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The Diversity Dude podcasts educates people about issues involving inclusion to create a more positive and productive culture in the workplace, classroom, and society.

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Ahmaud Arbery's death gripped the country and millions of people held their breath as three men were found guilty of killing him. On today's episode of The Diversity Dude podcast, host Tom Barnett says he hopes this tragic event teaches us an important lesson on diversity.

Nov 29

12 min 57 sec

The answer to how we put a stop to Asian hate can be found on Sesame Street. The long time children's television show introduces a new puppet creating more representation of diverse cultures.

Nov 22

15 min 44 sec

While Sheletta searches for a new host for The Diversity Dude podcast, she's joined by Tom Barnett from The Seminal Group to talk about the horrible hate crime that happened to Olympic gold medalist Suni Lee.

Nov 15

20 min 30 sec

In her new role as director of inclusion and belonging at Keller Williams, Julia Lashay Israel says diversity is good for business.

Nov 8

15 min 17 sec

Philip Bump from the Washington Post explains the drama surrounding the push to ban Toni Morrison's book Beloved and how it had an impact on the Virginia governor's race...

Nov 3

17 min 17 sec

After reading the Washington Post story about how the census may have undercounted Black folks, and how that impacts roads, funding and infrastructure, Sheletta invited the columnist, Tara Bahrampour, to join her as a guest as she filled in as host of The Diversity Dude podcast...

Oct 28

18 min 30 sec

On his last episode hosting The Diversity Dude podcast, Reg Clark offers insight on how to make your workplace, where you live and who you hang out with more inclusive.

Oct 19

14 min 14 sec

On this episode of The Diversity Dude, host Reg Clark says whether it's sports or corporate America, we continue to see evidence that the rules are inherently different based on who you are.

Oct 13

10 min 27 sec

On this week's episode of The Diversity Dude, host Reg Clark is hopeful about the future because of the stance young Americans are taking on diversity and inclusion.

Oct 7

10 min 47 sec

Reg Clark declares that the day of diversity is dead, and it's time to move on to the next phase of making the workplace and the world more inclusive. 

Sep 29

12 min 28 sec

On this episode of The Diversity Dude podcast, Reg Clark talks about the necessity of struggle to bring about the change you want to see in the workplace.

Sep 17

10 min 46 sec

Reg Clark welcomes Dr. Artika Tyner on The Diversity Dude Podcast and as the two champions for inclusion chat, they realize there is strength in numbers...

Aug 29

33 min 12 sec

After seeing so much misinformation about COVID-19 circulating on social media, Reg Clark takes a break from talking about diversity on his show so he can chat about facts and fiction surrounding the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Aug 21

12 min 31 sec

This week Reg Clark shows you how to have productive conversations about inclusion in the workplace without being penalized for telling your boss how you really feel.

Aug 10

11 min 12 sec

This week, Reg Clark had a revelation: he'd like to talk about something else besides racism on his weekly podcast, but realizes no matter what the topic, whether it's sports or education, diversity is at the forefront. 

Jul 31

10 min 20 sec

As gymnast Simone Biles pulls out of the Olympics, Reg Clark talks about the reality of "The Black Tax" and how mentally draining it is on African Americans in the workplace.

Jul 27

11 min 45 sec

After watching Quest Love's Netflix documentary Summer of Soul, Reg Clark was empowered to talk about the importance of Black people supporting one another on this episode of The Diversity Dude podcast.

Jul 15

12 min 52 sec

After Target and Ikea flubbed their attempt to commemorate Juneteenth, The Diversity Dude helps companies understand that doing the right thing from the heart, instead of promotional purposes, will always have the best results... 

Jun 28

12 min 29 sec

On this incredibly funny episode, host Reg Clark has a unique way of hilariously honoring dads for Father's Day. 

Jun 19

10 min 34 sec

During an interview with CBS Radio, Reg Clark says leaders in Minneapolis dropped the ball when they didn't include the community in on their plans for the George Floyd memorial. 

Jun 12

15 min 52 sec

Inclusion expert Reg Clark talks about the importance of diversity in the military as he pays tribute to fallen veterans for a special Memorial Day podcast.

May 29

11 min 48 sec

It's been a year since George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, and still people are trying to label his life. Was he a martyr, a hero, or an icon? That's the challenge for Reg Clark to figure out on his podcast this week...

