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Join the innovation adventure that spotlights MEP and the construction industry – advancements in technology, distinctive perspectives, the soft skills required for successful digital transformation, and stories about the problem-solving mindset that continues to shape this great industry and propel it forward. The Bridging the Gap Podcast gives voice to the incredible things happening in and around construction while championing the fact that this is a great industry to be in.

The host, Todd Weyandt, seeks out enlightening conversations with industry experts who are changing the technological landscape. Engaging a full spectrum of voices, he champions an industry dialogue that supports companies as they try new things, advance and thrive.

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Join host Todd and guest Mark Lamberson as they discuss construction trends that are here to stay, doing your “due diligence” in the industry, how to evolve alongside the constant changes in tech, how to represent your own interests as well as those of your team with technology, and remembering to apply empathy to every aspect of the industry. Mark Lamberson began his construction career as a plumbing apprentice for his stepfather’s plumbing company in Detroit in 1992. He completed an apprenticeship program through the Plumber's Local 98 training center in 2000. He has worked in the roles of journeyman, welder, foreman, project manager and estimator. He began his role as a plumbing detailer in 2006 and advanced to leader, manager, and finally National VDC Manager for the Limbach Company. Mark’s accreditations include a Certificate in Plumbing Design, Certified Autodesk Professional, and a Certificate in Construction Supervision. In 2018, Michigan’s chapter of American Society of Sanitary Engineers awarded Mark the John E. Matthews Engineer of the Year Award. Mark is involved in technology implementation, fabrication, and standardization committees throughout Limbach.

Dec 1

42 min 28 sec

Are you ready to turn the volume up and rock the trades loud? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Christopher Brenchley as they discuss the state of the trades today, the absolute importance of skilled tradesmen as essential workers, how Rock the Trades is helping to revitalize the workforce, and how there would be “no white-collar world without blue-collar workers.” A digital evangelist for nearly three decades, Christopher Brenchley is co-founder and CEO of Surehand, Inc.—an industrial talent sourcing platform provider—and the driving force behind the Rock the Trades workforce development movement. He is deeply committed to expanding awareness of blue-collar career paths, reducing industrial labor shortages, and ending underemployment. Get involved at   TODD-TAKES: This conversation really gets at one of my soapbox topics around helping to change the perception problem that exists around the skilled trades. Loved that Chris is working to help, in his words, “elevate the perception of the skilled trades back to the industrial artists that they were decades ago.” To help increase exposure to the trades and reach a younger audience, we need to humanize the trades while getting information out about the reality of this industry in current and creative ways. The key to accomplishing this rests in our ability as an industry to lock arms with each other around a single message and rallying cry. I love the “Rock the Trades” mindset to bring people together to turn the cameras around and show the amazing things happening in the industry. So, let’s go rock the trades together!

Nov 23

39 min 4 sec

Are you well equipped and empowered to thrive in the new normal? Join host Todd and guests Melissa Lopez and Ryan Shortill as they discuss what a healthy corporate culture looks like, the new opportunities that have arisen from the remote work environment, how to adjust to working from home in the face of burnout and different schedules, attracting top talent employees to your company, and the importance of empathy in every context. Melissa Lopez currently serves as the CEO of Positive Adventures and CEO and Co-Founder of Onyx Offsites & Trainings, a new corporate concierge team building company designed to create meaningful culture, connection and change in corporations of all sizes. With more than 25 years of industry and leadership experience in marketing, advertising and entrepreneurship, Lopez successfully navigated Positive Adventures through the COVID-19 pandemic and launched Onyx in early 2021 to address the new needs of the corporate landscape. Lopez currently sits on the Board of Directors for Entrepreneur’s Organization San Diego Chapter as Integration Chair as well as serves on the Board of Directors for Pegasus Building Services, where her board role is centralized on marketing, operational and visionary guidance for the institution. As the Founder of Onyx Offsites & Trainings and Positive Adventures, Ryan Shortill is the driving force behind the brand’s mission. Passionate about helping communities, organizations, teams, and individuals realize their productive power, for more than 15 years, Shortill has provided counsel for companies and communities through unique, purpose-driven techniques. Shortill has taught a variety of curriculum to every level of academia as well as large organizations and senior management teams and is accustomed to speaking to a variety of audiences. TODD-TAKES I loved the birds chirping in the background of Ryan. It was such a great example of embracing this new normal and allowing the flexibility and empowerment for people to work from where they can thrive the most. Melissa and Ryan provided so many great examples of thinking outside the box in order to connect people across departments, for example the Run Club or serving together. I also loved the idea of switching things up in meetings and brainstorming to meet at a park. Recently, I was able to bring my entire team together for the first time in 2 years and we incorporated that advice into our meeting. It was fantastic to enjoy being outside together. Construction workers are athletes that must take time to focus on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health. As part of this, it is incumbent on leaders to know the person behind the employee. Take the time to know what drives and fulfills your team members so you can as Ryan said, “relate as a human rather than an item that needs to be accomplished.” Ryan also provided some powerful examples of this in action with purchasing concert tickets and plane tickets for his employees.

