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The VideoGame Industry unlocked! The SuperCoolCast is a twice-monthly podcast where games industry veteran Lauran Carter unlocks the mysteries of how to break into games.

In each episode you’ll hear from industry professionals, all willing to share details of their careers, their current projects and tips on how you can do what they do

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For the latest episode of the SuperCoolCast, Lauran is joined by Gav Murphy of RKG Video, a YouTube channel born from the Let's Play shenanigans of three ex-IGN staffers. Join the duo as they talk through Gav's career through IGN, Future Publishing, the nail-biting jump to Patreon, incredible online communities, 36-hour work days, Gamer Gran, Dark Souls and much more. We even solve a mystery from Episode 17, (help yourself to a celebratory bag of Quavers)!

Nov 2019

82 min

For the latest episode, Lauran visited Develop:Brighton, an event that brings the whole UK gaming community together to share ideas that help shape the Games industry.  Listen in as Lauran touches base with Ian Griffiths, Dom Shaw and Cincia Musio for a trio of interviews that cover monetisation, gaming for the neurodiverse and the ever-expanding roles of women in video games. To find out more about Autistica and the work they do you can visit: or search @AutisticaUK on Twitter with the hashtag #AutisticaPlay

Jul 2019

38 min

With E3 2019 now firmly in our rear-view mirrors, Lauran sits down with guests of SuperCoolCast past to talk about the biggest event in videogames.  With so many games on show, which ones got us all hot and bothered? And how come some were mysteriously absent? But it wouldn't be an E3 Round-up without asking the age old question... who won E3? All this and more on the SuperCoolCast E3 2019 Special!

Jun 2019

57 min

In the latest episode, Lauran chats to her friend and mentor, Gary Carr of Two Point Studios. Listen in while they cover bloaty heads, mucky feet, deliver a eulogy for Fable Legends and Gary reveals what it's like to work alongside Peter Molyneux.  

Jun 2019

89 min

Strap in for a whole lotta laughs as Lauran is joined by Game Society Pimps members Aaron and Emre. Join them as they discuss the genesis of their online comedy empire, the perils of mixing VR and alcohol and the waking nightmare that is Kinect Disneyland Adventures. See you all at EmreCon!

May 2019

65 min

Have you ever wondered about the connection between Lady Gaga and 2011's Bodycount? Wonder no more! Join Lauran and her latest guest, Liam Cullen, Art Director at Perchang as they discuss Liam's long and storied career and reminisce about their time together at Codemasters.

May 2019

92 min

This episode Lauran sits down with Montreal's own Bunty King, a sometimes controversial but thoroughly charming online personality to discuss his ear-burning passion for videogames, the disconnect between creators and consumers, and knowing when not to pander to the vocal minority.

Apr 2019

79 min

So what exactly is an 'esports?' Join Lauran as she sits down with legendary CS:GO commentator Henry Greer (HenryG) to talk about his unwavering path to Counter-Strike greatness, the potential pitfalls of talking non-stop for ten hours a day and CS:GO's custard pie meta.

Mar 2019

75 min

Hey look! The SuperCoolCast is back! We’ve got a whole new season lined up for you and we’re kicking off with an absolutely epic interview with the genius behind Noclip, Danny O’Dwyer. Don’t be fooled by Lauran’s newly minted professional veneer – she’s the same old rambling host you know and love. Join her and Danny as they discuss Danny’s career path through the world of games journalism, how to find your voice as an influencer and loads more. And a word of caution – there’s an awful lot of F-bombs packed into this 105 minutes!

Mar 2019

106 min

Way back when, in May 2016, I was due to host a Rocket Jump Event in Guildford. At the last minute I had a message from the organiser, Dan, to let me know that the headlining speaker had pulled out at the last minute and did I know of anyone that may be able to take their place. With just a few days to go until the event itself, I started racking my brains. I had been kicking around the idea of starting a podcast... and when I started to think about whether it would be possible to trial run the podcast at the event my heart started beating insanely fast, which tends to mean I'm on to something and regardless of the fear I should do it. I contacted my good friend Jess, pitched it to her and asked if she may be able to put a powerpoint together of her entire career in the next couple of days. She could. My heart started beating even faster. I was about to trial run my podcast, bitches! Jess and I did an excellent interview at the Rocket Jump Event, which you can find on the 'info' tab of this website, and she promised me that when the company she'd just started had an announcement to make she would come and interview for the podcast FOR REAL... and here she is! With a very exciting announcement about what she and the rest of Salix Games are working on... 

