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to help you get unstuck, become prosperous, find love, good fortune and bring opportunities to your life with easy feng shui changes to your home and office.

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Creating good feng shui that promotes wealth, happiness, and opportunities can extend way beyond your front door or the way you arrange your bedroom. Feng shui can be incorporated in the accessories in your home to the car and clothing colors you select. Once I began making feng shui my lifestyle, I noticed that make those choices made more of a positive impact.

Dec 1

28 min 15 sec

Good feng shui at Thanksgiving allows involves showing gratitude and thanks for those who are important in your life.  Your spouse, children, parents, siblings, close friends, and neighbors.  There is no better way to have good feng shui during the holidays than to connect with those who matter to you most in a grateful and thankful manner!

Nov 24

29 min 16 sec

If you’re confused by feng shui and about how to assign the corners of your home, you’ll be happy to know that there is a secret weapon in the feng shui arsenal: the compass. Some feng shui experts recommend locating all the sectors of your home by orienting off the door to the room, or the direction of the house by assigning the front as north. This can often be confusing because there may be more than one entryway to a room, and what if your front door actually faces west or southeast?

Nov 17

28 min 27 sec

There are two elements that are key in feng shui: Fire and Water. The importance of water has been covered at length, but the element of fire is often overlooked, though it shouldn’t be. Fire is an essential element and brings many benefits. It keeps us warm and cooks our food. The color of fire is red and the color red activates, effectively turning the power on to wherever it’s used or placed. Using it the right way can bring material rewards, recognition, fame, pleasure, and happiness. 

Nov 10

32 min 28 sec

The month of November 2021 is a dress rehearsal for the 2022 Year of the Tiger. Energies for the month of November 2021 will be the same energies for all of 2022. Understanding your home and zodiac sign with a brief look and peek behind the curtain into 2022.

Nov 3

43 min 6 sec

Water is the element you need to help assist you with creating a transformation. Water is powerful for change. It's what we’re nourished in and born out of as babies in our mothers’ wombs. In feng shui, water is like a mirror of chi, only it is seen whereas chi is unseen. When we want is a change in our lives, it's water that has the power to wipe our slate clean and deliver us to a new reality. Look at how a single drop of water has the power to cast a ripple across a wide expanse.

Oct 27

31 min 40 sec

Seasons are very meaningful in feng shui, and the fall is one that is full of prosperity and good fortune symbolism.  In the west, many homeowners like to decorate their homes with decorations of fall and around harvest themes. The look and feel of these decorations are one of abundance and prosperity, but they also bring great feng shui and augur good fortune for your home and family.

Oct 20

31 min 22 sec

Too often we fall into the rut of day by day living to the point that we can’t imagine anything different or anything better and our life’s vision gets cut off. Most of the time, the thought of something better in our lives never enters the picture because we’re so busy just trying to get through the day, get the bills paid on time, the kids fed, car gassed, and attend to all the other little details of our life that the big things slip silently by, and we can’t see anything different for ourselves.

Oct 12

36 min 59 sec

A house that is still and quiet is the type of home that creates yin energy – and over time that kind of energy can depress the person with even the brightest and happiest outlook. To lift the energy of your home, try incorporating the clear, pure sounds of a singing bowl or brass bell. The sound of a bell or singing bowl emits a tonal frequency that cuts through yin energy and dispels it from your home.

Oct 6

36 min 9 sec

In feng shui, deferred maintenance on a house means deferred money. In other words, if you’ve put off replacing that cracked window or cutting down a dead tree, you’re likely not receiving all the money you could be if your home were in good repair. Why is repairing your home so important to feng shui? In a word: chi. The chi, or energy, of a home declines when it’s got leaking faucets or roof, when the paint is peeling or when it’s dirty and cluttered.

Sep 29

34 min 12 sec

Stairways do more than just provide a way for us to get from one floor to the other. If placed properly, stairways can help the energy that exists in our home, called chi, to move up and down easily and smoothly. If stairways are not done well, they can inhibit the proper flow of energy throughout the home. Worse still, poor stairways can create problems or even harm us.

Sep 22

26 min 20 sec

Every school year parents and students dutifully trudge through the malls in search of the perfect sneaker or the cool new outfit for the coming school year. However, it’s unlikely that the new shoe or shirt will benefit them as much as a new design in the bedroom. That’s because a bedroom makeover will create new interest and energy – what feng shui calls “chi” – in the bedroom that will benefit a child.  