Nov 17

50 min 54 sec

It is an amazing time for construction but with the growth comes a lot of change. Are you harnessing the change required to launch you into a successful future? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Randee Herrin as they unpack change management, developing alignment throughout the organization, investing in a healthy culture, data strategy, diversity in the workplace and more. Randee Herrin is the Senior Vice President of Construction Technologies & Manufacturing at TDIndustries, Inc. With 20+ years of experience as a leader in construction, she has been innovative and utilized technology to drive value creation through big-picture and futuristic thinking. She is well versed in technology-driven workflows to transform how building and construction is executed.

Nov 10

39 min 42 sec

Does your company embrace innovation and new opportunities? Do you? Also, what is the future of robotics in construction? Join host Todd and guest Aarni Heiskanen as they discuss crossing the divide between labor and construction demand, the growing importance of robotics in the field, the people-centric aspect of the construction industry, and much more. Aarni Heiskanen is a Finnish construction innovation agent helping construction sector companies innovate and communicate. He has worked as an architect, consultant, and software developer. Aarni is the co-founder of AE Partners, a business development firm, and heads AEC Business, a construction communication agency. He has been hailed as a Top 100 construction tech influencer. His award-winning blog is at

Nov 3

33 min 15 sec

What does it mean to grow? Will you have to move beyond your comfort zone to keep up? Join host Todd and guest Doug Howard as they discuss navigating growth with your company, nurturing long-range plans over time, the absolute necessity of skill training, and how to both embrace and understand the downsides of technology.  Doug Howard is the Director of Consulting Services at Remodelers Advantage, Inc. He has extensive experience in business consulting, facilitating and training on profit improvement, growth strategies, financing, succession planning and business enhancement in the home remodeling industry

Oct 27

35 min 58 sec

Are you ready for what’s ahead? Is your company And how can you know? Join host Todd and guest Jason Gregg as they discuss the continuing hesitancy around the adoption of technology, pursuing and achieving goals even though the path may be unsure, and how ensure that your company survives—and grows stronger through—every obstacle placed in its way. Jason Gregg is the VDC Manager at RK Mechanical. He has 30 years of construction experience bringing innovation, technology and prefabrication to the construction industry by utilizing field experience and project management to help propel employees to the next level.

Oct 20

26 min 8 sec

How do you bridge the gaps that occur in your workflow? What’s the best way to adapt? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Justin Saeheng of Stanly X as they discuss the connection between the field and the shop, the most rampant problems in the industry today, and the potential of an open innovation platform in Contech. Justin Saeheng leads the Construction Technology team at Stanley X, where he is responsible for defining the product vision, strategy, and overall roadmap execution. Prior to Stanley X, Justin led product teams across various startups and large enterprises. Most recently, he was at a Series A software startup leading the Supply Chain team on first to market logistics SaaS features. Prior to that, Justin was a product manager at Uber Freight for the Marketplace Dynamics and the Carrier Fleet teams. At Adobe, Justin delivered innovative features for Adobe Analytics for Fortune 500 customers and led partnerships with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Oct 13

39 min 55 sec

How are you presenting your company to a watching world and why does it matter to your bottom line? Join host Todd and guests Tom Deane and Noel Brady as they discuss how to ensure that you are catering to your audience and customer base, the importance of first impressions (especially when it comes to your company), and how to empathize with others before making a commitment to change. Tom Deane and Noel Brady are the co-founders of ProjectMark. Tom the CEO of ProjectMark. He has spent 10 years in the Construction Industry, working primarily in Cost and Risk Management. He has been a part of multiple project teams across a range of sectors, touching over $5 billion in construction cost. He has a bachelor’s degree in Quantity Surveying from Limerick Institute of Technology. He is extremely passionate about the contech landscape and for making a real difference to daily processes in the industry.

Oct 6

36 min 3 sec

With a younger generation coming into the workforce, what will change? And with the rise of security concerns, what parts of the industry do we need to ensure are secure? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Jennifer Byrne as they discuss embracing tech in the industry, the recent rise of “asymmetric warfare” and cyber attacks, what the future workspace will look like, and fostering a collaborative and problem-solving mentality and environment where we work.   Jennifer Byrne is currently an independent advisor, speaker, and author. A lot of her work is centered around digital transformation. Previously, Jennifer was Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft US. She infused innovation practices into Microsoft’s technical field teams which led to high-value and well-publicized digital transformation strategies with top global companies.

Sep 29

39 min 23 sec

How does a passion for innovation tie into the construction industry? How about creativity and a desire to drive the future? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Adrian Hatch as they discuss the future of construction work, the rising power of AR and VR, how to allow workers to be more intentional with their time and resources, and much more. Co-founder and CEO of IMAJION, Adrian Hatch is a product developer and sales leader who is passionate about creating practical innovations and experienced in the conception and engineering of prototype software products and applications. Prior to co-founding IMAJION, Adrian worked at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies as a brand designer and co-founded and operated Lokil, an app and website development firm. Adrian holds a BS in Information Management and Technology and an MS in Management Information Systems from Syracuse University.

