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This is a Star Wars podcast for a more uncivilized age indeed! Take a tangent filled jump through hyperspace with the always angry and animated Sith Lord Matt and his much more calm Jedi compatriot Nick, as they weave their way through all of the new and old happenings in the Star Wars galaxy. Be it video games, movies, TV shows, comic books, dumb Internet threads, or awesome Star Wars fan art, they have you covered! If you’re lucky, they may even say something positive about the Prequels!

  1. 1.
    SWTS: New Details on the ‘Kenobi’ Rematch and Kumail Nanjiani’s Character, Plus ‘Book of Boba’ Scene Leak
  2. 2.
    SWTS: Alex Laurant Interview, ‘Kenobi’ Exclusive on Vader’s Screen Time, Book of Boba Air Date, Live Action Ezra Fan Casting
  3. 3.
    SWTS: Boba Fett Disney Plus Special Details, Star Wars: Visions Episode Rankings, ‘Andor’s’ Faces
  4. 4.
    SWTS: Book of Boba Fett Episode Titles Leak, Sung Kang’s Lightsaber, Quantic Dreams Goes Star Wars
  5. 5.
    SWTS: ‘Kenobi’ Vader Scene Description & Possible Dagobah Shoot, KOTOR Remake, George Lucas Documentary
  6. 6.
    SWTS: Boba Fett’s Motive in ‘Book of Boba’, Super Scoundrel Interview, New Name for ‘The Mandalorian’ Series?
  7. 7.
    SWTS: ‘Kenobi’ Vader Concept Art Leak, Rodriguez’s Overhype on Book of Boba, Mando Video Game Leak Fake or Real
  8. 8.
    SWTS: Plastic Action Interview, War of the Bounty Hunters Story So Far, Qi’ra Comic Series
  1. 9.
    SWTS: Bad Batch Finale, Sabine Casting, Mando S3 Production Starts
  2. 10.
    SWTS: Bad Batch S1 E15 Finale Pt.1 Breakdown, Exclusive Kumail Nanjiani ‘Kenobi’ News, & More Fallen Order Coming
  3. 11.
    SWTS: Bad Batch S1 E14 Recap and Review, Terrifying Tales Announced, & More
  4. 12.
    SWTS: Visual Approach Photography Interview, Bad Batch S1E13 Breakdown, Live Action Thrawn and Ezra Castings
  5. 13.
    SWTS: Nick Gillard Interview, Bad Batch S1E12 Breakdown, and Juicy Kenobi Series Details
  6. 14.
    SWTS: Johnny Osage Ave Interview, Bad Batch S1E11 Breakdown, Mando S3 Release Leak and New BTS for the Luke Episode
  7. 15.
    SWTS: Bad Batch S1E10 Breakdown, Star Wars Visions Release Date and Details, Acolyte Series Influences
  8. 16.
    SWTS: Bad Batch S1E9 Breakdown/Omega Speculations, Hayden Bulks Up for Kenobi, Rogue Squadron Update
  9. 17.
    SWTS: Trevor Williams Interview, Bad Batch S1E8 Breakdown/Speculations, Visions Update, War of the Bounty Hunters Recap
  10. 18.
    SWTS: Bad Batch S1E7 Breakdown, Book of Boba Timeline Update, Andor and Kenobi Casting Updates, Ahsoka Series Rumor
  11. 19.
    SWTS: Vincent Jenkins SW Concept Artist Interview, Bad Batch S1E6 Breakdown and Holograms, Mando/Book of Boba Updates
  12. 20.
    SWTS: The Bad Batch S1E5 Breakdown and Rancor Lore, ‘Solo’ Series Flub by Disney CEO, and J.J. Abrams on Lack of Narrative Planning
  13. 21.
    SWTS: The Bad Batch S1E4 Breakdown and Fennec Shand’s Past, Filoni’s ‘New’ Role, Ranger of the New Republic Update
  14. 22.
    SWTS: Bad Batch S1E3 Review and Eggs, Brie Larson as Mara Jade Rumor, and Daisy Ridley’s Star Wars Return
  15. 23.
    SWTS: Bad Batch S1E2 Review and Eggs, Interview with SWProps, Tons of Andor Leaks, and Ewan Talks Special ‘Kenobi’ Scene
  16. 24.
