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Alan Heymann is an Executive Coach who excels at helping leaders in transition and those looking to do great work. With a special knack for coaching introverts, Alan brings a warm and energetic presence to his coaching practice.   In this episode, we explore Alan's experience working with a coach during his time as an executive leader. We also discuss the subtle moments of inspiration that catalyzed a major career transition, culminating with his leaving the public and non-profit sectors to become a coach. We go further, and discuss what it takes for anyone to make a successful career transition, and how the pandemic has created a groundswell of people who are trying to figure out what they want out of life and work.   ...among other things, you'll also hear the story about how Alan ended up meeting the Dalai Lama!   To learn more about Alan, please visit his Website, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Aug 26

55 min 24 sec

Rolf Evenson is an Executive Advisor and Coach. As the co-founder of ClearMind Advisors, Rolf works with leaders and teams globally, helping them create positive and lasting change.    In this conversation, we explore the transformative insight that led to Rolf's healing of a traumatic childhood experience, and how his realization points to the natural capacity we have to overcome obstacles and thrive. Along the way we explore the mysterious nature of the human experience, the value of insight, and the innate human capacity to bring about lasting change without struggle.   Full of stories from Rolf's wide array of life experience - from Wilderness Adventure Guide to Rock Climber to Architect and now Executive Coach - this conversation is full of practical wisdom and engaging stories that anyone seeking to have a better experience of work and life is bound to enjoy.    Connect deeper with Rolf at ClearMind Advisors or on LinkedIn.   Want to go deeper into the topics we discuss? Check out Rolf's recommendations for further study into the nature of human potential, including books and videos regarding the work of Sydney Banks, a mystic whose simple understanding of how life works has had a profound impact on Rolf and countless others.

Jun 23

59 min 43 sec

Andrew Barry joins me on the podcast to explore Transformational Learning. Andrew is a learning expert, who has spent well over a decade helping organizations, teams and individuals accelerate and improve their learning. Currently a Program Director for On Deck and CEO of his learning consultancy, Curious Lion, Andrew helps leaders and course creators improve how they design effective learning experiences for their communities and organization.   Tune in as we explore: Why dinner parties can save the world! What inspired Andrew to leave his corporate career as an Accountant to follow what makes him "tick". The value of life-long learning for any knowledge worker. How to create a "flywheel" and strong culture for continuous learning in any team. and much more! Follow Andrew on Twitter and subscribe to his Curious Lion newsletter for free resources on leveling up your learning potential.

Feb 3

45 min 44 sec

Jonathan Armes joins me on the podcast. Jonathan is an occupational psychologist who, through his firm Capital-Shift, specializes in helping business leaders and teams reach higher levels of leadership and performance. His approach, coined "Thought Intelligence", is at the cutting edge of psychology and is striking in both its impact and simplicity.   If you are a business owner, team leader or simply curious about how to elevate your performance, you don't want to miss this episode where we explore:    Jonathan's "ah-ha" moment that shifted his focus from traditional psychological approaches to new, deeper and authentic, ways of working with clients. Why "Thought Intelligence" and understanding how the mind really works, is vital to unlocking greater performance in business. What mental "interference" is and how it creates trouble for anyone trying to be their best. Going beyond the deluge of "instruction" available online and waking up an innate capacity to learn and perform well. ...and much more! To connect with Jonathan, visit Capital-Shift and follow him on LinkedIn.   To view this podcast as a LIVE video interview, visit my YouTube Channel. 

Jan 15

46 min 50 sec

David Kadavy joins me on this episode. David is an independent writer, blogger, and podcaster. He has written several books, including the best-selling "Design for Hackers", "The Heart to Start" and the soon to be released "Mind Management (Not Time Management)".    In this conversation, we explore David's career journey and intuitive call to step off a promising career track in Silicon Valley to become an independent creator, the nature of creativity, and why it matters that we unleash more of our full potential as artists. We also explore a few strategies for doing more great creative work that are relevant for everyone, even if you don’t consider creativity a vital aspect of your job.     Follow David on Twitter,, and at   Get "Mind Management (Not Time Management)”, David’s latest book, at 

Sep 2020

58 min 36 sec

Adam Tank joins me on the podcast to explore what it’s like to leave the safe confines of a corporate career to find his way as an entrepreneur. We also dive into his passion for the water industry, the value of writing and blogging, the key qualities of an entrepreneur and much more.    Connect with Adam, and check out his writing, on his website on Twitter.

