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The only podcast hyperfocused on parcel shipping for supply chain and IT professionals in the e-commerce, manufacturing, third-party logistics and healthcare industries.

Listen in as parcel shipping experts discuss supply chain trends, carrier compliance, delivery speed, technological advancements and more.

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In this month's episode of ProShip ParcelCast, host John Wells, ProShip Head of Strategic Partnerships, is joined by Bill Schroeder, President of ProShip, and Amy Tennent, Senior Director of Product Management at Manhattan Associates to discuss fulfillment optimization and honoring customer delivery promises.   Amy, John and Bill begin the conversation by touching on the new realities for omnichannel retailers and the technical agility it requires to respond to the digital expectations customers have today. They then dive into inventory availability, planning and optimization and the challenges retailers face with regards to using alternative fulfillment options, such as ship-from-store and BOPIS (and the labor needed).

Nov 2

35 min 36 sec

In this month’s episode of ProShip ParcelCast, host John Wells, ProShip Head of Strategic Partnerships, is joined by Clint Boaz, ProShip Senior Sales Engineer, and Michael Falls, the Director of Global Strategic Solutions at enVista to breakdown dynamic BI solutions. Clint and Michael start the conversation by giving listeners are detailed breakdown of the difference between business information and Business Intelligence (BI) with the concept of, “Data Rich, Information Poor.” In a systematic manner, they go through problems and solutions for BI – helping to understand why you need a BI service, how it can be personalized for your unique and individual business, and what kind of baseline you can establish to measure the impact of optimization. They also give examples of how picking the right partner can make or break your BI journey (hint: finding the right fit is about more than just technology alignment)!

Sep 28

40 min 31 sec

Any shipper that has been through a hectic peak season knows that the key to any good strategy is flexibility. The current shipping landscape requires shippers to have options so that they can pivot and adapt depending on capacity and carrier coverage considerations. But how can having more options enable elasticity in your shipping approach? With top multi-carrier shipping software customers touting a decreased operational risk and mitigated shipping expenses, a blueprint for progress towards optimizing your shipping strategy is necessary.   In this month’s episode of ProShip ParcelCast, host John Wells, ProShip Head of Strategic Partnerships, and ProShip Co-Founder, Justin Cramer, are joined by Nate Skiver, Founder of LPF Spend Management.     Justin and Nate have a detailed discussion breaking down the keys to navigating common carrier concerns including budgeting, capacity, and constraints. They delve into proven successful strategies like carrier diversification and how to simplify the process. (Hint: A good system is simple, not necessarily easy.) With budgeting at the forefront of so many peak planning processes, the experts give tips for prep work and planning when looking at your finances. They also address contract negotiations and how to take control of your diversified list of carriers to create the best possible shipping negotiation scenarios. Both Justin and Nate connect real-world examples of how our current ecosystem, and the factors affecting it, should determine your pivoting strategies – providing impactful benefits to the customer experience and intentional investments toward your future supply chain needs.

Aug 25

56 min 10 sec

Anyone who has been following the final-mile delivery space can recognize the volatility and unpredictability of this part of the supply chain industry. With new start-ups and national-alternative carriers coming and going relatively quickly, shippers have had to have flexibility in their supply chain and the ability to adapt and shift carriers easily and quickly. So how can shippers build a flexible yet reliable shipping strategy to combat the ebb and flow that different parts of the industry may be seeing? Listen to our latest ParcelCast to hear ProShip’s take on strategic preparedness with Co-Founder, Justin Cramer, and John Wells, Head of Strategic Parnerships, both of ProShip. With a last-minute cancellation from a guest (a regional carrier who is recently no longer part of the industry), ProShip owns this discussion as they examine the history of the carrier ecosystem and what ties this has to the more modern landscape. Taking it one step further, Cramer and Wells address some of the problems facing shippers today and share solutions for these on-going issues. They break down specific steps for preparing a stable parcel shipping strategy (hint: it involves a department outside of Logistics and IT). Listen in to find out more!

Jul 27

27 min 50 sec

It’s been long proven that forming strong vendor partnerships makes smart financial sense. 50% of companies in a recent global research study reported that they consistently get the best people, best pricing, and best ideas from their key suppliers, gaining a competitive advantage to their competitors. Afterall, in an increasingly competitive global ecosystem, collaboration is how top businesses win. So how does that collaboration translate to customer value? Listen to our latest ParcelCast to learn how elite global supply chain partner, Open Sky Group, supported by the ProShip solution, has deployed industry-leading concepts and best practices for top customers. This ParcelCast episode features ProShip’s Tony Verrill and guest, Shannon Caflisch, Vice President of Sales at Open Sky Group, as they explore the mutually beneficial partnership between the two top companies. Listeners can expect to hear details of the modern landscape of WMS, as well as how supportive vendor partnerships and synergies can propel business for parcel shippers. Open Sky Group gives a glimpse behind the curtain to their effective and successful project approach and tips for the upcoming peak season.

Jun 30

38 min

With experts saying the shopping preference for online over brick-and-mortar will continue, businesses should facilitate access to all channels of their supply chain and take advantage of growing markets. One such channel to consider is Canada, the tenth-largest economy in the world. Since the consumer audience is (in many ways) similar to the United States, Canada is an attractive market for US- based companies. With the Canadian market as an additional source of revenue for your business, you’ll increase resilience during a possible crisis (such as the pandemic). This ParcelCast episode features ProShip’s Justin Cramer and Jeff Lukaszewski as they dive into the Canadian market and why it’s the most likely natural extension of your base business. Our ProShip shipping experts are joined by guest executives, Becky Roesle and Rosemary Hill of Purolator International (see guest bios below). Together, these logistics professionals provide an in-depth look at both the B2B and B2C sector of the Canadian market. They also share advantages to working with Purolator International in assisting with consolidated clearance into Canada. Listen in to learn about what the “COVID effect” has had on consumer behavior in Canada (think: acceleration)!

