Execute: The Story of Carta

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Ever wanted to start your own company? Be your own boss? With so much venture capital available, it’s more common than ever. Execute is an audio documentary podcast that takes you inside Carta, a 400-person startup in the heart of Silicon Valley. From the perspective of Theo Miller, a former Carta employee who started pre-launch and grew with the company for four years, Execute is an entertaining crash course for ordinary people without money or connections. Execute features interviews with Carta personnel (including extensive, intimate conversations with CEO Henry Ward), venture capitalists from firms like Union Square Ventures and Social Capital, and the former CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo.

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New investors and executives help Carta realize its vision.

Dec 2018

26 min 25 sec

Carta rebrands and restructures its pricing model.

Dec 2018

20 min 44 sec

Carta overcomes challenges as it develops into a midstage startup.

Dec 2018

21 min 39 sec

Cultural narratives emerge as Carta scales headcount.

Dec 2018

23 min 6 sec

Carta raises money to pursue new business opportunities.

Dec 2018

23 min 17 sec

Carta discovers its unfair advantage.

Dec 2018

24 min 57 sec

Execute launches December 6th, 2018!

Oct 2018

2 min 8 sec