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Ben Greenfield Fitness

By Ben Greenfield

Free exercise, nutrition, weight loss, triathlon and wellness advice from! Go to for the incredibly useful shownotes and for ALL episodes in our archives and the handy-dandy phone app, visit!

  1. 1.
    Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time (So Is Cardio & There’s a Better Way to Have The Body You Want).11/28/2020
  2. 2.
    This Doctor Has A "Stealth Strategy To Stop COVID Cold": A Breaking Interview With A Controversial Alternative Health Figure On Vitamin D, COVID-19, Sunshine, Vitamin K2, Magnesium & Much More!11/26/2020
  3. 3.
    Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Fish Oil, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, EPA, DHA & Much More!11/21/2020
  4. 4.
    Q&A 420: Which Stimulants Are Safe To Take At Night, Maximizing Benefits Of Cold Thermogenesis, When To Do Blood Flow Restriction Training & More!11/19/2020
  5. 5.
    The Future Of Health Care, Wearables, AI, Plant Medicine & More With Dr. David Rabin & Dr. Joseph Maroon.11/14/2020
  6. 6.
    How To Meditate In One Minute, Getting Over “Poser Syndrome”, Why Guys Like Porn, The 6 Phases Of Manhood & More With John Eldredge.11/12/2020
  7. 7.
    The Wizard Of Essential Oils Strikes Again: The Hidden & Magical World Of Little-Known Plant Extracts For Digestion, Relaxation, Libido, Immunity & Much More!11/07/2020
  8. 8.
    The Official CBD FAQ: Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About CBD, Combining Psychedelics With Cannabinoids, Smokeable Ayahuasca, Microdosing With Plant Medicine & Much More!11/05/2020
  1. 9.
    Sound Medicine: How to Use the Ancient Science of Sound to Heal the Body and Mind.10/31/2020
  2. 10.
    Q&A 419: A New Way To “Spot Reduce” Fat, Are Plant Anti-Nutrients Really That Bad, The Dark Side Of Daylight Saving Time & Much More.10/29/2020
  3. 11.
    The Croissant Diet, Wine Fasting, Oodles Of Pork Lard, Keto Bricks & Much More With Brad Marshall.10/24/2020
  4. 12.
    Two Nerdy Biohackers Reveal Their Secrets To Spiritual Health, Life Optimization, Plant Medicines, Rites Of Passage, Mental Models & Much More!10/22/2020
  5. 13.
    The Best Way To Test How Healthy Your Heart Is: Ben Greenfield Undergoes A Complete Advanced Cardiac Evaluation & Reports The Surprising Results!10/17/2020
  6. 14.
    The Christian Psychedelic: Should Christians Use Plant Medicines, Is Microdosing (Or Tripping) A Sin, Accessing Spiritual Realms, DMT & Much More With Paul Risse & Ben Greenfield.10/15/2020
  7. 15.
    Recapture the Rapture: Biohacking Sex, Tantric Breathwork, Plant Medicines For Orgasmic Enhancement & Much More!10/10/2020
  8. 16.
    Dr. Matt Cook & Ben Greenfield Get Put In The Hotseat: Favorite Books, Best Anti-Stress Tactics, Pig-Based Nootropics, Best Billboard Advice & Much More!10/08/2020
  9. 17.
    Everything You Need To Know About Whole Body Vibration For Fat Loss, Strength Gains, Cardiovascular Fitness, Stem Cell Production, Growth Hormone, Testosterone & Much More!10/03/2020
  10. 18.
    Q&A 418: The Latest Research On Longevity, Ketones, Baking Soda, Fasting & More, Insane Biohacking Celebrities, How To Fix Your Vision Without Glasses & Much More.10/01/2020
  11. 19.
    Virtual Reality & Psychedelics, Censorship Of Health Website, The Wild Diet, Chewy-Chew Chocolate Chip Cookies & Much More With Abel James.09/26/2020
  12. 20.
    What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong.09/24/2020
  13. 21.
    Why College Sucks (& Better Alternatives), How To Win At Any Game, What You Need To Say No To, & Much More With James Altucher.09/19/2020
  14. 22.
    The Problem With Mineral Supplements, Why Minerals Don't Get Absorbed, Why You Probably Have A Mineral Deficiency & What To Do About It.09/17/2020
  15. 23.
    How To Become A Billionaire, The Brilliance Of "The Flywheel", The Future Of Self-Quantification & Anti-Aging & Much More With Naveen Jain.09/12/2020
  16. 24.
