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The worst thing in the world is a good reason for why you can't do something, and this is true for people and for companies. In (Un)Stop The Story, a new podcast by best-selling author, decorated athlete and sought-after International speaker Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt, we'll be exploring how to refuel your unstoppable. This means talking to world-leading experts, super successful business owners and public personalities about the problems that they've seen in their companies and how they overcame them to help their teams, and the communities they serve thrive.

Introducing: (Un)stop the Story with Unstoppable Tracy
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*This episode was recorded before Frank Shankwitz’s passing. Unstoppable Tracy feels honored to have spoken with him. She sends her condolences to his family and loved ones. Rest in peace, Wish Man.  Unstoppable Tracy welcomes Frank Shankwitz, a philanthropist and a co-founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He has received the President's Call to Service Award, the Making a Difference in the World, the Making a World of Difference and the Ellis Island Medal of Honor awards. Throughout his life, he has seen many challenges that threatened to end both his life and his drive, but he persisted.  Frank inspires us with his life story, sharing the many obstacles he encountered and how he gained the strength to overcome them. He talks about what drove him into co-founding the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the impact it had on his life and the lives of many other families across the continent. You’ll hear Frank and Unstoppable Tracy talk about: Dismantling stereotypes of the disabled community. How Frank learned to turn negatives into positives. Frank’s brush with death. The child whose circumstances kickstarted the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Tips for replicating the success of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Resources Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt on LinkedIn | Twitter UnstoppableTracy.com Wish.org

Mar 18

42 min

Unstoppable Tracy welcomes Magnus Liljedahl, who is the founder and Executive Director of Team Paradise, a non-profit organization dedicated to integrating sailing for the physically disabled. Team Paradise educates, cultivates and preserves the art of sailing through recreational, customized, noncompetitive and competitive events. Magnus is an Olympic champion, who received a gold medal in the star class at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. The theme of this week’s episode is support and kindness. Earning independence comes from rallying the support of many people. Having a circle of people that stand behind you and beside you through thick and thin exponentially boosts your chances of success. Additionally, when you dedicate time to help others, you gain a sense of fulfillment that is unmatched. Magnus shares his journey and affirms the importance of relationships to our development.  You’ll hear Magnus and Unstoppable Tracy talk about: Taking action even in the face of uncertainty. What fueled Magnus’ drive to start Team Paradise. The importance of focus and self-care. How support can be just as effective as criticism. How to emulate Magnus’ success in your own life. Resources Unstoppable Tracy on LinkedIn | Twitter UnstoppableTracy.com Magnus Liljedahl on LinkedIn | Twitter TeamParadise.org  About Team Paradise 2021 Presentation

Mar 11

47 min 39 sec

In this week’s episode of (Un)Stop the Story, Unstoppable Tracy is talking to John F Stevens, the owner of Talent Inc Canada. John is a talented performer, coach, director and producer who has had a hand in the careers of talent who have appeared on Harry Potter, Hero’s Wynonna Earp, Home Alone 5, national advertising campaigns and more. John began his career in circus work - juggling, clowning and riding a unicycle. He isn’t the first in his family to have a career in showbiz; his father was in the Ringling Brothers Circus and he is proud to be carrying on the family tradition of bringing people delight, and helping them find creative expression.  This week’s episode is all about finding, and using your voice. Show business isn’t an easy business to be in, but acting and other performing is a beautiful craft. In answer to concerns about being too old, or too plain, or too different from other people on TV or in Movies, John says: “You just haven’t been discovered yet.” It’s not all easy and positive emotions, however, being in show business means dealing with rejection - but there is a lot we can learn from that, as well. You’ll hear Jon and Tracy talk about: How talent is a wonderful thing, but relationships are the key to success. How to handle rejection. How aging can change your perspective. The myriad benefits of accessibility and inclusiveness. Developing soul, confidence and expression. What you can do to get over nerves and anxiety. Resources Unstoppable Tracy on LinkedIn | Twitter UnstoppableTracy.com John F Stevens on Twitter Talent-Inc.ca