Sep 15

32 min 42 sec

There’s a lot of talk about women entrepreneurs and business owners these days, but do they have special feng shui needs? Absolutely. Women are opening businesses at a record pace. They account for $1.9 trillion dollars in sales, and they employ almost 8 million people (

Sep 8

17 min 18 sec

Trees are an important life source and vital members of our outdoor community. Often called “the lungs of the Earth,” trees take the carbon dioxide that we breathe out and return it to us as oxygen. They also prevent groundwater run-off and soil erosion. It is obvious that trees are a crucial part of our living Earth and treasured members of our landscape family.

Sep 1

22 min 55 sec

One of the most common concerns in feng shui is an energy block, such as a tree opposite a door, or a wall facing the door of your home. Blocks can stop and prevent energy from moving properly and will cause blocks to everything ranging from pregnancy to money, illness to opportunity. However, the same could be said of energy siphons, but unlike blocks, siphons can actually cause serious harm. Energy siphons are the holes and drains on your home – and your life’s – feng shui that prevent income, happiness, success, marriage or good health.

Aug 25

30 min 1 sec

One of the greatest joys in life is friendship. It’s one of the aspirations of feng shui – the gift and wealth of having friends and enjoying an active social life. This area is reflected in the south sector of the house. This sector also refers to the fame and recognition area of the home, as well as your reputation and family name. Having friends to do fun things with, share your troubles with and who you enjoy being with truly is a gift. But what happens when your social life has dwindled and you find that you don’t have as many friends as you once had, or maybe you’d like to find people who you enjoy spending time with?

Aug 18

27 min 7 sec

This is a COVID update for the continuing health concerns and worries caused by the coronavirus.  The new COVID delta variant continues to make the coronavirus one to be focused on and to take steps to ensure your continued safety as we encounter additional work stoppages, shelter in place confinement, and quarantines. Right now, it’s a good idea to make sure you follow the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control guidelines to help ensure you and your family’s safety.

Aug 11

27 min 51 sec

One of the most critical concepts in watching your star rise? You have to see it to believe it. Fame and recognition belong to the eyes and heart in feng shui. It’s why movie stars and celebrities captivate us; all eyes and cameras are on them. Even if you’re not on the big screen and paparazzi don’t follow you around, you can surround yourself with your own success, and that influences the energy around you, and that ripples out into the world.

Aug 4

22 min 5 sec

There are many questions about how to divide up your home when you are trying to understand its feng shui but no more so than when you have an open concept home. When you have a home that’s open concept, how do you apply feng shui to a large open space?

Jul 14

22 min 27 sec

In addition to the life benefits it provides, feng shui also offers a roadmap, so to speak, of not just how to decorate your space, but why, and this is never more important than it is when it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom. Naturally, children must feel safe, secure, and cared for to thrive, and feng shui offers guidelines that help foster those feelings. Feng shui believes that children can enjoy good health, growth, and happiness when the environment supports them.

Jul 7

34 min 17 sec

Another fascinating aspect of feng shui is to see the correlation between your life and your body.  Even more interestingly, your body has a way of talking to you in feng shui terms just like your home does. Many times before we take a big step in our life – especially a step that requires our faith and courage – we become ill. Illness isn’t always a sign that something’s wrong. Instead, it’s often a sign of our growth. It’s your body’s way of pulling in and helping itself to marshal its full energy before taking on a big endeavor.

Jun 30

30 min 24 sec

It’s no secret that a successful relationship can be the key to happiness. But sometimes, even the strongest of relationships needs some help from time to time. Feng shui is an ancient art and science that has been used for centuries to create harmony in both homes and businesses. It can also be used as a way to enhance your bedroom and love life to improve intimacy with your partner.

Jun 23

30 min 55 sec

The allure and fascination with beauty has captivated philosophers, artists, and poets for millennia. The beauty of a woman’s physical being has long been a source of esteem and admiration, but we also need our homes to be a source of beauty and inspiration. This type of beauty can be explained by the concept of beautiful energy, called sheng chi. Sheng chi is a positive and beneficial chi energy that brings benefits wherever it exists, and it’s the secret ingredient in every beautiful home.

Jun 18

27 min 51 sec

When life is frustrating and it seems like you can’t break out of a pattern of frustrations and problems, the energy that needs to change in our life is your personal energy. Feng shui has an amazing ability to provide opportunities and shifts in your life when you work with it, but if you are stuck in a personal energy trap, you may find that when the opportunities do come along, you may let them go by, not follow up, or that you fail to take advantage of what is presented to you. That’s why it’s so important to look at both your personal energy as well as the energy of your home in feng shui.

