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Dr. Elliot Goldstein and Shanti Skiffington discuss the future of medicine for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases with the world's leading researchers.

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This episode is a recording of the White Paper: Perspective on Aducanumab’s Nov. 6 Advisory Committee, read by Shanti Skiffington.

Nov 2020

21 min 56 sec

This week Shanti and Eliot talk to Dr. Scott Napper, Professor of Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology at the University of Saskatchewan, about the future of an Alzheimer’s Vaccine.

Oct 2020

12 min

On today's episode, Shanti and Eliot talk to Dr. Neil Cashman about a vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease and how that fits into the detection, treatment, and prevention of the disease.

Oct 2020

8 min 54 sec

Shanti and Eliot talk to Dr. Josè Luis Molinuevo of the BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Center about his experience at AAIC, and the presentation he gave on biomarkers.

Sep 2020

12 min 40 sec

This week, Shanti and Eliot talk to founder and CEO of Unlearn, Charles Fisher. They discuss how artificial intelligence can effect Alzheimer's drug research.

Jul 2020

24 min 42 sec

Episode Notes Shanti and Elliot talk to Dr. James Kupiec about a diagnostics test for Alzheimer's disease.

Jul 2020

17 min 18 sec

Episode Notes Shanti and Elliot discuss recent developments in antibody testing for Covid-19

Jun 2020

18 min 15 sec

Elliot and Shanti talk to Johanne Kaplan about a new way to attack ALS and other protein misfolding diseases,

May 2020

10 min 45 sec

This week Shanti and Elliot discuss Intrabodies with Dr. Johanne Kaplan

Apr 2020

12 min

Dr. Jim Kupiec explains why there is nothing to worry about regarding the recent news about aducanumab.

Apr 2020

12 min 41 sec

Shanti and Elliot announce that ProMIS is beginning to develop a test for Covid-19. They discuss how ProMIS can leverage its existing expertise.

Apr 2020

18 min 46 sec

We are re-releasing a popular episode about Biomarkers and how they work!

Mar 2020

13 min 18 sec

Shanti and Elliot talk to Dr. José Luis Molinuevo of the BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Center on the Future of Alzheimer's Disease

Mar 2020

27 min 49 sec

Dr. Stephen Salloway and Dr. James Kupiec reflect on Aducanumab, the exciting progress that has been made in the AD research community over the last 20 years, and the future of AD research.

Feb 2020

23 min 5 sec

This week Shanti and Elliot talk to Dr. Sharon Cohen, director of Toronto Memory Program. They discuss the recent news surrounding aducanumab, as well as Dr. Cohen's recent trip to CTAD.

Dec 2019

32 min 8 sec

This week Shanti and Elliot discuss the data behind Biogen's recent decision to revive their Aducanumab study.

Nov 2019

18 min 25 sec

This week Shanti and Johanne discuss the recent news coming out of Biogen and how Neuroinflammation relates to Alzheimer's.

Nov 2019

13 min 40 sec

This week Shanti and Elliot talk to Dr. Lary Walker, a research professor at Emory University. They discuss what Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more have in common.

Oct 2019

17 min 48 sec

This week Shanti and Elliot are joined by Brain Canada's CEO Inez Jabalpurwala. They discuss the wonderful work that Brain Canada has been doing, and the next steps in the search for a cure for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other diseases.

Sep 2019

20 min

This week Shanti and Elliot discuss Multiple System Atrophy, prions and how greater understanding of each can help other neurodegenerative diseases.

Aug 2019

15 min 57 sec

This week Shanti is joined by Dr. James Kupiec, Chief Medical Officer at ProMIS Neurosciences. Shanti and Dr. Kupiec do a deep dive on Biomarkers and discuss recent research coming out of AAIC.

Aug 2019

16 min 34 sec

Elliot is back to discuss the TDP43 protein, which has been implicated in the development of a recently discovered form of dementia as well as ALS. Shanti and Elliot talk about why TDP43 is important, and the efforts to neutralize the misfolded protein in the brain before it can destroy brain cells.

Aug 2019

14 min 2 sec

This week Shanti and Dr. Johanne Kaplan recap AAIC 2019 and discuss the exciting data that came out of the conference. For more information check out

Jul 2019

13 min 22 sec

This week Shanti and Johanne preview AAIC and discuss what the hot topics at the conference are expected to be.

Jul 2019

8 min 41 sec

This week Shanti discusses some of the most exciting news coming out of the recent 2019 Keystone Symposia with Dr. Johanne Kaplan.

Jun 2019

19 min 19 sec

Shanti is joined by Dr. Johanne Kaplan, the Chief Development Officer at ProMIS Neurosciences. The two discuss Dr. Kaplan's career, and the current challenges researchers must tackle as they continue their search for a way to stop Alzheimer's disease. The two also discuss Dr. Kaplan's recent paper on the importance of selectivity in drug development for Alzheimer's.

Jun 2019

23 min 59 sec

Toxic tau and amyloid-beta are the two most validated drug targets for an Alzheimers disease therapy. Elliot and Shanti discuss tau, its role as a root cause of Alzheimer's disease and its involvement in 80 other diseases known as tauopathies.

May 2019

13 min 53 sec

Dr. Goldstein and Shanti breakdown the news of the week. This week they discuss two major late-stage failures for promising Alzheimer's drugs, a new syndrome that is similar to Alzheimer's, and some important biomarker developments.

May 2019

15 min 8 sec

This is part two of our exploration of biomarkers. Elliot and Shanti discuss how biomarkers work and how they will play a critical role in the future of drug development for the various brain-wasting diseases.

Mar 2019

13 min 18 sec

Dr. Goldstein and Shanti discuss why biomarkers are becoming increasingly important in the medical community. They also discuss how biomarkers are uniquely important in the quest for a cure for Alzheimer's.

Mar 2019

13 min 16 sec

This week Dr. Goldstein and Shanti discuss Parkinson's disease. They discuss the underlying cause of Parkinson's, treatment options, side effects and the connection between Parkinson's and Alzheimer's

Mar 2019

15 min 10 sec

This week our hosts Dr. Elliot Goldstein MD and Shanti Skiffington provide a summary of the current efforts to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease.

Feb 2019

14 min 10 sec