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This summer, Lyft announced a commitment to reach 100% electric vehicles on the Lyft platform by 2030. Listen to learn more about the impacts of EVs on the rideshare industry.

Sep 15

40 min

Harry listens and reacts to the Pivot episode featuring Uber's CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi.

Sep 12

50 min

Nick Katz of joins Harry to talk about benefits for gig workers. Learn more at

Sep 1

42 min

Host of First Class Fatherhood, Alec Lace, joins Harry to talk about lessons learned from podcasting, driving for Uber & Lyft, working full-time, and being a dad.

Aug 25

39 min

Uber's CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, joins Harry Campbell for an enlightening discussion on potential benefits for Uber drivers.

Aug 11

40 min

If you have questions about insurance in the mobility space, then you won't want to miss this episode with Ed Walker, the national practice leader of Micro Mobility and Shared Economy for USI Insurance services.

Aug 6

50 min

Learn more about renting or listing your motorcycle on!

Jul 30

43 min

Do Seattle Uber and Lyft Drivers really earn $23.25/hr? Hear more about the "Platform Driving in Seattle" study from author Louis Hyman.

Jul 23

56 min

Jonah Bliss, Vice President of New Media & Marketing for CoMotion, joins Harry to discuss the impacts of the current pandemic on live events.

Jun 23

34 min

Scott Lieberman is your host again this week and chats with Khaled Naim of Onfleet. 

Jun 16

24 min

Harry turns over the mic to Scott Lieberman, COO at The Rideshare Guy.  Scott's guest is Wayne Lin, COO and Co-founder of GetUpside. 

Jun 9

32 min

One of the trends that's been accelerated by this pandemic is food delivery. Today, Harry is going to be talking with an expert on food delivery and tech named Matt Newberg from a media outlet called HUNGRY TV. 

Jun 2

50 min

Today's guest is Andrew Macdonald, Senior Vice President of Mobility and Business Operations at Uber. More importantly, he is currently leading Uber's cross-functional taskforce in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

May 26

34 min

On today's show, Harry talks with Joseph Woodbury, CEO/Founder of Neighbor.  

May 19

42 min

Uber just released their 1st quarter 2020 earnings report. And I figured it's about time that I sat down with an expert and really dove into the earnings report and figured out what we need to be looking at when it comes to these disclosures that public companies like Uber and Lyft, and others in the gig economy are making and we'll be making lots more of in the future. Charles Zvibleman joins me for this insightful conversation.

May 12

52 min

Alex Vickers is a micromobility veteran with a decade of experience at Uber, JUMP, and Motivate. Connect with him at

Apr 21

39 min

Today I'll be chatting with senior Rideshare Guy contributor Jay Cradeur. He's been covering the Coronavirus and really its effect on drivers, the unemployment programs very carefully and doing lots of content for us over on the YouTube channel and also the blog.

Apr 14

52 min

Today I'll be speaking with Tarani Duncan of Astral Cowboy which provides consulting services for last mile logistics, shared mobility providers, and the platforms that empower them. 

Apr 7

47 min

Today we'll be talking with Will Coleman of Alto, a ride sharing service based in Dallas, Texas that's looking to redefine the rideshare experience. Well, at least that was their tagline until recently. We recorded this episode on Thursday, March 26. And we chat all about how they are dealing with Corona virus and how they've actually really pivoted their business to delivery in these times.

Mar 27

44 min

Today, I'll be talking with Bryant Greening, co-founder of LegalRideshare, the only law firm in the US entirely dedicated to Uber and Lyft accident and injury claim.

Mar 24

37 min

Jonathan Knope, periodic contributor to The Rideshare Guy blog and YouTube Channel, joins us today to talk about his journey in the long haul truck driving world. 

May 2019

33 min

Sergio, one of our regular commenters on the blog, joins us to share his strategies to maximize his earnings with Uber.

May 2019

51 min

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