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Turn on and tune into Field Tripping, a podcast about psychedelics, the people that use them and what our renewed love affair with both says about who we are and where we’re going. Join us on a journey to explore how psychedelics awaken new views on sex, science, business, fitness, life, and death in the lives of our influential and inspiring gu

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Humble The Poet’s instinct for rhyme and rap helps him reveal to heal – and encourages others to live outside their comfort zone. Humble shares insights and mementos from a few psilocybin and ayahuasca trips, with an appreciation for the tough lessons that cleared an emotional blockage and ultimately let the love in. Today, Humble is ready to receive the rose, rather than tear it out. And his evolving view to honor love has shifted his focus towards helping those he cares for to chase their own dreams too.

Jul 28

45 min

Director of the hilarious and star-studded Netflix documentary ‘Have a Good Trip’, Donick Cary joins Ronan to talk psychedelics. Donick sees psychedelics as tools that tether us to human connection, and believes that exercising empathy for others will let you love yourself. Then, why humor helps us all – and what it’s like talking to a dancing armadillo on Ayahuasca. Learn more at

Jul 21

42 min

Dr. Weil believes consciousness is the fundamental reality of the universe. Animals, plants, and even rocks are all alive with energy – and psychedelics can help us connect. Then, what it's like to pet a bumblebee – and why you should try it. Plus, Dr. Weil prescribes a dose of advice to live your best life. And we examine how the resurgence of psychedelics could be the counter-balancing factor to holistically heal – and transform society in the process. Learn more at

Jul 14

36 min

Director X joins Ronan to share his experience as a victim of gun violence and how meditation strategies can better ourselves – and those around us — for positive change. We explore the intersection of violence, trauma, and primal behaviour inherent to the animal kingdom to understand how psychedelics can hold the keys to empathy and healing ourselves. Learn more at 

Jul 7

28 min

Alex Ikonn shares his experience with Ayahuasca and details how the trip opened his eyes to the world around him – and fundamentally shifted the way he understood himself. Now, he accepts that there is nothing inherently good or bad, sees that life is an emotional experience – and, most important of all, believes we all have the power to create our own reality. Learn more at

Jun 30

30 min

In our premiere episode, Ronan speaks with author Don Lattin on the renaissance of psychedelics and the nature of addiction. We’ll examine how research – instead of ideology – is leading the way to explore what the spirit of the 60s can offer us today. Then, how to deal with a ‘bad trip’. Learn more at

Jun 10

30 min

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