    SWTS: Bad Batch S1E1 Breakdown, Kenobi/Andor Set Leaks, New Disney Plus Content, Luke’s Hand Lore
  17. 25.
    SWTS: Revan’s Return to Canon, Kenobi Casting Update and Set Leak, Bad Batch Episode Titles & Predictions Confirmed
  18. 26.
    SWTS: Book of Boba Rival Gang Leader Leak, Battlefront 3 Announcement, Rian Johnson Wants to Mando
  19. 27.
    SWTS: Qui-Gon in Kenobi, Din in Book of Boba, Bad Batch Episode Count, Real Lightsabers at Disney
  20. 28.
    SWTS: Kenobi Set Leak Video, LEGO Skywalker Saga Game Delayed Again, Things That Piss George Lucas Off
  21. 29.
    SWTS: Bad Batch Breakdown, Crosshair Going Rogue, Clone Kids, Kenobi Cast Reveal, Stan on Luke
  22. 30.
    SWTS: Jason B Michael Interview, Durge Returning to Canon, EU Hitting Disney Plus, Kenobi Update
  23. 31.
    SWTS: Benedict Cumberbatch Says NO to Thrawn, Live Action Ezra Social Media Tease, and New Mando Cast Rumors
  24. 32.
    SWTS: Silas Carson Interview, High Republic Comic, Andor Casting Leaks, and Ezra and Thrawn Series
  25. 33.
    SWTS: Bad Batch Release Date, Kenobi Adds GOT Cast Member, Hera in Rangers, and More Game Ports
  26. 34.
    SWTS: Live Action Ezra Bridger Casting Rumor, Star Wars Hunter Game, Ron Moore Wants Some Star Wars
  27. 35.
    SWTS: Budfutu Artist Interview, Gina Carano Firing, SW Game Updates and Remakes, Fan Fave Females
  28. 36.
    SWTS: Feige Answers a MCU/Star Wars Crossover Question, KOTOR Remake Update, High Republic Comic 2 Review
  29. 37.
    SWTS: Luke Wasn’t Initially Planned for The Mandalorian, Kenobi Shooting in L.A., Star Wars Rebels Love
  30. 38.
    SWTS: BlainerThings Artist Interview, New KOTOR Game, and No K-2S0 in Andor
  31. 39.
    SWTS: Ubisoft’s Open World Star Wars Game Wants, ‘Andor’ Set Photo Analysis, Vader Comic 9 Breakdown
  32. 40.
    SWTS: Feige’s Star Wars Project Update, High Republic Content Review, Lucasfilm Games and Rebels Sequel Info
  33. 41.
    SWTS: 2020 Star Wars Top Moments, 2021 Star Wars Predictions, and Fan Appreciation
  34. 42.
    SWTS: GTP Toys Interview, Mando S2 Finale Deep Dive, Mando S3 Predictions, Book of Boba Fett Details, and Vader #8
  35. 43.
    SWTS: New Timelines, Disney’s Star Wars Roadmap, Mandalorian S2E7 Breakdown, Mando Finale Predictions
  36. 44.
    SWTS: Echoes Fan Film, Mandalorian S2E6 Breakdown, Boba is Actually Cool Now, Mando S2E7 Predictions
  37. 45.
    SWTS: RIP David Prowse, Mando S2 E5 Coverage and Thrawn Speculation, Leaked Morgan Elsbeth Info, and Ezra Talk
  38. 46.
    SWTS: Mandalorian S2E4 Breakdown, Force Infusions, Mando S2E5 The Jedi Predictions, Fett Prequel
  39. 47.
    SWTS: The Mandalorian S2E3 Breakdown, Bo-Katan Deep Dive, Vader Comics Own and Mando S2E4 Predictions
  40. 48.
    SWTS: Mandalorian S2E2 Breakdown Plus S2E3 Predictions, Boba Fett Spinoff, and Best Order to Watch Star Wars Movies
  41. 49.
    SWTS: The Mandalorian S2E1 Easter Eggs, Best Moments, and Fan Love and Rosario is Ahsoka Again
  42. 50.
    SWTS: The Mandalorian S2E1 Predictions and Fan Wants for the Season, Kenobi Screen Test, and High Republic Padawans

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