    Q&A 417: Dry vs. Infrared Saunas, The Best Blood Tests For Biohackers, Early Cancer Detection, How To Fix Brain Fog, & Much More.09/10/2020
  17. 25.
    Is Charcoal Toothpaste OK, 8 Crucial Mouth Beauty & Oral Health Tips, Peptides For Oral Care, The Invisible Dental Flow In Your Mouth & Much More With Nadine Artemis.09/05/2020
  18. 26.
    Biohacking Muscle Growth: How To Maximize Anabolism & Muscle Hypertrophy Using Targeted Delivery Of Nutrients To Muscle Tissue During Exercise, With Professional Bodybuilder Miloš Šarčev09/03/2020
  19. 27.
    Is A Ketogenic Diet Bad For Your Gut, Should You Eat Resistant Starch, How Exercise Changes Your Gut Bacteria & Much More With Lucy Mailing08/29/2020
  20. 28.
    Modafinil: Is This Wildly Popular Smart Drug Safe And Effective? (& What It Can Do For Your Sleep Cycles & Brain Health).08/27/2020
  21. 29.
    Age-Reversal Tips: You Can Be Younger (How To Use The Power Of Your Mind to Look & Feel 10 Years Younger)08/22/2020
  22. 30.
    Is This The Most Advanced Anti-Aging Analysis & Epigenetic Diagnostic Test Of The Future?08/20/2020
  23. 31.
    Hunting Down EMF In Your Office, Bedroom, Gym & Beyond: Is Your Home's "Dirty Electricity" Wrecking Your Sleep, Your Recovery, Your Health & More? The Official Ben Greenfield & Brian Hoyer Low-EMF Home How-To.08/15/2020
  24. 32.
    Q&A 416: How To Reverse Gray Hair (& Other Beauty Biohacks), The Adrenal Fatigue Myth, The Shocking Beer Exercise Results & Much More!08/13/2020
  25. 33.
    Why Your Pursuit Of A Better Body & The Perfect Diet Is Never Going To Make You Happy, How Christians Should Make Food Choices, The Ultimate Source Of Joy & Much More With Doug Wilson.08/08/2020
  26. 34.
    Carnivore Diet Myths Debunked, Hard Questions About Meat Vs. Plants, Are Broccoli Sprouts Really Bad For You & Much More With Dr. Paul Saladino.08/06/2020
  27. 35.
    Biohacking Your Brain With Precision Medicine, Genomics, Psychedelics, Advanced Nutritional Strategies & Much More!08/01/2020
  28. 36.
    Potent Breathwork Tactics From A Navy SEAL Commander, Staring Down Your Wolf, Operating Calmly Under Stress & More With Mark Divine.07/30/2020
  29. 37.
    The Latest Research On Ketones & Ketosis For Performance & Recovery, Do Ketones Break A Fast, Using Ketones For 45 Days Of Crossfit Murph, Ketone Esters vs. Ketone Salts & More With Geoffrey Woo of HVMN.07/25/2020
  30. 38.
    Q&A 415: What Is Ben Greenfield's Current Daily Routine? 13 New Body Hacks, What To Do About Caffeine Sensitivities, Alternatives To Coffee & Much More.07/23/2020
  31. 39.
    Why Viruses Are Crucial To Life On This Planet, The Link Between Air Pollution, Glyphosate & Pandemics, Loss Of Biodiversity (& What We Can Do About It) & More With Dr. Zach Bush.07/18/2020
  32. 40.
    Joel Greene Podcast Part 2: How To Reshape Fat Cells, Enhance Repair During Sleep, Target Your "Circaseptan Rhythms", Build Young Muscle & Get Rid Of Old Muscle.07/16/2020
  33. 41.
    Joel Greene Podcast Part 1: How To Reboot The Gut, Eat Cheesecake Without Gaining Weight, Amplify Any Fasting Protocol & Maximize Fat Loss.07/11/2020
  34. 42.
    The Future Of Medical Biohacking: Skull Resets, Suppositories, Nasal Sprays, Nebulizers, Sound Therapy & More With Dr. John Lieurance.07/09/2020
  35. 43.
    How To Know If You Are Subconsciously In Fight, Flight Or Freeze Mode (And What To Do About It) - An Interview With Dr. Olga Stevko.07/04/2020
  36. 44.
