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Managing your law practice can be challenging. Marketing, time management, attracting clients and all the things (besides the cases) that you need to do, but aren't billable. Welcome to this edition of "the Un-Billable Hour" ...the law practice advisory podcast! This is where you'll get the information you need from expert guests and host Christopher Anderson.

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Struggling to find joy and fulfillment in her work at a prestigious law firm, guest Ali Katz thought striking out on her own was the way to go. But she found herself battling the same demons, too busy producing paperwork to achieve work/life balance and find satisfaction by fully serving her clients.  Then it hit her. There’s nothing wrong with the legal profession, what’s wrong is the way lawyers run their practice. Author of the new book, “The New Law Business Model: Building a Lucrative Law Practice That You (And Your Clients) Love,” Katz teaches lawyers how to reinvent their practice, build enduring client relationships, and bring the love back to lawyering.  Learn the difference between “money debt” and “time debt.” Explore new ways to engage clients and show them the value you provide. Stop doing things the old way and focus on superior client outcomes.    Special thanks to our sponsors Law Clerk, Alert Communications, LawYaw, and Scorpion.

Nov 23

34 min 57 sec

With today’s tight, post-pandemic labor pool, trained, quality legal intake professionals are scarce. Law firms are increasingly turning to outsourced intake, receptionist, and onboarding services.  Jeff Mosler, CEO of Nexa Receptionist Holdings LLC (you probably already know their Alert Communications brand) explains how law firms leveraging the flexibility of a turnkey, pretrained outsourcing platform can maximize marketing investments, answer calls in just three rings, and carry potential clients from a curious call to a signed retainer. Stop wasting marketing dollars on lost leads. Even for established firms, an outsourced platform – with the ability to engage by phone, web chat, email, and text – can help firms engaged in one-time, mass tort cases as needs ramp up then scale back. For big firms or small, a trained, on-call pool of legal intake specialists could be the answer. Special thanks to our sponsors Law Clerk, Alert Communications, LawYaw, and Scorpion.

Oct 25

31 min 36 sec

Guest Mark Rockwell helps lawyers and law firms build purpose, passion, and profit. Learn the five biggest – and crazy simple – mistakes lawyers make every day that undermine their business. Rockwell helps lawyers understand what they want, who they are, and where they want to go. Without structure and vision, what’s the point? When lawyers find themselves spinning their wheels, busy without achieving goals, Rockwell helps create structure and processes that build order and direction. For the first 10 listeners to reach out at (503) 784-7205 or, Rockwell offers a free one-hour coaching session. He also offers a free e-book, “Five Mistakes Lawyers Make That Kill Their Career,” at www.CoachRockwell.Com. Special thanks to our sponsors Law Clerk, Alert Communications, LawYaw, and Scorpion.

Sep 28

40 min 51 sec

Initial prospect consultations are lost hours if the prospect doesn’t become a client. Guest Theophan McKenzie is a professional sales consultant who helps attorneys and law firms across the country learn a better way to stop wasting time and stop letting prospects walk out the door.  McKenzie’s innovative, nontraditional sales techniques teach attorneys to turn off their “lawyer brain” and build immediate, lasting connections with prospects. Learn how to stop selling yourself and start listening to the prospective client. Special thanks to our sponsors Law Clerk, Alert Communications, LawYaw, and Scorpion.

Aug 31

38 min 14 sec

From the football field to the boardroom, talent development expert Ben Murphy has learned a few moves critical to building a motivated and productive team. Host Christopher Anderson and Murphy discuss how law firms can better hire, train, motivate and retain a team. Murphy explains why 56% of executives fail within 18 months of being hired and how to avoid these common pitfalls. He also details how managers can effectively manage a team working remotely and manage across generational divides. Ben Murphy is vice president of Titus Talent Strategies. Special thanks to our sponsors, Scorpion, Lawclerk, Alert Communications and LawYaw.

Jul 27

38 min 41 sec

Giugi Carminati reveals the lawyer traits that show lawyers desperately need legal project management, yet still resist. Special thanks to our sponsors, Scorpion, Lawclerk, Alert Communications and LawYaw.