Sep 2020

46 min 15 sec

Jeff Kinsey joins me on the podcast to explore the insights that led to a radical lifestyle and career transformation. We also dive deep into his unique way of helping leaders and teams be more human as a coach and organizational consultant. A former banker, Jeff discovered that there was a different way to live, and followed insight and wisdom in moving with his family to the mountains of Colorado. His current vocation soon emerged, serving clients through his company, The Logos Group. In this podcast we discuss: What being stuck in a snowstorm at 13,000 feet taught Jeff about dealing with challenges. How the mind works and it’s our natural capacity to find peace and calm. Finding direction and solving problems through wisdom and insight. Jeff’s motivation for taking the road less traveled, and reimagining life and work. The single master skill every leader needs to cultivate. Why suffering is optional when it comes to doing great work. ...and much more! Connect with Jeff: Follow Jeff on LinkedIn. The Logos Group. Jeff’s blog. Mentioned during our conversation: A Tale of Adventure Survival [and Leadership Lessons Learned] Mt of the Holy Cross

Aug 2020

50 min 10 sec

"Every human being has the ability to transcend their reality and think constructively and imagine a different future.” ~ Uday Dandavate   Uday Dandavate joins me for this podcast to discuss his new book of poetry “a window for a home without walls”, the importance of collaborative innovation, and why design activism - not design thinking - is needed now more than ever.    Uday has had a long career at the intersection of design, innovation, and technology; as the CEO of SonicRim, a firm that has supported creative initiatives at leading companies such as Google, Microsoft, and eBay. I partnered with SonicRim over 10 years ago during my career at Microsoft to explore consumer needs and trends in support of product innovation. It was nice to catch up after so many years to discuss how we can apply a design activist mindset to today’s pressing leadership issues. By the way, even if you aren’t a reader of poetry, I think you will find his book of poems both thought-provoking and inspiring.    In this podcast we discuss:   Skills every designer needs Writing a book can be a fun and playful act Value of having the right questions, not the right answers Listening to inner wisdom  Fearlessness as a way to see the world objectively Being authentic in business What the pandemic is teaching us about leadership Moving beyond design thinking to design activism Comics as a storytelling vehicle What leaders can do to unlock creativity …and much more! 

Aug 2020

42 min 17 sec

When was the last time you created something from scratch? If you need to think more than a few seconds about it, chances are you are missing a key ingredient to a satisfying and successful day.   We worry about not getting enough water, sleep, fresh air, sunshine or protein. There are books and podcasts dedicated to filling up our physical tank with the “good” stuff. Yet, very few talk about the value of being insightfully generative and creative. I argue that it’s as important as sleep. The feeling of satisfaction that comes from creating something from scratch is remarkable. It trumps a runners high, and I’ve done a lot of running in my years!   In this podcast I cover: What happens when we aren't using our creative talents Research on the role creative tendencies play in work and business performance An easy method for unlocking your innate creativity

