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Welcome to the EduGladiators Podcast - The Arena! EduGladiators is more than a hashtag! Join the Core Warriors as they usher in a new era of relevant, transparent conversations with incredible guests discussing various topics including best practices, pedagogy and educational issues affecting schools! Tune in & be part of the movement in transforming the student learning experience. #realtalk #newera #EduGladiators

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Excellence isn't just a goal or expectation, but a lifestyle.  Welcome to The Arena - the podcast for EduGladiators.  In this week's episode we sit down with award-winning educator, advocate, entrepreneur, #criticalthinking expert, @Forbes contributor, and Founder of @thinkLawUS - Colin Seale - to discuss how excellence is not just a word or item on a checklist.  Excellence is a lifestyle!  Connect with Colin Seale to learn more about @thinkLawUS comprehensive program of teacher tools, student guides, and virtual coaching is based on real-­life cases because the law’s Socratic questioning methods make it easy for teachers to ask the questions that build student critical thinking skills. And the law speaks to students’ sense of fairness and justice, motivating them to adopt the critical thinking mindsets and habits needed to apply these skills throughout their lives. Twitter: @ColinESeale; @thinkLawUS Website:

Nov 2019

52 min 50 sec

Welcome to The Arena - the podcast for EduGladiators.  In this week's episode Principal, TEDx Speaker, and Corwin Author Evan Robb discusses leadership as well as his latest projects.  Evan shares how to build the foundations of effective leadership despite daily distractions in his new book - The 10-Minute Principal. Connect with Evan Robb to learn more about his new book and leverage ten-minute opportunities to rebuild your day making the difference between ordinary and fantastic leadership Twitter: @ERobbPrincipal Website: TEDx Talk: Two Ways to Get In a Swimming Pool Evan's Books on Amazon:  The Ten-Minute Principal: Free Up Your Time to Focus on Leadership TeamMakers: Positively Impacting the Lives of Children through District-Wide Dreaming, Collaborating, and Change Sponsorships: on

Oct 2019

19 min 53 sec

It is always an honor to have incredible educators in The Arena - the podcast for EduGladiators.  In this week's episode, author and educator Rich Czyz helps us uncover The Secret Sauce to engage our students.   Connect with Rich Czyz to learn more about his new book and strategies to engage students. Twitter: @RACzyz Website: Rich's Books on Amazon: The Secret Sauce: Essential Ingredients for Exceptional Teaching The Four O'Clock Faculty: A Rogue Guide to Revolutionizing Professional Development

Sep 2019

27 min 56 sec

EduGladiators is BACK with a NEW season of podcasts to help you grow as a warrior for our students! We are excited to have Michael Hayes share his passion advocating for play in schools.

Feb 2019

34 min 19 sec

(11.10.17) Looking for ways to take your PLC to the next level? Join in to hear from Josue Falaise as he answers questions on Developing High Performing PLCs!

Feb 2019

27 min 15 sec

(7.29.17) Keep the convo going after the #EduGladiators chat! Join in to hear from the #EduGladiators CORE Warriors on how they are gearing up for the new school year! Plus ask the warriors your Qs!

Feb 2019

41 min 24 sec

(7.17.17) Dennis Griffin, Jr. shares how his passion of super heroes and how we all can tap into our super powers to be impactful in our students' lives.

Feb 2019

58 min 6 sec

(6.26.17) In this episode, Daniel Bauer shares his secret system on how to accomplish more in 12 weeks than others do in a year through his Masterminds program.

Feb 2019

42 min 48 sec

(6.24.17) Keep the convo going after the #EduGladiators chat!  Join in to hear from Josue Falaise & ask him your questions on Peer Classroom Observations & Walkthroughs.

Feb 2019

29 min 5 sec

(6.12.17) Terence White shares his story of perseverance rising from the ashes with the help of his teachers to become a successful teacher and mentor.

Feb 2019

39 min 41 sec

(5.22.17) In this episode, #Impact Matters founder, Zachary Jeans, share how to stay on target with our goals to further our professional growth and increase our impact in our respective organizations.