Jul 2

37 min 57 sec

Entrepreneur Jaclyn Foster compares contract versus full-time paralegal services from cost to efficiency and battling turnover. Special thanks to our sponsors, Scorpion, Lawclerk, Alert Communications and LawYaw.

May 25

39 min 44 sec

Success coach Ken Hardison shares what it takes to assemble an A-team for a lucrative and satisfying law practice. Special thanks to our sponsors,  Scorpion, Lawclerk, Alert Communications and LawYaw.

Apr 27

43 min 12 sec

Do lawyers need more client leads? Legal marketing expert Kara Prior has an answer you might not expect.

Mar 23

40 min 26 sec

How business development relates to marketing, sales and client acquisition for lawyers.

Feb 23

37 min 24 sec

How to embrace your role as the CEO, from developing a plan and first hires to keeping control of the roles you enjoy most.

Jan 26

43 min 7 sec

Tracers President Erik Pickering offers a five-part strategy to thrive post-pandemic and shares how data research can make or break a case.

Dec 2020

34 min 24 sec

Family lawyer Jenny Bradley shares how a profit-first financial strategy increases profits, saves time, and improves business relationships.

Nov 2020

38 min 16 sec

De Novo Review’s lawyer staffing experts discuss growing practice areas amid Covid-19 and increased demand for support during periodic surges.

Oct 2020

38 min 28 sec

Legal AI entrepreneur Tom Martin shares how automation adoption by lawyers is accelerating out of necessity and because their clients demand it.

Sep 2020

35 min 45 sec

While the pandemic paralyzed many leaders, Michael Mogill offers tips for adopting a growth mindset that will lead you on a path to success.

Aug 2020

39 min 39 sec

Eric Farber offers strategies for developing a healthy culture in your law firm.

Jul 2020

35 min 33 sec

Tom Lambotte discusses the key tenets of his Optimize Method framework for lawyers.

Jun 2020

38 min 37 sec

David Neagle shares tips for developing a mindset that can help bring businesses through difficult economic circumstances.

May 2020

41 min 45 sec

Kimball Parker discusses solutions to common problems faced by law firms struggling to adjust to remote work.

Apr 2020

34 min 49 sec

Scott Wallingford discusses strategies for maximizing per-client profitability in your law firm.

Mar 2020

36 min 52 sec

Marco Brown highlights the importance of prioritizing billing for your law firm.

Feb 2020

36 min 15 sec

Clio’s Jack Newton discusses his new book and the lessons he’s learned over the last ten years studying successful law firms.

Jan 2020

1 hr 3 min

Moshe Rosenblum-Amsel shares strategies for optimizing your firm’s finances.

Dec 2019

45 min 32 sec

Greg Garman offers guidance for the future of small firm business models.

Nov 2019

43 min 44 sec

Greg Garman shares insights on legal business models and current supply and demand trends in the profession.

Nov 2019

38 min 41 sec

Karin Conroy offers guidance for connecting with the right clients for your law firm.

Oct 2019

37 min 49 sec

Liz Goddard, co-owner of Cc: My Admin, discusses how virtual assistants help lawyers increase efficiency and grow profits.

Sep 2019

42 min 36 sec

Jacob Slowik offers insights for lawyers on how niche specialization can lead to career successes.

Aug 2019

38 min 22 sec

Helen Bukulmez explains how investing in the interests of your team creates a culture of unity in your firm.

Jul 2019

38 min 24 sec

Sales minus expenses equals profit, right? Wrong! This formula may not be as correct as we thought. Small business profit guru Ron Saharyan joins Un-Billable Hour host Christopher Anderson to discuss how putting profit first helps lawyers be more focused on their clients’ needs. Ron explains the importance of setting aside money for profit, pay, and taxes; then using what is left to run your business.

