Self Publishing School : How To Write A Book That Grows Your Impact, Income, And Business

By Chandler Bolt

Learn how to write a book that grows your business. Every week, I interview your favorite authors - the most successful authors on the planet - to see how they write & launch their books and to learn how they use books to grow their business. I’m your host, Chandler Bolt - CEO of Self Publishing School / and the host of the 7 Figure Principles Podcast. New episode every Wednesday.

  1. 1.
    SPS 102: How To Write A Memoir That Actually Sells Copies (Without Being Famous) with Justin & Alexis Black
  2. 2.
    SPS 101: Relationships, Radio, And 3 Ring Binder Books: Create A Life You Love & Sell Generate Millions In Revenue with Dan Miller
  3. 3.
    SPS 100: The "Duct Tape Marketing" Book Launch: Sell More Books & Get More Referrals with John Jantsch (And How To Negotiate Your Publishing Contract)
  4. 4.
    SPS 099: 8 Figures Ecommerce Empire: How I Sold 1 Million+ Journals & Planners (And How To Create GREAT Products) with Cathryn Lavery
  5. 5.
    SPS 098: How I Wrote & Launched 6 NYT Bestsellers...And What I'm Doing Differently With My Newest Book with Jon Acuff
  6. 6.
    SPS 097: Crush It With Challenges: Launch Bigger, Sell More Books, And Grow Your Business with Pedro Adao
  7. 7.
    SPS 096: Launching My First Traditionally Published Book Using What I Learned Self Publishing Books & Journals with John Lee Dumas (And How I Negotiated a $350k Advance)
  8. 8.
    SPS 095: The Five Love Languages: Behind The Scenes Of The Book, The Series, And Selling 15 Million Copies with Gary Chapman
  1. 9.
    SPS 094: YouTube Secrets: Using YouTube To Sell 2k Copies/Month & Get 1,000+ Reviews On Your Book with Sean Cannell
  2. 10.
    SPS 093: Permission To Prosper: A Faith-Based & Copywriting Approach To Sell More Books & Grow Your Business with Ray Edwards
  3. 11.
    SPS 092: Using Books To Start Multiple 7 Figure Companies (And How I Sold 700k Copies Of 1 Book) with Mike Michalowicz
  4. 12.
    SPS 091: Publishers Hate Him! Thinking Like An Agent & Getting Publishers To Compete To Give You A Massive Book Deal with Nathan Latka
  5. 13.
    SPS 090: How I Sold 25k Copies Of A $37 Ebook That Isn't Even On Amazon (And Using Copywriting To Sell Books) with Sean Vosler
  6. 14.
    SPS 089: How To Sell More Fiction Books & Build A Full-Time Fiction Career with Ramy Vance
  7. 15.
    SPS 088: Using Personalized Marketing & Hand-To-Hand Combat (Instead Of "Broad Marketing") To Sell More Books & Get 100's Of Reviews with Brad Lomenick
  8. 16.
    SPS 087: How To Sell 2X More Books After Launch Than During Launch Week & Get 100's Of Reviews with Ryan Moran
  9. 17.
    SPS 086: Building A Personal Brand That Sells More Books & Grows Your Business with Rory Vaden
  10. 18.
    SPS 085: How To Sell 50,000 Copies Of Your Book "Out Of The Trunk Of Your Car" with Carlos Whittaker
  11. 19.
    SPS 084: How To Write A Book At 8 Years Old That Sells 1,000's Of Copies with Emma Sumner
  12. 20.
    SPS 083: How To Turn Your Nonfiction Book Into A Children's Book (Advanced Publishing & Fulfillment Strategies) with Ellaine Ursuy
  13. 21.
    SPS 082: How To Use Guest Posting & Media To Sell Thousands Of Copies Of Your Book with Susie Moore
  14. 22.
    SPS 081: How To Turn Your Book Into A Movie with Hal Elrod (Miracle Morning Movie Behind The Scenes)
  15. 23.
    SPS 080: CASE STUDY: How This Radiologist Turned Sex Coach Launched Her Online Business To $100k in 9 Months Using Publicity with Sonia Wright
  16. 24.
    SPS 079: CASE STUDY: An Educator's Guide To Writing & Publishing An Award Winning Children's Book with Merideth Tullous
  17. 25.