Mar 4

54 min 45 sec

Unstoppable Tracy welcomes Mark Pattison, the founder and CEO of Maverick Consulting Company. He is also a speaker, podcast host, philanthropist, former NFL Player, mountaineer, and Sports Illustrated Executive. Mark is currently aspiring to be the first-ever NFL player to climb the 7 summits, with just Mt Everest remaining to complete the goal. The theme of this week’s episode is finding your summit. Setting out to achieve your goals may be challenging, but the adversities you face during your journey will provide you with the strength and skills you need to reach your destination. Mark shares his professional story and affirms that challenges are stepping stones. You’ll hear Mark and Unstoppable Tracy talk about: The meaning of true courage. Mark’s mountain-climbing fundraiser in the spring, where he also plans on making history. What competitive greatness is. The fine line between winning and losing. Why you need to step into your fears. Resources Unstoppable Tracy on LinkedIn | Twitter UnstoppableTracy.com Mark Pattison on LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook MarkPattisonNFL.com

Feb 25

39 min 26 sec

Unstoppable Tracy welcomes Maggie Habieda, a professional photographer and owner of the premier portrait studio, Fotografia Boutique. Maggie is a celebrated artist who blends creativity and technical skill to create classical timeless portraits. She is also the founder of Colors of Love International Concert. The theme of this week’s episode is love and overcoming adversity. Maggie is a firm advocate for and believer in pure, innocent, unconditional love. She affirms that businesses achieve success because of partnerships, and shares her success story as a Polish immigrant in a foreign country. You’ll hear Maggie and Unstoppable Tracy talk about: Exceeding uncertainties and embracing possibilities. How Maggie started her own business in a foreign country despite not knowing how to speak the language. The fruits of Maggie’s persistent labor. Why relationships are the foundation for success. Tips for opportunists on how to present themselves. Resources Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt on LinkedIn | Twitter UnstoppableTracy.com Maggie Habieda on LinkedIn | Facebook FotografiaBoutique.ca

Feb 18

37 min 14 sec

Unstoppable Tracy is excited to welcome Gerry Robert, CEO of Blackcard Books, marketing and publisher for The Secret, Jack Canfield Soup for Soul series spin offs, frequent opener for Tony Robbins and an expert in taking action. Gerry is a multiple time best selling author and one of the world’s top PAID keynote speakers.  The theme of today’s episode is taking action. 2% of the population act, 3% think they act, and 95% would rather die than act. People often put mental constraints on themselves thinking that they can’t do certain things, and dismiss ideas without really thinking about them. This, sadly, indicates that many people aren’t awakened to the opportunities around them. In this episode, you’ll hear Gerry and Unstoppable Tracy talk about: What it means to be a leader. How to respond in heated interactions with people. How Gerry went from rags to riches. The importance of having a mentor. The power of knowledge. Resources Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt on LinkedIn | Twitter UnstoppableTracy.com Gerry Robert on LinkedIn | Twitter GerryRobert.com Get a Free Copy of Publish and Grow Rich Free Recordings from Kenneth McFarland Kenneth McFarland, Liberty Under Law Speak Up for America Click here to purchase additional works of Kenneth McFarland.

Feb 4

39 min 42 sec

Unstoppable Tracy welcomes this week's guest Kevin Frankish, a mental health advocate, speaker, podcaster, and blogger at Kevin Frankish Media. In his podcast, The Happy Molecule, Kevin tackles difficult topics like mental wellness, depression and anxiety. He is renowned for the 35 years he spent hosting and helping Citytv Toronto’s Breakfast Television become the number one morning show in Canada.  The theme of today’s episode is the importance of mental wellness. Mental health is just as important as our physical health, and just like an organ can get sick, the brain can sometimes get ill as well. Mental health is a difficult topic to center conversations around, because it’s treated like a taboo subject, so it’s importance is often glossed over. Kevin shares insights into why we should start talking about mental health. In this episode, you’ll hear Kevin and Unstoppable Tracy talk about: Unstoppable Tracy’s kindergarten experience. How avoiding conversations about mental health issues make them worse. The antithesis to depression: hope and enthusiasm. The reward beyond fear. Small and simple steps to improve your mental health.  Resources Unstoppable Tracy on LinkedIn | Twitter UnstoppableTracy.com Kevin Frankish on LinkedIn | Twitter TheHappyMolecule.com 

