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At Soundcore we know that music is an integral part of your life. But, what does it really take to make it in the music industry, let alone create a song? From creative artists and audio engineers, through to the masterminds of music streaming, they all have a story to tell. Soundcore Stories, in partnership with MusiCares®, brings you an insider’s perspective on the inspiring journeys of the people behind the music

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Not only has Philip Larsen won a GRAMMY for his work with Kylie Minogue and been the mastermind behind some of the biggest Katy Perry remixes, but he also has had over 3 billion streams on TikTok. Listen and learn as Sean sits down with Philip and finds out what it's like to have a song of yours blow up on TikTok and how it can affect your career.

Nov 29

46 min 21 sec

This week, Sean sits down with 5-time GRAMMY winning engineer Ignacio Molino. In this packed episode, Ignacio teaches Sean how to write a Latin-infused pop song and they discuss the crossover potential between different styles of music. They also have a very frank discussion about how music streaming may have a negative effect on music, due to the fact it’s becoming harder for artists, engineers, producers, and labels to make any money from the art they create.

Nov 15

54 min 7 sec

This week, Sean sits down with Cassidy Turbin, a 5-time GRAMMY winning audio producer who has worked with artists such as Beck, Storefront Church, Miya Folick, Dwight Yoakam, and Tashaki Miyaki. Cassidy is also one of the audio producers who collaborated with Soundcore on both Liberty 2 Pro and Liberty 3 Pro. Cassidy talks about how he achieves #GoldenSound and the developments in both the music industry and technology world that help that goal. Listen and learn more about the challenges both engineers and artists have when it comes to picking music that you like versus whatever comes your way because you need to make a living.

Nov 2

49 min 52 sec

Joining us for the second episode of our #GoldenSound Edition of Soundcore Stories is Shaan Singh, a Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Mixer, and Producer based in Los Angeles. Shaan has worked with some of the biggest and most popular artists in the world right now, including Young Thug, Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, Janelle Monae, and many more. He also won a Record of the Year GRAMMY Award in 2018 for his work on “This Is America” by Childish Gambino. 

Oct 18

26 min 52 sec

In the first of our #GoldenSound Edition episode, we’re sitting down with Krish Sharma, an audio producer who has won 2 GRAMMYs for his work with Ziggy Marley and the Rolling Stones. He’s also worked with Soundcore on both the Liberty 2 Pro and Liberty 3 Pro true wireless earbuds. In this episode, we sat down with Krish to talk about the state of the music industry, and how his company, BYGMusic, helps with the financial well-being of grassroots musicians. He also reveals some of his favorite moments throughout his career, what makes the perfect earbuds and what working with Soundcore means to him.

Oct 11

29 min 25 sec

If you’ve been a fan of the Liberty Series, you may have questions about Soundcore’s most popular music-centered true wireless earbuds. What better way to get them answered by the product manager himself, Ivan. Join us this week and listen as he answers some questions put forward from the Soundcore community.

Oct 4

24 min 34 sec

We talk to singer-songwriter Bryde to talk about using music therapy and meditation to be at peace with your work. We also discuss how music affects the mind, dealing with competition, and how mental health is at the forefront of everyone's lives.

Sep 27

57 min 16 sec

On this episode, we speak to The Collective, a band from the East Midlands in the UK. We delve into their back story and discuss some tough topics like “Does success kill creativity?” and “Does social media affect a person’s ability to grow?”. Check out The Collective here 👉


Sep 19

57 min 55 sec

In this week’s episode we sit down with Bluckther, a DJ from Colombia. He takes us behind the scenes of what life as a DJ is really like and we talk about what releasing music with big record labels is really like. Follow him here:

Sep 13

24 min 16 sec

Singer-songwriter Anna Pancaldi gives us exclusive insight into how you get your music on hit TV shows and what it’s like writing music for other artists. And, if you’ve wondered what it’s like working with publishing labels or have experienced bad stage fright before performing, Anna’s got some great advice for you.

Sep 5

48 min 47 sec

What’s it like having a track with over 31 million streams on Spotify? This week, we’re joined by Felix Samuel, a singer, songwriter, and producer from the UK. We chat about songwriting, adapting to the ever changing ways music is consumed, and what exactly goes into remixing and remaking a track. Check out his music here:

Aug 29

39 min 35 sec

Ever imagined what it’s like to DJ at clubs and music festivals around the world? This week, we’re joined by Bleam, a DJ and producer from California who has over 20,000 monthly listeners and is a rising star in the world of Deep House music. We talk about how to connect with other artists, staying relevant in the fast-moving music industry, and how traveling influences his music.

