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Exploring the teachings of Jesus? Trying to determine whether God even exists? Or perhaps you’re a committed Jesus-follower looking for practical, relevant perspectives on Christ’s teachings and the Bible? Whatever your thoughts on church, whatever your beliefs about God, these weekly messages are for you.

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Every commercial we see reinforces the same message: the good life is just a purchase away. We could finally be happy if we had a bigger house, a nicer car, a newer phone, a more luxurious dining room set...the list is endless. Which is kind of the point. Increasingly, sociologists and psychologists are discovering that there’s a real emotional and relational cost to have a mindset of constant accumulation as a pathway to personal fulfillment.Jesus taught the opposite: he said that generosity was the key to living a happy and free life. Jesus even challenged some of the religious leaders of his day by pointing to what seemed to be a paradoxical problem: they were giving their money away, but they weren’t actually generous.Which of these opposing narratives do we choose to put our trust in? Do we live in a world of scarcity as the advertisers would have us believe? Or do we live in a world of abundance as Jesus taught? And how would our lives be transformed if we chose to trust in Jesus’ vision of the world?

Nov 15

55 min 38 sec

We all want to be masters of our own destinies. We all want to feel in control of our lives.  The idea of autonomy is attractive. It makes life feel ordered and predictable. But our  desire for autonomy can stand in the way of faith. One of the biggest barriers to belief in  God is that we don’t want to believe because we don’t want to need anyone. But what if  autonomy is an illusion? Don’t let the illusion of autonomy stand in the way of a relationship with your heavenly  Father. Don’t be turned away from God by the prospect that his existence means you’re  guilty, accountable, and wrong. Acknowledging your sin and reaching out to God doesn’t  lead to condemnation. It opens the door to forgiveness, relationship, and truth. Romans  5:8; James 4:8-10This message "I Do" is the final week of our series "Who Needs God" at Inland Hills Church. We invite you to check out the rest of the series, and subscribe to our channel so that you never miss a new message!People are migrating away from religion at an unprecedented rate—Christianity in particular. Once upon a time, people believed religion offered solutions. Today, many people view religion as the problem.Learn more:

Nov 8

36 min 42 sec

We all want to rid the world of injustice. But we can only recognize injustice if we know  what justice is to begin with. But maybe the best way to rid the world of injustice is to rid the world of God. We don’t always agree about what is just. So, who gets to define justice if not God? When God is gone, injustice leaves with him because justice leaves with him.If anyone had a reason to stop believing in God because of injustice, it was Jesus. The one who stands at the center of all we believe was treated extraordinarily unfairly. The one who taught us all people have inherent value was executed. The one whose definition of good and just informs your definitions of good and just was treated unjustly. Evil and injustice are not arguments against the existence of God. They are evidence of our need for his mercy and grace.  Scripture references: 1 John 4:7-8; John 12:47; Luke 18:7-8

Oct 31

44 min 7 sec

Are you caught between doubt and despair because you’ve been trying to worship the bodyguard god, on-demand god, boyfriend god, guilt god, anti-science god, gap god, or angry-Old-Testament god? If big-G God has lost his appeal because you’ve mixed him up with a gaggle of little-g gods who don’t exist, then how can you know what God is really like? If you could see God just once, wouldn’t it settle your fears, give you assurance, and motivate you to hold firm in your faith? If you want to know what God says, listen to Jesus. If you want to know what God is up to, watch Jesus. If you want to have a closer relationship with God, follow Jesus. John 14:7-11; John 4:24; Luke 11:2; 1 John 14 

Oct 24

41 min 5 sec

Do you find some of the Bible’s stories about God unsettling? Do you ever wonder how you can trust Jesus if it requires you to believe everything in the Bible is true? Does Christianity seem like a fragile house of cards that may tumble down in the face of scientific or archeological discovery? Before you abandon your faith, it’s worth exploring this question: What if the Bible isn’t the foundation of the Christian faith? Before the Old and New Testaments were combined and called the Bible, the debate about the Christian faith centered on an event, not a book. We believe Jesus rose from the dead, but not because the Bible says so. We believe because of the testimony of eyewitnesses who gave up everything— including their lives—because of their confidence in Jesus. 1 Corinthians 15:13—14

Oct 17

40 min 41 sec

Everyone has religious doubts. Certain things about God are unsettling. Our circumstances can make God seem distant or vengeful. Science can make God seem unnecessary. Those doubts can cause us to abandon faith. But maybe our perspectives are wrong. Maybe the gods we abandon never existed to begin with.

