Campaign '68

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Fifty years ago, the country was rocked by a historic presidential campaign. The Democratic party crumbled, a new Republican era began, and the country threatened to split in two. Campaign '68 traces the twists, turns and tragic violence that followed Americans all the way to the voting booths. What began in '68 is still roiling American politics today.

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Historian Rick Perlstein traces the country's ideological divisions from John F. Kennedy's assassination through Richard Nixon's campaign to modern politics.

Oct 2018

32 min 13 sec

Political scientist Lori Cox Han traces the growing role of women in politics from 1968 to now: "Women are not a monolithic voting bloc, and I think that's one of the biggest misconceptions out there."

Oct 2018

38 min 5 sec

Roger Ailes helped Republicans use television to get elected for decades. He was more politically influential than many politicians themselves. In 1968, Ailes helped Richard Nixon win the White House -- and he was only getting started. Gabriel Sherman, author of a biography on Ailes, traces how the master manipulator shaped elections from Nixon to Trump.

Oct 2018

27 min

Historian Peniel Joseph explores how racial anxiety and resentment among white voters shaped the 1968 campaign -- and still shapes politics today.

Oct 2018

44 min 36 sec

Nixon uses a powerful weapon in new ways: television. Politics will never be the same.

Oct 2018

13 min 20 sec

Richard Nixon campaigns on law and order, while George Wallace rises on racist rhetoric. The run for the White House intensifies.

Oct 2018

11 min 4 sec

The list of Democratic candidates grows. The campaign continues in the shadow of national grief.

Oct 2018

21 min 24 sec

1968 rolls in, the Vietnam war rages on, and early presidential primaries show a country beginning to splinter.

Oct 2018

9 min 45 sec

1968 brought tragedy, violence and an unforgettable run for power. Campaign '68, coming Oct. 2, captures the chaos of an American presidential election.

Sep 2018

3 min 56 sec