The Last Frontier Podcast

By Daniel Meuninck, Andrew Smith

Your two hosts of this podcast work as professional guides in the outdoor tourism industry and started this podcast as a fun way to keep busy during the pandemic summer of 2020. With uncertainty in what employment might look like, Danny and Andrew still wanted to share the beauty of Alaska with people and this podcast was a good way to achieve that goal. Alaska is an incredible place that everybody should put on their destination bucket list. Each episode opens with a beer review highlighting a local Alaskan brewery and then tackles a different topic relating to what makes Alaska such a unique place in the world.  We have really enjoyed producing this content and so recently, we decided to turn this summer of 2020 project into a long term endeavor. With this decision, we invested in much better production equipment and the sound quality drastically improves starting in Phase II of our podcast with Episode 17 (Feb 21, 2021 release date). 

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