Jun 9

29 min 5 sec

There are times in life when it seems like all the odds are stacked against you. The world may feel like it’s turned its back on you, or that whatever you touch doesn’t work out. Maybe things keep breaking or relationships are challenging you at every turn. Sometimes something we don’t expect happens: an accident, a serious disease, or a natural disaster. Whatever the cause, when the bad luck of your life seems to stack up like cars in rush hour it’s hard not to feel desperation creeping in.

Jun 2

22 min 31 sec

Feeling dedicated to your job and life is admirable. But there are times when it just all becomes too much. It might start with feeling frustrated, rushed, and aggravated. Or, you may simply feel anxious like the other shoe is going to drop…all the time. When this happens, it’s a good sign that you are reaching burnout.

May 26

28 min

Feng shui is often called the Chinese “art of placement.” But it is deceptively deep. There is so much depth to feng shui that at first blush it’s easy to just chalk it up as a decorating method or fun esoteric technique. The number one relates to the north and to water. It is associated with the wave shape. That’s because even one small change can create big waves! The number one is a special number in feng shui because it relates to transformation.

May 19

21 min 58 sec

The Bagua map that’s most widely used to apply to our home and to determine where our love, wealth, and opportunity or career sectors are can also be used to apply to the body. Each sector of the Bagua corresponds to a portion of your body. When there are problems in a particular portion of your home, they can often times show up as a problem you have with your health.

May 12

33 min 14 sec

Basements, while useful, can possess an energy that is literally like the room itself in that it’s below the ground. There are other things to contend with such as a lack of natural light, low ceilings, or the presence of extra moisture. Adding the proper feng shui elements will help protect the health and well-being of all who spend time in a basement environment.

May 5

22 min 5 sec

Wind chimes are one of feng shui's hardest working remedies. Their role is to bring aid in many forms - from lifting chi from a troubled area to suppressing energy in corners where there are negative stars to bringing you good news and help from influential people! With all they can do, wind chimes are a valuable source and important tool in your feng shui arsenal. In short, wind chimes have two main roles: to cure or energize.  

Apr 28

29 min 20 sec

All plants have benefits, but there are some guidelines that will help you place your plants in your home auspiciously, including plants for wealth and prosperity.  Very often a room without a plant appears lifeless and sterile, but the question isn’t so much about which are good and which are bad feng shui plants, but it's how and where they’re placed that matters most.

Apr 21

26 min 52 sec

If finding the right love and a soulmate to share your life is what you’re looking for but you haven’t found it yet, try feng shui. When you’re ready for a serious commitment, use these tips for attracting love and set your intention for activating your home with a forever love energy. By activating the love corner of your home, you can create the kind of energy that attracts love and helps you manifest your soulmate and loving partner in life.

Apr 14

33 min 46 sec

Finding a way to improve your home’s look and feel is an important part of feng shui. Although the art of placement is often about making changes to your home to create a change in your life, sometimes we need to change our homes simply because we don’t like the way they look or function. You don’t have to have a reason to employ feng shui other than you simply want to go from an environment that you endure or put up with to one you enjoy. Simply put, tolerating your home creates negative energy.

Apr 7

24 min 48 sec

In feng shui, the springtime holds the energy of ripening chi. There are rituals and activities that are suited for the spring season. The energy of the sun begins growing stronger, the days become longer, and the earth shows its growing energy in blooming flowers, trees blossoming with bright green leaves, and nature coming alive again. Look at these suggestions for creating new growth energy and working with the growing and ripening chi of springtime.

Mar 31

28 min 46 sec

There are many people who consider themselves lucky and just as many who don’t. Luck may seem like it only happens to certain people or those people born under a lucky star. Yet, others seem to have luck at their command. In the West, luck is often viewed as something you either have or don’t have, and the thinking is that if you don’t have luck, you’re not going to change that. But that’s not the Eastern view of luck. In Asia, and in particular, China, luck is viewed as a trinity.

Mar 24

30 min 59 sec

The southeast sector is one of feng shui’s most favored corners of the bagua. Called the wealth sector, this corner is related to money you save such as investments, and the money you grow. Money for these purposes is often linked to IRA’s, 401Ks, and other investments. This sector's about the growth of prosperity and new ways to earn money. The southeast corner relates to money you want to save, invest, and grow for the future.