Oct 2017

63 min

You asked for it - or at least some of you did - and there's a good chance you're gonna regret it because here we are... the interviewer becomes the interviewee... Thankfully I have been in the industry nearly a decade so I have experience to draw on and stories to tell: How I broke into games, how I got into community, mental health, Lionhead (of course, like I can stop talking about that ;)). There's some good advice buried in there somewhere... I hope you find it :P

Sep 2017

106 min

Monetisation Designer, maths wizard and lovely man Ian Griffiths joins me for a relaxed chat about what he does, how he does it... and why. You'll love this!

Jul 2017

121 min

Yet again a real life hero of mine has joined me for a chat. This podcast business is working out alright, huh?! Now look, I have something to tell you. In this episode, and in this very blurb in fact, you are going to hear the term 'feminism'. Please don't be scared. I promise you you'll enjoy it! Liana Kerzner has had a fantastically varied career - from smashing viewing figures in Canada whilst presenting her show Ed & Red's Night Party, to forging her own path as a games journalist, to her awesome YouTube channel and series on a Gamers Guide to Feminism... Liana holds no punches and is one of the few voices tackling big issues in our industry right now. If you want to learn more about her, just keep an eye on her twitter and YouTube! One of the many things I love about Liana is that she is extremely engaged with her audience.  If you wanna check out Liana's kickstarter (although it will be finished by the time you hear the episode - darn my releasing on the first of the month!) Lady Bits, you can do so here and I'll be honest, you really should. It's going to be an incredible series that I for one have backed and am very much looking forward to! 

Jun 2017

142 min

This is easily one of the most informative (and subsequently longest) episodes I have ever recorded - and that is entirely down to Chuck and how unbelievably willing he was to impart his advice and experiences from his years in the games industry. It's a fascinating tumble through starting out, university, interviews, first jobs, big decisions and making the right choices for you and for games. I honestly learnt so much, and although the ramble chat is long I could have quite easily enjoyed longer. In fact, I didn't get the chance to ask Chuck some of the more stock questions I have so may have to rope him into another chat some time ;)

May 2017

133 min

Iain's career spans not only a range of wonderful companies and games, but also disciplines. It covers not one but 2 major British games companies being bought by EVEN bigger ones - plus a tale of one of those studios that I didn't even know about! Iain makes a point of not just talking about the day to day work, but the feeling attached to each studio - which I something I have a lot of time for. Iain takes the time to talk in detail about some of the features he's dreamt up and implemented, and I imagine many of you are familiar with them! He also announced that he and his lovely wife are having another baby, which is an exclusive for the SuperCoolCast! :P This seems like a great time to send congrats to Iain and the Creative Assembly team who announced YESTERDAY that they would be working on Total War: Warhammer 2! After the success of Halo Wars 2, I expect this will be another well received release!

Apr 2017

78 min

Ben Murch must have had a crystal ball when he was a child because he just knew that the Games Industry was where he was going to end up... I'm kidding - he didn't have a crystal ball, but what he did have was passion, talent and hard core determination.   Ben's journey in the industry is a romp through studios and games that we all know and love - from his early career at Rebellion Studio to smashing the App Store charts with a few of his own games - he's very much forged his own path and has made a great success of it. For those of you interested in starting a company and making your own games, this is definitely the episode for you!

Mar 2017

79 min

Women in games are a force to be reckoned with, and this month I got down to sit with a lady that is no exception! Sarah and I talk about her amazing career and she imparts LOTS of advice along the way. A must listen for any artists trying to break into the Creative Industries! From the importance of networking to getting noticed, burn out to working with much loved franchises and styles (not to mention artists), Sarah covers SO MUCH in this episode which we hope will be useful to many!

Feb 2017

86 min

Wooohooooo! Bonus episode, everyone! I spent my New Years Eve with some of my nearest and dearest Lionhead family, so we felt like it was the PERFECT opportunity to sit down and reminisce about our favourite games of 2016... or at least 'favourite games we PLAYED in 2016' ;)   It is a ramble chat, we do talk over each other and go off piste a little but it was great fun and some AWESOME games were discussed. I love listening to developers talk about the games they love to play and why, so hopefully this will be a fun jaunt even for those of you that are in the industry. Enjoy - And let me know your games of the year too! <3   As Ian mentioned, Mark Brown's Game Makers ToolKit can be found here! 

