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The podcast for non-standard/non-native English speakers working in multicultural and international workplaces.

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Are you a CELTA, TEFL, TESOL teacher ready to take your career to the next level? Are you a renaissance man or woman with lots of skills and looking for a career where you can use all of them?  Then listen to this episode to learn how Teachers of Tomorrow is revolutionizing the education field to help you use the skills that you've developed while following your passion to advance your career! --- Support this podcast:

Jul 17

52 min 40 sec

I risked my teaching license to fight against linguistic racism, but it was at risk anyways because of linguistic racism. I can change my hair color, but I can't change the way I speak. Research shows that by the age of 12, your chances of becoming standard level fluent in a 2nd language is slim to none. I was put in a position in which I would either forever be underpaid, overworked, and insecure, or stand up for myself, so that's what I did. I stood up for myself. --- Support this podcast:

Jul 16

33 min 11 sec

Real talk....the teaching profession is not attracting talent because talent is not and will never be obtained by merely preaching the altruistic aspects of the job. In our meritocratic American society, money is thrown at job positions that we deem valuable. Especially if there is a shortage. To make my case and point, just look at the tech job sector. But before one can be a tech guru, businessman, doctor, or lawyer, you have to be a student that completes the K-12 grade levels. If American society valued education, then that value would be reflected in the salaries of teachers. The people who are helping the children of the future unlock their hidden potential, discover their passions, and inspiring them to become who they choose to be. While it´s true, teachers tend to possess a lot of altruistic values, let´s be real, we aren´t monks or priests or any other line of work that signed up to take a vow of poverty. We´re just regular people who happen to love what it is that we do. We too have lives, hobbies, and interests beyond our work. If you are a teacher that has ever considered switching professions when Altruism was not enough, this episode is for you. Check out this episode. --- Support this podcast:

May 13

17 min 48 sec

While confidence is something that is found in successful people, being too confident is looked down upon in society. But if you're not confident, then you never take the opportunity to "show off" strategically to advance your career. Then what should you do? Listen to this episode to learn how to advocate for yourself despite those who may want to dim your light because they don't have confidence in themselves.  --- Support this podcast:

Apr 12

24 min 46 sec

In this episode, we discuss how community creates a culture, and how culture is inseparable from language.  --- Support this podcast:

Mar 7

29 min 41 sec

In this episode we discuss how being a marginalized English speaker in the workplace can lead to feelings of frustration.  --- Support this podcast:

Feb 28

24 min 17 sec