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Hey there! I'm Rosemary Pope. Author of, Joy In Suffering: A memoir of one couple's pregnancy losses and how they found happiness. Here on The Rosemary Pope Show I continue to share my story and encourage others to find the abiding joy of the Lord that I found so many years ago.It is my hope that this show leaves you feeling peace, inspired, and ready to live a life of joy!

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In this episode, I have something very exciting to share with you. I am launching a tool that I feel our community of loss mothers can benefit from.It is called Choosing Joy: A guided Journal for Mothers of Miscarriage and Infant Loss. This journal was designed to help you work through your thoughts and emotions of pregnancy or infant loss in a healthy, Christ-centered way so that your heart can mend.Because this journal is written by a mom you can relate to, it thoughtfully navigates you through the waves of grief from miscarriage or infant loss. I have also asked those of you on Instagram specific questions to make sure this tool will benefit most mothers. Tune in to hear about all the details!Pre-Order Here:

Mar 2

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In this episode, I talk with fellow pregnancy and infant loss mom, Mrs. Holly Colonna.She is a 34 yr old Christ-follower, married to her high school sweetheart, and together they’ve had 3 pregnancies: identical twins whom they lost through miscarriage in 2014; their son Benjamin who died when he was 10 weeks old in 2015, and their twins Chase and Gemma arrived in 2016 and are 4 years old. Holly is the co-host of the podcast Through the Lens: Gospel-driven conversations on hope in the heartache. She’s also an Exercise Physiologist and currently works as a virtual fitness coach.I connected with Holly a couple of years ago and was even a guest on her show, Through The Lens. We’ve stayed in touch and she has even become my fitness coach. We talk often about trying to balance all the hats and giving ourselves the grace to be okay with never having it all together. Holly is always dropping nuggets of wisdom that help me shape my perspective. I know you will love her too.Tap the link below for the show

Feb 23

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In this episode, I touch on the topic of naming the baby(ies) you've lost. I share the importance of naming your babies and how I {we} chose the names for the babies we lost. If naming your babies is something you haven't done, I hope this episode inspires you to do so.Tap the link below for the show notes:

Feb 16

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In this episode, I get to talk with fellow loss-mom, Brooke McReynolds. She is a 26-year-old wife and mother of 3 from the Dallas Area. She has a precious baby girl in Heaven and two adorable boys here on Earth. She loves to read, buy all the Anthropologie candles, eat yummy food, and most importantly.. has a heart for Jesus. I connected with Brooke about a year and a half ago on social media through her sister, Jill. When Brooke delivered her daughter, Jill shared bits of her story and how that impacted her. I immediately empathized with Brooke and knew I wanted to follow her. Brooke’s Instagram stories have become one of my favorites to watch. Her dry sense of humor cracks me up and will literally make me laugh out loud. It didn’t take long to notice that though Brooke experienced quite the loss, she didn’t let that be who she was. As I watched her share her journey through a pregnancy after loss, I knew her story would be inspirational to any woman going through the same thing. Tap the Link Below for the Show Notes:

Feb 9

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In this episode I talk about the ever-looming question: How Many Kids Do You Have? And others like it. If someone has never gone through a miscarriage or infant loss, they can easily answer this question. For people like us, it can be quite a challenge in our minds as to how we should answer. This episode shares how I’ve answered and handled these types of questions through different seasons of my motherhood journey. Tap the link below for the show notes:

Feb 2

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In today's show, I get to talk with the children's book author, Megan Lacourrege. She a wife, mother, a 2014 graduate of Tulane University where she double-majored in English and Musical Theatre and the author of the children’s book, My Sibling Still.During Megan’s time at Tulane, she found her passion for creative writing and even had a short story published in a literary journal! She began to see her writing as a real way of sharing her ideas and feelings with others.Soon after college, she got married. She and her husband have 4 children total. Unfortunately, they’ve lost two of them to miscarriage, but are still blessed to raise two here on Earth. After her  2nd loss, she was drawn in a very special way to write the children’s book, My Sibling Still. It is her deep hope that My Sibling Still, is a healing resource for families who have suffered the sorrow of losing a child. I connected with Megan through social media some time ago as a fellow pregnancy loss mom and author. I had the opportunity to review her book, My Sibling Still, for my blog and recommend it anytime I hear of a child needing to process the loss of their sibling when dealing with the everyday occurrences of life. Megan has such a gentle and understanding way about her towards children and how they process grief that I knew I had to have her on the show to share her story and heart on this very topic.Tap the link below for the show notes:

Jan 26

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In today's show, I get to talk with the children's book author, Leah Vis. She and her husband have 3 kids in Heaven and 4 here on earth. They currently live in southern California and as a family, they love to travel, read, write, and enjoy music. She is a homeschool mom, photographer, and a 4-time children’s book author of the titles: Our Heaven Baby, Little Lu Learns to Love, Little Lu the Dreamer, and her newest book, The Tree Guardian.I connected with Leah some time ago as a fellow author and pregnancy loss mom. I reviewed her book, Our Heaven Baby, for my blog and since then I cannot seem to recommend her book enough as a resource for cultivating conversations about sibling loss and Heaven for kids. I knew I had to have her on the show to share her story and her heart on this very topic. Tap the link below for the show notes:

Jan 19

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After we lose a close loved one, many of us don’t know how we should be living with joy after loss. We may wonder if there will ever be good days again.I believe it is possible to live with joy in any season of life. That’s a bold statement, but I’ve been able to live with joy- even in the hard times of loss and uncertainty. I’d love to show you how you can too.Rosemary's Book, Joy In Suffering: Use the code "SHOW15" for 15% off! FREE shipping to any U.S. Address. with Let's Make Art: Journal for Women: Reading Plans: Masonheimer ebooks:

Jan 12

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Since I endured several failed pregnancies (2 of which I held in my arms), there were many resources that I found comforting as a grieving mother. I compiled them to share with you and others going through similar circumstances.Whether these resources are for you or a loved one, it is my hope that you find something useful on this list.Looking for a specific resource? Check out the link below to find the list of items mentioned in the show:

Jan 5

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Hey friend, if you can’t tell by the title, this episode is a heavy one. My daughter was diagnosed with several congenital anomalies that deemed her “incompatible with life” back in 2010. I was told to terminate the pregnancy of my unborn baby. The weight of her conditions was kept between my midwives, doctors, my husband, our parents, and myself. I was not comfortable talking about them much while I carried her with anyone outside of our bubble.Once she was born and after she passed, I was ready to share her sweet precious life with the world. I sat down at my Dad’s computer a couple of days after her short life in the hospital and typed out every detail and posted it to an old blog I had. It was cathartic and special to share her story in this way.Today I’m sharing part of that story but in a different way.  The blog post I wrote was an overview or summary and so when it came time to write my book I was able to deep dive into the nitty-gritty details which spanned over several chapters. In this episode, you will get to hear me read one of the chapters that walk through a portion of the journey with my daughter, Mary Alice. Consider this a special treat. As of this writing, I have yet to record the audio version of the book…. I’ve even gone back and forth on whether I should record this particular episode, but I want you to really know my heart. I want you to know that whenever you listen to an episode of this show and you have not read my story, you know a bit of where I’m speaking from. Grab your copy of Joy In Suffering here:Use the code "SHOW15" for 15% off! FREE shipping to any U.S. Address.

Jan 5

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Dec 2020

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