champions because they hit the field every day and practiced simple and fundamental baseball. Practice keeping both hands on the glove and the impossible over the shoulder catches will come. In the Bible Jesus promised that we can do great things. However, He taught us to do the simple things

Jun 6

3 min 46 sec

On Memorial Day I pledge to remember and honor over 3,000,000 great men and women who sacrificed greatly in defense of the Constitution and for my Blessings of Liberty. Also because I am free, I will never stop glorifying my God and Savior Jesus Christ. He has given me the Rights of Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness which is found in the Hope and Promise of Eternal Life.

May 30

3 min 36 sec

For the ones who are graduating, congratulations. The God of all creation has made you to thrive and to accomplish great things. God has a high hill for you to climb. Now it is up to you to find that hill and then climb it. People who reach their God given summit have refused to be mediocre. They are leaders who stand out from the crowd and thrive. Here are some things you must know if you are going to stand out from the world. Please listen to this podcast hear the rest of the devotional thoughts.

May 23

4 min 26 sec

The story is told in John Chapter 5. In Jerusalem there was a pool called Bethesda. Crowds of sick people gathered there, hoping for a miracle. One man had been coming to the pool for 38 years. Jesus asked this man “Do you want to get well?” The man replied with excuses. He said “Nobody will help me and I can’t help myself.” So Jesus told him to “Get up, take up your bed and walk.” Please listen to this podcast to hear the rest of the story.

May 16

3 min 57 sec

A podcast to challenge you to read the Bible and find peace in the presence of God.

May 10

3 min 28 sec

One of my favorite characters in the Bible was a man named Barnabas. He was not one of the more well-known men in Scripture. As far as I know, he never performed any miracles. He is not credited with writing any of the books of the Bible. However, I am convinced that we are blessed today because God used Barnabas in a mighty way. Please listen to this podcast to hear more about Barnabas.

May 2

2 min 39 sec

You may say, “I see no God, therefore there is no God.” Understand this: To the pure, God reveals Himself to be pure. To those with integrity, He shows His integrity and to the faithful, HE IS the manifestation of faithfulness. If you have eyes to see, He is the light of life. However, if you choose to remain in your blindness, for you He has reserved eternal darkness.

Apr 26

3 min 52 sec

Jacob was a man who would grab whatever he wanted. From his brother he grabbed the birthright and their father’s blessing. From his father-in-law he grabbed, two wives, two concubines, thirteen children and many animals. Now he is between a brother who promised to kill him and a father-in-law who told him not to come back. This is when he finds himself in a ditch wrestling with God. In this podcast i talk about what can happen when you come to grips with God.

Apr 19

4 min 8 sec

What I Learned From Jethro We said goodbye to Jethro last week. He came here as a tiny puppy and had lived at our house for almost twelve years. He was hit by a truck and could not get well. The veterinarian said this was the best thing for him. When he gave him a shot, I held his chin in my hand and scratched his long floppy ears. While I looked in his eyes and talked to him, I felt the weight of his head in my hand and saw his eyes close. And yes I cried when RoRo died. Please listen to this podcast to hear the last thing that Jethro taught me.

Apr 11

3 min 41 sec

The Roman soldiers dragged him from the dungeon. They made him pick up a heavy wooden beam. When the lash of the whip cut across his back, he started walking. He and two others carried the instruments of their deaths up the hill. Today he was going to die. It was what he deserved because he was a thief. How could this be the best day of His life? Listen to this podcast to hear the rest of the story.

Apr 4

3 min 11 sec

Often I stand outside on a clear night and marveled at the immense beauty of the night sky. The stars I see in the sky are innumerable and yet I know that some of the stars are not stars at all. Instead many are entire galaxies of their own. Science tells us there could be as many as 100 billion galaxies in the universe and each of those galaxies could have more than 100 billion stars. This boggles my mind. Please listen to this podcast to hear the rest of the story

Mar 29

3 min 32 sec

I found a dead bird lying under a bush. There were no wounds on its body, nothing to show why he died. It looked as if it had just come to the end of its life. As I looked at the tiny remains, I thought about the life and purpose of a bird. What is a bird’s purpose? Well, it seems a bird’s purpose is to live, raise its young and sing. By doing what it was placed here to do, it fulfills its ultimate purpose, which is bringing glory to its Creator. Please listen to this podcast to hear the rest of the story.

Mar 21

3 min 26 sec

John was sent from God. He had a purpose and that purpose was to bear witness that Jesus is the Light of the world. He was born to point to Jesus and say, “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world". John knew that he was not worthy to untie Jesus' shoes. He knew that he would decrease while Jesus increased. He knew that it might cost him his head but still he raised his voice to declare that Jesus was the Son of God. Even though he knew all this, he was happy to be nothing more than “A voice crying in the wilderness. Please listen to this podcast to hear the rest of the story.

Mar 15

2 min 42 sec

We must understand this; Jesus does not care about the haul of the offering plate. He only cares about the heart of the giver. One day we will all stand before the Savior. When you do, He will not ask how much money you gave or what great things you did for your church. You see, He does not care about the amount you give as long as you trust Him with all that you have. He does not need your money, but He longs to have your heart. Listen to this podcast to hear more about the one who gives the most.

