The Purpose Grounded Life

By Jay Robinson

The Purpose-Grounded Life Podcast is part of the work of, a non-profit organization that facilitates and coaches a peer group process that fosters ongoing renewal, life direction, and long term well-being. Purposely is for anyone who wants to cultivate the purpose-grounded life. We all need space to step back from the busy-ness and the constant striving so we can refocus, reflect, experience ongoing renewal, and discover new ways to move forward. When navigating uncertainty and difficulty, working harder is not always the answer. We also need to take a break and reflect not just on what we're doing but why we're doing it. We need new ways of moving forward. We foster the purpose-grounded life through an intentional process that cultivates our own sense of agency--our capacity to take actions that lead to desirable outcomes. All of us have this capacity for agency. The problem often is the gap between our good intentions—the big goals we want to achieve, the dreams we have, the things we tell ourselves we want to do—and our ability to actually be intentional. Purpose is about self-direction—taking charge of our own learning, taking charge of our long-term outcomes, taking charge of the changes we need to make to be the kind of person we’ve always imagined we would become. When we engage in this deeply reflective process of creative purpose and tap into who we are and the kind of person we want to become, new pathways of purpose emerge.

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