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Do you want access to the best knowledge, tips, tactics and strategies from the world's most successful female entrepreneurs? Read on... We started the FSC podcast to bring you insights and learnings from the world’s most successful female founders, entrepreneurs and women in business.This is a space for women-in-progress to learn through insightful episodes, be inspired and take action to get what you want out of your career.Find more on our website: www.femalestartupclub.com

  1. 1.
    A multi-million dollar business in 12 months through retail expansion, guerilla marketing & a great tasting product; Three Wishes Founder Margaret Wishingrad shares the blueprint
  2. 2.
    Sally Mueller from Womaness shares her lessons on how to launch your brand into big box retailers like Target + the 3 step blueprint every entrepreneur needs to succeed in business
  3. 3.
    Sephora’s Accelerate Program + tips to cultivating a powerful community with Kulfi Beauty Founder Priyanka Ganjoo
  4. 4.
    This Entrepreneur tripled her revenue every year + how to approach your acquisition costs with Copper Cow Coffee Founder Debbie Mullin
  5. 5.
    How Klaviyo is driving growth through thoughtful email marketing campaigns, with Milky Mama Founder Krystal Duhaney
  6. 6.
    How to pitch, how to pivot and How to Build a Goddamn Empire with Ali Kriegsman
  7. 7.
    Founder Jing Gao shares how she built her 8-figure revenue business, Fly by Jing, in just two years & key learnings every female entrepreneur can take note of
  8. 8.
    Rizos Curls Latina-Founder Julissa Prado on why you can negotiate ANYTHING & how she started her community in the 9th grade without actually knowing it
  1. 9.
    Pianist turned entrepreneur, Angela Jia Kim shares her approach to building Savor Beauty
  2. 10.
    How to create a 5,000 person waitlist for your DTC startup with pet care brand FABLE Co-Founder Sophie Bakalar
  3. 11.
    How to start an activewear brand on a limited budget with Entrepreneur Toyin Omisore
  4. 12.
    Inventions, Patents & SharkTank with SubSafe Inventor and Co-Founder Desiree Haller
  5. 13.
    7-Figure Entrepreneur & Founder of The Spark School, Gwen Lane, shares how to build an online community + how small business owners can run successful influencer marketing campaigns
  6. 14.
    How to buy a business (& have Venus Williams as a part owner!), with Asutra’s Owner & CEO Stephanie Morimoto
  7. 15.
    How to weigh up the pros & cons when choosing your manufacturer with Xenia Chen, Founder of luxury tights brand Threads
  8. 16.
    The struggles that come with being an Entrepreneur as told by Piperwai’s Founder Sarah Ribner
  9. 17.
    What it really takes to get your beauty brand stocked in Sephora, with Alpyn Beauty’s Founder Kendra Kolb Butler
  10. 18.
    The woman who invented the world’s first flushable pregnancy test shares her deepest learnings, with Lia’s Founder Bethany Edwards
  11. 19.
    Should you focus on growth or profitability? Unbuckleme’s Co-Founder, Becca Davison shares her thoughts
  12. 20.
    Pro tips you need to know for retail expansion into stores like Target & Ulta, with Three Ships Co-Founder Connie Lo
  13. 21.
    The BYBI Founders share their tips to creating a sustainable, vegan beauty brand & and how to lower your costs, with Elsie Rutterford and Dominika Minarovic
  14. 22.
    How to start a lingerie brand + key insights into the industry, with Beverly Hills Lingerie Co-Founder Joline Nehoray
  15. 23.
    How This Entrepreneur Built Black Girl Sunscreen to a 5M+ Valuation, with Shontay Lundy
  16. 24.
    How to start an indie beauty brand with Kiramoon’s Lindsey Martin
  17. 25.
    How to sell your business for 20M+ dollars, and then do it all again with Zoë Sakoutis, Co-Founder of Earth & Star
  18. 26.
    Fishwife is making tinned fish sexy, here’s how Founder Becca Millstein is disrupting the industry with a distinguishable brand, premium product and unique storytelling
  19. 27.
    The backdoor approach to getting your CPG food brand stocked in Wholefoods, with Lil Bucks Founder Emily Griffith
  20. 28.
    Will Smith backed this DTC dog food startup, here’s why. With Jinx Co-Founder Terri Rockovich
  21. 29.
    How this brand amassed 30,000 5 star Amazon reviews, with Bug Bite Thing Founder Kelley Higney
  22. 30.
    From losing 3 million followers on IG to becoming the go-to multi-million dollar cannabis company, with Kush Queen’s Olivia Alexander
  23. 31.
    How to start a fashion footwear brand + reaching “overnight success” after 10 years, with Angela Scott
  24. 32.
    How to start a candy brand and unblock self limiting beliefs, with Behave’s Mayssa Chehata
  25. 33.
    How Supper Clubs became the secret sauce behind the Tiny Organics community, with Betsy Fore and Sofia Laurell
  26. 34.
    Using your customers to lead product development and building a company with a truly unique point of difference, with Volition Beauty’s Brandy Hoffman
  27. 35.
    How this impact driven personal care brand launched by giving thousands of products away for free, with Hiki’s Ariel Wengroff
  28. 36.
    Key learnings from bootstrapping her beauty brand + how to price your products with Rosen’s Jamika Martin
  29. 37.
    This company fights climate change with upcycled food waste + how to use LinkedIn to grow your business with Renewal Mill’s Caroline Cotto
  30. 38.
    How to get stocked in Wholefoods & scaling a business in the CPG industry, with Red Clay Hot Sauce Co-Founder Molly Fienning
  31. 39.
    Partake Founder Denise Woodard shares her key learnings in building the allergy friendly cookie company that Rihanna and Jay Z invested in
  32. 40.
    The Chrissy Teigen tweet, pitch competitions & building a multi-million dollar brand with Tea Drops Founder Sashee Chandran
  33. 41.
    Turning your passion into a thriving business, with textile brand MINNA’s Founder, Sara Berks
  34. 42.
    How to create a meaningful product launch with a focus group of 1000 target customers, with Saalt’s Cherie Hoeger
  35. 43.
    Two Vogue alum started a tech meets fashion ecommerce site after a lightbulb moment + how to secure partnerships, with Collagerie’s Lucinda Chambers & Serena Hood
  36. 44.
    The story of signing a $200k deal on shark tank followed by a major lawsuit, with GOVERRE’s Regan Kelaher and Shannon Zappala
  37. 45.
    How this Founder disrupted the non-alcoholic beverage industry from her living room, with DRY’s Sharelle Klaus
  38. 46.
    How this Founder invented a world-first powder shampoo with Susteau's Kailey Bradt
  39. 47.
    The cereal brand breaking all the rules, with OffLimits Founder Emily Elyse Miller
  40. 48.
    A deep dive into influencer marketing with Ali Bonar, Founder of the world’s first Granola Butter, Kween
  41. 49.
    Creating cult products & having Sophia Amoruso as your mentor, with Chillhouse Founder Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton
  42. 50.
    Starting a vitamin company and leveraging free reviews to drive acquisition, with Needed Co-Founders Ryan Woodbury and Julie Sawaya

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