Aug 22

28 min 25 sec

This week we sat down with Ciaran Burgess from a band called Groomlake. We spoke about what it’s like performing and setting up live shows, plus we dive in and talk about all the behind the scenes tech stuff that he does! Check out his stuff here:


Aug 15

51 min 36 sec

In this week’s episode, we have mixing and mastering engineer Jules Marrison. He spoke to us about working with musicians and producers to get songs sounding their best. Plus, he shares tips and tricks on how to get your music out there in 2021. Go check out the Collective to get the latest updates about Soundcore 👉 Check out more from Jules  👉

Aug 8

27 min 14 sec

Meet Duvall, a member of the electronic music group Disciples. Will had the opportunity to speak to him about his music and upcoming projects. He also  gave advice to aspiring musicians and told us what labels look for in an upcoming artist! You can check him out here 👉 Don’t forget to keep updated on all our upcoming podcasts & articles by heading to our Community page 👉

Aug 1

20 min 25 sec

Meet Able Faces, a duo hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. Find out what life is like for this independent Dance/Pop duo made up of brothers Jack and Mark McNeilage, as they talk us through the up's and down's of the music industry and their hopes for 2021.

Jul 18

27 min 19 sec

Get to know the artists on the San Diego team. They chat to us about what it’s like to be in a team with people you don’t know, why it’s tough being so close to LA, their messages to the other teams, and what their plans are for the remainder of 2021.

Jun 21

29 min 39 sec

This week we sat down with Dax, one of the biggest independent artists in the world right now, that has amassed millions of views and is currently one of the Coast to Coast Captains. Find out how Dax discovered poetry, what leaving a career in basketball to pursue music was like, challenges he’s faced, plus so much more.

Jun 14

27 min 22 sec

On the second episode of our Coast to Coast mini-series, we’re meeting the Florida Team! Sean & Will got to know the members of the team, find out how they’re feeling about the Coast To Coast competition, their messages to the other teams, and more!

Jun 6

24 min 38 sec

After a live NYE performance at the Bellagio, and millions of YouTube views later, Gsnaps defines the work ethic of “putting in your 10,000 hours.” Sit back and learn more about her journey as an independent artist and what's coming up next for her... 

May 31

44 min 29 sec

This week go behind-the-scenes with Soundcore’s product design team—specifically the people behind the Life series of headphones. Listen in as Dorothy, Soundcore’s Brand Manager, and Christy, our  **Life**  Series Product Manager answer questions from the Soundcore community!

Apr 18

32 min

Are you sad? Is it summertime? No and no!? Who cares coz we’ve got just the cure for any bad mood: Cedric’s world-renowned remix of “Summertime Sadness.” Listen as Cedric breaks down his iconic remix and what life is really like as a GRAMMY winning international DJ.

Apr 13

49 min 4 sec

Do you remember when you were in high school and dreamed of making it big as a singer? Or ever wondered what it would be like getting over a billion streams on a track with The Chainsmokers and winning a #GRAMMY? Listen now to find out Daya's journey through music!

Mar 25

46 min 43 sec

On this episode of our star-studded season of #SoundcoreStories, we sit down with The Infamous Stringdusters to discuss their GRAMMY win, life on the road, and the science behind the improvisational and performative style known as bluegrass.

Mar 7

33 min 46 sec

Romesh Dodangoda is a GRAMMY nominated producer from South Wales, who has worked with some of the biggest names in rock and metal, including Motorhead, Bring Me The Horizon and Bullet For My Valentine. Find out how he manages to capture that raw exciting energy from some of the biggest names in the rock world and the story behind the online music community he has set up in his spare time to help emerging musicians!

Mar 7

42 min 13 sec

We sat down with hip-hop luminary Lecrae to discuss a wide range of topics including his GRAMMY wins and also his recent nominations and upcoming projects; all the way up to Marvel superheroes and Valentine’s Day life hacks. 

Feb 16

35 min 32 sec

How do you go from Myspace to a 2-time GRAMMY winning artist? Colbie Caillat joins us on this week’s episode where we discuss songwriting, inspiration, and getting over stage fright.

Feb 10

36 min 5 sec

Krish Sharma is a 2- Time GRAMMY winning producer who has worked with the likes of The Rolling Stones and Ziggy Marley to name a few. He also started a company, called BYGMusic, to help with the financial well-being of music artists.  Listen now as Krish takes us back through some of his fondest recording memories, but also his latest work, including his involvement with Liberty Air 2 Pro.

Feb 5

42 min 44 sec

As a music-loving brand, Soundcore has partnered with MusiCares® to support artists in need of assistance. Through its COVID relief program, MusiCares® has served 24,000 people with over $22 million dollars in aid. Debbie Caroll, Vice President of MusiCares® explains more.