Jul 2020

16 min 44 sec

Austin Belcak joins me on this episode of the podcast to discuss unconventional methods for landing your dream job. Austin and I both believe that the current system for finding and landing jobs is broken (both for hiring managers and those seeking jobs). There is a lot of noise and not enough signal. Early sidetracks (or missteps) in one’s career or education also can be seemingly insurmountable barriers to overcome when trying to level-up in a career or make a radical change in vocation. What can we do about it? Austin was forced to think creatively when it came to landing his job at Microsoft. With a 2.5 GPA and a modest amount of work experience, he discovered a variety of methods and strategies for finding ways to add real value to employers and convince decision-makers to bet on him. Listen to this episode where we cover: *How Austin landed a great job at Microsoft, without a stellar GPA or prior career experience. *What motivated Austin to start a side business while working full-time. *The most viciously misleading advice most job seekers blindly follow. *How to start a career in a new field, with no connections. *Why applying to jobs online is ineffective, and what to do about it. …and much more! Free Bonus: Austin’s Best Job Search Strategies: As a special bonus to listeners of this podcast, Austin has pulled together a few freebies for you, including (1) a guidebook with 5 strategies his students have used to land job offers at Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and Facebook without applying online and (2) free access to his “Resume Revamp” course. Visit get your free stuff! Connect with Austin Belcak at

Jan 2019

44 min 55 sec

Frans Johansson joins me on this episode of the Motivated Life podcast. Frans is a thought leader in the realms of innovation and diversity, a captivating keynote speaker and founder of The Medici Group, a consulting firm that helps organization harness the power of diversity-driven innovation. His two books, The Medici Effect and The Click Moment are groundbreaking in their profound yet straightforward messages about how to ride the powerful waves of randomness and serendipity while unlocking innovative potential. This conversation is super relevant to anyone who is looking to innovate or disrupt when it comes to business evolution, career navigation or lifestyle design. The principles we dive into fly in the face of the conventional wisdom about what it takes to build a something remarkable in the world. You’ll find the ideas provocative, fascinating and immediately useful. Listen to this episode where we cover: * The limits of hard work and “10,000-hour rule” based thinking. * How the human brain reacts to luck, randomness, and serendipity. * Why we should all learn to spot and take advantage of “Click Moments.” * The chance encounter that propelled Microsoft to success in the 1990s. * Pfizer’s serendipitous moment of insight, leading to a blockbuster drug. * What we all can do to seize opportunities in an unpredictable world. …and much more! Connect with Frans at his website:

Jan 2019

46 min 53 sec

Andy Scantland, Executive and Leadership Coach, joins me to discuss how to elevate your performance and be your best at work. Andy has coached leaders in the technology, hospitality, communications, financial, education, and development industries. His goal is to drive improved organizational effectiveness through individual and team performance improvement, increased engagement, and values-driven leadership.   Listen to the podcast as we discuss: *Why Andy left a promising career to pursue coaching full-time *How to be your best at work by leveraging your strengths *The single biggest factor for improving team performance …and much more!   Connect with Andy and his coaching practice at Upside Partners(

Dec 2018

32 min 47 sec

Being simple isn’t easy, it’s often harder, at least in the beginning. The benefits, however, are worth the initial effort. In this podcast, I share a simple concept that might change how you think about your business, your health, your relationships and living your life in general. This idea is all about going way beyond Pareto's "80/20 Rule" and seeing that in life, we can get MUCH MORE out of less. 

Oct 2018

18 min 44 sec

In this episode, your host (Ravi Raman) shares his thoughts about why making a radical career change is so darn tough. Expanding on the ideas in this blog post, Ravi goes into what it's like to "swim against the current" and make a career change later in life. He also describes three "safe havens" that tend to pull people back towards their old ways and old jobs. When we become aware of these safe havens - it can be easier to resist their pull. 

Oct 2018

14 min 11 sec

Gregg Levoy joins me to discuss the art of discovering and following one’s passion for life and work. Greg is a journalist, writer, and coach who has helped people all over the world to find their calling and design their work and lifestyle around it. In particular, we discuss the big ideas featured in his book, Vital Signs. This book is one of the few I give a perfect “five-star” rating on Goodreads. It’s a very entertaining and engaging look at the role of passion and purpose in life. Listen to the podcast as we discuss: What our obsession with Zombies tells us about the state of the American workforce! What passion really is....and it's connection to suffering. Why it matters that we are fully engaged at work and in life. Why following your passion is NOT terrible advice! What to do if you feel stuck at work. …and much more! Check out Gregg’s Website for helpful links, articles, and videos on the art of discovering your calling and cultivating a meaningful and passionate life.

