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Katie Hudson

LOKATE is an actionable resource portal that helps you design your life abroad. This podcast interviews guests, shares experiences and uncovers the strategies and resources you need to build the life that makes sense for you. Whether that is fully moving to another country, or just finding new and exciting ways to inject more travel experiences in your life - there are options for everyone. No matter your life or financial situation. This podcast and our blog is what is going to help to get you there. Tag along on this adventure and join us for new episodes for tips, tricks and advice on how you can get started!

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On Episode 6 of the LOKATE Travel podcast we sit down with Elise Darma, a travelling entrepreneur currently based in Toronto. Elise has made beaches, coffee shops and co-working spaces her office by working remotely, all while growing her international marketing agency, Canupy and her own person brand www.elisedarma.com. Through her agency, she's collectively grown Instagram accounts to over 250,000 followers, brokered 100s of deals between influencers and brands, and has delivered more blogs and newsletters than she can count. With a personal Instagram following of over 70,000, Elise additionally offers online courses and one-on-one coaching to other aspiring "travelpreneurs" who seek freedom from the 9-5. We chat about the true realities of being a digital nomad in the travel influencer industry, how to overcome low selfesteem, starting your own business and the importance of learning out loud. This and more on Episode 6! Listen now! LOKATE Travel: www.lokatetravel.com Instagram: @lokatetravel Elise Darma www.elisedarma.com Instagram: @elisedarma

Jul 2019

42 min 49 sec

Are you a Canadian between the age of 18 and 35 with a valid Canadian passport and looking for an incredible experience abroad but not sure where to start, or intimidated by the administrative process of applying for visas? Look no further! Learn about Stepabroad and their amazing programs and support services.

Jun 2019

29 min 19 sec

Many people say that I'm brave for moving abroad, but everything I am is because of my Mom. The risks she's taken, the opportunities she sought, the bravery she had. Today, I interview my Mom to unpack where I gain my inspiration and bravery to live abroad. You'll hear her share her story and quickly learn why my move to Spain in 2018 was nothing compared to that of an international move in the late 70's. Picture this: my Mom is 23, and has never been on a plane before. She left her family as one of 11 (!!) children to seek out a job opportunity in Canada. This was before the internet, before smartphones or Google Maps and when making a long distance call was very expensive. She flew across an ocean to live with a family she had never met before. Check out Episode 4 to hear her full story! LOKATE Travel: www.lokatetravel.com Instagram: @lokatetravel

Jun 2019

34 min 42 sec

On Episode 3 of the LOKATE Travel podcast, I sit down once again with Elaisha Jade but this time, we are chatting from my apartment in Barcelona as I have officially moved to Spain! It was my goal to move back to Spain before my 30th birthday, and after a lot of hard work, discpline, focus and a bit of luck - I was able to make this happen. Tune into this episode to learn just how I was able to make my dream of moving abroad happen. We also talk about my transition, the ups as well as the downs and the not so glamorous moments of living abroad. And! Don't forget to subscribe! LOKATE Travel: www.lokatetravel.com Instagram: @lokatetravel -- Elaisha Jade www.elaishajade.com/ Instagram: @ElaishaJade --


Mar 2019

25 min 17 sec

On Episode 2 of the LOKATE Travel podcast, I sit down with Hailey and Mauricio (also known as the Adventure Travel Couple on Instagram), a Canadian-Mexican couple living in Toronto. In 2017, they decided to leave their jobs to travel the world for a year. The plan? 27 countries in 12 months. Their goals were to eat all the food, experience all the things, and learn as much as possible about the world, themselves, and one another. In this podcast episode, we’ll uncover just how they prepared for their massive life change, if their plan carried out through the year and more importantly, what they learned and how they’re transitioning back into life in Canada. LOKATE Travel: www.lokatetravel.com Instagram: @lokatetravel -- Adventure Travel Couple www.adventuretravelcouple.com Instagram: @adventuretravelcouple -- Adventure Travel Couple Blog How to Fly for Free How we saved enough money to travel the world for a year -- Canadian Government Website: Travel Advice and Advisories travel.gc.ca/travelling/advisories


Jan 2019

53 min 6 sec

For the first episode of the LOKATE Travel podcast, one of my best friends and fellow travel blogger Elaisha Jade joins me to discuss the importance of travel and the profound impact it can have on your life. From amazing experiences, to life lessons, meeting new people and learning languages - travel can bring so much to your life. Full disclosure: a bottle of bubbly may or may not have been consumed during the recording of this podcast :) LOKATE Travel: www.lokatetravel.com Instagram: @lokatetravel -- Elaisha Jade: www.elaishajade.com Instagram: @elaishajade


Sep 2018

45 min 36 sec