Oct 10

43 min 7 sec

More Americans than ever are backing away from religion . . . and God. Not because atheism is attractive, but because religion is unattractive. Religion is seen as the problem. It’s thought of as a source of conflict and violence. So, it’s worth asking the question: Who Needs God?

Oct 3

36 min 12 sec

We’re supposed to share the gospel of Jesus. But how do we do that? Is it all up to us individually or do we get graded as a group project? If I really, really want my friends to follow Jesus, is there something I can do to help that along? Great questions. Let’s think through some answers together. 

Sep 26

43 min 38 sec

Having looked at partial gospels as being unsatisfying, we turn to secular narratives — beliefs about reality that most cultural institutions hold as truth — and find that they are ultimately unsatisfying as well. What we need isn’t a partial gospel or an unsatisfying cultural narrative. What we need is Jesus and the gospel he proclaimed. And it’s what our friends need as well. 

Sep 19

53 min 9 sec

When we think about inviting other people to participate in faith, we need to ask: what specifically are we inviting them into? We are surrounded by competing gospels. In week one, we’ll describe five different gospels versions that are often taught in the United States: 1) the evangelical gospel 2) the reformed gospel 3) the social justice gospel 4) the political gospel and 5) the prosperity gospel. The power of each of these is that they all contain some truth. But what if the good news of Jesus is actually better than any of them? 

Sep 12

47 min 7 sec

Community can be beautiful, but it’s also messy. How do we bring our whole selves into a group of people? Our strengths, our weaknesses, our doubts, our certainties: these are some of the elements that make up who we are. How do we trust that other people can handle all of that, and how are we able to handle all that others may bring? What does community look like when we disagree? When we see things differently? Is it even possible that these differences can make us better together? 

Sep 5

46 min 34 sec

Great community and friendships appear to be all win: who doesn’t want a group of people to be known and loved by? But a fuller understanding of community recognizes something more: community requires sacrifice. If we truly are better together, how will we have to reorient our lives, our time, and our ideologies in order to build the community that our souls so desperately need?

Aug 29

50 min 36 sec

We weren’t built to live life alone. We’re social creatures who flourish most when we are together: celebrat-ing, eating, partying — together. But also: struggling, mourning, questioning — together. Our challenge is that building true community around us is both necessary and difficult. How can we live our lives and engage with other people in such a way that we become better together?

Aug 22

48 min 46 sec

The  Scriptures  speak  constantly  of  human flourishing:  it’s  God’s  desire  that  we  live well  and  connect  well  relationally  with  him  and  with  others.  But  what  happens  when we don’t? The Old Testament book of Daniel contains multiple stories that point to a singular point: human beings lose their humanity when they don’t connect with God. Tragedy occurs when created beings lose touch with their creator.

Aug 15

39 min 22 sec

There’s  a  fascinating  story  in  the  Hebrew  Scriptures  about  idolatry:  what  happens when we take a good thing and make it an ultimate thing. An entire nation is coerced into  bowing  down  to  a  golden  image  that  represents  the  empire  and  the  king,  but three  young  men  choose  to  resist.  What  kind  of  faith  does  it  take  to  go  against  the flow?  To  be  surrounded  by  people  engaged  in  unhealthy  and  ultimately  destructive behavior,  but  to  choose  to  do  otherwise?  And  what  role  does  God  play  in  our  lives when we resist the allure of ultimately misplaced allegiance?

Aug 8

47 min 19 sec

Life is full of suffering, pain, and disappointments. Rearing kids is hard; work is hard; aging, sickness, and death are hard. The Hebrew Bible tells the story of Daniel and of the great disappointments and challenges (even threats to his life!) that he faced.Daniel’s story teaches us that our greatest struggles can lead to our greatest breakthroughs... and that the point of suffering is often the point of transformation. Daniel’s story ultimately foreshadows the cross of Jesus, who paradoxically teaches us that dying to self is how we truly live.

