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Tami Urbanek leads people on a journey to explore truth. In a world full of lies and deception, masquerading as truth, we are set on a voyage for information that may be hidden. It might shock you, anger may even dismiss it as too fantastic. Through truth, we can find our passion. And to live with passion brings great joy. Join Tami here!

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Robert Crown experienced hardship after hardship. The deep trauma began with his mother's attempted murder of him and his siblings and eventually culminated with his homelessness. Robert discusses what happened in his youth and what eventually shifted that led him to a joyous life.

Jan 21

35 min 46 sec

At a young age, Dawn James experienced blindness and loss of hearing with no logical explanation. Later, in her teens, she experienced paralysis. Even later, in her adult years, she felt her heart stop. Dawn shares with us her experiences and where it was all leading her.

Jan 11

36 min 26 sec

Mark Bello was an attorney for 44 years. Here is speaks on his law knowledge, experience and cases he helped others win. As an author, he writes fiction based on his experiences as a lawyer.

Jan 8

44 min 39 sec

Hossca Harrison, teacher, philosopher and medium shares with us his view on the COVID19 pandemic and its effect on humanity.

Dec 2020

41 min 40 sec

Silent Whispers, nonfiction, details adventures Tami, Tina and Andrea went on in order to find and assist deceased children to cross over. These children and teens had been experimented upon by government and others and were still stuck in their reality of torture and pain. Listen to these three talk about their perspective on their adventures and share some details not in the books!

Dec 2020

55 min 12 sec

John Tanner and a few other educators were accused, charged and arrested for fraud and retaliation against a witness. John was a school principal who had worked diligently to improve his students' academic scores, graduation rates and helping them move onto college. A local politician got involved, pulled in the FBI and ultimately John and others were arrested. Listen to John talk about this ordeal, the FBI's threats, and why he thinks he was targeted.

Dec 2020

30 min 40 sec

Jim Bay, author of Miracle on Hammertown Road, discusses his experience with being near death. He suffered a horrific injury, while out in the dark, and no one near him to help. He eventually made his way to a log near a road where he experienced a bright spiritual presence near him that gave him hope and just enough to keep living. Here his story here!

Aug 2017

23 min 59 sec

Cindy Holbrook experienced a traumatic childhood that included physical, emotional, and sexual abuse by her father. She escaped from her home into marriage at a young age only to experience a continuation of abuse. After choosing to leave and coming to understand her level of control over her own life, she started making changes. Now in a much better place, she assists others in their journey to heal.

Jul 2017

27 min 12 sec

Mal Duane was a successful model enjoying traveling, work, and glamorous events. Inside, however, she was a struggling alcoholic, having used alcohol since her teen years. She finally decided that she needed to be in control, rather than her past. This led her on a path of self-discovery and change.Mal built up a multi-million dollar business in real estate after leaving modeling and now coaches others how to change their state of reality. Alpha Chick: Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power teaches others how to move beyond their self-limiting beliefs and perceptions.

Jun 2017

22 min 55 sec

Gary Albert Hughes was living the 'dream'. He was acting in a lead television role in the United Kingdom, acting in theatre, and performing in a band. But inside, he was a self-described mess. His body was shutting down and his anxiety attacks were getting worse. Gary knew he needed to make a change. After trying conventional medicine, he was referred to an alternative health practitioner who was able to assist him. Now that he's made great progress, he's assisting others as well. Listen to his story here!

Jun 2017

26 min 51 sec

Hossca Harrison joins us discussing the difference between the mind and the brain and how the brain is very connected to ancestors. How does this interfere with healing anger, judgment, and phobias (to name a few)? How can one work with this? It's also connected to the Bloodlines of the Universe. Hossca shares with us a few points of what will be taught at the Denver, Colorado Jonah Intensive May 2017. Listen for more fascinating information!

May 2017

28 min 22 sec

Tami Goldstein's daughter was born a healthy baby. The day her daughter received the first vaccination was problematic in multiple ways. She sought the advice of pediatricians who laughed off her concerns. After the second vaccination, her daughter worsened even more to the point of having 40 seizures a day. Her daughter was eventually diagnosed with Aspergers, high functioning autism. Tami researched her daughter's health concerns, spoke with the medical community, and accessed alternative treatment that has created amazing results. She now educates other parents on vaccine concerns and alternative treatments. Listen to Tami's story here!

Mar 2017

20 min 45 sec

Scott Churchson, a Hollywood actor, was abused by his wife. Now divorced, he shares with us how she abused him and why he didn't leave right away. Everyone is familiar with domestic violence upon a female, but male DV is not widely spoken about. Scott openly discusses the issue and how his life has changed in a positive way.

Mar 2017

24 min 9 sec

Sam Russell ( entered into the fashion world and before he knew it celebrities were asking him to work for them. Stevie Wonder and Colin Farrell to name two. But this was after a horrific and traumatic early childhood. He eventually turned his pain into passion by surprising women, recovering from illness or helping family who are ill, with much needed work clothing, shoes and accessories valued at $10,000 for each woman. Listen to his amazing story here!

Mar 2017

24 min 45 sec

JP Cali Smoov was moved around from foster home to foster home. His father was in and out of jail. Eventually, JP ended up in the legal system for his own choices and was moving in a dangerous direction. After a fatal car accident that almost took his own life, he changed pathways. Very quickly after the accident, he was collaborating with Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, performing and appeared in Straight Outta Compton. Some of his profits assist youth. Listen to his story here and watch this interview on YouTube!

Feb 2017

25 min 21 sec

What would you do if you were falsely accused of child sex abuse? Dean Tong experienced this and he had to prove himself innocent. Afterwards, it became his work. He is an expert witness and worked on the Michael Jackson case and many others. He's a published author on this topic and shared a lot of what he's experienced and what others have experienced. Listen here!

Feb 2017

29 min 10 sec

Artur Sousa and his family struggled in Brazil while he was growing up. But that did not stop his passion in trying to eradicate leprosy, fighting human rights violations of teens and children, and now starting up an animal rescue organization. He also immigrated to the United States and has concerns about his own freedom here. Listen to Artur's story, his passions, and his work!

Feb 2017

27 min 51 sec