May 23

10 min 51 sec

When The Diversity Dude bought a Harley Davidson, he was reminded of a powerful ingredient to inclusion: a connection...

May 9

10 min 27 sec

The Diversity Dude discusses systemic and systematic exclusion as a better way to explore the long-lasting impact of racism.

May 4

14 min 52 sec

On this week's episode of The Diversity Dude, host Reg Clark talks about the people who claim to be colorblind when discussing the issue of race. He uses the murder of George Floyd and the movement that happened following his death to talk about America's troubled history with race...

Apr 24

10 min 54 sec

Reg Clark reveals all the tricks companies use to try and fool people into believing they actually care about diversity initiatives. 

Apr 10

12 min 2 sec

In this episode of The Diversity Dude podcast, inclusion expert Reg Clark talks about getting rid of the sideshow act of canceling people and their positions. He says it's time for people to cancel the cancel culture.

Mar 27

9 min 58 sec

In this week's episode of The Diversity Dude Podcast, host Reg Clark teaches you how to become an effective ally.

Mar 14

14 min 19 sec

After Oprah Winfrey's interview with Meghan Markle, the discussion of race has been front and center in the news and on social media. How can these conversations be productive and have a meaningful impact? Reg Clark teaches you how on today's podcast...

Mar 7

18 min 9 sec

Even though Reg is struggling with the worst winter storm that Texas has ever seen, he is still dedicating himself to this week's episode of The Diversity Dude podcast by talking about the importance of employee engagement and how good leaders can get the best out of their people...

Feb 21

19 min 34 sec

On the latest episode of #TheDiversityDude podcast, host Reg Clark says Black History Month is being exploited and the entire purpose of it needs a good ole' fashioned reboot. Until then, he's starting Black History Year on March 1st.

Feb 13

14 min 36 sec

On the year anniversary of the podcasting platform, Reg Clark celebrates being part of an inclusive group of podcasters that amplifies diverse voices...

Jan 30

11 min 37 sec

Companies aren't going to be more inclusive just because it's the right things to do, you've got to be able to break down the benefits of diversity and how impacts their bottom line.

Jan 23

10 min 46 sec

As we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, Reg Clark challenges the conventional observance of the holiday on The Diversity Dude Podcast on #SHElettaMakesMeLaugh. 

Jan 18

17 min 17 sec

When Reg Clark drove past the gravesite of George Floyd this week, he had a moment of reflection about the importance of diversity and inclusion and what really needs to take place for lasting positive change to happen.

Jan 2

16 min 39 sec

During this week's episode of The Diversity Dude Podcast, Reg Clark shows you how to hold your company accountable for inclusion when they make pledges to make improvements in the workplace.

Dec 2020

15 min 24 sec

In this time of racial reckoning, lots of corporations are making pledges to hire more people of color, but on the latest episode of The Diversity Dude Podcast, host Reg Clark says the company's culture won't change until those new employees are included on every level...

Dec 2020

12 min 1 sec

When CBS Radio called Reg Clark to be an expert guest and ask him to explain his stance that if a company needs a diversity officer it's human resources department has failed, the podcast host had a candid conversation about corporate color lines...

Nov 2020

19 min 2 sec

Corporate America is trying to prove to everyone that it has a new black friend: a diversity officer. If your organization needs a diversity officer, your human resources department has failed. PERIOD!

Nov 2020

12 min 30 sec

On The Diversity Dude Podcast, host Reg Clark says decades before Kamala Harris was elected as Vice President, historically black colleges have proven to be a successful talent pipeline; however, professionals who graduate from these universities have not been embraced by corporate America.

Nov 2020

12 min 18 sec

On this week's show, Reg Clark explains how companies have used the term "unconscious bias" as an excuse from seeking out talented professionals to hire for upper level management positions. Is the phrase just BS? Find out on The Diversity Dude Podcast on #SHElettaMakesMELaugh.

Nov 2020

10 min 59 sec

When Reg Clark, a diversity and inclusion expert with two decades of experience heard the CEO of Wells Fargo say he couldn't find a pool of black talented professionals to hire for his management team, he wanted to change that false narrative, so he created The Diversity Dude Podcast on 

Nov 2020

10 min 49 sec