Nerds Out Of Water

By Michael Lobb and David Camus

Join Michael and David on this exploration of business and entrepreneurship from a technologists perspective. Michael has been working within the IT industry for over 25 years now. During that time he had dabbled with working for himself but 8 years ago he took the plunge and started his own company, Teamscal, with a hope to build a team that helps other companies build and manage their technology and the teams that support that technology. "I have always asked questions. Ask my mum and dad. The most common question I asked as a child was “But Why?”. I also know that I have a wide variety of people that are willing to share this knowledge. I wanted to combine this, provide a little structure and ask my people, my colleagues, heroes and people who have succeeded in their realm WHY." David Camus comes from a similar background, having founded One Bright Cloud which deals with future technology like AI, smart cities and autonomous vehicles. Armed with a background in corporate and government project management he has been exploring the fringes of technology and how it relates to here and now. “Nerds Our Of Water” is a podcast where we (the nerd part) asks questions about topics outside of our comfort zone in order to gain some insight into how technology will shape the world, as well as trying to understand the things we struggle with (like a fish out of water).

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