    SPS 078: How To Write A Book Proposal That Gets You A Book Deal And A Big Advance with Chad Allen (What Agents & Publishers Are Actually Looking For)
  18. 26.
    SPS 077: From Writing In Prison To 4x New York Times Bestseller & 1M Copies Sold with Wahida Clark (How To Create Raving Fans With Your Fiction Series)
  19. 27.
    SPS 076: 0 to 450k Subscribers In 3 Years - Using YouTube To Grow Your Business & Sell More Books with Gillian Perkins
  20. 28.
    SPS 075: Using Publicity & Influencer Marketing To Sell NEEDTOBREATHE Albums And Grow A Treehouse Business with Seth & Tori Bolt
  21. 29.
    SPS 074: This One Quiz Funnel Will Sell More Books & Turn Readers Into Paying Customers (Better Than A Free + Shipping Funnel) with Ryan Levesque
  22. 30.
    SPS 073: Build Your Personal Brand (And Double Your Business) Using A Book with Chris Ducker
  23. 31.
    SPS 072: Writing Great Fiction Using Beta Readers...And How To Build An Author Platform On YouTube That Sells Books with Jenna Moreci
  24. 32.
    SPS 071: Extreme Ownership, The Dichotomy of Book Publishing, And Using Publicity To Help Sell 2.5M+ Copies with Leif Babin
  25. 33.
    SPS 070: Keywords, Categories, & Using Amazon SEO + Publisher Rocket to Sell More Books with Dave Chesson
  26. 34.
    SPS 069: How A Former Circus Performer Unlocked The Author Advantage & Grew A 7-Figure Editing Business with Qat Wanders
  27. 35.
    SPS 068: Using Publicity & Speaking To Sell More Books & Grow Your Business with Sloane Ketchum
  28. 36.
    SPS 067: The Most Interesting Man In Book Publishing...25 Books Published, Prolific & Polarizing Writing, And What Kanye Taught Me About Book Marketing with James Altucher
  29. 37.
    SPS 066: Myers Briggs for Writing A Book: How To Use Your Unique Personality Type (And Strength) To Maximize The Success Of Your Book with Gary Williams
  30. 38.
    SPS 065: How To Write & Publish A Quality Children's Book That Kids LOVE to Read And Parents Are Proud To Buy with Marcy Pusey
  31. 39.
    SPS 064: Fundamentals of Fiction: How To Write A Great Story & Build A Fiction Career (What I Learned From 7,000+ Calls With SPS Students) with Ramy Vance
  32. 40.
    SPS 063: How To Get On Ellen & The Today Show (13 Steps To A NYT Bestseller) with Lewis Howes
  33. 41.
    SPS 062: Creating The Perfect Book Title...And The Outreach Template You Can Use To Get Booked On Any Podcast with Dane Maxwell
  34. 42.
    SPS 061: Overcoming Fear & Imposter Syndrome To Write Your Faith-Based Book with Jennifer Allwood
  35. 43.
    1M+ Books Sold Through An Infomercial...And How I'm Selling 5k+ Copies/Week With A Free + Shipping Funnel with Dean Graziosi
  36. 44.
    SPS 059: The Ultimate Guide To Publishing A Cookbook That Sells (Growing Your Business As A Health Expert Using A Book) with JJ Virgin
  37. 45.
    SPS 058: Transitioning From Writer To Speaker Using "Endless Referrals" & "The Go-Giver Way" with Bob Burb
  38. 46.
    SPS 057: A Skeptic's Guide To Writing A Book with Dave Hollis (How We Use Books To Drive Everything We Do At The Hollis Company)
  39. 47.
    SPS 056: How I Sold 46M Copies of My Self Published Book with Robert Kiyosaki (Turning Your Book Into A Brand & A Board Game)
  40. 48.
    SPS 055: Why This Former Publishing Company CEO Is Self Publishing Books...And How He Sold 500k+ Copies Of His Self Published Planner with Michael Hyatt
  41. 49.
    SPS 054: Using A Book To Raise Your Speaking Fee & Get $300k+ In Speaking Gigs with Joey Coleman (And How To Get A 6-Figure Advance)
  42. 50.
    SPS 053: Using Companion Courses To Turn 50%+ Of Readers Into Subscribers & Superfans with Pat Flynn (And How To Get Your Self Published Book Into Airport Bookstores)

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