Smart Family Podcast

By Toni Nieuwhof & Dr. Rob Meeder

Do you ever feel like being at home isn’t what you thought it would be? Somehow, it just seems to fall short. You try so hard to juggle the moving pieces and keep everyone happy, but you feel like you’re surviving instead of thriving. There’s so much advice about parenting and adult relationships, it’s hard to focus on what you really need to know. Let us help you. We started The Smart Family Podcast with you in mind. We exist to offer you high quality, practical advice to help you strengthen your marriage and boost your parenting to the next level. We’ll help you understand the latest research. We’ll bring you easy-to-digest conversations with experts on family life. We’ll save you time by doing the leg work for you, so you can thrive at home.

  1. 1.
    SFP 038 | Taking Control of Your Finances To Get Rid of Debt; Transitioning to Financial Freedom; Common Mistakes Couples Make in Dealing with Money - With Stephanie Sims
  2. 2.
    SFP 037 | How Mental Illness Impacts A Marriage; Supporting a Spouse with Mental Illness; Recognizing An Unhealthy Marriage Versus a Harmful Marriage - With Dr Charity Byers
  3. 3.
    SFP 036 | The Tech Solution with Dr Shimi Kang: How To Address Toxic Tech Use In Your Family; What Happens In The Brain When Kids Are Addicted To Tech; And Why Being a Dolphin Is Better Than Being a Jellyfish.
  4. 4.
    SFP 035 | Connected Parenting with Jennifer Kolari: How to Raise a Great Kid; the CALM Technique As a Powerful Parenting Strategy
  5. 5.
    SFP 034 | Mona Delahooke on Understanding Children's Behaviour Better; Polyvagal Theory; Top-down versus Bottom-Up Behaviour; and Why Children Must Feel Safe At All Times
  6. 6.
    SFP 033 | John Acuff interviews Toni and Carey Nieuwhof on How A Marriage Can Move From Despair to Thriving, How To Leave Unhappiness Instead of Your Spouse, And Toni's Insights As A Family Law Mediator And A Former Divorce Attorney
  7. 7.
    SFP 032 | How Parenting Styles Create Shame; What "Tangled" Teaches About Shame; Why Couples Should Ask Each Other About Their Families of Origin When Starting Out Together; And Creating an Atmosphere of Acceptance - With Craig Brannan
  8. 8.
    SFP 031 | Mental Health In COVID Times with Sissy Goff - How To Distinguish Normal Teen Behaviour From Real Mental Health Issues; Why A Good Counsellor Is So Important; And How Friends Can Best Support Each Other
  1. 9.
    SFP 030 | Autism with Dr Barry Prizant - A Unique Perspective On Understanding Neurodiversity
  2. 10.
    SFP 029 | Grieving the Loss of a Baby or Child; Handling the Impact of Grief on Marriage; Best Ways to Support Others Through their Grief - with Candy McVicar
  3. 11.
    SFP 028 | Dr Russell Barkley on All Things ADHD; How ADHD Relates To Sleep, Diet & Driving; Diagnosing and Treating ADHD; And Taking Charge of ADHD by Becoming An Executive Parent
  4. 12.
    SFP 027 | Lysa TerKeurst on Forgiving What You Can't Forget; Practical Steps for Healing the Wounds that Threaten Your Marriage; How to Make Your Decision to Forgive Real and Lasting
  5. 13.
    SFP 026 | Homeschooling Pro-tips; How to Help Your Child Learn From Home; Keeping the End Goals of Education in Mind
  6. 14.
    SFP 025 | Ian Morgan Cron on How Knowing Your Personality Type Can Transform Your Marriage and Your Parenting; And Applying The Enneagram Personality Assessment Tool With Carey & Toni Nieuwhof and Rob & Rose Meeder
  7. 15.
    SFP 024 | Is Screen Use Harming your Kids?; Curbing the Impacts of Screen Use on Your Family Life; Screens, Brain Development and Critical Relationship Skills - With Arlene Pellicane
  8. 16.
    SFP 023 | How Childhood Trauma Rewires the Developing Brain; Tolerable Stress Versus Toxic Stress; and The Devastating Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse with Dr Michael Gurian
  9. 17.
    SFP 022 | Preventing Shame from Developing in Your Kids; Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children; Creating Strong Parent - Infant Bonds with Craig Brannan
  10. 18.
