Buy and Build

Paul Quirk and David Nefs

Buy and Build is a weekly podcast that explores the nuances of buying and building small businesses, with a focus on the UK and Europe. If you are interested in small business acquisition or investing, then this show is for you! We will dissect the strategies and insights of small business owners, investors, and other deal professionals that we meet along our journeys to acquire and invest in our own profitable small businesses.

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After starting as an apprentice in the fire and security industry, Callum went on to launch his own security company. During the episode, we discuss the opportunities and challenges of being a young operator in the industry, the lack of quality talent given no clear path to recruit and train young talent, and other sector nuances that makes this a popular playground for acquisition roll ups. Enjoy!

Nov 29

47 min 40 sec

This week we have on Alex Glasner. Alex recently acquired a company in the training sector after searching for just 10 months. In this excellent episode, Alex discusses some of his strategies for searching effectively, building relationships with investors, why he targeted companies in the training sector, and why this particular acquisition is so exciting. Enjoy Join the Buy and Build community

Nov 22

40 min 12 sec

Philip Jepson has completed 2 acquisitions in the last 12 months as part of his plan to build a group of quality engineering companies. In the episode we discuss Phil's passion for UK industry, how he sources and structures deals, and his plans for the group going forward. Join the Buy and Build community to stay up to date with the latest resources and insights.

Nov 15

37 min 14 sec

This week we speak with Peter Lidgitt. Peter has completed an impressive 20 acquisitions since the first lockdown, all while abroad in France. Peter is no stranger to acquiring companies out of administration and he uses his central back office staff to integrate new acquisitions quickly and leverages the cash flow of other companies within the group to support new acquisitions. But not all acquisitions go smoothly... enjoy the episode!

Nov 8

45 min 6 sec

This week we speak with Rob LeBlanc of Ambit Partners. This excellent conversation covers the characteristics of "maverick" searchers pioneering new markets, the investment thesis of Ambit's first fund, and what investors can expect from this very attractive, uncorrelated asset class.  Ambit Partners recently announced the $16m initial close of their inaugural fund, targeting $36m, and are are looking to back ±60 search funds over the next couple of years.

Nov 1

39 min 28 sec

This week we have on Steve Ressler. Steve is a serial entrepreneur and PE SaaS executive in GovTech space with multiple exits to private equity firms including Vista Private Equity & strategic acquirers such as Motorola Solutions. Steve has also backed 30+ acquisition entrepreneurs around the globe. Steve is always happy to speak with searchers and share his insights, this conversation is a perfect example. Enjoy Join the Buy and Build community for a weekly newsletter on all the resources we find helpful! Sign up for Steve's monthly musings at

Oct 25

40 min 30 sec

This week we have on John Andrews, an experienced solicitor and partner at JMW Solicitors who specialize in business sales and acquisitions. In the episode we discuss John’s proactive, problem solving approach to legal DD, as well as common red flags and risk mitigants that come up in small business acquisitions. If you would like to connect with John, you can reach out to him on LinkedIn. Join the Buy and Build community to get helpful resources and updates. Follow us on LinkedIn

Oct 18

42 min 58 sec

This week we have on Charlie Sharman from Cantifix. Charlie and his brother started Cantifix over 30 years ago after they had some success installing kitchens for friends. Cantifix is now one of the most successful architectural glass companies in the UK having worked on some of the most iconic residential and commercial properties throughout the UK. Check out their work here Follow Buy and Build here

Oct 11

48 min 26 sec

This week we have on Neil Dalyrmple, founder of Merlin Scott Associates (MSA). MSA specialises in producing Industry Analysis Reports covering 1000+ different sectors of UK industry, without replying on SIC codes. If you are looking to acquire within a specific sector or would like to compare yourself to competitors within your sector, these reports and the recently launched USP tool may be an option.

Oct 4

42 min 20 sec

This week we speak with Joe Steigman. Joe spent 6 years in the US Army working in various senior logistics roles before pursuing his MBA. It was here he learnt about Search Funds. Joe recounts the challenges he faced raising a search fund in the US and why he decided to end his fundraise early. Joe's leadership skills are evident in his ability to make the tough choices quickly. This allowed him to launch his logistics company not long after, which has become a quick success.   Join the Buy and Build community

Sep 27

58 min 16 sec

This week we speak with Sean Brophy, UK country manager at Caple. Caple, are lenders focused on SMEs and have recently begun offering a term loan option for management buy-ins. Sean goes into the details on what they look for in both the buyer and the company; and how they overlay qualitative judgement alongside the more quantitative metrics. Join the Buy and Build community

Sep 20

43 min 7 sec

Today we speak with Ahmed Raafat of Giza Capital Partners, the first search fund raised in Egypt. Ahmed first heard about search funds while completing his MBA at Cambridge.  We discuss his experience launching a bio-fuel company 2 weeks before graduating as an engineer and growing it to over $2m in revenue. We also dive into the complexities of raising capital in a new and emerging market like Egypt as well as the types of companies he is looking to acquire.

Sep 13

44 min 26 sec

In this week's episode we speak to Daniel Beaumont. Daniel has gone from consulting, to running his family's textile business, eventually exiting the business, and is now building a portfolio of companies via acquisition. We go into the details of why he transitioned from the corporate world in London to taking over the family business. Lastly, we discuss his acquisition approach now, the key ways he has found success in sourcing and structuring deals, and his advice on managing people and hiring.

Sep 12

46 min 12 sec

For the first episode of the Buy and Build podcast, Paul and David give a quick introduction of themselves, their reason for starting the podcast and what to expect in future episodes! You can expect to learn exactly what Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA) is and why they decided to pivot from banking and the VC-backed start-up world to acquire and operate a small business of their own.  Join the community at Buy and Build

Sep 12

26 min 50 sec