Aug 1

44 min 12 sec

It is not an easy thing to own our past and move toward something better. It takes courage to lead and influence people who have seen both our triumphs and our failures. The Gospels contain a peculiar story that has far-reaching implications for us today: what do you do when Jesus asks you to influence the very people who have seen you at your worst?

Jul 25

45 min 34 sec

Most of us are raised to be "brave," but only in a way that doesn’t involve risking rejection or failure. This can lead us to avoid anything resembling vulnerability, which involves uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. But the life of King David has a lesson for us: it is only in opening ourselves up to God that he can lead us to new heights.

Jul 18

48 min 40 sec

“In this world,” Jesus tells us, “you will have trouble.” We will all walk through pain, suffering and loss. It will make us bitter, or it will make us better. How is it that our character can be forged in the crucible of conflict? The Hebrew Scriptures contain the story of Daniel: a man who was stolen away from his home country at an early age and who continued to develop the strength of character to defy a king and point a nation to God. This week at IHC: “Old Faithful” 

Jul 11

34 min 34 sec

You want to make a difference in the world, but it feels like the ever-consuming hustle of life just keeps getting in the way. The Hebrew scriptures contain the story of a man named Nehemiah, who became laser focused on a single task: rebuilding the walls around the city of Jerusalem. To accomplish his task, he overcame obstacles familiar to all of us: fear, distractions, and criticism. How do we develop a vision for our lives that is so clear and so compelling that it helps us overcome the challenges we are certain to face as we seek to accomplish our purpose and influence those around us?

Jul 4

44 min 42 sec

We looked at the Apostle Peter this week as one of the Bible characters who exemplifies the importance of “The Leader Within You.” If you’re looking to influence others, it’s pretty helpful to start with an understanding of “self leadership.” How are you leading your life in a way that models honesty, determination, and a sense of your unique purpose?

Jun 27

44 min 15 sec

There’s a massive conversation in our culture around masculinity: what does it mean to be manly? How are we raising boys to become “good” men? What role(s) should men play in our society? Are some forms of masculinity as we’ve traditionally defined them actually harmful? And if I define myself as a follower of Jesus, what does my allegiance to Christ have to say about manhood?

Jun 20

46 min 22 sec

What’s your role in God’s plan? It’s one thing to consume a religious product... But it’s life changing to contribute to a team that’s making a difference. To be part of the Church is to be part of the team of people Jesus has assembled to impact the world!

Jun 13

50 min 28 sec

We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves; to make a difference in the world around us. If you’re a follower of Jesus, YOU hold the answers to the biggest questions the world is asking. And as part of a church, we can be on mission together to share the Gospel with the Chino valley in ways that none of us can do on our own.⁠

Jun 6

45 min 36 sec

Scriptures remind us that anger is not inherently a problem, and it can even be helpful in some cases. As followers of Jesus, how can we respond to our anger in a way that demonstrates our desire to be more like Jesus in what we say, and do, and think?

May 30

43 min 34 sec

There has been a dramatic uptick in feelings of anxiety over the past decade, especially amongst young adults. While some anxiety levels can be extreme and are best resolved through professional therapy, Jesus modeled a way of living that can help break the cycle of worry and fear that drives much of our anxiety.

May 23

47 min 16 sec

Many of us have experienced a sense of tiredness - of “languishing” - this past year. Maybe you’ve found yourself saying, “I can’t even…” when you think about facing one more challenge, one more disappointment, or one more monotonous day. Take heart! You’re not alone, and this week’s message encouraged us to consider how we can model our response based on how Jesus himself lived.

May 16

39 min 31 sec

We all face expectations, and we may even feel like we’re managing the needs of our families, workplaces, and friends pretty well. But what does it look like to find a renewed purpose and vulnerability as we respond to Jesus’ invitation to live differently?

May 9

51 min 8 sec

Many parents have been led to believe that creating a godly home environment will guarantee their kids grow up to be faithful followers of Jesus. But, while training up our children in the way of Jesus is undoubtedly a worthy goal, the Scriptures never guarantee our faithfulness will result in a particular outcome.

May 2

33 min 18 sec

When it comes time to make a major decision, many of us experience a heightened interest in discovering God’s will. “If God has a blueprint for my life, how am I supposed to determine what that is?” we may wonder. Join us tomorrow to see what Scripture teaches about God’s plan & purpose for your life.

