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Every two weeks, Specialty Café connects medical students to Royal College specialists and residents. Created and hosted by med students, this series provides a glimpse into the reality of a day in the life of both a specialist and a resident.

Who knows – you might find your chosen specialty!

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Apart from the obvious clinical expertise - an Anesthesiologist needs to be empathetic, calm, a multi-tasker (physically & mentally), and quick on their feet! Join Andrew Pauls, Dr. Richard Alexander, FRCPC, and Dr. Raphael Rivière (PGY 3) as they dive into the joys and challenges of this rewarding specialty. Do you see yourself working with an incredibly broad population? Do you crave diversity and unpredictability in your day? Does the idea of putting people out of pain appeal to you? Not only do our guests share their professional expertise - they impart some words of wisdom for your health care journey. In a nutshell - working in medicine is a privilege. Take the wins and enjoy the journey!

Nov 19

42 min 21 sec

Dr. Jana Taylor, FRCPC and Dr. Joyce Zaftis (PGY-4) demystify this diverse specialty called Diagnostic Radiology. For one thing - these specialists do see patients! Join Christina Toma as she learns about the joys and challenges of this ever-changing, demanding, and extremely satisfying specialty. It's not unusual to tackle trauma, oncology, inflammatory disease, and congenital disease all in one day. To get into this program you don't necessarily need to be a 'techie' or a physics wizard! You'll learn all this. But you do need to be a visual learner, a problem solver, detail-oriented, and of course a good communicator! Who knows - this episode might point you in a whole new career direction!  

Nov 5

33 min 47 sec

If a doctor isn't happy in their career choice - they simply can't serve their patients properly. Join Dr. Christopher O'Brien, FRCPC as he shares his love of Nuclear Medicine. Even after 27 years of practice, he still looks forward to each and every day. Dr. O'Brien and host Andrew Pauls delve into professional and personal aspects of life in medicine - and in particular about the need to keep an open mind about how medicine is practiced. This episode definitely talks about isotopes - but there is so much more to Nuclear Medicine! You never know - this specialty mind be that hidden gem you never knew about!

Oct 22

34 min 24 sec

Hear about the role of art & science in General Surgery in both rural and academic settings! Who would have thought that compassion and humility are amongst the most important qualities of a General Surgeon. Being able to partner with patients as they navigate their health journey is simply a privilege. Join Andrew Pauls as sits down to an enlightening discussion with Dr. Yemi Laosebikan, FRCSC and Dr. Joshua Hefler (PGY-3). We learn how the Hippocratic Oath has steered a life of dedication and gratitude.  Our guests talk about about the professional and clinical side of this specialty. They share the  very human aspects of being a General Surgeon. Every day is different but so gratifying with plenty of joy.

Oct 6

34 min 46 sec

Our guests describe Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation as a magical specialty. What could be better than getting up every day with the intention of optimizing the quality of your patients' lives? Join host Haley Eckel as she unpacks the mysteries of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation with two passionate doctors from Alberta: Dr. Jaime Yu, FRCPC and Dr. Yasmin Chishti (PGY4…now PGY-5!). It's no secret that fate has steered our guests toward this fulfilling specialty. A career in medicine can be tough - but Physiatry offers immense joy too. A bonus: it really is possible to have a healthy work/life balance. Who knows - Physiatry just might be your path!

Sep 22

27 min 46 sec

Specialty Café - Summer Break: Specialty Café is on a short break and will be back in September! Host Andrew Pauls reflects on previous episodes and gives a glimpse into upcoming discussions on the day in the life of Royal College specialists and residents. We look forward to connecting with you soon. Stay safe.    

Aug 6

1 min 25 sec

Choosing Ophthalmology as your specialty offers an abundance of career routes and opportunities. Dr. Colin Mann, FRCSC (Ophthalmologist, Bridgewater, NS) and Dr. Eri Celo, FRCSC, (PGY-4, Ophthalmology, Dalhousie University) share their passion for this specialty. They give insight into the patient population (pediatric through to geriatric) and the incredible satisfaction of improving the lives of their patients. Join host Haley Eckel as she gets tips and advice on life in general, and learns what makes a good candidate for an Ophthalmology residency program. If you love surgery and crave a healthy work/life balance - Ophthalmology just might be for you!