    Q&A 414: The Benefits Of Nicotine, Easy Hack To Increase HRV, Do Face Masks Cause Oxygen Deprivation, Why To Workout Before Dinner & Much More!07/02/2020
  37. 45.
    An Interview With A Child Prodigy: Should You Skip Breakfast, Analyzing Your Poop, Cold Thermogenesis & Breathwork Strategies & More With Daniel Bissonnette.06/27/2020
  38. 46.
    Microdosing, Biohacking Plant Medicines, Psychedelic-Enhanced Psychotherapy & More - How "Field Trip Health" Works For Ketamine, MDMA, DMT, Psilocybin & Beyond!06/25/2020
  39. 47.
    Is Radiation Actually Good For You? The Hormesis Effect, The Healing Power of Radioactive Stones, Ozone Therapy & Much More With Jane Goldberg.06/20/2020
  40. 48.
    What Happens During A Psychedelic Journey: Dr. Matthew Johnson On Psychedelic Treatment Room, The State Of Psychedelic Research & Future of Psychedelic Therapy.06/18/2020
  41. 49.
    How To Do Wim Hof Breathing "The Right Way", Making Your Own DMT, Inhaling Pure Carbon Dioxide, Cold Showers, MDMA & Much More - The Keys to Human Resilience.06/13/2020
  42. 50.
    The Ultimate Human Recharging Station - How To Reboot The Human Battery, Get To Sleep Faster, Increase Energy & Restore Your Cell's Proper Electrical Voltage With A Biocharger.06/11/2020
  43. 51.
    Biohack Your Breath With Nose "Boners", Carbon Dioxide Inhalation, Tibetan Longevity Stretches & Much More: How To Unlock The New Science Of A Lost Art.06/06/2020
  44. 52.
    Everything You Need To Know About How To Use Hydrogen Water: Timing, Dosing, Delivery Mechanisms, Hydrogen Tablets, Hydrogen Water Machines, Hydrogen Inhalers & Much More!06/04/2020
  45. 53.
    Beyond Fasting: How To Biohack Your Fast To Accelerate Fat Loss, Stave Off Carbohydrate Cravings & Enhance Cellular Autophagy.05/30/2020
  46. 54.
    Q&A 412: Is Cholesterol In Coffee Bad (& How To Make Your Coffee As Healthy As Possible), What To Do About Low Progesterone, Carbs Impact On Your Immune System & Much More!05/28/2020
  47. 55.
    The Future Of Corporate Wellness: What A Cutting-Edge, Gold-Standard Executive & Employee Health Program Should Look Like.05/23/2020
  48. 56.
    Which Genes Impact Your Longevity The Most? How To Decode Your Genes & Unlock Key Insights To Living Longer & Aging Well (+Bonus Coronavirus Genetic Analysis Information!)05/21/2020
  49. 57.
    It's All In Your Mouth: How Your Teeth Are Impacting Your Immune System, Sleep, Performance, Inflammation & Much More (& What You Can Do About It With Holistic Dentistry).05/16/2020
  50. 58.
    Your Pelvic Floor "Power Source": The Hidden Key to Ignite Your Core, Empower Your Body, Release Stress, and Realign Your Life.05/14/2020
  51. 59.
    The Only Skill That Matters: The Proven Methodology to Read Faster, Remember More, and Become a SuperLearner.05/09/2020
  52. 60.
    Q&A 411: The Effects Of Cold & Heat On Blood Glucose, A New Way To Increase Heat Shock Proteins, Ben's Weekly Routine, The Effects Of 5G On Respiration & Much More!05/07/2020
  53. 61.
    The Health Habits, Rituals, Routines, Biohacks, Foods, Supplements, Workouts, and Success Secrets of Brendon Burchard.05/02/2020
  54. 62.
    Kiss Gas & Bloating Goodbye With Dr. Matt Cook: The Complete Done-For-You Guide To Eliminating SIBO Once & For All (Along With Sex, Trauma, PTSD, Ozone Dialysis & More!).04/30/2020
  55. 63.
    The Official KAATSU Episode: Everything You Need To Know About How To Use Blood Flow Restriction For Muscle Gain, Injury Recovery, Testosterone, Growth Hormone & Much More!04/25/2020
  56. 64.
    The Best Biohack For Stress & Sleep (Simulates A Full Sleep Cycle In 20 Minutes While Blasting Away Stress & Giving You A Deep Meditative Experience).04/23/2020
  57. 65.