Oct 2018

48 min 22 sec

Benjamin Spall joins me to discuss the magic of a morning routine. Benjamin is the co-founder of, a site dedicated to the art and science of crafting the perfect start to your day. What started as a passion project, to catalogue the morning routines of the world’s most successful people, has resulted in a book deal with a major publisher. My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired is available starting May 2018! The book features insights gleaned from hundreds of interviews with successful people about how they start their day. As part of the book project, dozens of more interviews were conducted, with CEOs, an Army General, Fitness Experts, Entrepreneurs and countless other people worth learning from. You will even see a quote from yours truly in the section about meditation! Listen to the podcast as we discuss: Why morning routines are so important How a passion project resulted in a book deal with a major publisher The crazy morning routine of a retired US Army General Meditation as a life hack that more people should embrace and much more!

May 2018

24 min 34 sec

Debbie Potts joins me to discuss how to optimize health and improve performance for life and sports. Most importantly, we dive deep into the crucial role of rest and recovery in achieving peak wellness. After all, according to Debie, “life is not a race, it’s a journey!” Debbie is a 15-time Ironman triathlete, ultramarathoner, and business owner, operating a boutique fitness training facility in Bellevue, WA. After hitting the proverbial “wall”, and experiencing chronic fatigue and exhaustion, Debbie has discovered a multidimensional approach to supporting the body's capacity to heal and recover. If you are looking to unlock your best and most energetic self at work and in life, this episode is not to be missed.   Listen to the podcast as we discuss: Why peak wellness is about WAY more than nutrition and fitness How to overcome breakdown and burnout The magic of doing less, the risks of doing too much The role of sleep, gut health, and mindset on wellness …and much more!   Connect with Debbie Potts: Website: Check out Debbie’s weekly podcast called The WHOLE Athlete:    

Apr 2018

50 min 20 sec

Manoj Vasudevan joins me to discuss his experiences as a professional speaker and coach, fresh off his 2017 win at the World Championships of Public Speaking. We review the essential qualities of a successful speech, and how to ensure that your next talk will inspire and captivate your audience. Hint: it’s all about taking time to reflect on your audience and the messages that will resonate most with them.       Listen to the podcast as we discuss: * Why empathy is the most critical success factor for a speaker * How to be funny (like Jerry Seinfeld) by "glowing in the dark" * The role of emotions in stirring audiences to action * Three questions to answer as you prepare a presentation (before working on slides!) * Why introverts are the best public speakers …and much more! Connect with Manoj Vasudevan: Website:   Show notes with further details:

Apr 2018

34 min 33 sec

Jim Posner, Wall Street Trader turned Mindfulness Meditation Teacher joins me to discuss the value of mediation and his journey from a life of anxiety and stress to one of wellness and contribution. We speak about the benefits of meditation. We also go into his decision to transition from a stressful career on Wall Street to a meaningful career as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.    Listen with Apple iTunes Listen with Google Play   Connect with Jim Posner: Website Twitter YouTube   Resources discussed: John Kabat-Zinn: Creator of MBSR (Mindful Based Stress Reduction).  The Don’t Panic Project Podcast by Jim Posner. Podcast (and on YouTube) empowering people suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression. Check out interviews with Andy Weir (author of The Martian) and Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf. 

Mar 2018

46 min 13 sec

Today’s podcast features an Interview with Patrick McKeown, a leading expert on the art and science of optimal breathing. Patrick is also the author of a new book: "The Oxygen Advantage: Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques to Help You Become Healthier, Slimmer, Faster, and Fitter."   In this episode we discuss: * How shutting your mouth can change your life! (literally) * Why people habitually mouth-breath and how it limits our quality of life * The link between nose-breathing and diet, sleep patterns and mental focus …and much more!   Connect with Patrick and learn more about his Oxygen Advantage movement:   Check out the book "The Oxygen Advantage":      

