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Ross Peili is the founder of RareCandy, a virtual publishing house, and the creator of RCDY. We chat about his background and how he got into crypto, RareCandy, integrating their social token into NFTs, as well as tokenizing physical items. Ross Peili on Twitter: RareCandy on Twitter: $RCDY Discord: RareCandy Website:

Nov 18

28 min 47 sec

Sascha Bailey is the founder of the Blockchain Art Exchange and the creator of $BAEPAY. We discussed running an NFT platform, what the hardships of being an NFT platform in 2018 were, social tokens and DAOs, and of course $BAEPAY. Sascha Bailey on Twitter: Blockchain Art Exchange on Twitter: $BAEPAY Discord: Blockchain Art Exchange:

Nov 4

27 min 46 sec

Sho is the founder of Initia, an artist, and the showman of the metaverse. We discussed onboarding people in crypto, the metaverse and events there, social tokens, and of course his own social token, $INI.   Sho on Twitter: $INI Discord: Initia Website:

Oct 22

26 min 2 sec

Robert Hoogendoorn is the owner of Play To Earn online magazine and the head of content at Dappradar. We talked about play-to-earn as a concept, what the best play-to-earn games are and what they do right, and about the vision behind his social money, $PLAY.   Robert Hoogendoorn on Twitter:$PLAY Discord: Play To Earn Website:

Sep 23

36 min 52 sec

Harrison First is a music producer, a songwriter, an artist and an audio NFT creator based in Sweden. We chatted about his music career so far, why he created his own label (JNRY FIRST), and $FIRST, his social money.   Harrison First on Twitter: $FIRST Discord: $FIRST Website:

Aug 26

28 min 56 sec

Joel Comm is an entrepreneur, a New York Times bestselling author, and the co-host of TheBadCrypto Podcast. We talked about his entrepreneurial background, his venture into crypto and NFTs, and his social money, $HERO.   Joel Comm on Twitter: $HERO Discord:

Aug 2

24 min 49 sec

Tom Badley is a British artist that creates and prints artworks inspired by his experience in the banknote design industry. We talked about his fine-art and banknote design background, seeing money itself as an artwork, and the upcoming launch of $PAPER, his social money. Tom Badley on Twitter:

Jul 22

30 min 38 sec

Skeenee is a tattoo artist from Belgium, one of the OG crypto artists, and the creator of $SKULL. We chatted about becoming an artist, getting into cryptoart, and using social money as a tool for promotion.   Skeenee on Twitter: $SKULL Network Discord:

Jul 8

29 min 38 sec

Q is the co-host of NFT Live and Layer1 Podcast as well as the creator of LADZ city. We talk about podcasting, decentralized content networks and his social money, $LADZ.   Q on Twitter: $LADZ Discord:

Jun 24

34 min 30 sec

Call me Karizma is an american singer/songwriter and rapper. We talk about his music career, how he got into crypto, and what led him to issue his own social money, $RIZ.   Call Me Karizma on Twitter: Call Me Karizma on Instagram:

Jun 10

26 min 38 sec

Mac Reddin is the co-founder and CEO of Commsor, a community operating system for brands.  Mac Reddin on Twitter: Commsor on Twitter:

Mar 11

28 min 16 sec

AJ Vaynerchuk is the co-founder of VaynerMedia, a 700-person creative agency, and Vaynersports, a full service sports agency for the modern day athlete. 

Feb 18

37 min 41 sec

Nathan Schneider is professor at the University of Colorado – Boulder and author of several books on social movement and cooperative economics. He is spearheading way of about startups called Exit to Community (

Feb 10

1 hr 2 min

Didi Taihuttu is an accomplished entrepreneur who sold all of his belongings for Bitcoin in 2017 and has been living solely off the digital currency ever since! His family has become known as The Bitcoin Family. Follow his story at​.

Feb 4

44 min 38 sec

Max is the owner of Crowned Records, a joint-venture record label with 300 Entertainment that focuses on Tik Tok artists. (​). He is also owner of the marketing agency Muuser and manages creators across a wide array of categories. Subscribe on Youtube for more Clips and Episodes:​ Listen on iTunes:​ Listen on Spotify:​ Roll on Twitter:​ Bradley on Twitter:​ Max on Twitter:​ Max's Label:​ Roll on Discord:​ Create Social Money on Roll:​ Make a Roll Account:​ Exchange Social Money:​ Homepage:

Jan 26

1 hr 3 min

Tijo Bear is the founder of A trading community focused on bitcoin, ethereum and other digital currencies. In this interview we take about how he got into the blockchain space, what it's like living in the jungle, his social money $BEAR and more!  Check out Tijo's community at:

Dec 2020

1 hr 6 min

Kelly Green is a DJ and the first lady of Jet Life Records, founded by the rapper Curren$y. In this interview she talks about how she became a DJ, hoe she's building community during quarantine, her Discord and her new social money $GREEN.  

Nov 2020

40 min 24 sec

I sit down with an incredible visual storyteller, Justin Staple.  Justin is a documentary filmmaker who’s been examining hip hop, indie and electronic music for over ten years.  His last film American Rapstar got picked up by SXSW and he’s the creator of the critically acclaimed hit series on Viceland  – The Therapist.  Justin and I talk about how he hustled to become a director and get into UChicago, his time at Vice, his new production company All The Smoke and how he’d use his own social money. 

Jul 2020

1 hr 34 min

We’re diving even deeper into hip hop and culture. I talk with James Pereira better known in certain circles as JMP.  James is a masterful director who’s worked with XXXTentaction, Playboi Carti, Freddie Gibbs, Rick Ross, Lil Uzi Vert, the list goes on.  We talk how he got into directing, his iconic work with XXXTentaction and Playboi Carti, how to break into the music industry, and what we can expect from a JMP’s social money.

Jul 2020

50 min 10 sec

In this episode we sit down the CEO of Matrix Esports, Justin Zheng to talk about the future of community-owned esports teams and much more!  We dive into: - The history of community-owned teams - His vision for esports team tokens - Which games will matter in the next five years (it's not what you think!)  All that and more coming up right now on Roll Radio!

Jul 2020

20 min 59 sec

What does the world look like when festival and venue tokens are available to mainstream users? In this episode, we sit down with the Ed Vincent, the CEO of FestivalPass to answer these questions and more! We talk: - Ed's 20-year background in the festival space - How festivals are bouncing back after COVID-19 - The FestivalPass credits system - Ed's vision for bringing social money to festivals like SXSW, Le Poisson Rouge, Tribeca File Festival and Blue Note Check out the episode right now on Roll Radio!

Jul 2020

32 min 19 sec

In this episode, we sit down with multi-platinum musician Ja Rule and social money innovator Alex Masmej to figure out if blockchain can be the next hip hop.  We talk:  - Ja's journey from humble beginnings to selling 30 million records - Is blockchain is the next hip hop? If so, when is it's "Def Jam" (mass adoption) moment?  - How both entrepreneurs see the blockchain space in the next few years - New ways for artists to monetize Join us right now on Roll Radio! 

Jun 2020

41 min 14 sec

Welcome to Roll Radio! I'm Bradley Miles, one of the founders of Roll. For this first episode I sit down and talk through the vision of the company, how people are using social money and what's next for Roll! 

Jun 2020

14 min 24 sec