    How To Biohack Your Morning Routine, The Surprising Compounds That Destroy Stem Cells, The Tastiest Nut Butter On The Face Of The Planet & Much More!04/18/2020
  58. 66.
    Exosomes, RNA, Chicken Soup, Sunlight & More: Sayer Ji & Ben Greenfield Discuss How To Regenerate Your Body & Unlock Your Radical Resilience "New Biology".04/16/2020
  59. 67.
    Is 5G Really That Dangerous, Plant-Based Diet Difficulties, Reversing Biological Age & Much More!04/11/2020
  60. 68.
    Q&A 410: When To Eat Carbs For A Morning Workout, Get Rid Of Allergies Fast, How To Support Recovery For Broken Bones & Much More!04/09/2020
  61. 69.
    The Ultimate Biohacked Workout & The Future Of Fitness: Minimal Effective Doses, Cold, Blood Flow Restriction, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Ozone & More!04/04/2020
  62. 70.
    Q&A 409: Biohacking Immunity, The Latest Muscle Building & Fat Loss Research, Should You Ditch Your Smart Meter & Much More!04/02/2020
  63. 71.
    Ben Greenfield's 10 Favorite Biohacks, How To Drink Without Damaging The Body, Dangers Of Ayurvedic Herbs & Supplements & Much More!03/28/2020
  64. 72.
    Q&A 408: The Awesome History Of Fad Diets, How To Upgrade Your Protein Shake, Blood Flow Restriction & Super Slow Training & Much More!03/26/2020
  65. 73.
    The Great Bread Debate, Detoxing With Food, Dangers Of MDMA (& What To Do About It), High Protein Myths & Much More With Max Lugavere.03/21/2020
  66. 74.
    Biohacking India: Sleep, Jet Lag, Hidden Environmental Killers, Air Pollution, Antiviral Tips, Eating For Longevity & Much More!03/19/2020
  67. 75.
    Everything You Need To Know For Antivirus & Immune System Enhancement: A Special One-Two Podcast Episode With Dr. Matt Cook & Dr. Matt Dawson.03/14/2020
  68. 76.
    My Latest Sleep Biohacks, Habits, Routines, Rituals, Longevity Tips, Parenting Strategies, Spiritual Disciplines & More!03/12/2020
  69. 77.
    Biohacking Fitness In Asia & Beyond: How One Small Company Is Changing The Face Of Biomarker Testing, Agriculture, Pollution, Health & More!03/07/2020
  70. 78.
    A Deep Dive Into HRV: How To Use Heart Rate Variability To Optimize Your Sleep, Stress, Recovery, Performance, Nervous System Balance & Much More!03/05/2020
  71. 79.
    The Book That's Pissed Me Off The Most This Year (& How To Fix America's Food System) - The Mark Hyman Podcast With Ben Greenfield.02/29/2020
  72. 80.
    The Toxicity Of Plants, Carnivore For Athletes, Does Meat Cause Acidity, The “Game Changers” Debate & Much More With Dr. Paul Saladino.02/27/2020
  73. 81.
    How To Raise Adventurous, Healthy, Vibrant Children Who Have A Love For The Outdoors.02/22/2020
  74. 82.
    The Shocking Truth About You Getting "EMF'D": 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones - Hidden Harms & How To Protect Yourself02/20/2020
  75. 83.
    Water Fasting, Trauma Release For Fat Loss, Homeschooling, Hidden Nasty Ingredients In Your Personal Care Products & Much More With Katie Wells TheWellnessMama!02/15/2020
  76. 84.
    A New Treatment For Blasting Tissues With Oxygen, Growing New Blood Vessels, Recovering Faster, Killing Bacteria, Building Stem Cells & Much More!02/13/2020
  77. 85.
    What Olive Oil Should Taste Like, The Scary Truth About Olive Oil, Can You Cook With Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Much More!02/08/2020
  78. 86.
    Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Hormone Testing 101, Spot-Reducing Fat Loss Cream, The Benjamin Button Longevity Cocktail & Much More With Adam Lamb of RenewLifeRX.02/06/2020
  79. 87.
    Q&A 407: Top Air Pollution Tips, How To Get Started With Biohacking, Can Infrared & Red Light Be Bad For You & Much More!02/01/2020
  80. 88.
    A Whole New Way To Deal With Stress, Trauma & PTSD In Just Seconds: The First Clinically Validated Wearable That Helps You De-Stress, Focus, Sleep, Stay Energized & Remain Calm.01/30/2020
  81. 89.