Sep 22

36 min 38 sec

Are you willing to push past the failures and pain that’s others won’t? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Greg Santoro as they discuss digitization, the generation of new ideas in the workplace, how storytelling ties into innovation, how to focus on the continuation of learning and growth, how to adapt to the latest global trends, and much more.   Greg Santoro earned his B.A. in Economics at Yale University. After working in strategy consulting for two years, Greg started his career in the construction industry working in a technology incubator at Stanley Black & Decker. He then moved on to Co-Founding DADO, where he serves as Head of Product.

Sep 15

32 min 26 sec

It’s no secret that the workforce is changing—and everyone needs to learn how to keep up. Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Bryce Batts as they discuss recruitment in the AEC industry, how to avoid losing your employees, the importance of getting to know the people who work for you, and what it means to take action in the right direction. My name is Bryce Batts and I’m an AEC Recruiter and Career Coach. I’m grateful to be able to help people in the industry find a job they love and make an income they can be proud of. I specialize in defining your strengths and identifying your weaknesses while setting goals for success. I love cheering on my clients and helping them feel empowered to take the steps needed to move into a fulfilling career. I've helped over 500 people land their dream job so if you're thinking about taking the leap or want some help in making that transition easier I'm your girl.

Sep 8

29 min 14 sec

That's a wrap on MEP Force 2021! A truly global virtual/hybrid conference spanning 40 states and 6 continents. Being indestructible means booting up your device and getting the work done from half way across the world, and still having time to network with industry peers. For this episode, Jake Olsen and Amy Peck joined us once again to wrap up the final day of MEP Force. When taking a look back over Angie Simon's Keynote, breakout sessions, and roundtables, a few common threads shone through today. Supply chains are fragile, and it's going to take a lot of coordinated effort and ingenuity to keep them flowing. The key to hiring and appealing to the next digital native generation may end up being hands-on learning. Finally, we must learn from our past projects and seasoned individuals before this knowledge slips through our fingertips.   Amy Peck is the founder and CEO of EndeavorVR. From healthcare, education, retail, hospitality and entertainment to government and industrial use cases, her personal goal is to bridge the gap between the leading edge tech and clients ready to adopt the myriad solutions in the AR/VR stratosphere. Jake has worked in the industry as an engineer and entrepreneur for over 20 years both in the USA and abroad developing new products, software and businesses to transform the way we build. Jake holds a master’s degree in Structural Engineering and is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer in California.

Sep 2

33 min 24 sec

Disruption is merely rethinking how we think about innovation. This theme shone through the keynotes, discussions, and breakout sessions on day 2 of MEP Force 2021. We heard from industry leaders across the world about how the past 18 months has been a source of major disruption. The common thread? We are all indestructible. We all turned major disruption into crucial innovation. Amy Peck is the founder and CEO of EndeavorVR. From healthcare, education, retail, hospitality and entertainment to government and industrial use cases, her personal goal is to bridge the gap between the leading edge tech and clients ready to adopt the myriad solutions in the AR/VR stratosphere. James Simpson is the Mechanical Product Manager at eVolve MEP. He has gained valuable experience in all sections of the industry. From within Field Installation, VDC, DFMA, and even application development, he has led teams in bettering workflows. His current passion is driving innovation utilizing ConTech applications. He also shares his expertise in his industry blog BIM² in an effort to promote growth in the field as a whole. Jake has worked in the industry as an engineer and entrepreneur for over 20 years both in the USA and abroad developing new products, software and businesses to transform the way we build. Jake holds a master’s degree in Structural Engineering and is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer in California.

Sep 1

33 min 57 sec

What does it mean to be 'indestructible'? On day 1 of MEP Force 2021, panelists, participants, and keynote addresses alike set out to capture and define what it means to be indestructible. Themes emerged from the more than 80 breakout sessions and roundtable discussions: Company culture is at the heart of being indestructible. Attitudes of individuals directly contribute to company outcomes A solid strategy on collecting and analyze data is key. Buy-in when adopting a new tool or technology is just as important as understanding the technology itself. Amy Peck is the founder and CEO of EndeavorVR. From healthcare, education, retail, hospitality and entertainment to government and industrial use cases, her personal goal is to bridge the gap between the leading edge tech and clients ready to adopt the myriad solutions in the AR/VR stratosphere. James Simpson is the Mechanical Product Manager at eVolve MEP. He has gained valuable experience in all sections of the industry. From within Field Installation, VDC, DFMA, and even application development, he has led teams in bettering workflows. His current passion is driving innovation utilizing ConTech applications. He also shares his expertise in his industry blog BIM² in an effort to promote growth in the field as a whole. Jake has worked in the industry as an engineer and entrepreneur for over 20 years both in the USA and abroad developing new products, software and businesses to transform the way we build. Jake holds a master’s degree in Structural Engineering and is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer in California.