Jun 30

35 min 5 sec

What does a day in the life of a Urologist look like? Who is the patient population? Actually - what is Urology? Join Andrew Pauls as he explores and demystifies this specialty with Dr. Emmanuel Abara, FRCSC (Urologist, Richmond Hill, ON) and Dr. Amanda Hakala (PGY-1 Urology, Ottawa, ON). It's no secret that our guests are hugely passionate about Urology, surgery, their patients, and .....medicine in general! Dr. Abara imparts word of wisdom on his commitment and experiences as a rural Urologist while Dr. Hakala share tips on what makes a good candidate for a Urology residency. What comes through loud and clear is our guests' dedication to their life in medicine. Who knows- this specialty might just be for you!

Jun 16

32 min 27 sec

Protect, promote, and optimize the health of your community. Does this mandate resonate with you? Join host Andrew Pauls as he chats with Medical Officer of Health for Peel, Ontario - Dr. Lawrence Loh, MPH, FCFP, FRCPC, FACPM, and Dr. Samantha Cheuk (PGY-3, Public Health & Preventive Medicine, University of Alberta). Dr. Loh and Dr. Cheuk delve into the core functions of public health and shed light on what community engagement looks like. Not only do they highlight the wide variety of opportunities available with this specialty - they also impart some advice to medical students on seizing moments and what a healthy work/life balance can look like. If you are patient, determined, curious, compassionate, a good communicator, and a natural leader - a career in Public Health & Preventive Medicine just might be for you.

Jun 2

35 min 33 sec

Do you like to simply figure things out? Is intimate patient and family interaction high on your list of priorities? Do you want to change and improve medicine on the cutting edge? It's no secret that Dr. Penny Smyth and Dr. Nabeela Nathoo (PGY-4, Neurology) are passionate about Neurology. Host Haley Eckel asks these doctors why they chose this growing and exciting specialty. Haley asks for their advice on Neurology, medicine in general, and life! Who knows - a career in Neurology might be for you!

May 19

35 min 39 sec

Are you a fan of puzzles? Do you see yourself as a doctor of rare diseases? Join Andrew Pauls as he delves into the reality of a specialty not all that well known in medical school - Medical Genetics and Genomics. He chats with Dr. Joanna Lazier and Dr. Alison Castle (PGY-4 Medical Genetics & Genomics) about why they chose this specialty; work/life balance possibilities, and what a typical day looks like. Spoiler alert - there is no such thing as a typical day!

May 5

27 min 39 sec

What exactly is Anatomical Pathology? Join host and fellow medical student Andrew Pauls for a discussion with Dr. Corwyn Rowsell (Anatomical Pathologist) and Dr. Nadine Demko (PGY-3 Anatomical Pathology). Our guests share an overview of this fascinating specialty and provide insight in the day in the life of an Anatomical Pathologist. It's not all CSI - but it could be! Does this specialty allow for a good work life balance? What type of person is suited to this type of work? Who knows - Anatomical Pathology might be your chosen specialty!

Apr 21

29 min 42 sec

Specialty Café is a new podcast that connects medical students to Royal College specialists and residents. Created and hosted by med students, this series provides a glimpse into the reality of a day in the life of both a specialist and a resident.

Apr 21

1 min 22 sec

Does a career in Internal Medicine allow you to live a life outside of the hospital? How do community and urban practices differ? What do Internal Medicine sub-specialties look like? Join host and fellow medical student, Andrew Pauls as he chats with Dr. Amy Hendricks (Internist) and Dr. Pooya Dibanjnia (PGY-2 Internal Medicine) as they discuss the joys and challenges of a day in the life of an Internist.

Mar 31

29 min 8 sec