    Ben's Top Biohacks, Saving Your Carbs For Night, Problems With Keto, The Amazing Healing Power Of Light & Much More!01/25/2020
  82. 90.
    21 Ways To Become Boundless, Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging01/23/2020
  83. 91.
    High-Intensity Resistance Training, Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet, Peptides, Plant Medicines, Psychedelics & More With Keith Norris!01/20/2020
  84. 92.
    The Latest Research On Longevity, Ketones, Caffeine, Creatine, Sleep, Plant Vs. Animal Protein Intake, My New Book Boundless & Much More!01/18/2020
  85. 93.
    32 Natural Ways To Increase Testosterone (+ Testosterone Cream Vs. Injections) - Fully Updated Re-Release01/16/2020
  86. 94.
    The Fungus Among Us: Why Fungal Overgrowth & SIFO Are A Hidden Health Epidemic (& What You Can Do About It).01/11/2020
  87. 95.
    The Pill - Everything You Need To Know About The Dangers Of The Pill, How To Get Off It Safely & Safer, More Natural Birth Control Alternatives.01/09/2020
  88. 96.
    7 Crazy New Biohacks You've Probably Never Heard Of!01/04/2020
  89. 97.
    Why Your DNA Is Worthless (& What You Need To Focus On Instead).01/02/2020
  90. 98.
    Cortisol Decoded: The Myths & Truths About A Hormone Crucial To Your Health & Survival.12/28/2019
  91. 99.
    The One Component Of Fitness Most People Neglect (Meditation, Plant Medicine, Yoga, Sex & More: How Ben Greenfield Trains For The Spiritual Disciplines).12/26/2019
  92. 100.
    Squatting In A California Backyard & Talking Family, Movement Mechanics, Ice Baths & More With Aaron Alexander.12/21/2019
  93. 101.
    Quench: The Big "8 Glasses Of Day" Water Myth, Why Water Isn't The Best Way To Fully Hydrate & Much More!12/19/2019
  94. 102.
    Supplements Update: What Supplements Does Ben Greenfield Take (& How To Time / Choose Your Personal Supplementation Protocol).12/14/2019
  95. 103.
    We All Have Cancer (& How To Starve Cancer With The Foods You Eat).12/12/2019
  96. 104.
    A Crazy Biohacking Adventure With Luke Storey & Ben Greenfield: Smart Drugs, Sleep Hacking, Infrared Light, Cold Pools & Beyond!12/07/2019
  97. 105.
    The Hormone-Boosting Minimalist Exercise Machine That Burns A Staggering Amount Of Calories In Just 21 Minutes.12/05/2019
  98. 106.
    Q&A 406: Recovery & Injury Hacks, The Best Way To Combine Sauna & Cold, How To Know If Your Nervous System Is Recovered & Much More!11/30/2019
  99. 107.
    Ben Greenfield Interviews Dr. David Sinclair About Lifespan: Why We Age―and Why We Don't Have To.11/28/2019
  100. 108.
    Deuterium Demystified: Everything You Need To Know About Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW), How To Lower Deuterium & Much More!11/23/2019
  101. 109.
    The Problem With Multivitamins, Can Wheat Weaken Your Bones, How Vegans Can Get More Omega 3's & Much More With Mira & Jayson Calton Of The "Rebuild Your Bones" Protocol.11/21/2019
  102. 110.
    It All Starts With Your Gut: How Your Bacteria & Intestinal Inflammation Affects Your Mood, Health, Longevity & More!11/16/2019
  103. 111.
    To Hell & Back With Autoimmune Disease: How To Heal Autoimmunity With Diet, Relationships, Lifestyle & More.11/14/2019
  104. 112.
    Vape Pens, Hair Growth Serums, Fixing The Pineal Gland & C60 (The Next Great Longevity Molecule).11/09/2019
  105. 113.
    How To Figure Out What To Eat Based On What Your Ancestors Ate & How To Heal Your Immune System Using An Ancestral Diet Approach.11/07/2019
  106. 114.
    405: How Hard Do You Need To Train For Muscle Gain?, Keto Muscle Building, Protecting Yourself From Pesticides & Much More!11/02/2019
  107. 115.
    Why the War on Cancer Has Failed & What You Can Do About It: Mistletoe, NAD, Deuterium Depleted Water, Melatonin, Gerson Therapy & Beyond!10/31/2019
  108. 116.