Aug 31

38 min 50 sec

Recently, we’ve all learned quite a bit about being tough. But what about being adaptable? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Dan McCarthy of Dodge Data and Analytics as preview his keynote during MEP Force 2021, the right strategy when you’re gathering and governing data, and the cultural mindset required for successful digital transformation in construction. Dan McCarthy is the President and CEO at Dodge Data & Analytics. He has broad experience across consumer and business-to-business markets and multiple business models, including data, information, consumer payments and advertising. His focus is on transforming organizations and unlocking value through multiple strategies underpinned by the creation of strong leadership teams and highly engaged and creatively-motivated workforces.

Aug 25

41 min 33 sec

Trust isn’t just important—it’s essential to getting things done efficiently, properly, and on time. So, what have we learned about trust and collaboration over the last twelve months? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Jeff Sample as they discuss how the construction industry has held up over the past year, knowledge and lessons learned to take away from the pandemic, the new potential for a better work-life balance, what really needs to be changed in the industry, and much more. Jeff Sample is a technology evangelist, speaker, podcaster, and passionate advocate for construction. He has been working in the technology industry for the past 20+ years and is the Head of Communication at Join. He has taken specific care to work with and understand the diverse components of a successful business and how technology can enhance those workflows.

Aug 18

54 min 42 sec

It is time to celebrate… Bridging the Gap is officially at 100 episodes and counting! Join host Todd Weyandt and editor/producer Eric Daniel as they look back to reflect on the lessons learned, moments that stand out and where the show is going for the next 100 episodes. During our first 100 episodes, we have had the great pleasure of learning from so many brilliant guests and thought leaders throughout the industry. To you the listeners, thank you for joining us on this adventure, taking the time to listen each week and sharing with your friends.

Aug 16

1 hr 11 min

Do you prioritize communication in your company? How about between different companies? That choice may be more important than you realize. Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Tim Speno as they discuss the importance of camaraderie on the field and in projects, taking time to think through plans no matter how small they might be, and how to support each other in times of drastic change. Tim Speno is a Business Development Expert, Entrepreneur, and Strategic Planner. He is the President and CEO of E2E Summit. He has experience as an advisor, vice president of jobsite solutions and services, and a senior manager and platform manager.

Aug 11

31 min 35 sec

In your experience, what’s the best that the construction industry has to offer? What can change? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Scott Ellison as they discuss the intricacies of construction and its projects, the ups and downs that come with disruption, how to start and grow a ConTech company, and much more. Scott Ellison is an Advisor, Investor, and Consultant for Tech- and Data-Powered businesses. He has experience in principal, international travel, and holds a pilot’s license. He graduated AB Cum Laude from Harvard University.

Aug 4

43 min 49 sec

Join host Todd Weyandt and guests Clay Smith, James Simpson, Steve King, Adam Heon, and Michael Schinn for a first look at the release of eVolve 5.0. You’ll learn more about the “why” and “who” behind eVolve MEP, what to expect from this latest release, which features each guest is most excited about, how eVolve and AI are getting involved, the upcoming MEP Force event, and much more! Clay Smith is the CEO of eVolve MEP. James Simpson is a Product Manager at eVolve MEP. Steve King is a Prefab Consultant at eVolve MEP. Adam Heon is an Electrical Segment Manager at eVolve MEP. Michael Schinn is a Product Manager at eVolve MEP.

Jul 28

46 min 48 sec

How important is trades education to you? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Brandon Patterson as they discuss the importance of preparing for the future of our workforce, the “Build My Future” event, the issues with perception around the construction industry, and much more.   Brandon Patterson was Iowa born and raised with a history in the building industry. He enjoys working with the Iowa Skilled Trades team and collaborating with the industry leaders to build the next generation of tradesmen and women.

Jul 21

32 min 23 sec

How do you reconcile different opinions, economies, and levels of experience in the field? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Simon Waldren as they discuss the world of modular prefab, the challenge that comes with different perspectives about the industry, embracing the mindset that it’s okay to fail, and how to “check your ego at the door.” Simon Waldren is an Operations Director at Apex Wiring Solutions. He has experience in modular, DfMA, and LEAN. Apex and Simon work hard to advocate for modular construction, helping to drive the industry to better identify challenges, while providing solutions to adapt to meet future market needs. When thinking through the ROI for industrialized construction, remember this is a long-term play. It doesn’t mean that you won’t find immediate benefits, but you do need to have realistic expectations. IC is a marathon not a sprint. You are bridging the gap from what can be done to what will be done in the future. This leads me to my second take. It is important to give yourself the freedom to fail if you are learning from those mistakes. Simon had a great line that “innovation stands on the shoulders of the people before you.” Find those 1% improvements that you can make. They add up to be a monumental change. Finally, don’t try to hide your mistakes. People are going to know. When you do make a mistake, own it, address it and then roll up your sleeves to fix it and learn from it. You will garner so much more respect from others in the end.

Jul 14

47 min 51 sec

When you look at your professional field, do you see a need for improvement? How about room to grow? We can all benefit from improvement, though we might not realize it at the time. Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Slater Latour as they discuss sharing information cross-industry, the need for data standardization and organization, and the progress we’ve made towards streamlining information. Slater Latour is the Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Newforma. He is focused on helping Newforma continue to build a great business by delivering valuable solutions to the AEC industry. Slater has held multiple corporate strategy and cross-functional leadership roles at vertical software, financial technology, and financial services organizations ranging from early-stage start-ups to one of the ten largest diversified financial services providers in the world.

