Well Being Walks with Kip Hollister

By Hollister Institute

Welcome to my podcast: Well Being Walks. In each episode, I am joined by a special guest for a walk – in nature – knowing that nature is where our souls sing. We all have a soul song, yet, our soul songs get silenced by our human “doing” – chasing achievement, chasing success, climbing the corporate ladder – DOING more. There is a real imbalance today in human DOING versus human BEING. In these podcasts we focus more on BEING human and what that looks like. We will share a collection of REAL conversations and stories from respected leaders and influencers who are exploring a different kind of leadership and how to live a soulful life that matters. Please join us on a walk! -Kip

  1. 1.
    Richard Margil; Learning as a Playground
  2. 2.
    Beth Monaghan; Stripping Away the Persona
  3. 3.
    Andrew Graff; Learning Leadership During Your Formative Years
  4. 4.
    Charlie Saponaro; In the Beginning, There Was Drive and Ignorance
  5. 5.
    Jadi Taveras; People First Leadership
  6. 6.
    Judy Giovangelo; Allowing Grief to Happen For You
  7. 7.
    Lynn Margherio; Engaging Beyond Your Community
  8. 8.
    Helen Russell; Inspiring Youth Through Experiential Learning

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