    A New Style Of Meditation That Helps You To Stress Less & Accomplish More - The Emily Fletcher Podcast.10/26/2019
  109. 117.
    Nerdy Ways To Lose Fat, Build Muscle & Maintain A Nice Body As You Age.10/24/2019
  110. 118.
    A Day In The Life Of Ben Greenfield: Ben's Exact Morning, Afternoon & Evening Routines.10/19/2019
  111. 119.
    Little Known Hacks For Sleep, Jet Lag, Anti-Aging, Immunity, Smart Drugs & More: A Behind-The-Scenes Sneak Peek Of Ben Greenfield's New Book Boundless.10/17/2019
  112. 120.
    Longevity vs. Muscle Gain, How Much Cardio Is Too Much, Blood Flow Restriction Training, Sex Supplement Tips & Much More With The Guys From ATPScience.10/12/2019
  113. 121.
    404: Why You Should Eat Your Carbs At Night, Ben's Top Recovery Tactics, Can You Do Cold Therapy If You're Sick & Much More!10/10/2019
  114. 122.
    The Hunter McIntyre Podcast: Crossfit vs. Spartan, Top Recovery & Sleep Tips, Crazy Bobby & Much More!10/05/2019
  115. 123.
    Biohacking Sex: The Best Tips, Tricks, Supplements & Food To Optimize Libido, Desire & Arousal.10/04/2019
  116. 124.
    Killing Mold & Mycotoxins For Good, The Craziest IVs You Can Get For Energy, Fixing Knees & Back Without Surgery & Much More With Dr. Matt Cook10/03/2019
  117. 125.
    Eastern Wisdom Meets Western Medicine: 10-Pass Ozone, Peptides, Blood Irradiation, Constitutional Assessments & Much More!09/28/2019
  118. 126.
    Unschooling, Plant Medicine, Anti-Aging, Veganism vs. Carnivore & More With The Mindpump Guys!09/26/2019
  119. 127.
    What Time Of Day Can You Eat A "Cheat Meal", How Cold Can Make You Unstoppable, Lies We've Been Led To Believe About Sunlight & Much More!09/21/2019
  120. 128.
    Why Water, Sunlight, Grounding & Relationships Are The Key To Your Health & How To Feed, Clean & Protect Your Body Forever: An Interview With Ben Greenfield's Father Gary Greenfield09/19/2019
  121. 129.
    The Biggest Common Keto Mistakes (& How to Fix Every Metabolic Problem With A Low-Carb Diet In Just 7 Seconds)09/14/2019
  122. 130.
    403: Teeth Care Tactics, How To Time Your Protein For Muscle Gain, Biohacking Night Shift Work & Much More!09/12/2019
  123. 131.
    My New #1 Hack For Zapping Inflammation, Increasing Deep Sleep & Recovering Faster - Earthing (The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?)09/07/2019
  124. 132.
    402: What's Worse For The Planet - Vegetarianism or Carnivore?, How To Recover From A TBI/ or Concussion Fast, The Minimal Effective Dose Of Exercise For Muscle & Much More!09/05/2019
  125. 133.
    Why You Shouldn't Let Modern Baby Food Anywhere Near Your Baby (& What To Use Instead To Make Your Baby Stronger & Smarter).08/31/2019
  126. 134.
    Transcendental Meditation: Cult, Quackery, or Science?08/29/2019
  127. 135.
    The 3 Key Steps To Intuitive Eating, Ego Dissolution, Raising & Educating Children In A Modern Era & More With Paul Chek.08/24/2019
  128. 136.
    Secrets To Building Muscle & Burning Fat At The Same Time, Spiritual Enhancement Through Gardening & Music, Sleep, Superfoods & More With Drew Canole08/22/2019
  129. 137.
    Peptides Unveiled: The Best Peptide Stacks For Anti-Aging, Growth Hormone, Deep Sleep, Hair Loss, Enhanced Cognition & Much More!08/17/2019
  130. 138.
    Carnivore Diet, Cleaning Out Your Colon, Eating Brains, Hunting Zebras & Much More With Paul Saladino.08/15/2019
  131. 139.
    401: Should You Eat Carbs In the Morning Or The Evening, Tips To Increase Power & Speed, Should You Take Rapamycin, The Latest On Genetic Testing & Much More!08/10/2019
  132. 140.