Jul 7

33 min 11 sec

What is your data strategy? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Kevin Soohoo as they discuss the huge overlap between manufacturing and construction, working towards a single source of data in the industry, protecting and prioritizing data against ransomware and the differing mindsets that surround data in construction.  Kevin Soohoo is the Director of construction and engineering at Egnyte. With 15-plus years of experience, Kevin is responsible for supporting Egnyte’s newly-formed construction and engineering vertical and its growth efforts within AEC. He also has a history of leading technology and innovation at E&R Ranked, specialty trade contractors, and context startups.

Jun 30

39 min 32 sec

What role should curiosity play in the construction executive’s day-to-day? As it turns out, a lot. Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Cory Borchardt, Sr., VP of Operations at Fisk Electric, as they chat through embracing ConTech and prefabrication from an executive’s vantage point. They also discuss how to build out consistent processes, high-five worthy software providers for the field, attracting a younger generation. and more.  Cory Borchardt joined the Fisk Electric team in 2019 as Senior Vice President of Operations with over 20 years of electrical construction experience. Cory brings an innovative approach to construction utilizing prefabrication, technology and project management skills to drive for operational excellence. Cory received a B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology from Michigan Technological University, holds a Master Electrician license in multiple states, and is a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP).

Jun 23

49 min 40 sec

What does Industrialized Construction mean to you? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Clay Freeman as they discuss the future of the assembly line, the common misconceptions that surround industrialized construction, how to see the best ROI from production, how to keep your expectations at the right level, how data flow goes through the supply chain in industrialized construction, and much more.  Clay Freeman is VP of Products at eVolve MEP. Freeman brings 25 years of experience to the eVolve MEP team. Previously the co-founder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Solidspac3, a San Francisco-based construction technology and services provider. Freeman held executive, product, and engineering leadership positions with Autodesk, Webcor Builders and Vico Software/Graphisoft.

Jun 16

33 min 24 sec

How soon do you think augmented reality and virtual reality will be commonplace on the field? It may be sooner than you’d think. Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Amy Peck as they discuss the acceleration of technology adoption, a continual focus on human needs in tech, the benefits of wearable tech, and much more.  Amy Peck is the founder and CEO of EndeavorVR. From healthcare, education, retail, hospitality and entertainment to government and industrial use cases, her personal goal is to bridge the gap between the leading edge tech and clients ready to adopt the myriad solutions in the AR/VR stratosphere.

Jun 9

43 min 58 sec

Where do you think we’re headed in the construction industry? What do you think encourages our potential? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest René Morkos as they discuss ALICE—an AI-powered construction platform, the potential in efficiency and cost savings when it comes to artificial intelligence, the construction industry’s historical reluctance to adopt new technology, where the current market is headed, and much more.  René Morkos is the founder and CEO of ALICE Technologies and teaches at Stanford University's Ph.D program in Construction Management. The son of a civil engineer, René grew up in the construction industry. He has worked on construction projects worldwide. His professional experience ranges from working as a project manager in Afghanistan to building an underwater pipeline project in Beirut, from driving automation engineering on a $350 million gas refinery expansion project in Abu Dhabi to leading the development of a virtual design and construction model for Amsterdam’s cruise ship terminal. René received his Ph.D in Construction Engineering and Management from Stanford University, his MSCE in Construction Management from USC, and his BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from American University of Beirut.

Jun 2

44 min 36 sec

Are you familiar with commissioning? If so, you might have a few questions about it. Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Ryan Lean as they unpack common industry misconceptions around commissioning, how the process of commissioning is and should be “all about people,” how efficiency and operability in projects has been impacted in the last year, and more. Ryan Lean serves as Associate Partner at JB&B and leads JB&B Field, a division of JB&B incorporating ten specific field-related services into one comprehensive service offering. Since joining the firm in 2004, Mr. Lean has garnered extensive experience in building commissioning and related services for commercial, mission-critical, educational, laboratory, healthcare and LEED green buildings. He sees building commissioning and related field services as a means of fostering relationships with owners and operators, and of guiding them through the challenges of transitioning to a new facility.

May 26

39 min 2 sec

Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Dan McCarthy of Dodge Data & Analytics as they discuss digital transformation's effects on construction, how the industry can make the best use of data and analytics to drive future success, the “bleed” and “lag” that has become obvious in the construction industry, the essential nature of gathering the right data, and where in the world technology adoption is taking us.  Daniel (Dan) R. McCarthy is CEO of Dodge Data & Analytics, North America’s leading provider of commercial construction project data, market forecasting, analytics services and workflow integration solutions for the construction industry. Having started his career as a business analyst covering the technology, data and business information markets for Communications Trends, Inc., he has since led major growth transformation for multiple business-to-business and business-to-consumer firms in the data, information, paid content and marketing services sectors and has completed more than 50 transactions and financings to date.