Mar 7

2 min 53 sec

His sisters were raising a ruckus. They did not think he should be working in the hot sun. But working in the vineyard is what he wants to do. Rocks have fallen from the wall and need to be replaced. Vines have to be pruned and briers must be pulled. At the end of the day Mary and Martha will continue to nag him about taking it easy. But his sore muscles and his sweat soaked clothes are trophies of life. There was blood trickling from a scratch on his arm. Lazarus looked at it and chuckled. He said, “Just think, before Jesus came, I was dead last week”!

Feb 28

3 min 49 sec

I want to tell you a story about my neighbor Bud and his great grandson Logan. Bud is with the Lord now and Logan has grown into a fine young man. This story took place many years ago when Logan was a toddler maybe two or three years old. Bud had a pasture right across the road from my house. The pasture fence was old, the cedar posts were loose and the barb wire was sagging. One day I sat on my front porch and watched as Bud and little Logan worked on this old fence. Listen to the podcast to hear the rest of the story.

Feb 22

2 min 57 sec

Some people ask, “Is it safe to follow God”? And I answer “no”! This very inconsiderate God that I serve has said to His children, “Take up your cross, and follow me. The very idea of a cross speaks of danger. So, no, God is not safe, but safety is entirely overrated anyway. Listen to this podcast to hear more about The Inconsiderate God.

Feb 15

2 min 10 sec

All around where I live are places where houses once stood and families once lived. If I use my imagination, I can see these houses still standing and smell the smoke that rises from their chimneys. Children play in the yard and trace chains rattle as daddy brings the mules in from the day’s plowing. Supper is on the table. You can almost smell the corn bread and pinto beans. These imaginary aromas are wafting traces of many yesterdays. Please listen to this podcast to hear the rest of the story

Feb 8

3 min 35 sec

I have two dogs. They are both mongrels. Jethro is a Basset Hound mix. He is not a small dog, but he is short and he is long. He has long sharp toenails and he can dig a hole in a heartbeat. I am not sure what Theo’s ancestry is. She is black with tan markings on her face and legs and she has short pointy ears. Her legs are very long, which helps her to run very fast. Her greatest asset is her loyalty. Wherever I am there she is. (Right now she is lying under the chair that I'm sitting in.) Please listen to this podcast to hear the rest of this devotion.

Jan 31

3 min 37 sec

This morning as I sit in my study there is a fly buzzing around, and I am determined to hunt it down and swat it. As I think about my place in the history of this earth I know that life is but a vapor. Along with all the billions of people that have lived here before me, I know that I and that fly will soon be nothing but dust. The Word of God tells us this, it says, "from dust you were taken and to dust you will return”. Please listen to this podcast to hear more.

Jan 24

2 min 36 sec

She had lived on this earth for almost a hundred years; her body was worn out and tired. Her fingers would no longer play the piano and her voice was too weak to sing. Now the Savior she served was ready to receive her unto Himself. Family and friends gathered around her bed to say goodbye. Her last words could barely be heard on earth, but they rang loud in Heaven. With a soft but sure voice she said, “In Jesus’ name amen.” Then she closed her eyes and went to the place that had been prepared for her Listen to this podcast to hear the rest of the story.

Jan 18

3 min 57 sec

Joseph did not have to be a daddy to Jesus. But he listened to God and did it anyway. That is what real men do. We listen to God. Hear me men, it is time for you to step up and become the righteous leaders of the church. It is time to address the uncomfortable issues. It is time for men to be a Godly daddy to their own children. It is time for men to be a righteous father figure to those who have no daddy. Listen to this podcast to hear the rest of the devotion. Thank you.

Jan 11

3 min 58 sec

I am an American. I am blessed to have inherited the DNA of my parents and grandparents. They were and are Great Americans who worked hard and prayed harder while they worshiped and served the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. I am an American, And I pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, and now, we must again become one Nation under God and forever be indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Jan 5

2 min 35 sec

The words of famous men are often immortalized, but the reserved and quiet man will not be remembered by many. His taciturn nature will frustrate his wife and children. But his love is revealed through his actions. God has created him quiet but faithful. He does not seek to be noticed, he just seeks to please God. Great men show their greatness not with words but with deeds.

Dec 2020

3 min 15 sec

The soldier has a few hours of quiet. He spends this time cleaning his weapon and checking his equipment. Christmas is coming. He thinks about his wife and the kiss that he won't have under the mistletoe. The children will be excited as they open their gifts. He wishes he could put their bikes together. It is hard to keep the sand out of his equipment. He wonders, "Will there ever be peace on earth?"

Dec 2020

3 min 34 sec

We sing silent night, and for most of the world, it was silent. In Bethlehem most slept deep and dreamlessly, not knowing that time was being divided. The streets of the city were dark, lit only by the silent stars; no one knew that the Light of the world had come to banish darkness. Please listen to this podcast to hear more about the little toen of Bethlehem.

Dec 2020

3 min 4 sec