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it's all about getting your Mind over Mountain.... Guest: Robby Kojetin (Author and Extreme Sports Motivator) From not landing on his feet, to landing up motivating others to get up on theirs, Robby Kotejin has gone from climbing the roof of the world, to wallowing in the depths of despair. But deciding to pull his two broken ankles up by his bootstraps, came back from the precipice to scale not only the world's highest mountains, but the seemingly insurmountable challenge of climbing out of the pits of depression. This inspirational story of perseverance has been told by Robby in his book, Mind Over Mountain, and here we get to grips with how when you feel you're at the end of your rope, there's always something there to hold you. Connect with Robby · Mind Over Mountain on Amazon

Nov 11

33 min 22 sec

Actress, teacher, author - No longer an author in Waiting! Meet Rosie Fiore (Author and most fabulous Gurlfrend) Born in good old Joburg, Rosie Fiore left our sunny shores to follow a literary life in London some 21 years ago. Having studied drama and working as a writer in TV, theatre and comedy - pretty much anything you could write for, Rosie did! - the dream of being a Proper Author took hold. And eight novels later (with one under the pseudonym Cass Hunter - 'The After Wife'), I think we can safely say Mission Accomplished. But what goes into the process? Not just writing the novel, but getting it out to be read... Find out more about her books and her journey as Rosie takes us on her voyage, the ups and downs, and the joy of words. Connect with Rosie · Buy Wonder Women on Amazon now

Aug 4

36 min 16 sec

The Anatomy of a Southern African 'Death' series Meet Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip (authors - co-writers under the pseudonym Michael Stanley) Critically acclaimed across the world for their series of original crime/mystery books, Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip are the writing duo, Michael Stanley. Featuring their African "Columbo", Detective 'Kubu' Bengu of the Botswana Criminal Investigation Department, their latest offering, 'Facets of Death' is a return to his past, and his introduction into the world of crimefighting. Both gentlemen were born in South Africa and met at university. Michael now lives in Knysna, Stanley in Minneapolis, where they find working collaboratively just as easy as it was back in the days of yore. Michael Stanley Website · Buy Now on Amazon

Jul 27

41 min 36 sec

Female Thriller Writers Taking over the Murder/Mystery World Long kept in the shadows, female mystery and thriller writers are coming to the fore, not only worldwide, but here in South Africa. Sarah Key, author of 5 books in the genre, chats to Melanie about being a female in what many perceive to be a Man's Domain, how to come up with a great idea, the Theatre of the Mind and how we're getting back to that, and what it means not only to get a book published, but to keep the thrill going! Sarah Key on Facebook · Buy Veils of Smoke on Amazon

Jun 17

39 min 25 sec

Adventurer and Mental coach Jo Rust circumnavigates Africa - SOLO Meet Jo Rust - World Record Holder. Author. Mental Health Activist. Jo Rust is the embodiment of the word 'gumption'! Which is what you'd need to ride around the whole African continent on 2 wheels - a woman alone with her motorsickle. Women over the decades have been blazing trails across the world, especially those women motorcycle riders. And now Adventure Travel queen Jo has put down her adventures of her record breaking circumnavigation of 45 000 kms through 28 countries - and the reasons why she tackles these mammoth treks - down in her first of hopefully many books, Woman Alone Around Africa. Buy the book today · Follow Jo on Facebook

May 22

37 min 35 sec

Join Paige Nick (novelist, columnist and advertising copywriter) as we discuss what's worth reading and appreciating On South African authors, the art of short story writing, who's really who in the literary world, and what's worth listening to! Paige Nick has her finger on the pulse of words, how they're compiled and their meaning - and has piles to prove it! Share the joy on The Good Book Appreciation Society's Facebook page

May 1

33 min 32 sec

How Heritage and the Past inform our Future In less than a century, the jumble of shabby tents and lean-tos that constituted Johannesburg's first settlement grew into a modern metropolis of towering office buildings and sprawling suburbs. This is the history of Johannesburg's rise compiled in one glorious picture book. Marc Latilla's research into the heritage of our strange City Of Gold brings new life to a city in transformation. Connect with Marc on LinkedIn