    SFP 021 | Raising Kids with an Instinct for Racial Justice; Lifestyle and Anti-racism; Related Parenting Best Practices and Pitfalls - with Dr Bryan Loritts and Ashlee Eiland
  11. 19.
    SFP 020 | How to Get Beyond the "I'm Sorry" That Falls Flat; How to Effectively Apologize, Forgive Each Other and Move Closer in Your Marriage - With Dr Jennifer Thomas
  12. 20.
    SFP 019 | Screen Time, Social Media, Technology and Your Kids - WIth Jeff and Wendy Henderson
  13. 21.
    SFP 018 | With Dr Gary Chapman - On How COVID-19 Has Affected Relationships; Five Simple Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage Today; And Why Taking The First Step To Improving Your Marriage Is So Hard But So Important
  14. 22.
    SFP 017 | Avoiding Toxic Conflict as a Couple; How to Make Family Fights Safe for Kids; Dodging the Lasting Impacts of Poor Communication - With Lisa Emms Wice
  15. 23.
    SFP 016 | With Dr. Kara Powell - On The Paradox Of Teens Growing Up More Quickly and More Slowly At the Same Time; Why Anxiety in Teenagers is Increasing; And A Super Practical Approach To Partnering With Our Teens
  16. 24.
    SFP 015 | On Perinatal Mental Health - How Depression and Anxiety Can Steal Away The Joy of Motherhood; How Fathers Also Struggle With Mental Health in The Perinatal Period; And How Perinatal Mental Health Is About So Much More Than Postpartum Depression
  17. 25.
    SFP 014 | With Dr Tom Phelan - Why 1-2-3 Magic as a Strategy is Effective; How Routines Promote Positive Behaviours; And Why Having Fun One-on-One with each Child is Important
  18. 26.
    SFP 013 | With Ian Morgan Cron (Part 2) - How Knowing Your Enneagram Number Can Improve Your Parenting; Your Child's Personality Development; and What Parents of Certain Enneagram Types Need to Be Mindful Of
  19. 27.
    SFP 012 | With Ian Morgan Cron (Part 1) - How The Enneagram Can Help You Grow Closer As A Couple; The Enneagram as a Tool for Personal Growth; Why Understanding How You Respond in Crisis Is Vital
  20. 28.
    SFP 011 | With Ron Deal On The Key Ingredients to Making a Blended Family Strong; How to Nurture a Relationship With A Stepchild; and Why Forcing A Relationship Too Quickly Can Lead to Disappointment
  21. 29.
    SFP 010 | With Dr JoAnne Pedro-Carroll - Helping Your Kids During and After Divorce; How to Avoid Putting Children In the Middle; and How to Co-parent for Resilience
  22. 30.
    SFP 009 | Shaunti Feldhahn on How to Stop Fighting Over Money; Understand More About Money Conflict and Your Fears; And Start Having Real Conversations About Your Finances
  23. 31.
    SFP 008 | With David Thomas on Understanding How Boys Develop; And How To Talk With (and Listen To) Boys at Every Stage
  24. 32.
    SFP 007|BONUS episode: Coronavirus and Your Kids: Advice from Dr Rob
  25. 33.
    SFP 006| "Why Anxiety in Girls Has Become So Common; The Link With Social Media; How Parents Can Make Anxiety Better (or Worse!)"
  26. 34.
    SFP 005 | BONUS Episode: Carey Nieuwhof interviews our co-hosts Dr. Rob and Toni on Avoiding Some of the Trips and Traps of Parenting: Anxiety in Kids, Healthy Tech Limits and Parent Conflict
  27. 35.
    SFP 004 | Dr Craig Brannan on How Shame has a Negative Impact on Marriage; How Vulnerability Helps Couples with Intimacy; and How Craig Uses Humility to Strengthen his Family Ties
  28. 36.
    SFP 003 | Dr Michael Sytsma on Keeping Your Sex Life Strong When Your Kids are Young; Honest Communication Helps Couples with Babies Stay Intimately Connected
  29. 37.
    SFP 002 | With Michael Gurian - Brain Science Explains Why Boys and Girls Learn Differently; Hacks on Enhancing School Success for Boys and STEM for Girls; and Nurturing Aggression but not Violence
  30. 38.
    SFP 001 | With Ross Greene - How Collaborative Problem Solving Will Help You Parent Better, Rethinking Rules and Rewards and Why Listening to your Child is So Important.
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    Introducing the Smart Family Podcast!

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