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Insightful conversations to connect and learn about the humanity in us by exploring culture, identity and art. Hosted by Northwest Public Broadcasting's Sueann Ramella.

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In this special episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, producers Greg Mills and McKayla Fox with host Sueann Ramella discuss the origins of the podcast, how this second season came to be and the things they enjoyed and learned from all the wonderful guests. Do you know of someone that you think would be… Continue Reading 25. Bonus Episode: BTS Of Season Two

Aug 17

33 min 40 sec

In this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, author Jess Walter talks about humility and confidence, about the characters that still haunt him and how the history of Spokane shapes his work. With seven novels, one book of short stories and one nonfiction book, Jess is an award-winning author, with accolades such as, National… Continue Reading 24. Jess Walter

Aug 10

43 min 34 sec

In this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, attorney Judy Cornish, talks about the confusion around diagnosing dementia, how she found her way into being an advocate for better dementia care and she explains the DAWN Method which is her approach to dementia care. Being a licensed attorney in Moscow, Idaho, Judy is not… Continue Reading 23. Judy Cornish

Aug 3

48 min 15 sec

In this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, siblings and co-authors of a children’s book Keith and Chenoa Egawa talk about their book The Whale Child, the rollercoaster life story of their grandparents and how they came to be, and growing up trying to maintain their many cultural identities. Both Keith and Chenoa are… Continue Reading 22. Keith and Chenoa Egawa

Jul 27

37 min 33 sec

In this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, retired social worker and community leader Josh Gortler shares his story: his childhood, fleeing with his family from the Nazi Holocaust, his adolescence, in Displaced Person camps, and his adulthood, free to speak as a Jew in America. Josh gives talks to students in Northwest schools… Continue Reading 21. Josh Gortler and Gigi Yellen

Jul 20

50 min 23 sec

In this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, Nez Perce Tribal police chief Harold Scott talks about his childhood in Lapwai, Idaho and how the racism and disrespect placed on him and his community lead him to a career in law enforcement where he hopes to change the culture of policing. Harold has been… Continue Reading 20. Harold Scott

Jul 13

29 min 58 sec

In this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, creator of a local newspaper, The Black Lens, in Spokane, Wash., Sandra Williams shares her life story growing up in the predominantly white inland northwest as a black woman, her work ethic and what she is doing to insure future generations have a place that feels… Continue Reading 19. Sandra Williams


Jul 6

1 hr 3 min

In this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, reporter Esmy Jimenez talks about her life growing up in a rural part of central Washington as an undocumented immigrant, being the first in her family to navigate governmental organizations, and the fun and hardship of reporting on the never ending news cycle. Esmy has reported for… Continue Reading 18. Esmy Jimenez

Jun 29

43 min 5 sec

In this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, cartoonist Jesse Clyde is radiating good vibes and positive energy. He shares with host Sueann Ramella about how he tries to be present in the moment and explains how money and other societal distractions can take away from his artwork. Jesse is a local northwest artist from… Continue Reading 17. Jesse Clyde

Jun 22

31 min 40 sec

In this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, speech language pathologist Jennifer Griffin talks about what is dyslexia and signs that you or your child may be suffering from it. Jennifer also talks about techniques they use at her clinic to improve the neurological connections and synopsis speeds to help kids conform to the educational… Continue Reading 16. Jennifer Griffin

Jun 15

35 min 33 sec

In this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, author Chigozie Obioma talks about how his time in Cyprus for school and growing up in Nigeria shaped his work, the types of racism he has experience in his travels and the meaning behind his name. Chigozie last two books were finalists for the Man Booker… Continue Reading 15. Chigozie Obioma

Jun 8

40 min 24 sec

In this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, author Christine Hemp talks about her latest book, a memoir Wild Ride Home, finding red flags in relationships, taking care of aging parents and always keeping your true north. Christine is not only an author, but poet, musician, speaker and teacher. Her work as been feature… Continue Reading 14. Christine Hemp

Jun 1

37 min 48 sec

In this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, Will O’Neal and Renee Love, leaders within the organization Backyard Harvest, share how the group serves its community and how both they and many of their volunteers got a close-up view of food insecurity within local households. They talk about everything from the importance of knowing… Continue Reading 12. Backyard Harvest

May 25

32 min 39 sec

In this unique episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, NWPB’s Scott Leadingham interviews author Becky Albertalli. The two talk about identity, representation of LGBTQIA+ books in grade school libraries, and how people come out and present themselves to the world. Becky is most famous for the Simonverse, a series of young adult fiction novels.… Continue Reading 13. Becky Albertalli and Scott Leadingham

May 25

30 min 17 sec

In this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, author Ryka Aoki shares how growing up in the U.S., she has a hard time seeing what happens on a societal level, but still wants it to be better, as well as her personal experiences as a transgender woman. Sueann and Ryka talk about her experiences… Continue Reading 11. Ryka Aoki


May 25

43 min 52 sec

In part two of our conversation with award winning writer Ted Tremper we talk humor, media literacy and hear his thoughts on the state of politics.


Dec 2020

29 min 17 sec

Ted Tremper is an award winning writer, co-creator of the TV series Shrink, and was a producer for The Daily Show. He talks about how the traumatic loss of his mother and coming up through the Chicago improv scene have shaped his career and his life.

Dec 2020

25 min 50 sec

Paranormal romance writer, Stella Williams created Serpentine Creative to help writers of color get published. She talks about her passion for writing and helping vulnerable youth in this episode of Traverse Talks.

Dec 2020

22 min 14 sec

Ross Gay is a poet, author and co-creator of The Tenderness Project. He discusses getting comfortable with vulnerability and basketball as art in this episode.

Dec 2020

24 min 46 sec

Why don’t you see more people of color in the mainstream talking about mental health? American, LatinX, feminist mental health activist, Dior Vargas talks about breaking the stigma of mental illness for people of color.

Nov 2020

23 min 12 sec

Jericho Brown. His poetry can take your breath away. His book, The Tradition, won the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for poetry. Find out about his writing journey, how he got his name and why he loves librarians in this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella.

Nov 2020

36 min 29 sec

What is your family’s immigration story?  Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington, Carlos Gil, talks about digging into his family’s past and writing about their struggle to pursue the American dream.

Nov 2020

18 min 55 sec

Author and speaker Dawn Shaw says that accepting your appearance and realizing your value is how to be resilient. She shares some steps on how to do that in this episode.  

Nov 2020

25 min 59 sec

How can you acknowledge racist thoughts and heal them? Jordan Chaney is a black, indigenous person of color, a lecturer, poet and an artist in Pasco, Washington. He talks about setting and respecting boundaries when it comes to talking about race.


Oct 2020

35 min 12 sec

Is the United States in a juvenile stage of development? Where did American Exceptionalism come from? Dr. Lawrence Pintak also talks about understanding the Muslim and Arab world. Dr. Pintak is a former CBS News Middle East correspondent and author of several books on politics and the Middle East.  


Oct 2020

41 min 20 sec