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Design Gold

Hello and welcome! This is the Design Gold podcast. A podcast about all things design and technology, and how we can create better experiences and the pitfall of things not considered or overlooked.

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This is going to be a long one. Lots of exciting things happened at CES 2020 and on this episode Jonathan and I talk about several different highlights and what’s shifting at the show, what all these technology changes mean for the world of consumer tech and where design fits in to the picture.

Apr 2020

56 min 31 sec

In this episode we discuss the various ways video has changed over the years, specifically how we consume it. Should the burden for more immersive video experiences be put on the viewer or the creators? Who should act as the author to the media?

Mar 2020

23 min 51 sec

Why is it that everything need an app from toasters to skateboards? In this episode we discuss the ramifications of product organizations relying on companion apps and how that effects the user experience of their hardware product. How can we build companion apps that build on top of the already great experience of the product?

Apr 2019

28 min 31 sec

In this first episode of the Design Gold podcast, we discuss doors, door handles and why doors are so difficult to sort out. Are they  push, pull, slide or something else?

Apr 2019

32 min 25 sec

How do we build trust with our users and keep it? Can we make authentication into systems seamless and still secure? And more broadly what is security? Will technology solve all our security problems or does it require people to intervene? Lots of questions and hopefully lots of insights :P

Apr 2019

23 min 54 sec