The Jonathan Monte Podcast

By Joathan Monte

Jonathan Monte is a speaker, author, life coach and creator of the program Life Transformation – The Complete Journey™. He has dedicated his life to helping people discover and apply his proven strategies for overcoming blocks, creating lasting changes, reclaiming personal freedom, achieving extraordinary results and creating the life they genuinely desire. Through his program, coaching, and events, Jonathan has been impacting and transforming lives for more than 23 years. Visit for more information

  1. 1.
    Life Transformation Part 1: The Awakening, Our Journey Begins With The Truth
  2. 2.
    Life Transformation Part 2: Mastering The Art of Effective Meditation
  3. 3.
    Life Transformation Part 3: The Hidden Power of Our Emotions
  4. 4.
    Life Transformation Part 4: Taking an Honest and Revealing Personal Inventory
  5. 5.
    Life Transformation Part 5: Creating Lasting Changes and Resolving Inner Conflicts
  6. 6.
    Life Transformation Part 6: Launch Into A Journey of Self-Discovery
  7. 7.
    Life Transformation Part 7: Creating a Life of Happiness, Purpose and Fulfillment
  8. 8.
    Life Transformation Part 8: Freedom Through Practicing Personal Responsibility

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