Jun 2019

38 min 17 sec

Host Christopher Anderson is joined by Deborah Farone to discuss how smaller law firms and legal process outsourcing providers are well positioned to eat the lunch of larger, less nimble firms. They also cover a wide range of subjects including key changes in the industry facing small and midsize practices, the shocking lack of strategy in a large number of firms, and when it’s appropriate to bring on a Chief Marketing Officer.

May 2019

28 min 44 sec

Are you wasting marketing dollars by not converting prospects into clients? Following up on last month’s discussion about marketing, host Christopher Anderson tackles the equally important subject of sales with the help of Liz Wendling. Together they discuss the many ways attorneys are sabotaging their own efforts to convert prospects into clients, explain how to rethink your approach to closing a sale, and provide invaluable practical tips on how to improve your consultation style.


Apr 2019

39 min 22 sec

Host Christopher Anderson talks to Conrad Saam about how lawyers can take full ownership of their firm’s marketing and website. They discuss how the decline of legal directories has reduced visibility for some lawyers, and offer strategies for lawyers to take charge of their online presence. They also outline the best practices for ownership and talk about the benefits of WordPress.

Mar 2019

45 min 7 sec

How can artificial intelligence be applied in small law firms, and what are its dangers and benefits? In this episode, host Christopher Anderson talks to Alex Babin and Ryan Steadman of Zero, a company that applies artificial intelligence and smart automation to the most pressing operational challenges of the legal industry. They discuss what Zero can do to save lawyers time, give their clients a better customer experience, and increase security in email processes.

Feb 2019

40 min 44 sec

What do Silicon Valley tech companies do that law firms should consider implementing in their business practices? In this episode, host Christopher Anderson talks to Sarah Schaaf, CEO of Headnote, about the key things law firms can learn from tech companies to improve how they operate. They get into the details of how firms can consider data, speed, and ongoing streamlining to allocate firm resources responsibly and efficiently.

Jan 2019

47 min 10 sec

Christopher Anderson talks to Bryan Miles, CEO of Belay Solutions, about his book “Virtual Culture, The Way We Work Doesn’t Work Anymore, a Manifesto.” They discuss the challenges of the traditional workplace and outline how Belay Solutions has grown up as an exclusively virtual company. They give advice on how to develop virtual culture in a firm and discuss how virtual assistants can help lawyers focus on what really matters.

Dec 2018

36 min 25 sec

How effective is your law firm in its communications? Responsiveness is key, and utilizing a virtual receptionist may help your firm increase efficiency and boost customer satisfaction. Host Christopher Anderson talks to Maddy Martin of about steps small law firms can take to improve their communication. They discuss the many ways virtual receptionists can enhance the capabilities of small law firms and how these services can be customized to serve each firm’s unique needs.

Nov 2018

43 min 20 sec

Host Christopher Anderson is joined by Dr. Teresa Albizu, founder and co-president of the R-A Pinnacle Group and Dr. Gerardo (Gery) Rodríguez-Menéndez, co-president of the R-A Pinnacle Group as they discuss attorney wellness, how to see the signs, strategies on how to cope with stress, and when an individual should seek help.

Nov 2018

44 min 23 sec

Host Christopher Anderson talks to Andrew Lechter about how lawyers can be wise about leasing their work space. From maintaining a healthy relationship with your landlord to trends in the real estate market, there’s a lot that goes into leasing your own office space. Andrew shares tips about what lawyers should look for in a law firm lease, how to maximize the space you have, and what to do with office space that isn’t working for your business.

Sep 2018

36 min 17 sec

Hiring the right employee involves a lot more than looking at a resume. Host Christopher Anderson talks to Molly Hall about the best ways to find and hire quality employees. She shares tips on how to conduct interviews, weed out ill-fitting candidates, and compete with larger firms for talent. She also discusses best practices when letting go of employees that don’t fit.

Aug 2018

41 min 33 sec

More clients for less ad spend seems like a distant ideal, but artificial intelligence (AI) may be the tool lawyers need to get their ads in front of the right people. Host Christopher Anderson talks to Keith Dyer about how law firms can use AI to improve their marketing efforts. They discuss the three different types of AI (robotics, natural language processing, and machine learning), their capabilities, and how they could impact the future of legal marketing.