Apr 25

42 min 18 sec

Well-meaning friends, and even pop-culture, sometimes offer comfort in tough times with the old adage, “Everything happens for a reason”... but have you ever thought about how that saying comes up short when measured against Scripture and what we know of the goodness of God? What would it look like to challenge that notion, and perhaps replace it with a fresh understanding?

Apr 18

44 min 49 sec

Does faith fix everything? Check out this message in our series, Bad Religion, as we tackle this misconception and look to see what the scriptures show us instead.⁠⁠

Apr 11

41 min 39 sec

“What is the nature of the world?” -- a great question humans have grappled with for centuries. God’s answer, through Jesus’ resurrection, gives us great hope that our best days may have, in fact, just begun!

Apr 5

37 min 29 sec

Following Jesus changes what our heart wants. Pastor Josh workshopped three common struggles this week - anger, worry, and lust - as practical reminders that Jesus invites us not to a life of rule-following, but to a life of transformation. 

Mar 28

46 min 42 sec

Associate Students Pastor Greg Morton took us back to the Old Testament this week to see how from the very beginning of His relationship with the Israelite people, God’s plan was to share his love with everyone. The bottom line for our lives as modern day Jesus followers? “How we love and include others is a direct representation of how we worship God.”

Mar 21

30 min 21 sec

What new thing is God doing in your life? The Apostle Peter serves as an example of how sometimes we wrestle with reclaiming the old, while embracing the new. IHC’s 30th Anniversary gave us an opportunity to look back on God’s faithfulness, and to celebrate the ways He’s inviting us forward as a faith community.

Mar 14

41 min 6 sec

Despite some of the ways pop culture or even religious traditions have encouraged us to understand it, the book of Revelation was written to encourage persecuted Christians that regardless of what the scoreboard might currently say, God will win in the end. This message of hope is for us, too - that God will renew, restore, and reconcile all things.

Mar 7

55 min 44 sec

The latest New Year, New Testament message from 1 Peter reminded us that our present suffering pales in comparison to the “wonderful joy” we have ahead of us. Pastor Tim Celek’s message provided some much-needed encouragement for whatever challenges you’re facing - or about to face - this week.

Feb 28

44 min 3 sec

“Faith is not certainty, and faith does not speak the language of definitives.” But the author of Hebrews reminds us of a long history of those who have gone before us as examples of faithfulness. Their stories remind us that when we fix our eyes on Jesus, we can run the race set before us with renewed courage and strength!

Feb 21

42 min 26 sec

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking something like, “At least I’m not as bad as * those * people!” you might be on a slippery slope toward becoming an “Accidental Pharisee.” What are some common pitfalls, and how can we be mindful to avoid them?!⁠⁠

Feb 14

46 min 36 sec

If you're reading along with our New Year, New Testament challenge, you've probably had some questions along the way! Hear from Pastor Josh as he unpacks a few biggies we've encountered: "What is predestination?" "Does God save or condemn arbitrarily?" "Can I lose my salvation?"


Feb 12

39 min 41 sec

Take a moment to hear this week’s encouraging reminder that we find purpose, forgiveness, and humility when we find life by following Jesus!

Feb 7

48 min 11 sec

This week’s New Testament readings gave us a great opportunity to talk about the importance of understanding context - the specific time, place, or situation of a particular section of scripture - when we consider how the Bible applies to our lives.

Jan 31

47 min 47 sec

If you’ve chosen to follow after Jesus, Heaven and Earth collide no matter where you go! Whether you're scrolling through Instagram, going to the gym, or grabbing some take out, you’re showing up with the presence of God!⁠⠀

Jan 24

44 min 34 sec

This week’s message led us to a special time of celebrating Communion together and remembering that our lives can change forever if we allow Jesus to be Lord of our lives.

Jan 17

47 min 9 sec

New Year, New Testament | Part 1 | Josh Crain“Why should you read the Bible?” If you want to understand God, you’ve got to understand Jesus, and Jesus himself points us to the authority of scripture as an important way to understand the freeing grace God has for each of us.

Jan 10

41 min 10 sec

January 3 | Josh CrainWorship is our whole being assigning ultimate worth. 

Jan 3

57 min 2 sec

As we turn the page on 2020, continue to lean into God's timeless truths going into 2021.Learn more about our ministries and church here:--> <--

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Dec 2020

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