Jan 2017

85 min

Dan Leaver is one of those guys, one of those incredibly personable and lovely guys, who did the thing that most people would be terrified of doing: One day he just quit his totally non-video-game related job and forged a career in Video Games. He just did it - and not only did he do it, he did it with the team who created one of the games industries most loved characters in the sleepy little town of Guildford...   The story of Dan's career is a fascinating one, and one that I hope will inspire those listening to chase their dreams and achieve them!   

Jan 2017

62 min

David Bridle (or '#Bridle' to his friends ;) ) has had a truly varied career - which came as a surprise to me, it turns out that despite working together for 4 years I knew little about his history! From starting out working behind the scenes in television - not to mention a stint working on Big Brother - to ending up in Video Games, David talks about some of the roles he's had to date and the games he loves the most... and there's even a small mention of our beloved Fable Legends. RIP. For those looking to make it into the Video Games Industry, this episode is for you! Take note as David talks us through how he proved his determination and passion for Video Games, set his sights on a career and made it happen! Contains some swears!

Dec 2016

78 min

Let me paint you a little picture... It was a cold evening in April 2016. Lionhead had closed its doors for the last time and a sorry looking bunch of Lions dragged themselves out into Guildford a for commiseratory pint (or two ;) ) As you can imagine, I was heart broken. In the last pub stop of the night, a delightful Australian girl came up to me and said "I love your hair" and it was enough to make me feel a little less sad - the thought that someone I didn't know had taken the time to come and pay me a compliment, on what was essentially the saddest of days. That girl was Cherie Davidson and now I see her every day at Media Molecule...and she continues to make me grin on a daily basis ;) She also has the most varied and awesome career - It's defo worth hearing about!  Contains some swears.

Nov 2016

72 min

I was so excited to get the chance to talk to Graeme - the first guest on the podcast that has a similar role to myself! Graeme is a fountain of knowledge on all things marketing and Xbox, as well as being a thoroughly nice dude, which makes for a really interesting chat. You can check Graeme out on Twitter, @AceyBongos, or if you have an Xbox you should expect to see him grinning at you from the dash at some point ;)

Oct 2016

94 min

It's been a busy month for me as I was parachuted into Hello Games to help with the launch of No Man's Sky. Luckily, I live with a talented Games Designer.... Rob Mackenzie is a demi-veteran of the Games Industry having worked at Lionhead, Codemasters, Ubisoft and most recently Playground Games. In this episode he talks to me about University, how he got into the Industry and how he feels about his career.  

Sep 2016

101 min

This month I catch up with Hello Games Designer Gareth Bourn, just before the launch of the highly anticipated No Man's Sky! CONTAINS SOME SWEARS! Follow Gareth on Twitter! Learn more about No Man's Sky! Once you've listened to the episode and are wondering who in the blazes Aaron 'Smackwell' Blackwell is, you can check him out here!

Aug 2016

70 min

I caught up with Steve Malpass to talk about how he got into the games industry, his time at Rare, how he became the voice of a very famous Fox, and the hub town that barely saw the light of day... Contains some swears. Follow Steve on Twitter! Check out all the Rare Replay videos Steve mentioned here!

Jul 2016

58 min

I caught up with my good friends Luke Knight, Kirk Squires and Dan Allman to discuss the big announcements of E3 2016. (Excuse the slightly-dodgy-in-places audio - we recorded the whole thing via a live Google Hangout and stripped the audio from it afterwards :P)

Jun 2016

61 min

In the first episode of the SuperCoolCast I catch up with Ted Timmins and talk about how he got into the industry, working at Lionhead Studios, his achievements and where he's going next! Follow Ted on Twitter! Useful links: Spelunky Book Ted referenced:  Superhot: The BAFTA program Ted's involved in: Ted & Steph's cats have their own YouTube channel. SUBSCRIBE!: Head over to Twitter to follow @SuperCoolCast for all things Podcast related or you can find Lauran herself at @TheAlbionGirl!

Jun 2016

71 min

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