Apr 22

35 min 20 sec

Highly effective reading habits of a Successful Reader Bronwyn Williams (Economist / Trend Analyst / Futurist) What insights can this voracious reader impart? Well - Listen Here! If you are at a loss as to what to read that can make your mind take a quantum leap into the future, Bronwyn Williams has a number of interesting insights that will yield quantifiable results! What is she reading? What is she writing about reading and books? Should one actually read the 'must read' books? And what is the philosophy behind reading - and philosophy? Economics in One Lesson The True Believer The Remains Of The Day Momo Music : | Rusty Bicycle When you're ready to #BeHeard, contact the podcast specialists at

Jan 22

41 min 56 sec

And 100 of them you should get to know! Megan Emmett Parker (author and senior producer in the environmental world) With a Masters in environmental management, a conservation degree and a decade working as a senior producer on 50/50 on tv, Megan Parker has a solid grounding on all topics environmental. Her book, Game Ranger in your Backpack, has been selling out and reprinted yearly since release ten years ago. And her book on trees, originally titled If Trees Could Talk, now published by Struik under the title 100 Bushveld Trees, is the go-to guide for those wanting to know more about our wonderful country, her biomes and the ‘beings’ that inhabit it. Game Ranger in Your Pocket on Amazon 100 Bushveld Trees Megan on LinkedIn Music : When you're ready to #BeHeard, contact the podcast specialists at

Dec 2020

30 min 22 sec

How Has the Cloud Moved? Jean-Marie Jullienne (Entrepreneurial Author) For centuries, visions and beliefs of and in "God" have been obscured in many ways, oftentimes through mistranslation of the original texts that make up the Scriptures, holy books and teachings. To many, religion seems to be either something which is divisive or not relevant to them in this day and age. But looking at the Writings from a different perspective can change our perception. Over a period of 35 years, Dr. Jean-Marie Jullienne studied the ancient texts to divine a clear understanding of what the words in the Bible actually mean and how the stories sometimes take on a different connotation. Connect on LinkedIn

Nov 2020

36 min 26 sec

Taking the most rewarding path Cliff Matthews (Clinical Social Worker and Behavioral Specialist) Do you know the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem? If you'rsre lacking the latter, do you need a positive exercise routine to flex that mental muscle? Then #ListenHere! Giving us an unique insight into the challenges of maintaining your "authentic self" and self-esteem, author of This Way Forward, Cliff Matthews helps us to navigate the route sometimes hard to travel. This Way Forward on Amazon

Sep 2020

28 min 57 sec

Whether you Think you Can or you Can’t - You're Right Richard Wright (Professional Speaker) This is not necessarily a treatise on overcoming cancer - although it in part is. It’s how Richard found the Wright way to deal with what life had thrown at him, how he came to find his life’s purpose, and how to obliterate obstacles. 'What is most needed right now is inspiration, motivation, encouragement and some help with a shift in thinking. If I can enrich lives in the smallest of ways at this time, I am making a difference and my life can mean something.'' If you need motivation, you’ve come to the Wright Room.. #ListenHere

Sep 2020

19 min 9 sec

A Million Miles From Normal Paige Nick (novelist, columnist and advertising copywriter) Many people would know her from her weekly column on sex, dating, and romance, and other crazy shenanigans, in the Sunday Times newspaper. But Paige Nick is more than the sex-obsessed writer many people wrote in to the newspaper would have us believe! Nick's first book, A Million Miles from Normal (2010) and her second novel, This Way Up (2011), were followed by a co-authorship with Sarah Lotz and Helen Moffett in 2013, of series of Choose Your Own Adventure erotic novels, including, A Girl Walks into a Bar, A Girl Walks into a Wedding and Girl Walks into a Blind Date, which were sold in 21 countries around the world. In April 2015 She brought us a compilation of her Sunday Times columns - and reader’s responses to them - in Pens Behaving Badly. Paige started the Good Book Appreciation Society on Facebook in 2013, which has amassed over 12000 followers - all bibliophiles! Find out what Paige is up to, and her take on our New Normal A million Miles from Normal on Amazon · Pens Behaving Badly