May 19

45 min 27 sec

Is mental health a priority to you and your company? How can you raise awareness for those who may not get represented in the construction industry? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Darcy Gruttadaro as they discuss the importance of Mental Health Awareness Month, addressing common stigmas around mental health in construction, how “Zoom fatigue” may be affecting just about everyone these days, and how essential it is to identify and manage burnout.  Darcy Gruttadaro is the director of the Center for Workplace Mental Health. As director, she works with her team in developing high impact trainings, guides, resources, and case studies to support mentally healthy workplaces. The Center’s work includes working in consultation and collaborating with employers in raising awareness, creating mentally healthy organizational cultures, and improving access to mental health services and supports. The Center works with organizations of all sizes from Fortune 100 companies to small family-owned businesses in creating effective approaches to improving the mental health and well-being of employees and their families.

May 12

41 min 54 sec

With all the data you could collect, how do you know what you should leverage?. Do you face this problem? If you do, how do you overcome it? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Lilian Magallanes as they discuss what the common data environment means, how can you make the data more flexible, what are potential pitfalls of collecting too much data and more.  Lilian Magallanes is a Project Manager for a large general contractor, where she leverages thirteen years of construction management and facilities experience to help support technology alignment. In her previous role as BIM Coordinator for the Los Angeles Community College District, her team identified technologies and applications of Building Information Modeling. In addition to her daytime role, Lilian also currently serves as the Membership Committee Chair for the Construction Progress Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to defining the future of project data governance through common data exchanges, and a Board Member for NAWIC Los Angeles, celebrating women in the AEC industry.

May 5

46 min 17 sec

Are you a good example to the people that you persuade? How can you know? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Dr. Charles Redd as they discuss how to develop someone’s potential, the importance of passion in your work, taking the social stigma out of failure, and how “you either learn and you live, or you live and you learn.”  Dr. Charles Redd has over 30 years of success as a speaker, minister and leader in Fortune 500 organizations. As a leadership trainer, he brings to the table a dynamic blend of business, ministry and team development experience that gives organizations a well-rounded approach to solving complex issues.

Apr 28

45 min 24 sec

Join hosts Todd Weyandt and Christopher Riddell and guests Marcello Sgambelluri and Anthony Zuefeldt as they discuss Marcello’s new book, “Dynamo and Grasshopper for Revit Cheat Sheet Manual,” the difficulty we have with defining computational design in the industry, how to achieve a “cultural buy-in” when you’re introducing something new, the importance of a willingness to take chances, and whether or not we’re being “too nice” when it comes to introducing change.  Marcello Sgambelluri is internationally recognized at one of the top BIM leaders and contributors to the education and implementation of BIM technology in the building industry. He provides training and consulting the AEC industry. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering, and he is also a licensed Civil and Structural Engineer.  Anthony Zuefeldt is a Senior Solutions Specialist at Applied Software. He has a deep background in A.E.C. technologies and workflows. In addition, he serves as an enterprise and solution architect for architecture firms, design build firms and fabricators, and the home building industry.

Apr 21

1 hr 2 min

Are you overworked? Untethered? Maybe confused by new advents in construction? A lot’s happening, but there are ways to keep up. Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Dillon Mitchell as they discuss sustainability in the construction industry, Dillon’s podcast The Construction Corner, embracing new technology and growth in the industry, how to balance your work life, and maintaining an effective connection to the industry you work in. Having designed millions of square feet in Revit for everything from K-12, higher education, healthcare, industrial, and mixed use, Dillon Mitchell is well versed in the construction industry. As a professional electrical engineer in 6 states he’s seen the ups and downs of construction. In 2018 Dillon transitioned from working in A/E firms to starting his company Kowabunga Studios mission is to help engineers save time reduce their stress and live a better life, while increasing the margins and financial strength of the firm. He is also the host of the Construction Corner Podcast.

Apr 14

39 min 45 sec

What’s the best way to coordinate between different backgrounds and experience levels in the field? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Cliff Cole as they discuss managing your time and effort as a leader, balancing your interests and priorities, staying proactive through change, how credibility and emotional intelligence fit together, and the impact that the younger generation will have on the construction industry.  As Director of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) at The PENTA Building Group, Cliff leads all building information modeling implementation and management. Cliff has over 17 years of experience in the construction industry and is an innovative technology industry leader. Cliff is responsible for monitoring the coordination and execution of all projects that incorporate VDC processes. In addition to his role as Director of VDC, he is responsible for strategic technology initiatives for the operations and preconstruction groups. Cliff also leads PENTA's corporate lean group and is passionate about reducing and eliminate waste in our industry.

Apr 7

48 min 58 sec

Are you setting your company up for an innovation superpower? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Tauhira Ali as they talk about how everyone’s looking for a way to get connected, the impact diversity and inclusion has on construction innovation, how to live up to our values, and how to approach perceived differences in one another with kindness.  Tauhira Ali is a highly skilled technology strategist with more than 16 years of R&D and product design experience. As NECA’s Executive Director of Industry Innovation, she gathers insights from end users, industry experts, and tech providers to deliver awareness, education, and implementation strategies to specialty contractors. These efforts serve to empower contractors to strategically leverage technical innovations and industry trends to drive process and productivity to increase market share.