Jul 2018

33 min 51 sec

All lawyers want to get paid but keeping track of billable hours can be a challenge for solo and small firm lawyers. Inevitably, some hours may through the cracks resulting in a loss of potential money. Host Christopher Anderson talks to Alan Tuback about techniques and tools that can help lawyers keep track of their billable hours. They also discuss using practice management software to track time and other easy-to-implement software solutions for an overall efficient firm.

Jun 2018

34 min 59 sec

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital if you want your website to be found by the right clients. But SEO can be difficult to understand to those who don’t specialize in online marketing. Host Christopher Anderson talks to Seth Price about the four main components of SEO including high quality content, authoritative links, correct coding, and local. They also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of taking on a website redesign and identify the differences between good and bad links.

May 2018

42 min 8 sec

Host Christopher Anderson talks to Tyler Todd about the access to justice problem and how blockchain and other technology could be the key to solving it. They discuss the common issues within access to justice like lawyers not being able to connect with consumers, and how blockchain addresses these issues with transparency, efficiency, and accountability.

Apr 2018

27 min 26 sec

For growing solo and small firms, deciding when to use billable resources to hire new employees can be a challenge. Greg Garman talks about when firms should hire freelance lawyers to help them fill in the gaps. What are the benefits and functions of freelance lawyers?

Mar 2018

31 min 16 sec

There’s a lot of talk about practice management software in legal circles, but what is it and how can it serve your law firm? In this episode of The Un-Billable Hour, host Christopher Anderson and PracticePanther CEO David Bitton dive into the details of just how practice management software can lead to a more focused and efficient law firm. From client portals to document generation, they discuss the key benefits of practice management software and how they enhance the client experience. David Bitton is the CEO of PracticePanther, a management and billing software solution that is specially catered to users in the legal profession. Special thanks to our sponsors, Answer1, Solo Practice University, and Scorpion.

Mar 2018

37 min 27 sec

There are systems to help you run every part of a small law firm, whether it’s billing, marketing, or hiring. But what are systems and how do you implement them in your practice? In this episode of The Un-Billable Hour, host Christopher Anderson talks to Kristen David about the importance of using systems and how they help law firm owners, staff, and even clients. They discuss crafting checklists, freeing up time, and how systems are sometimes resisted. They also share tips on how an owner can free up their time. Kristen David is law firm management and marketing advisor for How To Manage a Small Law Firm. Special thanks to our sponsors, Answer1, Solo Practice University, and Scorpion.

Jan 2018

41 min 22 sec

The mindset of a leader can affect an entire team and how they perform. This is especially true in law firms. In this episode of The Un-Billable Hour, host Christopher Anderson talks to Michael Mogill about the seven mindset habits that lawyers can use to run a more successful and cohesive law firm: Ambition Engagement Accountability Respectfulness Openness to change Openness to learn Set clear expectations They go into detail about the strategies and benefits of each habit while also discussing the difference between a growth or fixed mindset. Michael Mogill is the president and CEO of Crisp Video Group, a national legal video marketing company that produces high-quality and engaging legal videos for attorneys all over the country. Special thanks to our sponsors, Answer1, Solo Practice University, and Scorpion.

Dec 2017

40 min 11 sec

Currently, there are at least 900 different kinds of cryptocurrencies being traded on the internet. As they have grown in popularity, it has become clear that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will inevitably impact the way law is practiced. In this episode of The Un-Billable Hour, host Christopher Anderson talks to Joshua Lenon about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and why it is essential for lawyers to know what these technologies are and how they work. They discuss how blockchain can perfect the authentication of digital files and how lawyers can start to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment. Joshua Lenon is an attorney who currently serves as lawyer-in-residence for Clio, providing legal scholarship and research skills to the cloud-based practice management platform. Special thanks to our sponsors, Answer1, Solo Practice University, and Scorpion.

Oct 2017

20 min 55 sec