Jan 24

39 min 41 sec

In our commitment to support grassroots musicians, we’ve integrated LÜM - an ad-free music streaming service for emerging artists - directly into the Soundcore app. LÜM CEO, Max Fergus, reveals all.

Jan 13

31 min 31 sec

In our round up episodes of Season 1, Sean and Lawrence sit down with Hannah from the Soundcore Collective as she shares her  experiences of working at Soundcore and the Anker brands, and provides her thoughts on #AudioEscape.

Dec 2020

19 min 59 sec

Sean and Lawrence sit down with, Ching, Soundcore’s Head of Brand, to find out what #AudioEscape means, why you won’t want to miss it, and what the future of Soundcore looks like.

Dec 2020

24 min 24 sec

After their energy filled #SoundcoreSessions we caught up with Eric and G, aka Crew 54 for a chat about their life in the music world and how they came to meet each other. Eric also gives us an insight into his YouTube channel.

Dec 2020

48 min 31 sec

Earlier in the week we asked all our fans across social media, if you could ask a Grammy winning audio producer ANYTHING...what would it be? Join us as we listen to 8 x Grammy Award Winning Audio Producer Darrell Thorp, and 4 x Grammy Award Winning Audio Producer Alex Pasco answer your questions! 

Nov 2020

54 min 15 sec

This week we're joined by two members of the Soundcore Collective for a Thanksgiving special. Sit back and enjoy as we discuss their favorite Soundcore products, how they discovered the Soundcore community.

Nov 2020

30 min 50 sec

Buck Snow is a 7 time Grammy Winning Engineer who also endorsed the Liberty 2 Pro earbuds. Listen this week as we talk to him about his journey and love for audio, and how he's transitioned from not only working with some of the biggest artists in the world, but now how he's using his talent in the movie world!

Nov 2020

43 min 58 sec

Ever wondered what it would be like to sing in front of the British Royal family? Or perhaps THE best Disney song to sing in the shower? Wonder No more as we sit down with Lauren Joyanne Morris and take a look at the journey of becoming an Opera singer.

Nov 2020

35 min 48 sec

Jamie has been a professional songwriter, record producer and musician for almost ten years now, and in that time has worked with a wealth of talent both signed and unsigned, accumulated worldwide chart successes and achieved platinum selling records.


Nov 2020

42 min 38 sec

Riley Mackin is the mastermind Grammy-Winning Engineer behind 2018 hit, “This is America”, but what really happens behind the records? Put your earbuds in as Riley reveals all from the recording studio.


Oct 2020

34 min 51 sec

Atlantic Antics are rowing across the ocean in world-record time, testing the limits of their friendship, physical strength, and most importantly, their playlist.

Oct 2020

35 min 33 sec

This week we speak to Collin Chan, a long time friend of Anker & Soundcore. Collin talks to us about his life as an artist and his journey from studying and developing his skills and the struggle to be noticed, to now working with some of the top names in the tech industry using his unique skills.

Oct 2020

34 min 43 sec

This week Sean spoke with Grassroots Musician Danny Gruff. Danny spoke to Sean about how his year has been so far, what it’s been like releasing an album during a global pandemic and not being able to hit the road and promote it. They also touch on the impact it’s having on the music industry and Danny gives some advice for those aspiring musicians who are in a similar position right now.

Sep 2020

28 min 54 sec

If you know anything about Antwan Richardson aka Just' Doin Life, and his various audio, tech and life-related YouTube channels, you know he’s a super down to earth guy and someone that always gives everything 100%. But, what you might not know is what Antwan was doing before YouTube, and how close he was to going down a very different path in life.

Sep 2020

25 min 42 sec

Sean & Lawrence got the opportunity to sit down with the YouTube master himself, Jeff of El Jefe Reviews. Jeff took us through his back story, how he got into YouTube, and shared his essential YouTube tips for any of you who are thinking of getting into video content creation.

Sep 2020

27 min 59 sec

If you’re using Liberty 2 Pro or Liberty Air 2 via the Soundcore app, you would have spotted a Grammy Winning Engineer listening profile by the name of Ignacio Molino. Ignacio Molino, or Nacho as his friends call him, winner of 5 Grammy awards, sat down with Lawrence to have a chat on producing music in the age of Covid

Sep 2020

38 min 2 sec

Ever wondered what it’s like to live like a rockstar? Or to self manage your own band in every step of the process? Well wonder no more, because our admin and resident musician, Sean, paired up with his brother Dean to give you all the details of what life is like when you’re touring the world with hit songs.

Sep 2020

30 min 30 sec

Lawrence & Sean sat down for a face to face chat to formally introduce Soundcore Collective 2.0!  Watch this space, because eventually these chats will become a regular feature.

Sep 2020

17 min 6 sec