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We are born into a spiritual war- a clash between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. The. good news is that Jesus came to wage war and to destroy the works of the devil. What does this mean for us in our daily life? How do we wage spiritual war? Mark 5:1-20 provides a battle plan for spiritual warfare. 

Dec 5

38 min 57 sec

Jesus reveals in His divinity and His humanity as He calms the storm. What does this mean for us?

Nov 28

40 min 39 sec

Good soil bears good fruit. But what does kingdom fruitfulness look like? What are the barriers to bearing fruit? Our job is to sow the seed of God’s Word and God’s job is to grow the fruit. God will grow what we faithfully sow.

Nov 21

32 min 51 sec

Jesus tells a parable of a sower and 4 different types of soil where the seeds fall. What does this parable teach us about God and about ourselves?

Nov 14

37 min 52 sec

In every age and every culture we can fall prey to misidentifying Jesus as the Pharisees do in Mark 3:20-25. Wherever Jesus is not identified as Lord and Savior then evil is sure to follow.

Nov 7

35 min 33 sec

God loves to do extraordinary things through ordinary people. We see this throughout church history and we see it in the calling of the twelve disciples.

Oct 31

35 min 7 sec

What do you do when your heart becomes hard? Jesus loves us enough to confront our hardened hearts with both grace and truth. Will we respond to Jesus - broken for us - that we might be made new?

Oct 24

37 min 58 sec

In an age where we can customize just about anything, God is not customizable. His way cannot be contained by our understandings, but He invites us into a relationship over rituals, mercy over mandates, and love over legalisms. This new way is the way of life but we have to choose to walk with Him. 

Oct 17

35 min 58 sec

Jesus has the ability, authority, and ardent desire to meet your deepest needs. In Mark, He cleanses the leper and heals a paralytic. While these are miraculous, the greatest miracle is that Jesus, as God in the flesh, forgives sin. He performs physical miracles to teach us about spiritual miracles and that no one is outside of God’s abounding grace. There is no sin that he cannot forgive.

Oct 10

34 min

Jesus begins His ministry through the preaching of God’s Word, the casting out of demons, and the healing of the sick. He demonstrates His authority and power as the true King of the Kingdom of God. Is the power and presence of the Kingdom of God in Jesus’ day the same for us today? If so, what does it look like for us?

Oct 3

36 min 12 sec

The first disciples were men who were drifting through life until they were called by Jesus. He invited them to follow Him with their whole lives where they would experience transformation and be led into God’s purpose for their lives. But these promises were not just for this small group but are are for every believer in every age. Do you hear Jesus calling you to follow Him?

Sep 26

38 min 56 sec

Underneath all of our deepest longings is ultimately a longing for the kingdom of God. The good news is that the kingdom of God is available to us through King Jesus. As we examine Jesus’ baptism, His battle with Satan and the beginning of his ministry we see why that matters for us today. 

Sep 19

36 min 18 sec

As we open the Gospel of Mark, we see in the first line what the gospel is about: Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God. John the Baptizer came to point the way to Jesus and in some sense this is the calling of the church today. How can we help prepare the way for others to meet Jesus the Messiah?

Sep 12

34 min 2 sec

Why is it important that we rest? Is resting all about what we're doing physically or more about where we're placing our expectations and hope?

Sep 5

38 min 26 sec

We are living in a time of widespread fear. One of the most frequent commands in Scripture is to ‘fear not.’ But what does this actually look like? As Solomon concludes Ecclesiastes, he points us to the most important thing: teaching us to “fear God and obey Him.”

Aug 29

37 min 30 sec

We have been blessed to be a blessing to the world around us. Given hope so we can share our hope with the people in our lives, communities, and around the world. How are you using your blessing to build God's kingdom?

Aug 22

30 min 23 sec

Choosing joy in the midst of hard circumstances isn't easy. And we often encounter real joy killers in the process that must be addressed. What does biblical joy look like and how can we experience it when times are tough?

Aug 15

34 min 28 sec

We cannot grow unless we take risks. Yet many of us are fearful of risking so we may feel stuck. Solomon teaches us that risk is necessary, but we can risk wisely and because God makes everything we can risk boldly. 

Aug 8

27 min 33 sec

We are constantly trying to seize control of our life but control is only an illusion. Solomon invites us to let go of control and see ourselves in God’s hands. When we do,  we can enjoy the simple things of life and not fear death. 

Aug 1

31 min 20 sec

What do you do when you are in disagreement with your boss, parent or professor? Solomon gives wisdom for those under authority and those in authority. He also points to the one who is in ultimate authority as a guide for how to live and how to enjoy the life that God has given us.

Jul 25

36 min 10 sec

What do we do when life doesn’t make sense? When those who do right suffer while those who do evil prosper? Solomon shares both the power and the limits of wisdom in addressing life’s questions.

Jul 18

32 min 19 sec

Solomon teaches that the final day is more important than the first day. How then do we live wisely so we finish well? We are called to trust in God’s goodness and sovereignty. We're called to listen to wisdom, grieve sorrow, and cultivate patience.

Jul 11

36 min 16 sec

We live in a culture where we are constantly tempted to give in to materialism and the power of money. Solomon was one of the wealthiest and most powerful men to ever live. In this section of Ecclesiastes, he speaks to what is most important in life and teaches us to see the realities of wealth and how it will never satisfy.

Jul 4

30 min 58 sec

Our words matter to God. Our words matter to one another. In this sermon we look at the weight of our words and how we can be wise in what we say and how we follow through on our promises to God and one another.

Jun 27

33 min 26 sec

We live in the most technologically connected period in the history of the world. Yet loneliness is at an all time high. In Ecclesiastes 4, Solomon teaches that two are better than one, and better yet is three. We were made to do life together. How can you pursue community in your life?

Jun 20

37 min 43 sec