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Staff Meal Podcast

Staff Meal is a podcast about restaurant staff meals, hosted by Mario Münster

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My guest today is Rachel Signer and we talk about her recently released book „You had me at Pét-Nat“. Our conversation tackles the questions of how to move on with your life when you’re feeling stuck, how to make bigger than life decisions while life just happens at you fast, and about the state of things in gastronomy and the natural wine world. In her memoire, Rachel, - who is also the founder and publisher of the natural wine magazine „Pipette“ - reflects on her life in recent years. The book starts with her escape from questionable gastro jobs and mediocre dates in Brooklyn with a vague plan to build a life in Paris fueled by the hope to co-own a wine bar on the Seine’s right bank someday. After accidentally falling in love with an iconic Australian natural winemaker on a trip to Georgia, Rachel eventually ends up living on a farm in Australia’s Adelaide Hills where she makes her own natural wine, writes and raises her two year old daughter. Follow:

Nov 25

53 min 59 sec

How does COVID19 affects the wine import business? My guests for the 7th episode are Daisy Merrick, owner of Somavines, and Paul Knittel who works with Viniculture. Follow:

Apr 2020

35 min 11 sec

My guests for the 6th episode are Jessica Sidon and Caecilia Baldszus, owners of Baldon. It's the first podcast episode in times of COVID19, so the conversation is all about the crisis's effect on gastronomy with a major focus on talking about new chances and brilliant ideas for the future:) Follow:

Apr 2020

42 min 31 sec

My guest for the 5th episode is Friederike Gaedke who works with the Berlin based association Die Gemeinschaft - a network that aims to connect farmers, producers, and chefs. Follow:

Feb 2020

49 min 51 sec

For the fourth episode I had a conversation with Carolin Wilke, owner of Wilke. This podcast episode comes to you in german language:) Follow:

Nov 2019

26 min 27 sec

For the third episode I visited Wagner Bistro in Berlin where I had a conversasion with chef Danny Benedettini und partner Jan Hugel. Follow:

Nov 2019

19 min 32 sec

My guest for the second episode of Staff Meal Podcast is Joshua Lange, director of operations at Contemporary Food Lab, Berlin. Follow:

Apr 2019

47 min 4 sec

For the pilot episode of Staff Meal podcast Mario Münster visited Barra, a neighborhood restaurant in Berlin Neukoellen. Follow:

Apr 2019

13 min 28 sec