Holding Down the Fort Podcast

By Jen Amos

NOW ACCEPTING GUESTS FOR SEASON 4! Apply today: https://forms.gle/sDY5nPkEMu665FXn6 -- Military families are far from the average American family. While on active duty, families learn resilience, resourcefulness, time management, organizational skills, flexibility, delayed gratification and, of course, how to establish a new normal after every PCS. Our award-winning show is dedicated to curating knowledge, resources and relevant stories for military spouses (by military spouses and military family advocates) so they can continue to make confident and informed decisions for themselves and their families. Because let's face it... we know who's REALLY "Holding Down the Fort." November 2020, Jen Amos and Holding Down the Fort Podcast was awarded “Media Professional of the Year” at The Rosie Network Entrepreneur Awards! Check out her acceptance speech at https://fb.watch/1Es0LLlGu7/ Subscribe to our newsletter: http://eepurl.com/gTTOdT Connect with Jen Amos - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenamos/ or email jen@holdingdownthefortpodcast.com Join our Instagram community https://www.instagram.com/holdingdownthefortpodcast/ Brought to you by US VetWealth https://usvetwealth.com/ Proud Member of The Rosie Network https://rosieslist.org/holdingdownthefort Learn how you can build connection and community by checking out Jen's most recent presentation at 2021 PodFest Global: http://bit.ly/2021hdtfpodfest

  1. 1.
    099: Life-giving conversations that foster community in a seemingly divided world and season 4 finale with Jen Amos & Jenny Lynne Stroup
  2. 2.
    098: Healing the invisible wounds for your trauma with Dr. David Tharp
  3. 3.
    097: How military spouses can be resilient and not resentful with Michaela Rosales
  4. 4.
    096: Getting back to deeper connections by knowing when it’s a good time to call loved ones with Matthew Shanks
  5. 5.
    095: Effective communication tips for military couples and solo-parenting for more than a year with Jessica Lynn
  6. 6.
    094: Sisterhood, mental health and thriving in chaos with Elaine Brewer, Teresa Shick & Jessica Silva
  7. 7.
    093: The importance of community and representation of military stories on screen with James LaPorta
  8. 8.
    092: Building Connection and Community Through Content Presented by Jen Amos at Military Creator Con
  1. 9.
    091: Creating strong relationships and community with vulnerability and humility with Michelle Bowler
  2. 10.
    090: Empowering Veterans and their families with computers, skills, IT work force training, and strategies to transition from military to civilian life with Mark Casper & Lisa Houston
  3. 11.
    089: Maximizing your military pension with Jen Amos
  4. 12.
    088: Simple steps to take on any challenge and tackle self-doubt with Louise Valentine
  5. 13.
    087: There is more than one way to be a good parent with Joanne Holbrook
  6. 14.
    086: I’ll Talk If You’ll Listen Podcast featuring Jen Amos
  7. 15.
    085: What military wives should know in the event that they've had a breakdown in their relationship and military family law with Lorna Rhoades & Katie Carter
  8. 16.
    084: Monthly deployment countdown boxes for military kids with a deployed parent with Ashley Weinert
  9. 17.
    083: #ValentinesDayChallenge2021 Special with co-hosts Jen Amos & Jenny Lynne Stroup
  10. 18.
    082: Technology careers and the flexibility to work remotely with Tatiana Cooke
  11. 19.
    081: "We all want to make America better. We just have differences of opinion on how we do it." News for the junior level of the military with Paul Szoldra
  12. 20.
    080: Lessons in Love for military couples with Heather Wilson and Jenny Lynne Stroup
  13. 21.
    079: “The stability of a military spouse’s mental health is the cornerstone of the military family.” Theatre and expressive arts with Amy Uptgraft
  14. 22.
    078: Encouraging female service members and military spouses to connect on shared challenges with Misty Flynn
  15. 23.
    077: "It's around the moment you're leaving the military where the opportunity truly is." Catching up with husband and wife team Scott R. Tucker & Jen Amos
  16. 24.
    076: "Mindset is key, and then your body follows." The Plan Learn Thrive Strategy featuring Christine LaVopa
  17. 25.
    075: Helping military families stay connected, no matter the distance, with virtual story time featuring Sally Ann Zoll
  18. 26.
    074: Season 4 Trailer with Co-Hosts Jen Amos & Jenny Lynne Stroup
  19. 27.
    073: Expressing gratitude and season three finale with Jen Amos
  20. 28.
    072: Telling the stories in between the dramatization and romanization of military life with Abi Ray
  21. 29.
    071: Community and fun events to support military families during times of deployment with Sabrina Johannes & Kim Clagg
  22. 30.
    070: Combat Survivor Stories with Jerry Barnes
  23. 31.
    069: Coaching military spouses and significant others on building resiliency and wellness with a focus on mindfulness, nutrition, and volunteerism with Manda Lynn McVey
  24. 32.
    068: Holding a sacred space for military wives to restore, rebalance, and reconnect with Jacqueline Shorrock
  25. 33.
    067: A lifestyle blog for military spouses, significant others, and their families with Christina Etchberger
  26. 34.
    066: Helping veterans attract and stand out as service-based entrepreneurs with Darlene Hawley
  27. 35.
    065: How relationships are responsible for all of the success we have in our lives with Chandler Lonergan and Jason Matthews
  28. 36.
    064: Creating connection and conversation amongst seasoned military spouses with Jennifer Pasquale
  29. 37.
    063: Thanksgiving Special & Jen Amos' Interview with Christina Etchberger on It's A Military Life
  30. 38.
    062: Taking care of the people who are next to you, so that they can take care of you with Jerome Amos Jr.
  31. 39.
    061: Helping women Veterans and military spouses navigate life transitions while living a whole and joyful life with Jennifer Ballou
  32. 40.
    060: Helping military couples strengthen their closest relationships with Doc Springer
  33. 41.
    059: Uniting communities to end domestic sex trafficking with Brittany Dunn
  34. 42.
    058: Making your skills transferrable to future career opportunities with Candina "Dina" Janicki
  35. 43.
    057: Veteran’s Day Special with exciting announcements from Jen & Scott
  36. 44.
    056: Military Caregivers and Blue Star Families with Dr. Geri Lynn Maples
  37. 45.
    055: The practice of self care and healthy lifestyle behaviors with Elaine Dusetzina
  38. 46.
    054: Combining forces with great charities for veterans and military families with Michael W. Blankers and Chad Lennon
  39. 47.
    053: “It's better to deal with this now than later.” Reviewing the Survivor Benefit Plan with Scott & Jen
  40. 48.
    052: Educating, empowering and positively contributing to the health and well-being of military families with C.C. Gallagher
  41. 49.
    051: Straddling the gap between the civilian and military community with new co-host Jenny Lynne Stroup
  42. 50.
    050: Veteran Wealth Secrets with Scott R. Tucker & Jen Amos

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