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Ann Wright Rygiel, Executive Director of The Firehouse Shelter in Birmingham, shares more information about the shelter, gives insight into the homeless community, and explains how we can be more compassionate and empathetic. 

Sep 30

50 min 19 sec

Jeannie Krumdieck and Ryan Misner from Samford University's School of Architecture and Interior Design share more about their new program for Fall 2021, which is an accelerated five year degree in architecture.  

Sep 30

1 hr 2 min

Mike McDevitt of Children’s Hospital of Alabama joins us to talk about making connections not just at their site, but also in the surrounding areas. Kyle also discusses the design of the iconic  Children’s of Alabama Hospital building and how they have been able to learn and grow as a community to create the great times we are in now.

Aug 12

41 min 25 sec

Fouad Khalil, the owner of Modly, stops by the Poole & Co Podcast to discuss the vital role technology (both new and old) plays in building a more optimistic future of our industry and world as a whole. Kyle and Fouad also get into the growing opportunities that prefabrication and modular construction presents our region. 

Jan 4

37 min 10 sec

Alex Krumdieck and John Pittari, Jr from the Urban Studio of Auburn University, join us to discuss how important it is to have a level of empathy to be able to connect to the communities around us. 

Dec 2020

28 min 52 sec

In this first episode of the #PooleandCo Podcast, we discuss how we can connect Downtown Birmingham and tie all of our neighborhoods together. We spoke with Phil Amthor of Orchestra Partners about the importance of being a mission-driven developer and helping create a “string of pearls” in Birmingham.

Dec 2020

28 min 5 sec