Mar 31

37 min 30 sec

What’s on your construction “bucket list”? Is there anything in the industry you’d like to see changed? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Hugh Seaton as they discuss the ups and downs of the creative process, getting people more comfortable with technology, Hugh’s book “The Construction Technology Handbook,” the growth of artificial intelligence, and how to prepare for where we’re headed.  Hugh Seaton is the Head of Product for Crosswalk by CSI, where he leads development of an API connecting MasterFormat, Uniformat and Omniclass to the industry's premiere construction software. Prior to this, Hugh was the GM at Adept Reality, a VR/AR company. Hugh has been involved in construction technology for over a decade, including the AEC hackathon, and he is currently publishing the Construction Technology Quarterly, hosting bi-weekly Clubhouse rooms, and recording his own podcast, Constructed Futures.

Mar 24

47 min 30 sec

In recent times, how has preconstruction changed? Precon is being put center stage as bids are increasing and more projects are coming back online. Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Zac Hays as they discuss the exciting new Autodesk Takeoff, the undergoing journey from 2D to 3D, the biggest hurdles facing preconstruction this year, and the effects that the pandemic will have on the construction industry as a whole.  Zac Hays is the Director of Research & Development of Preconstruction Products for Autodesk Construction Solutions. Zac leads product design and development for Autodesk’s construction bidding, risk, & intelligence products. As a member of the Construction Solutions R&D Board, he also helps with the strategy and development of the entire Autodesk Construction Cloud portfolio. Zac came to Autodesk through the 2019 acquisition of BuildingConnected, where he spent four years as VP of Product. Zac has over 15 years of experience in product development at startups and large tech companies including Microsoft, Nokia, and TiVo. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UC San Diego and gets to enjoy living and working in San Francisco with his wife and two young daughters.   Bridging the Gap Website Bridging the Gap LinkedIn Bridging the Gap Instagram Todd’s LinkedIn   Thank you to our sponsors! Applied Software Applied Software LinkedIn   Other Relevant Links: Zac Hays’ Linkedin Autodesk Website

Mar 22

32 min 23 sec

What role does trust play in the everyday success of construction? Can you really measure the ROI and improve productivity with an intentional focus on trust? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Eric Thomas of Autodesk as they talk about the state and definition of trust in construction, how to face interpersonal challenges in the industry, creating a space where ideas can flourish, taking the stigma out of failing, and maintaining good work relationships.  Eric Thomas is a Manager of Construction Thought Leadership at Autodesk and host of the Digital Builder podcast. In addition to developing Autodesk’s content strategy for construction, he is passionate about helping the AEC industry make impactful decisions when leveraging construction technology. Prior to joining Autodesk, he worked for Gilbane Building Co. and Truebeck Construction. Eric has nearly a decade of marketing experience and a bachelor’s degree in Scientific and Technical Communication from Michigan Technological University.   Thanks for listening! Please be sure to leave a rating and/or review and follow up our social accounts.   Bridging the Gap Website Bridging the Gap LinkedIn Bridging the Gap Instagram Todd’s LinkedIn   Thank you to our sponsors! Applied Software Applied Software LinkedIn   Other Relevant Links: Eric Thomas’s Linkedin The Digital Builder Podcast Autodesk Website

Mar 17

47 min 36 sec

Are you telling your story or allowing others to fill in the gap with potentially inaccurate information? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Mike Merrill as they continue with the second part of their conversation and how to overcome the marketing problem in construction. Todd and Mike get into some ways to better share the innovations happening and some ways to get the message out. Make sure to listen to the first part of the conversation from the Mobile Workforce Podcast.  With 10 years as a construction and real estate entrepreneur and 18 years as a technology executive, Mike Merrill, co-founder of WorkMax by AboutTime Technologies, brings strong leadership and expert knowledge. In addition, he’s the host of The Mobile Workforce Podcast where gathers industry experts to inspire change and finds out what it takes to profitability manage mobile workforces. With Mike’s depth of knowledge of the construction industry and mobile workforce technology, he’s a highly sought after author by leading industry trade publications and speaker at industry conferences. When he isn’t working, Mike is an athletic outdoorsman and is spending time with his wife and four kids.

Mar 10

34 min 1 sec

What are the foundational building blocks of success with digital transformation? How do you know you’re moving in the right direction? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Jason Saunders as they discuss the different ways the MEP industry is handling operational efficiency, how to achieve long-term success, what it means to really leverage your data, and how to properly communicate your vision from the office to the field.  Jason Saunders is a Solutions Engineer at eSub Construction Software. He grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio and went to college at Purdue University. After graduating from Purdue, Jason took a position managing a territory for a building materials manufacturer in the roofing industry. Working with contractors, distributors, architects, and owners, he gained pre-con and construction experience. After extensive work with hundreds of trade contractors, Jason decided to leave his current position to pursue starting his own trade contracting business.

