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Triumphant Moments with T.Wood is a podcast to guide, encourage, inform & inspire you through life’s challenges.🎙✨New Episodes Every Wednesday✨🎙This podcast highlights significant moments in life that are beyond the surface. It was designed to show that we are all relatable. Host, T.Wood, engages with a unique variety of both everyday people and experts to encourage, inform, and inspire people to triumph over life’s challenges. As a professional in the mental health field, T.Wood uses this podcast as a key ingredient to positive change that bridges the gap between our differences. It strives to encourage people into positiveaction in their own lives.

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EP29: " FEARLESSNESS" can be a state of confidence needed to overcome challenges in your life! Following the #epicreturn of FAMU's Homecoming, TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with Marching 100 Drum Major Jarvis Rittman as he expresses key influences in his life!

Nov 25

25 min 21 sec

Uplifting each other can Manifest in different ways. ✨Tune IN as T.Wood speaks with Nathaniel Logan as expresses challenges he overcame growing up and the lessons learned in his life that he uses to inspire others.

Nov 19

34 min

EP27: " KEEP PRESSING FORWARD"No matter the bumps and bruises life can bring, find a way to survive the moment and press forward! TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with Voorhees College President Dr. Ronnie Hopkins as he expresses challenging moments in his life that were pivotal to his growth and his desire to continue making a significant difference in the lives of our youth.

Nov 11

33 min 39 sec

⁠Part of understanding your triumph is recognizing the challenges you've overcome in your life! TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with President of Claflin University Dr Dwaun Warmack.

Nov 3

32 min 20 sec

Many times in our journey through life, we face adversity. Those mountains are not meant to break us.  Instead they're  meant to mold who we are to become and who we are to inspire when we are gone. Its called LEGACY. Have courage to press on and face challenges that come. Tune IN as T.Wood speaks with DJ Demp as he expresses the importance of NOT giving up and extending the torch that was passed on to you in efforts to ignite your LEGACY. Be encouraged!

Nov 3

51 min 6 sec

For those people who find strength in their spirituality this is for you. You understand what it means for your steps to be ordered. TUNE IN as T.Wood has a compelling interview with Dr. Shelby Chipman, director of the Florida A&M University Marching 100, as he expresses the root of his drive, passion and love that he uses to overcome challenges in his life while investing in our youth.

Oct 20

27 min 4 sec

EP23: "MY AUTHENTIC SELF"TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with President Dr. Artis as she expresses defining moments she experienced growing up as well as the importance of connecting with your AUTHENTIC SELF.

Oct 13

26 min 3 sec

EP22: "GROWTH" Growth takes place in many situations.... sometimes it hurts. Through all the pain, be willing to accept and recognize the opportunity! TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with Florida State Senator Bobby Powell as he expresses key moments of growth and the critical role his  HBCU played in his life.

Oct 6

43 min 47 sec

EP21: "RENEWED MIND". As challenges come, there will be moments that you will sometimes need to renew your mind in order to move forward. TUNE IN as T.Wood speaks with author and poet Floyd Wright as he shares how he created poetry based on the experiences in his darkest hour and used it to inspire others.

Sep 30

19 min 19 sec

EP:20 "Boseman Brotherly Love". There is a special love that exist within family. This connection can transcend through the toughest of times. TUNE IN as T.WOOD speaks with Derrick and Kevin Boseman as they provide insight of the love that exist in their family along with the challenges they overcame in their lives.

Sep 22

43 min 34 sec

EP19: "Self-Actualization". in order to understand your worth you must invest time in understanding what makes you unique. Create a personal goal to be the best version of YOU. TUNE IN as T.WOOD speaks with Marnell Small as she takes us on a journey to embracing her uniqueness while encouraging others.

Jul 19

49 min 2 sec

EP18: "COURAGE". Sometimes in life, there may be a time when one experiences utter devastation. Even though you may not have control over the situation, what you can affect is what's within you. In this case it's COURAGE. TUNE IN and listen to Karen Cohran's story. I hope this episode feeds your motivation during the most challenging times your life!

Jul 14

1 hr 4 min

T. Wood's interview with Stephen P. Chester, Co-Founder of ATL-Cruzers, LLC.

Jun 28

38 min 45 sec

T. Wood's interview with Corey Cameron, Head Coach of Men's Basketball, Wilson  Academy

Jun 27

1 hr 12 min

T. Wood's interview with Alicia Gosha-Page

Jun 7

31 min 43 sec

T. Wood's interview with Dr. Laurence E. Jackson

May 25

52 min 53 sec

T.  Wood's interview with Dr. Thomas A. Parham, President of California State University, Dominguez Hills.

May 10

54 min 56 sec

T. Wood's interview with Alphonso Gibbs, Jr. LCSW-C

Apr 28

36 min 52 sec

T. Wood's interview with Wellness Coach Reggie Abreu. 

Apr 28

29 min 15 sec

T. Wood's interview with Ole Miss Assistant Coach Terrell "T-Buck" Buckley

Apr 21

39 min 44 sec

T. Wood's conversation with Syntoria Spencer, J.D.

Apr 7

35 min 13 sec

T. Wood's interview with Engineer Chris Nappier

Mar 31

30 min 28 sec

T. Wood's interview with Attorney/Consultant Neibra Williams

Mar 24

1 hr 4 min

T. Wood's interview with Sammie Smith, former NFL football player and Director of Character Development at Ole Miss University

Mar 17

26 min 43 sec

T. Wood's Interview with Attorney and Author Solon Phillips

Feb 24

34 min 45 sec

T. Wood's Interview with Reverend Dr. Herron Gaston

Feb 16

34 min 44 sec

Feb 9

41 min 9 sec

Feb 3

50 min 41 sec

Jan 8

1 min 3 sec