Mar 17

20 min 52 sec

The front door plays a very special role in feng shui. Often described as the “mouth of chi,” the front door, is the entryway for energy, wealth, and opportunity into your home. Learn the key points, including the colors of prosperity, for your front door.

Mar 10

17 min 37 sec

We are headed into our first full month of the Ox! It comes in with a dose of romanticism, hearts, and flowers. The education and romance star glides into the center heavenly heart sector, just in time to help lift our energy and add some optimism and lightness. All of this with the March 2021 feng shui flying star energies and horoscopes.

Mar 3

36 min 9 sec

The northeast is the corner of education and wisdom.  Enhancing this corner will help you make better decisions and improve your quality of thought.  It's also the personal growth corner.

Feb 17

16 min 41 sec

Of the eight aspirations, the two most often asked about are money and love. These two areas of life have a major stake in our happiness, especially our relationships. You can buy almost anything, but you can’t buy love. Having love luck in your life and relationships is a type of fulfillment that can only be given from one person to another.

Feb 10

24 min 24 sec

At the Lunar New Year, there is so much preparation around the house with the cleaning, repairing, and decluttering. But once the days wind down close to the Chinese or Lunar New Year, it’s time to concentrate on having fun, decorating your house to welcome the new year, and enjoying small simple rituals that augur good fortune and that celebrate the energy of the coming year. Let’s talk about ways you create wonderful good fortune energy in your home with some fun and easy decorations.

Feb 3

31 min 1 sec

The Chinese, or more correctly, the Lunar New Year is the annual celebration that coincides with the first New Moon of the year. For many Chinese and Asians, this is a very auspicious time – a birthday, actually, of the New Year. This birthday, when observed correctly, is believed to usher in good luck and abundance all year long.

Jan 27

24 min 25 sec

The New Year is always a time of reprioritizing and refocusing on the coming year. The Lunar New Year, sometimes called “Chinese New Year,” is also a time of taking great care to prepare yourself and your house for the coming shift in energies we move from one year to another.  

Jan 20

37 min 24 sec

The start of the Lunar New Year has a long history of rituals and observations with making repairs and deep cleaning topping the list in preparation for the start of the Lunar New Year.  A great emphasis is placed on cleaning as a way of preparing the home for the new energy coming in and for removing last year’s old, stagnant energy.

Jan 13

25 min 54 sec

There are so many questions about what matters the most in feng shui, and they’re all understandable. It seems like there’s one rule and then another takes that rule away. So, when it comes to personal feng shui, annual and monthly feng shui, afflictions, and form feng shui, how do you manage the feng shui priorities?

Jan 6

34 min 47 sec

Everyone wants to know at the beginning of the feng shui new year, will the year of the ox be a lucky year? It’s a fair question too. But let’s start in the current year where the reigning 7 star is doubled as it moves into 2021, and was a contributor to the pandemic we’re in currently. You could say that the 7’s energy was similar to tinnitus.

Dec 2020

28 min 10 sec

Everyone wants to know at the beginning of the feng shui new year, will the year of the ox be a lucky year? It’s a fair question too. But let’s start in the current year where the reigning 7 star is doubled as it moves into 2021, and was a contributor to the pandemic we’re in currently. You could say that the 7’s energy was similar to tinnitus.

Dec 2020

32 min 12 sec

Every year is a new set of energies and challenges. These are often characterized by the element and the animal sign of the year. In 2021, that animal is the ox. The sign teaches us about what will help us be more successful in the year ahead, and by adapting the qualities of the animal, we can make the year go more smoothly. This episode highlights the reigning 6 star, also known as the Heavenly Fortune Star, for 2021

Dec 2020

24 min 8 sec

Every year is a new set of energies and challenges. These are often characterized by the element and the animal sign of the year. In 2021, that animal is the ox. The sign teaches us about what will help us be more successful in the year ahead, and by adapting the qualities of the animal, we can make the year go more smoothly.

Dec 2020

31 min 47 sec

Few things are as lovely as a beautifully set dining room table filled with gleaming china, crystal, and silver. It coveys a special feeling when you sit at a table that is as beautifully set and prepared as a special holiday meal. There can be no doubt that your dining room is an important room in the house for daily dining and special celebrations and holidays. That’s why dining room feng shui matters.

Nov 2020

28 min 3 sec