Anisong Talk

Chris S.A

A show in which I talk with my friends about about Anime music artists, Seasonal OP/ED, Events in Japan (and sometimes other countries), what anisong fans are up to in general, and more.

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Howdy ya'll, it's a new year, we are still in a pandemic, but anime and anisong don't stop. The Winter 2021 season is now over, so Kei, Zeroblade and I did the usual thing and looked bad at the anisong of the season. Intro/Outro : Berry by Matt Cherne


May 6

1 hr 21 min

2020 is finally almost over. It’s been one stupid year, and hopefully we can all soon put it past us. So to conclude the year, I called my friends Forte and Kei to come talk about our favorite anime songs of the 2020 fall season.

Jan 1

1 hr 26 min

First premiered at #kurocon , this episode of Kurocon covers the state of anisong in 2020, and as usual, our favorite songs so far.  In this episode I am joined by Ken and TheBigN


Dec 2020

2 hr 25 min

What was it like growing up watching anime in Costa Rica ? my friend Adrian joins me to tell me all about it.


May 2020

1 hr 7 min

in this one, Ash, BigN and Ken join me to take a look back at 10 years of anisong from 2010 to 2019


Mar 2020

3 hr 15 min

In this episode Ash tells out a bit about how seiyuu school work, and his funny  Anime life Arc.


Jan 2020

1 hr 26 min

In this episode, Ken and I talk about some of the anison music festivals we've attended in 2019.


Dec 2019

2 hr 16 min

Chuck and Kei return to talk about the season's anime opening and ending songs, and JT join us this time. We also talk about how some of us REALLY feel about Run Girls, Run! and maybe Saito Shuka's solo song of the season.


Nov 2019

1 hr 17 min

Aniuta ? Amazon ? Apple Music ? In this episode I am joined by JT  and we try to figure out what is the best streaming service out there for anisong. All music in this podcast by Joseph McDade

Oct 2019

1 hr 9 min

What's Anikura ? Are there any politics involved in the anikura scene ? In this episode I am joined by DJ Wazahai in  which we talk a bit about Anikura.  All music in this podcast by Joseph McDade

Sep 2019

1 hr 13 min

In this second episode of the reboot, I am joined by Kei, Ken, KCP and Robert, in which we discuss the recent Macross Crossover Live.


Sep 2019

59 min 24 sec

In this first episode of the reboot, I am joined by my friends Chuck and Kei, in which we discuss recent anime news, events and then we give you our opinion on the current anime season's opening and ending.


Sep 2019

1 hr