    Held Hostage: How The FDA Is Keeping You From Using Your Own Stem Cells (& What You Can Do About It)08/08/2019
  133. 141.
    A Little-Known Secret To Fix Your Vagus Nerve, Banish Constipation, Use Nicotine As A Biohack & Much More!08/03/2019
  134. 142.
    The Ultimate Guide To Unschooling: Top Tips To Create Free-Thinking, Resilient, Creative Young Humans Who Can Thrive In A Modern World.08/01/2019
  135. 143.
    Premium: Seal Fit Presentation07/29/2019
  136. 144.
    400: How To Wake Up Less At Night, Should You Eat Carbs & Fat Together In The Same Meal?, The Latest On CBD, THC, Exercise & Much More!07/27/2019
  137. 145.
    The 7 Different Reasons You Age (& Potent, Proven Molecules To Enhance Longevity & Slow Aging)07/25/2019
  138. 146.
    Bonus Episode: Brief Words Of Wisdom, Introspection & Insight From Ben Greenfield.07/22/2019
  139. 147.
    399: The Latest Science On Low Carb Diets, Is Fasting An Eating Disorder, Should Lean Females Fast, How To Combat Sleep Deprivation & Much More.07/20/2019
  140. 148.
    Ben Greenfield Q&A: Detox Myths, Amino Acids While Fasting, Muscle Gain Protocols, Cell Phone Dangers & Much More!07/18/2019
  141. 149.
    132 Pound Bow Draws & 3000+ Calories Burnt Per Day: How Fit Were Our Ancestors (& Where Do Plants & Grains vs. A Carnivore or Ketogenic Diet Fit In)?07/13/2019
  142. 150.
    398: Top 12 Keto Myths, The Dark Side Of Tabatas, Dad Bod, Healthy Sunscreen Alternatives & More!07/11/2019
  143. 151.
    Part 2: How To Identify The Lies That Popular Media Spews About Wellness (& My Reply To “The Most Overhyped Wellness Promises, Debunked”)07/06/2019
  144. 152.
    Part 1: How To Identify The Lies That Popular Media Spews About Wellness (& My Reply To "The Most Overhyped Wellness Promises, Debunked")07/04/2019
  145. 153.
    From Green Tea To Psilocybin: The Routines, Diet, Lifestyle, Supplements & Sage Advice From One Of The Top Natural Medicine Docs On The Face Of The Planet - The Dr. Andrew Weil Podcast.06/29/2019
  146. 154.
    Mind-Blowing Biohacks You've Never Heard Of, Deep Sleep Enhancement Tricks, Upgrading Your Immune System For Travel, Minimalist Time-Hacked Workouts & Much More!06/27/2019
  147. 155.
    The Most Proven Supplements For Performance & Recovery, Cold Water Immersion vs. Cryotherapy, The New Science of Athletic Performance & Much More!06/22/2019
  148. 156.
    How To Beat Bloating & Customize Your Diet: An Overview Of Ben Greenfield's Gut Results From Viome (& How To Know Which Foods Are Right For You)06/20/2019
  149. 157.
    How To Simulate A Full Sleep Cycle In 20 Minutes, The Best Stress Biohack That Exists, Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Much More!06/15/2019
  150. 158.
    Beyond 23&Me: A Deep Dive Into Ben Greenfield's Personal DNA Results (& How To Get Your Own Genes Interpreted)06/13/2019
  151. 159.
    16 Reasons You're Not Burning Fat (& How To Lose Weight The Right Way)06/08/2019
  152. 160.
    Ben Greenfield's Top Anti-Aging Tactics: Basic & Ancestral Strategies To Enhance Longevity06/06/2019
  153. 161.
    CBD & Cannabis Special Episode: How CBD Affects Hormones, Fat Loss, Athletic Performance, Sleep, Recovery & Much More06/01/2019
  154. 162.
    The Search For The Perfect Protein (The Surprising Truth About A Little-Known Supernutrient For Weight Loss, Mood, Fatigue, Insomnia, and More)05/30/2019
  155. 163.
    Water & Water Filtration: Everything You Need To Know About Water Filters, Alkaline Water, Structured Water, Hydrogen Rich Water, Deuterium Depleted Water & Much More!05/25/2019
  156. 164.
    Young Blood Transfers For Anti-Aging, Alzheimers, Parkinson's & More: The Future Of One Of The Most Cutting-Edge Medical Protocols That Exists05/23/2019
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