Feb 2019

55 min 26 sec

In this episode, Daisy Dyer-Deurr shares how Professional Learning can transform your practice as an educator to have a greater impact on students and colleagues.

Feb 2019

35 min 7 sec

(5.8.17) No school leader is immune to the effects of discrimination, bad politics, revenge, or ego-driven coworkers.  In this episode, authors Rebecca Coda and Rick Jetter share how they equip school leaders with the practical knowledge and emotional tools necessary to survive and, better yet, avoid getting "dunked."

Feb 2019

36 min 59 sec

(5.1.17) In this episode, Monica Burns talk about her NEW book #FormativeTech sharing how how technology tools can energize teacher practice by providing easy ways to implement formative assessment every day.

Feb 2019

38 min 53 sec

(4.17.17) How are you elevating student leadership in your school? In this episode, Mathieu Williams and his students from Kealakehe Intermediate (Hawaii) share how they promote student leadership!

Jan 2019

42 min 4 sec

(4.1.17) April is all about "Hacking" and we are honored to have James Sturtevant, author of Hacking Engagement, leading the April 1st chat! Don't miss the opportunity to engage with James LIVE After the Chat!

Jan 2019

31 min 2 sec

(3.6.17) In this episode, Erik Francis debunks the DOL Wheel of Misfortune and share strategies to enhance your capacity in asking rigorous questions.

Jan 2019

39 min 20 sec

(2.20.17) #EduGladiators is more than a hashtag! Now, it's also a PODCAST helping to usher in a new era of leadership, engagement and advocacy grounded in what is BEST for kids! In this episode, Daniel Patterson empowers our greatest allies as educators - PARENTS!

Jan 2019

51 min 53 sec

(2.6.17) In this episode, Joël McLean, #TacEdChat leader and Canadian Principal, shares the importance of Systemic Change Agents to further improve the learning experience for students.

Jan 2019

38 min 13 sec

(1.21.17) January EduGladiators is Rethinking Discipline! Saturday, January 21, we discuss Restorative Justice.  After Saturday's chat the convo continues with the warriors of #EduGladiators - Dr. Sanée Bell, Colleen Skiles & Sean Thom.

Jan 2019

34 min 27 sec

(1.14.17) Join EduGladiators' "After the Chat" on January 14 as Core Warriors Colleen Skiles & Sean Thom take a deeper dive in the chat topic - Classroom to Community from the EduGladiators {NEW} Chat Series: Rethinking Discipline.

Jan 2019

27 min 23 sec

(1.9.17) In this episode, Brendan Fetters shares the impact of Connected Ed and strategies to become and remain engaged in the global educational community. #realtalk #newera #connecteded 

Jan 2019

40 min 16 sec

(12.19.16) As adults, we can tend to over complicate things.  In this episode, author and middle school director, Kyle Wagner, walks us through his book "The Power of Simple".

Dec 2018

34 min 39 sec

(12.5.16) #EduGladiators is more than a hashtag! Now, it's also a PODCAST helping to usher in a new era of leadership, engagement and advocacy grounded in what is BEST for kids! In this episode, Erik Francis will help us understand the power of Asking Good Questions!

Dec 2018

43 min 47 sec

(11.18.16) #EduGladiators founder, Marlena Gross-Taylor, and Core Warrior, Sean Thom, examine the impact of the presidential election on school culture and define how schools must always be a safe place for students to learn and grow.

Dec 2018

29 min 42 sec

(11.21.16) In this episode, Randall Sampson will lead the conversation of Personalized PD and how we can sharpen the tools in our tool belts to be the best teacher for our students! #realtalk

Dec 2018

32 min 30 sec

(11.7.16) #EduGladiators is more than a hashtag. It is a new era of leadership, engagement and advocacy based on what is BEST for kids!  Join the Core Warriors in this inaugural episode as they discuss being Change Agents in schools! #realtalk#newera #morethanahashtag 

Dec 2018

30 min 29 sec