Sep 2020

33 min 49 sec

Travels through the world of reporter Chris Marais Chris Marais (Author | Reporter | Brains behind How many of you remember Scope magazine? That "raunchy" mag with great writing from back in the day? Or Style? A paean to gorgeousness in the 80s and 90s... Great journalism comes in sometimes surprising places, and one who contributed greatly to their popularity is Chris Marais. In his time, Chris has been a deadline-crazy newspaper reporter for some top South African titles (including the Rand Daily Mail), a magazine investigative journalist (Scope Magazine) and editor (Living Africa Magazine), winning a number of media awards along the way. He and wife Julienne du Toit currently live and work in Cradock in the Karoo, South Africa's magical dry heartland, where they own and manage - the region's premier website. They have over the years created articles for local and offshore print and online publications that include SA Country Life, Sawubona, High Life (British Airways in-flight), Sunday Times (Johannesburg) Travel, The Guardian (UK) and Wild Magazine (SA National Parks). Now self-publishing their glorious range of books about the Karoo, we catch up with Chris in the Heartland to find out about his start in the business and hear more about their upcoming book, Karoo Roads. Books by Chris Marais and Julienne du Toit: A Drink of Dry Land - Journeys through Namibia, Namibia Space, Shorelines - A Journey along the South African Coast, Coast to Coast, 101 Beloved Bars of Southern Africa (with Pat Hopkins), Karoo Keepsakes, Karoo Keepsakes II, The Journey Man - A South African Reporter's Stories (Chris) and Road Tripper - Eastern Cape Karoo. · Buy The Journey Man

Aug 2020

40 min 55 sec

He's been Out To Lunch for Years! David Bullard (Columnist | Author | TV Presenter | Celebrity Public Speaker) Known for his controversial satire, David Bullard, SA's voice of calm in a time of faux outrage, takes no prisoners when he takes people out to lunch. With his penchant for creating a furore at every opportunity, mainly through his widely read column, "Out to Lunch", Bullard has taken on new media and Woke wannabe "Rock Stars" with gusto on Twitter, even causing a storm in the South African blogosphere by describing blogging as the 'air guitars of journalism... cobbled together by people who wouldn't stand a hope in hell of getting a job in journalism.' We catch up with the Prof of Applied Histrionics at UTS (and Columnist for PoliticsWeb) to see who he's been plying with wine - and if he is actually all fluffy inside. Some of David's columns · Buy David's book on Amazon · Follow David on Twitter

Aug 2020

29 min 41 sec

Making peace with a piece is not as piquing as sneaky peaking Sue de Groot (Sunday Times and Times Live | Deputy Features Editor and Columnist) Autocorrect: making Twitter pedants delete and re-tweet since 2007 - Cassandra Page Pedantry attitude; human behaviour, displaying obsession with detail or process, often negatively perceived For the Grammar Nazis and busy spelling-bees out there, Sue de Groot's "Pedant Class" in the Sunday Times was a main reason for buying the paper. Now found on the Times Select website, she continues to enthrall us with her "Word in the Hand" column. The English language - as she should be spoken - is a wonderful world of twists and turns, of words that can be bent to your will. But only when done proper like! We sit down with the self-confessed word nerd and ace columnist to discover what's getting her hot under the collar. Follow Sue on Twitter

Aug 2020

31 min 58 sec

Digital Graffiti from Gus Silber's Wall Gus Silber (Journalist | Author | Scriptwriter | Speechwriter | TweetWriter) Over the last few years, columnist, scriptwriter and author Gus Silber has written some extraordinary commentary pieces on his journeys around his neighbourhood in Johannesburg and his digital wanderings through the global village we call social media, and posted them to Facebook. This latest tour de force, Electric Graffiti: Musings on a Facebook Wall, takes us on a magical mystery tour around what words and thoughts mean when cobbled together in sound bytes. Follow Gus on Twitter · Buy Gus's book on Amazon

Aug 2020

39 min 32 sec