Jan 2018

1 hr 1 min

Today’s podcast features an Interview with Sherpa John Lacroix, a fixture of the Colorado ultramarathon running scene and founder of Human Potential Running. Not only does Sherpa John organize some of the most scenic (and toughest) trail races around, he is also an accomplished ultramarathon runner himself. He's finished 200-mile races, over a dozen 100-mile runs and countless other adventures: including running across New Hampshire (twice) in addition to his most recent adventure: running 300+ miles to raise money and awareness for mental health issues in our society. We are joined for part of this interview with his partner in Human Potential Running (and fellow runner) Hollis Lyman.     In this episode we discuss: * What it’s like to try running 305 miles, from Colorado’s lowest to highest points. * How much of distance running is physical vs mental. * Why he gave up a traditional career path to literally blaze his own trail. …and much more!   Connect with Sherpa John and his Human Potential Running series:   Also, listen to his podcast about distance running, “Ultra Stories” (where I am interviewed on Season 1: Episode 5)

Dec 2017

48 min 23 sec

In today’s podcast, I bring you, Matt Frazier. Matt is the founder of No Meat Athlete, a thriving community of plant-based health and fitness members. Matt also happens to be a coaching client, and we have worked together throughout the past year to help Matt be his best self, and bring even more energy and enthusiasm to his business and community.   In this episode you will learn: Why Matt left a Ph.D. program in Applied Math to pursue a career in blogging. What he learned spending a week in Seth Godin’s office. How he has grown No Meat Athlete into a thriving online business. The truth about "Tipping Points." What he wished he knew when he first started his business. …and so much more.    Connect with Matt Frazier: (@NoMeatAthlete)   Announcement: Now Enrolling for Coaching in 2018! I am now opening up enrollment for 2018 Executive Coaching requests. If you are interested in working with me one-on-one in 2018, now is the time to visit my website to learn more and apply. I have 5 spots available (as of today, December 11, 2017) and expect to close enrollment by the end of January 2018. Learn more and apply here:   #vegetarian #vegan #plantbased #business #coaching

Dec 2017

57 min 40 sec

A conversation with Doug Cunnington. Doug decided to respond to a layoff from a well-paying job as an IT Project Manager by creating his luck and building an online business. To boot, he relocated to Bozeman, Montana to live a lifestyle more in tune with what he and his wife enjoy. Doug's company is all about building niche affiliate sites that make money through referrals paid by It's a business I didn't know much about before speaking with him. Now, after having built many successful niche sites for himself, he helps others do the same at If you have dreamed of leaving a corporate job and redesigning your lifestyle, you will definitely want to listen to this episode.

Dec 2017

54 min 45 sec

A conversation with Andrew Hogan. Andrew has been a coach for leaders and entrepreneurs for over 25 years. We discuss what it takes to achieve goals and succeed at work and in business. Specifically, does working hard really work? Is there another way to get results and make progress? Andrew thinks there's a path of "effortless success." We also discuss his location independent lifestyle, and what it's like to travel around for the country in an Airstream (with his partner and three dogs!). 

Dec 2017

52 min 49 sec

The top lessons I've learned in the almost three years I've been in business as an entrepreneur. While I'm incredibly happy with where things are at and how life is progressing, things have not gone as planned! If you are contemplating leaving a corporate job to start a business - or are in the midst of building your business now - you will get a lot out of this episode!

Dec 2017

32 min 56 sec

Should you quit your job to travel the world? I did. I left my job – and a very well paying job at that – in late 2013 to travel the world. In today’s podcast, I'm sharing my experience, in the hope that it helps other listeners who are going through a similar situation make sense of it all.

Dec 2017

15 min 3 sec

Welcome to Motivated Life, I'm Ravi Raman. On this podcast I’ll be sharing ideas and insights for advancing your career, growing your business and in general, living a great life. We can learn a lot from the paths others have taken to create a great life, and that’s the premise behind this show. In addition to my best ideas and insights, I'll be sharing interviews with leading thinkers to learn the best of what others know and share it all with you. 

Dec 2017

5 min 16 sec