May 26

40 min 47 sec

As the trend continues towards consumers going online to shop, shippers need to be aware of the ramifications for any dangerous goods shipments they may now be processing or are processing unsafely or incorrectly. The foundation for understanding the implications that DG shipping may bring starts with understanding dangerous goods themselves, and what regulatory requirements may apply. In this ProShip ParcelCast episode, ProShip’s Justin Cramer and Clint Boaz examine DG shipping with an expert in the field, Kristen Dapore of Labelmaster Software. They provide the most up-to-date knowledge on dangerous goods including what they are and how to classify dangerous goods, how to store the related data, how to safely execute a shipment and why automating that process is so important and advantageous to your business. Be sure to listen in to understand how DG mistakes could affect your bottom line (hint: six-figure fines)!

Apr 21

49 min 49 sec

Many retailers and consumer goods companies struggle to implement new operational capabilities and associated technologies, most often by underestimating the enterprise impact. A program manager, whether internal or external, is the key to completely understanding how monumental this change is – companies are likely adjusting how every package is shipped. In this ProShip ParcelCast episode, Justin Cramer, ProShip’s Co-Founder, confers with consultant expert, Josh Mayer, Managing Partner and Founder of Summit Advisory Team, about the top three pitfalls commonly observed when implementing new technologies and how to avoid them. During this conversation, they also touch on Business Intelligence and the importance of leveraging data into actionable insight.

Mar 24

29 min 17 sec

The global pandemic has shaken supply chain industries to their core and pushed ahead the rise of unified commerce. For most businesses, this past year has highlighted parcel shipping challenges or lapses in the retail supply chain, setting a foundation for the importance of agility and visibility by using omnichannel fulfillment strategies. In this episode of ProShip ParcelCast, ProShip’s Co-Founder, Justin Cramer, along with the President of Jesta I.S., Arvind Gupta, touch on the omnichannel shipping challenges seen in both the B2C and B2B markets and what kind of visibility expectations consumers are looking for in 2021. They also share how to offer same-view information on inventory in real-time to all parts of the supply chain.

Feb 23

45 min 42 sec

The 2020 peak season presented shippers with a unique set of challenges. From already booming e-commerce business to an unprecedented disruption in supply chains due to the global pandemic, businesses of all types had to adapt to a quickly evolving shipping landscape.  In this episode of ProShip ParcelCast, experts from ProShip along with Mark Taylor from enVista perform a postmortem on 2020 peak parcel shipping with a focus on capacity constraints, carriers severing contracts and the inability of shippers to get packages out the door. They also touch on how operational constraints affect strategy and provide actionable solutions to the shipping pains experienced in 2020. Don't forget to register for our upcoming webinar with enVista, where we take a deeper dive into these topics and answer some questions from the audience! To register, visit

Jan 20

39 min 46 sec

Automation plays a huge role in the world of supply chain distribution. In a traditional sense, you may be thinking of automatic equipment like conveyors or autonomous vehicles. However, Accelogix looks at software-driven automation and poses the question, "Yes the different software solutions within your technology stack work, but do they work together?"   Join us for a special New Year's Eve bonus episode of ProShip ParcelCast as Justin Cramer, Co-Founder of ProShip, interviews Ryan Kirklewski, COO of Accelogix, on software-driven automation, optimization, labor and LogistiVIEW, as they relate to supply chain distribution.

Dec 2020

45 min 56 sec

If you started 2020 with a shipping plan, that plan likely got thrown out the window. As the peak season comes to a close, shippers are scrambling to build new strategies in terms of managing high parcel volume and find new ways to deliver e-commerce orders to customers should trends continue into 2021.   Join parcel shipping experts Bill Schroeder from ProShip and Rick Hernandez from Pitney Bowes as they discuss the 2020 peak shipping season and moving into 2021 as it relates to parcel capacity constraints, shipping costs, carrier control and the customer experience.

Dec 2020

35 min 50 sec

For years companies have regularly negotiated exclusive shipping contracts with major carriers who handle all their parcel shipping needs. Shippers benefited from predictable costs and delivery guarantees, and carriers could more easily forecast volume and revenue. But times have changed. There's been a steep rise in parcel shipping volume due to online shopping surges from the pandemic, along with overall increases in e-commerce. The major carriers can no longer maintain the speed and reliability that consumers demand and have imposed multiple surcharges, as well as parcel volume capacity limits on shippers, leaving them in desperate need of a true multi-carrier strategy involving regional carriers. Join parcel shipping experts Justin Cramer from ProShip and Josh Dinneen from LaserShip as they discuss the evolution of regional carriers and their service-level differences, e-commerce industry changes and new customer onboarding timelines for the carriers.

Nov 2020

30 min 44 sec

This year we have all grasped for the elusive crystal ball that will give us 20/20 vision for what lies ahead. 2020 has already presented e-tailers with unusual challenges and opportunities, with uncertainty being one of the few certain aspects of the business environment. As this unprecedented year has progressed, the peak holiday shipping season has loomed on the horizon. Peak 2020 will be upon us in several short weeks. The bad news is that the challenges facing shippers this peak are substantial. The good news is that those challenges are starting to shape up a bit more to give shippers some time to prepare. Crystal ball aside, recent industry headlines concerning the major carriers have shed light on some of the obstacles in the road ahead. Join parcel shipping experts Justin Cramer and Clint Boaz from ProShip as they discuss... similarities to peak season 2013, peak 2020 issues and challenges, planning for 2021 and more.

Oct 2020

34 min 11 sec