Mar 3

26 min 56 sec

How relevant is your company moving into the next decade of construction? Are you prepared to make the innovations necessary to thrive? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Jim Tavernelli as they discuss the industry-wide adoption of industrialized construction, challenging your team to innovate, utilizing consistency to see what your company is capable of, creating an open and trusting work environment, sharing best practices, and much more.  Jim Tavernelli serves as President and Chief Operating Officer of KLH Engineers, a traditional MEP Engineering Consulting Firm in the AEC Industry. KLH has transformed into a distinctively different engineering firm that leverages technology and software to provide more tangible value to the true consumer of its services – contractors. Jim has led KLH’s reinvention into an innovation-centric practice by executing its “technical strategy” which has fundamentally changed the way KLH views and completes its work. Jim graduated with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Dayton and is a registered Professional Engineer in 17 states. He also holds a Master in Business Administration from Xavier University.

Feb 24

54 min 1 sec

Are you ensuring the wisdom of the field in your technology? How can you know? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Troy DeGroot as they talk about the need for consistent workflow standards across teams, foundational building blocks for technology adoption, how it’s possible to increase both efficiency and accuracy, and utilizing Bluebeam as a genuine game-changer.  With over 20 years as a Detailer, Designer, and BIM Manager prior to teaching, Troy DeGroot has cultivated a deep understanding of the requirements of customers, the needs of end-users, common goals of management, and the capacities of Bluebeam® technology. As a Bluebeam Certified Consultant, Bluebeam Certified Instructor, and Implementation Specialist, Troy increases productivity for Project Managers, predictability for BIM/VDC Managers, and helps maximize software adoption for CEO/CIOs.

Feb 17

29 min 10 sec

What is your instinctive reaction to technology? How does that impact your work in construction? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Peyton Kringlie as they discuss a recent article Peyton wrote around the different approaches to technology in construction, encouraging those who need a confidence boost in technology, staying humble while you’re trying out something new, and what innovation looks like real-time.  Peyton Kringlie, Business Analyst from LS Black Constructors has experience in several domains. Peyton grew up in a family owned, Construction/Building Material Supply company located in the Dakotas. He then received degrees in Business and Construction Management from the University of Minnesota. After pursuing traditional Project Engineer route, he then transitioned to Business Analyst, where he leads his company, LS Black, in all its efforts with Technology and Innovation. He recently wrote an article, highlighting the difficulties of technology adoption, specifically in the Construction Industry, but provides takeaway insight from Psychology research to help.

Feb 10

44 min 7 sec

What is the impact of an empathic leader in construction? How can vision-casting help improve operational efficiency? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Sean Reid as they discuss the remote workforce, the appeal and potential of the construction industry, new approaches towards leadership in the industry, the importance of empathy in the workplace, and the new generation of workers who want to see new and better things from their workplace and jobs.  Sean Reid is Vice President of Strategy and Business Operations for Aedo, a leader in data-enablement solutions for construction. He is also a certified leadership coach, and a recognized expert in operational planning and execution, leadership communication, and team performance. In his work at Aedo, Sean and his team are developing software and consulting solutions that help contractors create high-performance, data-driven operating cultures, and leverage innovative analytic and AI capabilities to drive new levels of growth, profitability, and market opportunity.

Feb 3

48 min 22 sec

We are flipping the script and showing respect for perspective. It’s time to look at ConTech through an architect’s eyes. Join host Todd and guest Maya Leigh as they discuss common myths about architects, how to utilize self-reflection after you’re done with a project, what a project might look like in an ideal world, the need for curiosity, and asking others for help.  Maya Leigh is a senior architect and team leader at Moshe Zur Architects and Town Planners, one of the leading architecture firms in Israel. Over the last 13 years she has gained extensive experience using Revit and BIM, planning projects ranging from high rise residences and hotels to office buildings. She is interested in the intersection of architecture and technology and is deeply curious and excited about what the future holds for the AEC industry.

Jan 27

41 min 31 sec

Join this special episode as Bridging the Gap joins forces with our sister podcast The AEC Disruptors hosted by Christopher Riddell to recap the biggest takeaways for the Digital Agility Summit. Todd and Christopher are joined by solutions engineer and cloud infrastructure strategist Jason Schmidt of Applied Software to unpack whether the intensity of work has changed over the past year, the potential future technology trends of the AEC industry, the ways in which we’ll need to adapt to technology, and what we can look forward to when it comes to digital transformation.  Christopher Riddell is the Director of Innovation at Applied Software and host of the AEC Disruptors podcast. Over the last several years, he has placed an emphasis on utilizing technologies such as Dynamo to extend the power of Revit and other BIM technologies. He is passionate about the transfer of knowledge from one group to the next, which he believes is the key to overall success in the AEC industry.  Jason Schmidt is an AEC industry specialist and Technology leader, with over 29 years of progressive IT & Design Technology experience, helping enhance AEC processes and workflows. He has the experience to interact and communicate effectively with a diverse range of individuals and groups, including all levels of management.

Jan 25

56 min 2 sec