Jan 28

46 min 16 sec

Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt welcomes this week’s guest, Catherine Smart, founder and President of Smart Move Training and Development Incorporated. Catherine is a recognized expert in the areas of project management, accessible solutions, leadership, and executive coaching. Along with her partner, Steve Couchman, she is assisting in the rejuvenation of the Trans Bhutan Trail in collaboration with the King of Bhutan.  The theme of today’s episode is fear. Fear is on everyone’s mind, and it sometimes holds us back from going for what we desire. Simply believing you are capable is often enough to overcome obstacles and exceed uncertainty. Courage is not the absence of fear, but is rather the willingness to try in spite of it. Catherine shares corporate success tips and discusses the notion that everyone has their own gifts to bring to the table. You’ll hear Catherine and Unstoppable Tracy talk about: How faith unlocks potential. Cathy’s brush with danger as a young adult. Why it’s important to trust people’s abilities. How being true to yourself leads to happiness. The value of paying attention. Resources Unstoppable Tracy on LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook UnstoppableTracy.com Catherine Smart on LinkedIn SmartMoveTraining.ca Get a Free Copy of Turn Your Book into a Podcast from One Stone Creative!

Dec 2020

38 min 22 sec

Many people dislike change and fear the unknown. Embracing possibility and leading change are important ingredients for leadership and individual success. In (Un)Stop The Story, Tracy Schmitt gives listeners the tools to develop resilience, bravery, flexibility and boldness in the face of an ever-changing landscape through her thoughtful, stimulating conversations with successful professionals.  Tracy’s first guest is Peter Thurin. Peter is a speaker, mentor and coach with over 4 decades of experience in professional coaching and training. He has grown and sold several successful businesses. His catchphrase is “Easy to do. Easy not to do. Your choice!”  You’ll hear him talk with host Tracy Schmitt about: Minimizing the resistance surrounding conflicting priorities. The meaning of “Easy to do. Easy not to do. Your choice!” Focusing on the things in your control. Peter’s epiphany about achievement. How to move forward despite setbacks. Resources Unstoppable Tracy on LinkedIn | Twitter UnstoppableTracy.com Peter Thurin on LinkedIn | Twitter PeterThurin.com | The A to Z of Easy to do! Get a Free Copy of Turn YOUR Book into a Podcast from One Stone Creative!

Dec 2020

43 min 22 sec

It’s important to know when to stand up and fight the status quo. It’s also important to stop and as “are these standards relevant? Are they appropriate?” We get to make those kinds of decisions as people and as organizations. In this episode of (Un)Stop the Story, Unstoppable Tracy speaks with Dr. Alan Barnard about what we put our attention towards, and how that can change everything. Dr. Alan Bernard is an entrepreneur, research scientist, app developer, author and speaker who specializes in the science of decision making. How do we do it? How do we do it better? These are questions he is asking and answering in his work. Alan and Unstoppable Tracy talk about: How you make better, faster decisions when the stakes are high. Getting clear about what the real problems are, and what are distractions. The importance of: “unless” - it’s the word that makes the impossible possible.  A thought experiment about identifying and prioritizing the things taking up your attention.  Why it’s so important to pay attention to the right things.  Resources Unstoppable Tracy on LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook UnstoppableTracy.com Dr. Alan Barnard on Facebook | Twitter | Youtube Harmony Decision Maker App Dr Alan Barnard Get a Free Copy of Turn Your Book into a Podcast from One Stone Creative!

Dec 2020

32 min 14 sec

Join Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt as she explores how to re-write and un-stop the stories we tell ourselves through conversations with groundbreaking leaders and learn how to power up and thrive yourself and the others in your life forward. Look forward to tips, suggestions, case studies and insights from corproate leaders, best-selling authors, public personalities and non-profit organization leaders.

Oct 2020

4 min 48 sec